The Almighty Martial Arts System 95

By | December 2, 2019

Rice wine, also known as sweet wine, is a kind of sweet rice wine which is fermented with steamed glutinous rice and yeast. The degree is very low. It can almost be used as a drink.

The village of Daocun is basically every family. Every year, there are many kinds of glutinous rice.

Maybe it’s because of the environment. The rice village is  very good. The environment is so good. After Jiang Fei’s appraisal, the quality of these glutinous rice is very good. They are especially suitable for brewing rice wine. So they bought some from the village.

The superior glutinous rice, together with his great master’s craftsmanship in brewing, can naturally shock everyone.

When he was making wine, Lin Moli was busy with the formalities, so she didn’t know.

“Let’s try it and see how it tastes.” Jiang Fei said to several women after pouring the wine.

Several women have long been attracted by the magical aroma of the wine. At this time, naturally, they did not hesitate to serve a bowl and began to taste it. Jiang Fei poured himself a bowl, ready to taste it.

He has never drunk his own rice wine, this is the first time “Kaifeng”.

“Cheers, everyone!” Jiang Fei raised the bowl and said with a smile. A few women echoed, then each sent the bowl to her mouth, and took a sip.

When the clear rice wine enters into the mouth, the sweet and warm taste suddenly fills the cavity, strongly stimulating their own taste buds, and everyone immediately fell into silence. They don’t want to speak about the deliciousness of the wine, because they are afraid that the fragrance of this unique wine will escape from their mouth and run away. They can’t bear it!

After waiting for a long time, they realized the lingering feeling deeply, and then they swallowed the rice wine.

This time. A few women began to make a noise and praised Jiang Fei’s rice wine. They’ve never had such a good drink in their lives!

It was Ye Yuanyuan who had some opinions on wine. Although she doesn’t like to make nightclubs like the rich second generation, she is not a nightclub, but she has a certain appreciation ability for all kinds of famous wines at home and abroad.

She was shocked and looked at Jiang Fei and asked, “how do you make this wine? Is it really made by yourself? How do I feel? It tastes better than the national special wine my grandfather collected. It’s sweeter than those tens of thousands of bottles of red wine! “

Jiang Fei smiled.

He also tasted the wine himself and was very clear about the wine he brewed. Although he didn’t drink the taste of the wine Ye Yuanyuan said. But I don’t think it’s a compliment from ye Yuanyuan.

With Ye Yuanyuan’s character, it’s impossible to compliment herself.

This rice wine has the unique fragrance of glutinous rice. It’s warm and glutinous. When drinking it, it’s like a beautiful woman in the south of the Yangtze River whispering in her ear. It’s hard to express the beauty in words.

Jiang Fei didn’t know how to explain it. He could only ramble in a few words. Anyway, just like his cooking and medical skills, they are all at the top of the world.

Now the wine he brewed is so good, it’s not so hard to accept.

“Wang… Roar, Wang Roar ~ ~ “

Tibetan mastiff Simba can’t stand the attraction of the wine. Wagging his tail, Pu fan’s ears are playing coquetry at Jiang Fei’s feet, raising his head and opening his eyes are very spiritual. Just like human beings, they will be cute and please Jiang Fei to give a little.

“Uncle, pour some for Simba. Simba is so smart, he must drink too. ” Xia Xiaozhi wanted to reach out and touch the growing hair on Simba’s neck, but he didn’t dare.

Simba is scary, like a lion. And growing up, the nature of Tibetan mastiff also began to show, not as gentle as before. Not everyone can get close to it now, even if Jiang Fei has orders.

This Tibetan mastiff can drink naturally. It’s no different from people. But Jiang Fei can’t drink too much for it, only to put it in a small bowl. Let it taste slowly.

“By the way, Xiaojing, you can drink more rice wine.” Jiang Fei suddenly looked at Xu Jing and said.

Xu Jing’s face flushed at the words. She guessed the reason at once, but she didn’t say it. She was just shy, and at the same time, she wanted to refuse to give Jiang Fei a look.

Jiang Fei’s eyelids jumped.

This mature and unhealthy Loli! The temptation is really extraordinary!

Tan yuan sat beside Xu Jing and guessed why. She said curiously, “uncle, this rice wine is not only good to drink, but also can it cure menstrual disorder?”

“Cough…” Jiang Fei coughed. He is usually informal and open-minded. He often watches romantic movies with his classmates and roommates in college. But in front of these high school girls, he felt that he could not let go.

“Rice wine is warm in nature, which can help blood circulation, promote metabolism, and has the effect of nourishing blood and skin, relaxing muscles and activating collaterals.” Jiang Fei put himself in the position of a doctor. “And It does have the effect of treating irregular menstruation. Many pregnant women even drink rice wine to nourish their bodies after they have a baby. “

When Lin Moli and ye Yuanyuan at the dinner table heard this, they all looked up and saw Xu Jing with a red face.

They all don’t know that Xu Jing has irregular menstruation.

