The Almighty Martial Arts System 96

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Breast enhancement?

Hearing the words like this, ye Yuanyuan’s cold face became more red. She gave Jiang Fei a second look and soon left without looking back.

Joking, although she cares about the size of her chest, she can’t let Jiang Fei give her acupuncture or massage her chest!

Is she a woman?

Acupuncture and massage can’t be done through clothes. You have to take off your clothes. With Ye Yuanyuan’s character, let alone Jiang Fei is a man. Even if a woman gave her acupuncture and massage, she would not agree and would feel embarrassed.

Looking at Ye Yuanyuan’s back, Jiang Fei touched her nose and half laughed.

He had seen this big eyed girl when she was angry and despondent, and when she was coquettish and cute, he had never seen her so shy and embarrassed!

After this incident, he knew more about this fierce and tiger woman. This woman’s cold and domineering appearance is just because of her growing up environment.

She has lived in a military family since she was a child. All kinds of behavior requirements must be different from that of ordinary people. In addition, her parents and grandparents are too prominent. Therefore, she has developed the character of being a little bit more domineering than men.

But in essence, she is still a woman, and normal ordinary women are not too different, cold inside and hot outside.

For example, if you care about the size of your chest, you will also be shy as well …


For the next few days, Jiang Fei went to the hospital to work. Take another time to go to the special sanatorium of Jincheng military area twice a week to recover Ye Zhennan’s legs, and then you will be free completely.

There’s nothing to do every day. I had a good time. I went sightseeing in the rice village. Care about fruit trees and vegetables, walk the dog everywhere, very comfortable.

At this time, the large fruit trees planted have grown vigorously, with luxuriant branches and leaves, forming a small forest, which looks full of vitality. As for all kinds of vegetables planted, some of them have already blossomed, and some of them even have outstanding small fruits. Such as cucumber, eggplant and so on. It’s estimated that Jiang Fei will be able to eat his own vegetables in a while.

Ye Zhennan’s legs, which had already regained consciousness after Jiang Fei’s fourth acupuncture treatment, are now able to stand on crutches and barely walk on their own!

“Grandpa, slow down, or I’ll help you…” Ye Yuanyuan stood beside Ye Zhennan, watching Ye Zhennan walking slowly back and forth in the ward with crutches, just like a child learning to walk. Some anxious, for fear that her grandfather would fall to the ground.

Ye Zhennan’s face was very happy, though he moved very slowly. But it was hale and hearty, with a red face.

“No! I’ll do it myself! ” Ye Zhennan’s left hand waved, and his right hand slowly moved on crutches.

He is really very happy. He has not got out of bed for half a year since the onset of the disease. Even if he solves his physiological problems, he depends on other people’s help. This is a kind of suffering for him who has been a soldier all his life and even has fought in the battlefield with his army.

Now after Jiang Fei’s treatment, he was finally approved to go down on his own. Do some restorative training, which will always be as calm as a mountain of Ye Zhennan bad.

Ye Yuanyuan saw that her persuasion failed. So he glared at Jiang Fei and winked at him. He wanted to persuade his grandfather to go to bed and rest. It’s amazing to walk like this.

Her grandfather is so old that if he falls to the ground, something may happen again.

Jiang Fei opened his eyes, sat on the chair and recovered for a while, relieved his tense and tired spirit, smiled and said: “don’t worry. It’s good for the recovery of his legs that ye Laozi often walks down. You can walk like this for a few minutes every day. “

Among his four basic attributes, he is the most powerful in spirit, and has already had 3.4. Although there is no pressure in the treatment of legs for ye Zhennan with such powerful mental force, just after the treatment, fatigue is still indispensable, and a lot of sweat still needs to be produced in the treatment process.

“Dr. Jiang is right. Who says patients have to lie in bed all day? In those days, when leading soldiers to fight, there was a saying called light injury can’t get off the line of fire. It’s common for wounded soldiers to continue fighting! Only now, when the country is peaceful and the people are safe, can we have these delicate bad habits. ” Ye Zhennan walked slowly back and forth on crutches, but his voice was full of middle spirit and he was very happy.

After these several contacts, Jiang Fei not only had a good relationship with Ye Yuanyuan, who was very unhappy at the beginning, but also had a good relationship with Ye Zhennan, the No. 1 General in the Jincheng military region.

So now Jiang Fei calls him not general ye, but ye Laozi.

