The Almighty Martial Arts System 97

By | December 4, 2019

It’s right that doctors should help the world. But it’s not right for doctors to give without consideration.

Jiang Fei tried his best to cure the paralyzed legs for ye Laozi, and he also gave him wine. Even though he admired the old man, it was nothing to collect a little reward?

Today, I heard that Mr. Ye took the initiative to mention the matter of remuneration. Jiang Fei was just like being crammed with money. He immediately opened his head and turned his head quickly.

Then, Jiang Fei’s eyes just turned for a moment, and he quickly raised his head and said with a righteous face: “as for the matter of offering remuneration, it’s too wrong. You’re too outsidered, ye Laozi!”


This sentence surprised Ye Zhennan and Ye Yuanyuan in the ward.

Hearing Jiang Fei’s words, ye Yuanyuan originally thought that she knew Jiang Fei very well. She thought that Jiang Fei was a small hearted person with a small mind, and suddenly felt that she had some mistakes in her mind.

Is this guy really a man of noble morality?

Grandpa offered to pay, which is what many people dream of. I can’t wait for it, but he said no?

Ye Yuanyuan thinks that she should reexamine Jiang Fei in the future. This man may have other advantages.

However, when Ye Yuanyuan’s thoughts just flashed by, Jiang Fei started again.

He looked at Mr. Ye solemnly and said: “to be honest, I have always admired soldiers since I was a child, and even my first wish as a child was to be a soldier. The second wish is to be a doctor! So, like Ye Laozi, you are an extraordinary general who has led soldiers and fought in a war. I’m more respectful. Mr. Ye, for me It’s like a family member, an old friend. Help you with your illness. What is it to give you some wine? How dare you mention any reward? “

cracking ……

Ye Yuanyuan, who just thought Jiang Fei had become more atmospheric, was stunned, and ye Zhennan was also surprised.

Relatives? Old buck?

Ye Yuanyuan suddenly opened her eyes, this guy really dare to say!

Is he going to recognize my grandfather or make a just marriage with him?

I dare to fight snake and stick. I dare to follow the words!

“You really don’t want to be paid?” Ye Zhennan’s face was no longer the gentle and kind before, and it becomes a little strange. I can’t tell what expression it is. It’s hard to guess what he’s thinking.

Jiang Fei felt that his scalp was a little bit numb and his heart was racing, but his face was still, serious and stubborn: “Ye Laozi may think that I am not qualified, but I really admire Ye Laozi in my heart. You have to be so, from the first meeting. So, I will never ask for the reward! “

“Hahahaha…” Looking at Jiang Fei’s persistence, ye Zhennan suddenly laughed, shook his head and looked at Jiang Fei with interest.

This time. He smiled very open, no longer that old, ordinary old man’s appearance. However, with a high position and countless soldiers under his hand, the old general should have the appearance of fighting. That share can look down on the world and have a sharp edge.

This was, after all, the supreme leader of a large military region!

How could he be an ordinary old man?

“Good. Jiang Fei, you are really an interesting guy, but you are more and more interested in me. ” Ye Zhennan’s eyes have a fine awn, carefully looking at Jiang Fei. It seems that he never knew Jiang Fei before. We need to get to know each other again.

Ye Zhennan looked at Jiang Fei with burning eyes and said, “I have been in my life. There are not many friends I can call my friends, just a dozen. These ten old friends. But now they are basically dead. I have a long life, and I live to the present. And my life is the same as Jiang Fei’s. So today I will break an example, and recognize you as a little friend of mine, when I forget my years! “

Ye Zhennan didn’t want Jiang Fei as a relative or junior. Without blood relationship, how can we become relatives?

He is most disgusted with the idea of taking care of his son and grandchildren.

Therefore, he suddenly thought of the old naughty boy and Yang Guo, and might as well become a pair of friends with Jiang Fei.

Ye Yuanyuan is listening. Some of them can’t hear any more. She shouts, “Grandpa…”

However, ye Zhennan waved his hand seriously, and his smile was completely restrained. He said loudly: “if you have any trouble in the future, Jiang Fei, as long as you are a reasonable party and don’t take the initiative to do evil, just mention Ye Zhennan’s name or Ye family’s name! If you don’t take the initiative to bully others, they won’t dare to bully you, no matter who it is! “

Jiang Fei’s face was also serious, and he said, “thank you for looking up to me so much!”

This time, this thick thigh is really hugged. It’s worth it.

Jiang Fei thought happily in his heart: with the words of Mr. Ye, if a dandy like Gao Hengyuan dare to bully himself and tear his own leg, can he be crushed to death?

Moreover, he and ye Laozi became friends who forgot their years. Isn’t he two generations higher than ye Yuanyuan?

Then this woman should call herself

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei secretly takes a look at Ye Yuanyuan. No wonder, the woman is looking at herself with the eyes that she wants to kill.

Jiang Fei didn’t stay in the ward much. He took such a big advantage. It’s better to leave early.

