The Almighty Martial Arts System 94

By | December 1, 2019

Jiang Fei wants to take these five beauties to the villa of Daocun. The house he rented was spacious when he was alone, but with so many guests, it was a little crowded.

Even at the dining table, it’s not easy for six people to sit down.

Unfortunately, it’s almost 12 o’clock at noon. There’s not enough time. If I go to Daocun now, I don’t know when I can have lunch, so I have to make do with it in his rented house.

All kinds of conditions in the city can’t compare with Jiang Fei’s villa in Daocun. Rice village not only has better and more complete kitchen hardware facilities, but also all kinds of fresh and delicious vegetables are hard to buy in the vegetable market.

Of course, in Jiang Fei’s opinion, it’s a kind of accommodation and grudging dish. In fact, in the eyes of these women, it’s not simple at all. It’s very rich.

I have been busy for about an hour.

At one o’clock, Jiang Fei filled all the tables that were not too big. They were all kinds of dishes, almost including eight major cuisines, with different styles.

Jiang Fei untied the apron on his chest and said with a smile, “in a hurry, I didn’t have time to make too many preparations, so today’s lunch is not too luxurious and precious, and the materials are relatively common.”

“But the dishes are quite rich. There are 14 dishes in total. We have made some of the eight basic cuisines in China this noon! Now let me introduce you. “

Jiang Fei stretched out his hand and said with a smile, “the first of them is Sichuan cuisine, which naturally comes from Sichuan Province. There are kung pao chicken, steamed beef with flour, Mapo Tofu, fish flavored shredded pork; Cantonese cuisine has taro and pork, beef balls with refreshing taste; Zhejiang cuisine has preserved skin and yellow croaker, caramel and turtle; Huizhou cuisine has Huangshan stewed pigeon. Hunan cuisine has fish head with chopped peppers; Shandong cuisine has sweet and sour carp; Jiangsu cuisine has clear stewed crab powder lion head; Fujian food has lychee meat! “

When all these dishes are served by Jiang Fei and all the dishes are named together, that is to say, Lin Moli of Jiang Fei has been totally relied on during this period of time. Show a little calmness.

In addition to her, Xia Xiaozhi, Xu Jing and Tan yuan are three beautiful girls in high school. Ye Yuanyuan, a fierce woman from a military family, was completely stunned.

Ye Yuanyuan opened her big beautiful eyes, swallowed a mouthful of saliva quietly, and asked, “Jiang Fei, how can you do all eight cuisines? What’s more, we didn’t go to the vegetable market just now. We came back directly. Why do you have so many dishes in your family? “

She was still thinking. Jiang Fei didn’t go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables this noon. He shouldn’t be able to make too many delicious things.

I didn’t know that this guy went to the kitchen to work for nearly an hour, and directly made all eight major cuisines!

Jiang Fei laughed and pointed to the large refrigerator with two door switch not far away. “Before noon today, my refrigerator was basically full of all kinds of ingredients, but now, it’s basically empty. I prepared these dishes before.

Although these dishes are simple, in fact, some of them are troublesome and take a long time to make. For example, Cantonese taro pork. If you do it now, it will take at least two hours. So some of these ingredients, in fact, I have already prepared for them. “

Xia Xiaozhi interrupts and says in surprise: “did you know in advance that we were going to come to your house to have dinner today. So you’re ready? “

“I’m not a Jianghu Warlock. How can I know you’re coming in advance?” Jiang Fei said jokingly. “But if you don’t come, I won’t eat.”

“Usually you eat such a rich dish every day?” Ye Yuanyuan said with envy, jealousy and hatred.

Although her identity is not ordinary, her family background is too high, and the dishes she eats in ordinary days must be excellent, but she will never be as luxurious as Jiang Fei!

There are eight cuisines for a meal, and each of them can be called delicacies. It’s rare to hear about them in the world. It’s just like a king’s life!

“You can’t eat all in one day.” Jiang Fei shook his head and said. “As long as these ingredients are properly placed. The taste will not change in two or three days. So we can finish it in two or three days. “

“Uncle, even if you eat so much in two or three days. It’s just as luxurious as before, OK? ” Xia Xiaozhi said bitterly and discontentedly.

Recently, Jiang Fei is busy with hospital affairs and seldom goes home. So much less chance for her to come to Jiang Fei’s house and have a meal.

Xu Jing and Tan yuan also nodded their heads to express their agreement. They are usually at home, where can they enjoy such a rich and delicious meal, let alone have lunch at school at noon.

By contrast, it’s heaven. They are usually in hell!