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Ye Yuanyuan gave Jiang Fei a bad look and walked back and forth with her grandfather, but she didn’t dare to help him against the old man’s will, saying: “Grandpa, that was when you were young. How old are you now? How can you compare with the original! “

“I’m old, but I’m not too old to be sober. I know what I can do with my old bone.” Ye Zhennan said somewhat unconvinced.

After walking back and forth for five or six minutes, he was a little tired. With the help of Ye Yuanyuan, he sat back to his bed and began to rest.

Soon, another doctor came in the ward, the one Jiang Fei had handed over to him for massage, and began to massage Ye Zhennan’s legs.

Ye Zhennan rested at the head of the bed for a while, and then looked at Jiang Fei with a long sigh of relief and said, “I seldom admire the old man in my life. But Dr. Jiang, your acupuncture skill really convinced me! My legs have been diagnosed and treated by so many famous doctors of the Chinese Medical Association, and I have no idea what to do. In fact, I have no hope for the rest of my life. Unexpectedly, it’s only two weeks. Dr. Jiang, you will let me walk again! This medical skill, let alone the younger generation, even in the Chinese medicine society. Few can match Dr. Jiang! “

Ye Zhennan’s words are not flattering to Jiang Fei.

In his position. It’s also a general who leads his army and fights all his life. His character can’t speak well for someone or anyone. I’m afraid there’s no one in the world worth it.

Since he said so, he must be sincere, and he really thinks so. In his opinion, Jiang Fei’s medical skill is indeed worthy of great praise. It’s not too much to call it the king of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine!

Ye Zhennan’s words from the bottom of his heart stopped Jiang Fei. My heart is very useful.

It depends on who praises you to be praised. Will the satisfaction of an ordinary person praising you be the same as that of a national leader? It must be different.

“Old man, you praise me.” Jiang Fei was happy, but he said modestly, “although my skill is good, I heard that there are some real doctors in the Chinese medicine society. Ye Yuanyuan once said that there was an old doctor Cui who was called “ghost hand”, and his medical skills were superb. Now he has been invited to foreign countries to treat the country’s leaders. “

“Old Cui’s medical skills are really powerful. When he was in the capital. I’ve heard about it.  ‘Ghost Master, Ghost Master, and King Yan grabbed their lives.’ That is to say, old doctor Cui. ” Ye Zhennan did not deny it. But nodded cautiously.

However, he then smiled again and said, “old Cui is a good doctor, and you are not bad at all. What’s more, I’m sure that old Cui is not as good as you, the little doctor Jiang! “

Jiang Fei was stunned and asked, “what point?”

“In wine making!” Ye Zhennan laughed.

Just after he finished, ye Yuanyuan next to him was dissatisfied and blushed. “Jiang Fei, the rice wine you gave me last time. Half of it was buckled by my grandpa! “

Ye Zhennan didn’t feel embarrassed. He talked about Jiang Fei’s rice wine. His face was intoxicated, as if just thinking about it would have a lasting aftertaste.

They are soldiers. Not to mention that 100%, or at least ninety percent, are people who love wine. It can almost be said that they are not happy without wine.

Ye Zhennan is the same. He liked smoking when he was young. When he was old, he was forced to give up smoking for many years because of lung problems. But the wine has been falling.

He likes wine. He likes good wine!

Most of the biggest and best well-known wines in China are specially made for special use. Non state leaders can’t drink them. They can’t be bought with money.

Among them, each year, some of these wines will be sent to Ye Zhennan and sent to Jincheng.

If there were less delivered in that year, ye Zhennan would not be happy, and he would also call in person.

His love of wine is obvious.

“Although your rice wine is not strong enough, and its taste is quite different from that of white wine, but it’s fresh and sweet, which the old man has never tasted in my life. It’s just the best wine!”

As he said, ye Zhennan, an old general who is usually upright and optimistic and can see everything, looks like an old greedy insect. He asked, “Jiang Fei, do you have such a good wine? If so, just give me some for the old man. Well, I don’t want it for nothing, don’t hesitate to mention what you want! “

“There is no stock. But if you want to drink it, I’ll brew it for you. It won’t take long. As for remuneration… ” Jiang Fei’s face showed some hesitation, some embarrassment, some embarrassment

It’s not appropriate to pay the old man, whether it’s too heavy or too light.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention remuneration!

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