The Almighty Martial Arts System 99

By | December 6, 2019

I have to admit that Lin Moli is indeed a woman with a lot of business talents, and she has a great chance to speak.

Indeed, if Jiang Fei’s Jiang’s hospital can invite Qiao Yiyi to be its spokesperson, it will definitely be famous in the future. Even if it’s not well known, at least the fans of Qiao Yiyi, or people who know her a little, will know the name of “Jiang’s Medical Center”!

The news of Qiao Yiyi’s damaged vocal cords has been widely spread on the Internet for a long time.

She was going to hold three concerts and many commercial performances in Jincheng this month, but before the first concert was finished, Qiao Yiyi’s voice couldn’t hold on. The concert had to be interrupted. The remaining two concerts were postponed indefinitely, and the remaining commercial performances were completely interrupted.

There are rumors on the Internet that Qiao Yiyi can’t speak because his vocal cord is damaged. Sometimes he even coughs and bleeds! This news, let countless Qiao Yiyi fans feel heartache and worry, all kinds of media are also overwhelming reports.

If Jiang Fei can cure Qiao Yiyi’s illness at this time, and let her publicize Jiang’s Medical Center in various media, it will indeed usher in an unprecedented opportunity.

You know, although Qiao Yiyi has just started her career and not long ago, she has definitely become one of the top stars in China! Generally speaking, a certain brand needs to ask her to endorse. Without the seven digit endorsement fee, you don’t want to think about it at all.

And even if you can afford to pay, you have to see whether they agree or not, and whether the image is appropriate or not.

Generally speaking, jade stars like Qiao Yiyi. After the next stop, it’s impossible to speak for any hospital. Most of them are famous brand clothes, cosmetics and so on.

If we can get Qiao Yiyi to speak for Jiang’s Hospital for free. Jiang Fei’s treatment fee is not really low.

I hung up on Lin Moli. Jiang Fei’s mind is also active. He thinks Lin Moli’s idea is really good. If the “business” can be negotiated, it will take a lot of advantage. In the future, I’m afraid that the level of Jiang’s Medical Center will rise one level in the eyes of many people.

As for Qiao Yiyi’s agent’s impoliteness to him last time, if they can admit their mistakes and apologize in a good manner this time, Jiang Fei can ignore it. Who calls him such a generous man?

Okay… Jiang Fei just listened to Lin Moli. Just decide to ignore the past, can treat vocal cords for Joey.

Seeing Jiang Fei hang up and come over, Qiao Yiyi and her agent look embarrassed.

Last time, the middle-aged woman was so arrogant on the phone that she regarded Jiang Fei as a small doctor and threatened him with talking. But it wasn’t long before the two of them had to step on the door and ask Jiang Fei for help again.

In fact, there is no way.

After Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord was damaged, it was almost as bad as the rumors on the Internet. Not only the concert was postponed completely indefinitely, but I don’t know how much money I lost. And even Qiao Yiyi’s new album, which was due to be released in August. Now we have to run aground!

That’s all.

For the next day of this year’s strong rise, the brokerage company is willing to lose these for her, and can wait for her for a few months to raise her voice.

But the most important thing is that now Qiao Yiyi has several commercial actors who have signed the contract, they can’t hide it at all. They can postpone it for a few days at most, but they can’t stop singing!

In her present voice state, if you can force her to sing again. If the vocal cords get worse, they are likely to grow cocoons. There will be an operation. Once the operation is performed, it is likely to have an impact on the sound. This is for singers who rely on sound to eat. It’s absolutely a disaster!

So, Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords have to get better before the next wave of commercials, or at least make sure her vocal cords don’t get worse.

But if you want to have a more obvious effect on vocal cord injury quickly, western medicine, in addition to surgery, will not take medicine too obviously, only acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine can have a quick effect.

Since the last call to Jiang Fei, Qiao Yiyi’s agent has contacted many famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in recent days. There are many doctors who can ensure the treatment of Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords, but no one can guarantee the improvement of Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cords in just ten days.

At the latest, it will take nearly a month to be effective!

Qiao Yiyi’s agent is desperate. There is no way to help him. He takes Qiao Yiyi to find Jiang Fei again and steps on the door himself. He dare not ask Jiang Fei to look for them again.

Otherwise, as long as there is a little other way, according to the pride shown by Qiao Yiyi’s agent last time, it’s impossible to lower your face and come to the door in person.

“You come to see a doctor?” Jiang Fei asked lightly, not too enthusiastic, not because Qiao Yiyi is now a big star, and feel constrained.