Hearing this, Lin Moli was not envious, jealous or hateful, but rather happy. Because she now eats and drinks are contracted by Jiang Fei, the “vampire” boss. Jiang Fei’s master cooking skills she can enjoy every day.

Jiang Fei smiled, the envy and jealousy of these beauties made him quite useful. It’s mediocre not to be envied. His life now is indeed capital to be envied.

He saw people watching the intoxicating fragrance rising on the dining table and the appearance of greedy insects coming out. After listening to his introduction of the eight major cuisines, they were almost drooling, so he no longer said: “don’t sit here and eat! Chopsticks are on the table. I don’t need to distribute them to you personally, do I? “

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That’s what women are like, very different from men.

When men eat, the more people, the faster they eat, the faster they grab. Because if you start late, you don’t have to eat. Men don’t have to be rational and shy. So the competition is to eat more if you are fast;

Women are very different. The more people they are, the slower they will eat and the more polite and reasonable they will be. Because when they are in front of others, they need to pay attention to politeness and cultivation. They are very polite.

Just like now, if it’s Xia Xiaozhi’s third daughter, or Lin Moli, or Ye Yuanyuan’s third daughter, they don’t care who is eating alone with Jiang Fei. They certainly don’t need Jiang fei’s instruction. When Jiang Fei brings out the dishes, they may not help but move the chopsticks.

But now they are gathered together, and each of them is embarrassed and reserved. No orders from Jiang Fei. They are embarrassed to move chopsticks.

Therefore, Jiang Fei always thinks that women are very hypocritical magical species, much more hypocritical than men

Hear Jiang Fei. Whether it’s Xia Xiaozhi’s three daughters, or Lin Moli, who is gentle and has character. Or Ye Yuanyuan, who is fierce and cold, can no longer resist the call of the full table of food for them. Shake your head together, and hurry to take their chopsticks and prepare to eat.

But they had just grasped the chopsticks, and before they could reach out, Jiang Fei thought of something else, and suddenly said, “wait a minute!”

All the chopsticks were stuck in the air, looking up at Jiang Fei doubtfully.

Jiang Fei turned around. Into the kitchen.

After a while, Jiang Fei came out with two large sections of bamboo tubes in his hand. The bamboo tube is hollow and sealed at both ends, which seems to contain something.

Seeing this scene, Lin Molly, who spent most of the time with Jiang Fei except sleeping at night, felt a little puzzled and asked, “Jiang Fei, what’s in it?”

Jiang Fei didn’t answer either. He just smiled and walked to the table. Put a hollow section of bamboo in place, and then gently twist the plug on the top of the other tube of bamboo.


With a slight sound, the plug of the upper port is twisted open. Suddenly the air came out with a sharp smell of wine.

The fragrance of this wine is different from that of ordinary wine, and the taste is not too strong. It is so clear and light, slightly sweet, just like a spring.

But the smell of the picture is very strong and has a very magical effect, which makes people have a kind of illusion in a trance. Fang fo saw a young girl in a flowery fairy skirt, who is as graceful as a wisp of smoke rising in the south of the Yangtze River. Like the willow branches sprouting in spring

This kind of taste is wonderful and gives people a wonderful enjoyment.

It’s just a moment. Several beauties, big and small, are all attracted by the pure and extreme fragrance of the wine and are intoxicated.

Among the women present. None of them are alcoholic. But smelling the smell of the wine, everyone immediately felt the urge to taste it.

“Wine! What wine! ” Asked Lin Moli first.

Looking at the intoxicated appearance of the women, Jiang Fei was very happy. This was his first time to make wine, and also his first time to give it to others for tasting, even if he had not tasted it himself.

But now it seems that the name of his ninth level Brewing Master is not false. The wine he brewed is really good enough.

Without a wine glass, Jiang Fei had to place the small porcelain bowls of several people and pour them in slowly.

Jiang Fei poured the wine and explained: “this is the rice wine that I brewed from the glutinous rice planted by the villagers in the rice village a while ago. I estimated that I could drink it today, so I’ll give it to you for a taste. “

In Jiang Fei’s life associate profession, wine making is also a great master of level 9, so his ability is not to be underestimated. No matter what kind of wine, as long as he is given raw materials, he can stir it out.

He didn’t want to make rice wine at first, but he wanted to make some wine to drink. Jiang Fei has a good amount of wine, but only for the most common beer, he can blow many bottles when he meets his friends.

But Jiang Fei’s research on wine before was not deep. Especially white wine, he can’t drink it. He liked wine better, so he thought whether he could bring his master’s talents into f

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