The Almighty Martial Arts System 92

By | November 29, 2019

Gao Hengyuan doesn’t know why his old acquaintance, Li Dong, the deputy director of the police branch of the high tech Zone, would suddenly turn around and refuse to recognize people. Don’t help him to speak even if, on the contrary, it still confuses right and wrong, help outsiders to slander him!

Generally speaking, when they met this kind of situation, it was these policemen who confused right and wrong and helped him to slander others!

Today’s situation Seems to be wrong!

Gao Hengyuan is furious and doesn’t care about the greasiness in it. He looks at Li Dong ferociously and says, “Lao Li, what do you mean? It’s this woman who drove into me. How could it be my own traffic accident! Hurry up and catch this pair of men and women! “

Li Dong sighed in his heart. At ordinary times, Gao Hengyuan is not too stupid. He is also a very smart person. How can he be so brainless today? He now looks like this, which is obvious. This aunt is the object he can’t provoke. Gao Hengyuan didn’t know how to go down the slope, so he stopped and kept pestering.

It’s like dying!

At ordinary times, Li Dong and Gao Hengyuan are very friendly, but now he can’t show any intention of favoring Gao HengYuan, even the hint can’t be too obvious.

Otherwise, this kid is likely to kill him!

However, he doesn’t want to offend Gao Hengyuan too much. After all, Gao Hengyuan has a some energy. He may have to ask for help in the future. He can only do his best, looking at Gao Hengyuan with a straight face, and said: “what’s the matter? After the investigation at the police station, there will be a conclusion naturally. You, follow us to the police station! “

After arriving at the police station and leaving this place, Li Dong will have a chance to explain to Gao Hengyuan slowly.

It must be inconvenient to be here in front of Ye Yuanyuan.

But Gao HengYuan, who is furious to the extreme, can’t hear this. He asked Li Dong to catch Ye Yuanyuan and Jiang Fei. Now, instead of catching them, Li Dong is going to catch him into the police station. How can Gao Hengyuan stand this tone?

He understood a little at this time, or at the beginning. He knows that ye Yuanyuan’s background is not simple. It’s estimated that she is the second and third generation like him. Otherwise, it’s impossible to drive hummers, and she also has military license plates.

But what about that? He is a reasonable party, is a just party, he must be fair today!

Over the past 20 years, Gao HengYuan, who did not know how many illegal things, wants a fair this time!

Want to rely on legal justice to solve the problem!

Gao Hengyuan’s smell of dandy burst out. He was unbridled. He pointed at Li Dong and said angrily, “Li Dong, don’t do this to me! Today’s matter is clear. Whoever drives and bumps into it will be clear when the screen inside the monitor is adjusted out later! If we don’t bring these two men and women to justice, I will bring this matter to you! What happened to this woman with a background? What’s wrong with the military license plate? I don’t believe she’s still fine for breaking the law. There is no such reason in the world! “

Said, embarrassed Gao Hengyuan took out the phone and didn’t give Li Dong any face: “today you dare not do this, dare not offend this woman. That’s good! I’ll call uncle he myself, and I’ll let him do justice for me! “

When Li Dong heard the words, he couldn’t help but draw at the corner of his mouth.

This is stupid. Force!

Originally, he wanted to help Gao Hengyuan secretly to get through the difficulty situation. Don’t offend this aunt with such a big background. But the goods are so ugly now. They don’t give him any face. What else can he say?

He knows who uncle he in Gao Hengyuan’s mouth is. He is a deputy director of Jincheng Public Security Bureau. He is also quite a character. He is the boss of Li Dong’s boss.

But this time Gao Hengyuan kicked the iron plate. Let alone move out a deputy director. Even if he moves out the role of a member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, he still can’t settle this matter today!

Li Dong really wants to let Gao Hengyuan call out, then involve a group of people to come out, and finally let Gao Hengyuan go. But Li Dong is the client after all. If he really asked Gao Hengyuan to call out the phone, Gao Hengyuan would eventually fall into bad luck and be abused as a dog. But I’m afraid that he will end up in a bad mood. Gao Hengyuan’s backer will also vent his anger on him.

Because he knew Ye Yuanyuan’s identity, but he didn’t block Gao Hengyuan. He made it clear that he wanted to rip people off!

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So Li Dong held back his anger and displeasure, and said to Li Dong coldly, “you don’t need to call director he! Today is what director he asked me to come here! I do this, which is what director he means! “

Listening to Li Dong’s cold voice and furious Gao HengYuan, he just came back to his senses. He stared at Li Dong with big eyes and couldn’t believe it. He said: “yes What uncle asked you to come here? “

Doesn’t that mean that the woman in front of him, even his uncle he, still dare not provoke her?

Seeing that Gao Hengyuan was shocked, Li Dong was too lazy to deal with the goods. Anyway, he made a decision in his heart, and then he tried to keep away from such a fool, or he would have to die sooner or later!

When Li Dong came to Ye Yuanyuan’s side, the cold on her face immediately melted like ice and snow. She put on a kind smile and gave people the warmth of spring breeze. She said, “Hello, Miss ye…”

However, Ye Yuanyuan waved her hand impatiently and said frankly, “there is no more nonsense. I did run into his car. “

“…” Li Dong’s mouth is drawn again. He is not a fool. Naturally, he knows that Gao Hengyuan’s BMW was hit by Ye Yuanyuan.

However, he was just racking his brains to find an excuse for ye Yuanyuan, and put the responsibility of this matter off Gao Hengyuan.

Well, as a result, the aunt didn’t appreciate it at all and admitted it in a big way.

But even if ye Yuanyuan admits it, Li Dong dare not arrest her for this reason. Unless he doesn’t want to be a policeman.

“Other people, I also hit.” Ye Yuanyuan continued.

“… All right. ” Li Dong dare not go to see Ye Yuanyuan again. He lowers his head slightly. His eyes are spasmodic and his eyelids are jumping.

What does this aunt really want to do? Mingming knew that he didn’t dare to arrest her, and she still admitted it openly. Doesn’t that mean he had a problem!

“But…” Ye Yuanyuan suddenly turned around, glanced at Gao Hengyuan and said, “I hit his car because he did something bad first and wanted to escape, so I stopped him!”

“I did something bad! And… I didn’t mess with you! ” Gao Hengyuan said wrongly.

“But you have offended him!” Ye Yuanyuan pointed to Jiang Fei beside her and said coldly, “you offended him more than me! If you offend him, you will damage the interests of the country! He represents the national interest! “

“How can he represent the national interest?” Gao Hengyuan held back his anger and didn’t dare to raise a question too loudly.

For Jiang Fei’s background, Gao Hengyuan has been clear about it for a long time. How can Jiang Fei relate to such a person too much?

Otherwise, he could not have let Jiang Fei get out of the second hospital of Jincheng!

What’s more, even if Jiang Fei has something to do with this woman, is she too serious about it?

What is to provoke Jiang Fei is to harm the interests of the country?

You’re such a high hat!

Ye Yuanyuan was already impatient, but she explained with a sneer: “Jiang Fei is going to treat my grandfather. Without Jiang Fei, my grandfather’s life would not be cured! So he represents the national interest! “

Gao Hengyuan is still a little confused. But Li Dong suddenly looked at Jiang Fei with a look of awe. He was secretly glad that he didn’t kill the young doctor last time.

If Jiang Fei can cure the disease of this aunt’s grandfather, general Ye, that’s not too much. After all, such a person as general Ye is a treasure of the country. He is the only old man with the oldest qualifications left in the army.

Li Dong admonishes himself in his heart that he must not provoke Dr. Jiang again!

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