He has already passed the age of chasing stars, and is more familiar with the way of negotiation and business. If he is too enthusiastic now, I’m afraid it won’t be so easy for him to make Qiao Yiyi the spokesman of Jiang’s medical center and advertise for it.

In negotiation, it is the king’s way to take the initiative in his own hands.

Qiao Yiyi is still the young lady of college literature and art, very polite. When he saw Jiang Fei coming, he got up to speak.

However, the middle-aged woman’s agent next to her, like a hen protecting her chickens, stood up and said: “Dr. Jiang, I sincerely apologize for the last time!”

The first sentence is an apology.

(*You can read the translated at

Although Jiang Fei can see the unhappiness hidden in her eyes, at least his attitude is correct.

This female agent has a heavy make-up on her face, but it can’t cover up her fatigue. She seems to have been overworked recently and should have been running back and forth for Qiao Yiyi for a long time.

Jiang Fei was very clear in his heart, but he pretended to be puzzled and asked, “what happened last time? What happened last time? “

Wen Yan, the middle-aged female agent who has been honed to be a talent, immediately feels a little bad. Jiang Fei’s reply is not a good omen.

He said he didn’t remember the last time, but in fact, it means that he was still worried about the last time. Otherwise, it’s only a few days. Why didn’t you remember the last time?

Looking at Jiang Fei, she looks at herself with a smile. At this time, she is very angry and wants to turn around and leave. But thinking of her own artists, she had to hold back.

Always aggressive. In the face of all kinds of media to interview Qiao Yiyi, she would ask for rules and be very proud. At this time, she continued to bow her head and admit the wrong way: “last time I was worried about how much I offended Dr. Jiang by talking on the phone. I also hope that Dr. Jiang has a large number of adults, and I will not be guilty.”

Completely soft, no longer a little arrogant aggressive.

Qiao Yiyi kept his voice low and apologized. He said hoarsely, “yes. Please also ask Dr. Jiang to forgive me. Recently, Aunt Mei has not slept well for a while because of my voice problem. When I called Dr. Jiang last time, I was a little anxious. “

Jiang Fei finally showed a smile on his face. He was very magnanimous and suddenly realized: “Oh, you said this thing. If you don’t mention it, I’ll forget it. It’s OK. I’ve never had a grudge… “

Qiao Yiyi’s attitude is very good, but Jiang Fei can still see that this female agent named “Mei Yi” is a typical oral dissatisfaction.

However. Jiang Fei also didn’t want to convince the other side of the spirit, the mouth on the line. He can’t care what other people think of him. Just let him feel comfortable.

Able to get out of the last time I was on the phone. That’s good.

What’s more, he didn’t really plan to embarrass these two people all the time. He still had plans!

However, Jiang Fei suddenly understood why there was a saying on the Internet that Qiao Yiyi often played big cards after becoming red, which also brought a lot of black powder to Qiao Yiyi.

After just a few minutes of contact, Jiang Fei thought that Qiao Yiyi was very polite. I’m afraid she was the female agent who played a big game all the time.

“Not afraid of God like opponents. I’m afraid of pig like teammates. A very good girl, how did she choose such a woman as an agent? ” Jiang Fei sighed in his heart.

“Really? Thank you, Dr Jiang! ” Mei Yi, a middle-aged woman, hears that Jiang Fei doesn’t want to compare. All of a sudden, it was a joy. She could not care about the anger in her heart, and hurriedly said, “please ask Dr. Jiang to help him. How about the damage of the vocal cord? Can acupuncture be used for rapid recovery. I heard that Dr. Jiang you are called the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture must be extraordinary. There must be a way! “

Jiang Fei was too lazy to listen to the flattery of the woman. He went to one side of the chair and said to Qiao Yiyi, “come here and sit down. I’ll give you a pulse.”

Now at least he has to diagnose the female star’s illness.

Otherwise, he will not be able to cure the other party or meet the expected time limit. Everything is empty talk. It is impossible to ask the other party to be the spokesperson.

Qiao Yiyi nodded and sat down behind Jiang Fei.

She’s trying to talk as little as possible, or even not, to make her voice better.

Instead, the middle-aged female agent chattered and worried: “Dr. Jiang, you must help our family recover vocal cords as early as possible. I found a lot of famous doctors in the last few days. They all said that Yiyi should rest for a month as soon as possible before singing. But on our company’s side, the time for Yiyi is only ten days at most. Ten days later, we have to sing again. So please, doctor Jiang, you must cure the vocal cords in ten days! “

“I see. You don’t have to talk.” Jiang Fei really didn’t like this middle-aged woman. He put two fingers on the white lotus like pulse of Qiao Yiyi’s arm.

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