Lin Moli is OK, but ye Yuanyuan is a little gloating in her heart. She is very dissatisfied with the high school girl who is much younger than her, but her chest is much bigger than her.

It’s said that Xu Jing has the disorder of menstruation, and her heart immediately gloating: “who makes your chest grow so big at a young age! Is menstruation not adjusted now? “

Although chest big and menstruation do not adjust these two things, there is no causal relationship, but she is so stubborn that!

When ye Yuanyuan’s face was still and she was gloating, she didn’t expect Jiang Fei to finish. She immediately turned to sit on the other side and said, “Ye Yuanyuan, you can also drink more.”

Ye Yuanyuan, who was eating a piece of crabmeat lion’s head, almost didn’t choke when she heard it, so she swallowed it quickly. Then he looked at Jiang Fei angrily and asked, “why! I don’t have irregular periods! “

Although she is not opposed to drink more rice wine, she will never allow others to slander her physical illness!

Jiang Fei touched his nose. It’s awkward, but it’s a good reminder: “I have another function of rice wine. It can Breast enhancement. “

“You! Say! What! “!” Ye Yuanyuan hears the words. Suddenly, his left hand slapped heavily on the dining table, her face was frosty, and her big eyes were staring at Jiang Fei like she was going to eat people.

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Jiang Fei was startled and scolded for being confused.

He knows that it’s a fatal mistake to say that a woman’s chest is small. Why didn’t he manage his mouth and say it for a while? And still in front of her woman!

Although Ye Yuanyuan has some violence, she is still a woman after all!

I’m afraid this woman is going to be mad

It seems that this fierce woman cares more about her breasts than he imagined.

“Nothing. Slip of tongue. Pure slip of the tongue. Let’s keep eating. ” Jiang Fei quickly laughed, and then gave Ye Yuanyuan a chopstick of vegetables.

It’s not that Jiang Fei doesn’t have the backbone of a man, but today this woman has helped him a lot. He can’t turn his face now and don’t recognize people, can he? It’s better to make friends with her.

Otherwise, the woman is not happy. What should she do if she demolishes her house?

… Well, Jiang Fei is really a little afraid of this fierce woman.

Ye Yuanyuan’s anger is hard to calm, but when she looks at Xia Xiaozhi’s third daughter opposite her and stares at her, she seems to be surprised that she will be angry at this kind of thing, and she can only recite the heart clearing mantra. Put down the anger.

She cares about what others think of her breasts, but she doesn’t want others to know that she cares

Women’s mind is so tangled. A thousand turns and a hundred returns.

She gave Jiang Fei a hard look, and Ye Yuanyuan slapped her left hand off the table. Without a word, she bowed her head and began to eat again.

However, during the next meal, she drank a lot of rice wine without trace

Small changes are not enough to talk about, in the face of the table full of delicacies, everyone has opened their hearts, eat vegetables, drink a lot. Each has a big appetite, and the frequency of waving chopsticks and raising wine to clink glasses is more and more frequent. Even ye Yuanyuan, who has always been in front of outsiders, is very tense and cruel. Sometimes there was a sincere smile on her face, showing a little of her true feelings.

Jiang Fei, as the master, is in a very comfortable mood surrounded by five beauties of different styles.

After three rounds of wine, five flavors of vegetables. The table full of eight basic cuisines was almost eaten, and the rice wine in the two bamboo tubes was also drunk to the bottom. A man and five women gradually slowed down their actions, sat on the chair and began to chat.

There’s a word called “alcoholic friends”. Although it’s not a good word, it shows that eating and drinking really can close the relationship and make people friendly.

After a meal, Jiang Fei and Lin Moli know more about Ye Yuanyuan. Even Xia Xiaozhi and other three girls are not afraid of her as they were just now, and they start to dare to ask their idols about her.

However, Ye Yuanyuan is not very interested in such a high school girl. Among them, there is Luo Li, Xu Jing, a girl with big face and chest, who makes her envious. So although Ye Yuanyuan’s face is not so cold, she only answers one question after another.

Finally, in the afternoon, Lin Moli was not at ease. She had to go to the hospital to have a look. Xia Xiaozhi’s third daughter went downstairs and went home. They didn’t have classes on Sunday afternoon, but they had late self-study in the evening, so they had to go back to school in the evening.

Ye Yuanyuan is intentionally or unintentionally dragged to the end. After several women left, she was silent for a long time. Then she deliberately cold her face and looked at Jiang Fei and asked, “is there any remaining rice wine you brewed?”

“Not here. There are plenty in the villa. Why? ” Jiang Fei asked subconsciously before he could react.

However, when he saw Ye Yuanyuan pretending to be cold, but with some dodging eyes and slightly red cheeks, he immediately understood.

Now he stopped exposing the woman, restrained the smile in his heart, and said seriously, “next time. I’ll bring you some next time. But… “

“But what?” Ye Yuanyuan asked immediately with wide eyes.

“But in fact, although this rice wine has some effect, it is not very big. In that respect, acupuncture and massage are more effective… “

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