“Old man, I’ll go first. I’ll do acupuncture for you in three days. However, the wine you want will not be brewed in two or three days. You have to wait until the Dragon Boat Festival. ” Jiang Fei said goodbye.

Ye Zhennan nodded and said with a smile, “don’t worry. I have one more tube to drink. “

Jiang Fei nodded and left the ward.

“I’ll see you!” Watching Jiang Fei get up and leave the ward, ye Yuanyuan quickly gets up and follows Jiang Fei out of the ward.

In the corridor, the footsteps of the two men were harsh. Jiang Fei stopped and turned around. “You don’t need to send me, do you? What are we polite about? “

I’ll be your elder from now on. You’re welcome Of course, Jiang Fei dare not say that.

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“I feel embarrassed at this time?” Ye Yuanyuan stares at Jiang Fei, fiercely.

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Fei’s face was aboveboard and he pretended to be confused.

“I’ve never met such a shameless person! Do you think I don’t know what you think? ” Ye Yuanyuan is indignant. Looking at Jiang Fei’s innocent appearance, she hated her teeth itching and directly picked out the words. “You don’t want to be paid, but you want to be friends with my grandfather. Didn’t you mean it?”

Jiang Fei nodded and said, “of course, I did it on purpose.”

“…” Ye Yuanyuan’s eyelids jumped and she was defeated by someone’s shamelessness again.

“I’ve said that I’ve been eager to be a soldier since I was young, and I adore soldiers very much. And ye Laozi is a general who once led the army to fight, which I admire even more. Be friends with the old man. It’s my wish. ” Jiang Fei continued to go downstairs and said as he walked.

Ye Yuanyuan walked beside him and retorted, “but don’t you think it’s inappropriate for my grandfather to be that old?”

“It’s a bit inappropriate.” Jiang Fei nodded and said, “but didn’t you listen to the old man? We are friends who forget our years. It’s not a problem that there is a big difference in age. “

“You…” Ye Yuanyuan stamped her feet angrily.

If other people dare to be so unbridled in front of her, she would have been fighting for it. But in the face of Jiang Fei, this man is worth more than her, and it’s useless to press people down. She really has no way.

Seeing Ye Yuanyuan’s shriveled appearance, Jiang Fei smiled and said, “don’t be so angry. Although I became friends with the old man. If it’s reasonable, I’ll be your elder… “

Speaking of this, Jiang Fei, who knows Ye Yuanyuan’s character very well, hastened to speed up and take a few steps forward to let Ye Yuanyuan’s blow out of the powder fist fail. Then he turned around and said: “don’t rush to start. I’m just saying that, by right, I didn’t really ask you to call me uncle. Even if you call me uncle like them, I don’t feel used to it! Therefore, we will pay each other in the future. It’s time to meet the common people. “

Seeing Ye Yuanyuan’s face turn cold and red, apricot eyes turn wide. Liu Mei stands upside down, and Jiang Fei knows that the joke is almost over. It’s time to drive this woman again. Then he said, “yes. Recently, I came up with a prescription, even if it doesn’t need acupuncture or massage, it still has a good effect on breast augmentation. However, the introduction needed for this prescription is very strange. It can’t be bought in ordinary drugstores. I’ll give it to you after I’ve prepared it. This recipe should be better than rice wine

Indeed, the heavy topic of “breast enhancement” is Ye Yuanyuan’s biggest weakness, and Jiang Fei was tamed as soon as she mentioned it.

She wanted to fight with Jiang Fei for three hundred rounds, but her anger would disappear, she bowed her head for a while, and asked, “it really works? Instead of acupuncture or massage? “

Jiang Fei was immediately happy.

This woman is really interesting. In order to make her flat chest bigger, she can promise anything.

It’s said that it’s not easy to be a man. Jiang Fei thinks it’s even harder to be a woman.

“Acupuncture and massage are certainly the most useful. But I don’t know what you think. Obviously I care about it, but I just don’t agree. Are you shy? Even if you are shy, don’t you know that you can’t avoid medicine? ” Jiang Fei shook his head and sighed. Seeing Ye Yuanyuan’s tendency to break out again, she quickly stopped talking and said, “OK I won’t say. You don’t agree with acupuncture or massage. Now you have to try this kind of prescription. Well, it should still work. At least, it will make your a A mask Cup, the authentic A. “

“That’s good. You go. ” Ye Yuanyuan listened to Jiang Fei with a red face, but she didn’t send him away. She stepped on her leather boots and went upstairs.

Taking a special car from the sanatorium and returning to the city by a special driver, Jiang Fei received a phone call from Zeng Tong, a college roommate who was about to become the groom.

“Jiang Fei, is Dragon Boat Festival busy?”

“Not busy, very free.” Jiang Fei replied with a smile. He’s really free now.

“That’s good. On Dragon Boat Festival, He Yuxuan and I will go to your villa to find you! Don’t you boast about the beauty of your villa. Don’t let us down then! “

“Come on!”

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