The Almighty Martial Arts System 91

By | November 28, 2019

Of course, Gao Hengyuan didn’t expect that this thin woman with beautiful eyes and a large Hummer would not only drive violently, but also act violently.

As a rich second generation, although he has a good family, he is not a billionaire, and it is impossible to abandon a BMW Z4 with more than 600,000 yuan. What’s more, he only bought his BMW Z4 for two months. During his honeymoon, he still hasn’t driven it to install in the nightclub. Now It was directly hit like this now,, almost completely discarded. How can he give up?

He is always the only one who is unreasonable and bullies others. How can he not revenge when he is bullied by others?

So… After his rude words, he was kicked away by Ye Yuanyuan’s impatient foot.


Gao HengYuan, whose body floated up and fell back on the ground, was almost choked by the kick. He couldn’t even cry. He could only choke.

Gao Hengyuan was not only hurt, but also frightened.

How can this big eyed girl, who looks thin and weak, have such great strength? Even kick him away!

Last time, Jiang Fei lost his toilet in the street. Even if he banned him. Now he can’t even deal with a woman. Gao Hengyuan feels aggrieved! He didn’t know what kind of bad luck he had this year. He took such insults one after another.

He felt like he was going to be ruined by fate!

“Newspaper… Police! ” Gao Hengyuan blushed and shouted two words out of his throat. This time he must have called the police. He became the victim. If he didn’t seize the chance, he might as well die.

“He seemed to say he wanted to call the police?” Hearing Gao Hengyuan’s groan, Ye Yuanyuan turned to look at Jiang Fei and asked, “is this your enemy? What are you going to do? “

“Actually. He is now It’s also your enemy. You can do whatever you say. ” Jiang Fei said with a puff from the corner of his eye.

After such a blast, Gao Hengyuan even hated Ye Yuanyuan.

Just now, the strength of that foot is too strong. I don’t know how such a delicate body can burst out such a powerful force to kick a big man away. Jiang Fei felt that even if he had the strength of 1.6, he could not do it.

So Jiang Fei thinks that when he is with this woman, he should try to follow her wishes Good men don’t fight with women!

Ye Yuanyuan picked out the delicate eyebrows, looked at the dazzling blood in front of the Jiang Fei hospital, and asked, “is that blood poured by this man?”

Jiang Fei nodded and said, “he ordered people to throw it!”

“That’s good!” Ye Yuanyuan then said very loudly, “let’s make sense. Let’s call the police.”

With that, she took out her mobile phone and dialed a number. It didn’t seem to be 110. Then she simply said the situation here twice and hung up the phone.

The BMW car was turned into scrap iron and kicked people away. Now she said that he took the initiative to call the police. This woman is really overbearing!

Jiang Fei thought that the more she looked at the woman, the more pleasing to the eye. It’s really safe to be with her!

He doesn’t worry about any trouble after the police call. Ye Yuanyuan’s grandfather used to be commander-in-chief of Jincheng military region. Even though he has retired, his influence is still amazing. How dare the police not look for Ye Yuanyuan’s trouble?

If that police station dare to catch her, it is estimated that in a short time, there will be a guard with a submachine gun to pick her up. In this era, a large part of the degenerated police, in front of the real soldiers, do not have much deterrent force.

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However, among so many people on the scene, Lin Moli, who also knows the identity of Ye Yuanyuan, is a little confused about this matter.

What’s wrong with this Hummer woman?

Even if you don’t go down to mend eight knives after hitting someone, don’t call the police, just slip away!

However, some people who know about the license plate can see a little doorway from the license plate of Hummer, roughly know the identity of Ye Yuanyuan, and guess that the identity of Ye Yuanyuan is not simple.

About five minutes passed.

A police car roared to stop on the street. Several well-dressed and angry police quickly got out of the car and walked to the Hummer.

At this time, Gao HengYuan, who was kicked away by Ye Yuanyuan, has also slowed down. He has always been ferocious, and his eyes are ferocious. He stands aside and stares at Jiang Fei, Lin moli and ye Yuanyuan.

He didn’t dare to go to this group of people to talk about it. They are all force value change guys. It’s just like playing to clean up them. If he used to, he would not be happy. He is going to wait for the police to come before he plans to take revenge.

Anyway, today, he is going to find the venue anyway, and let these people redouble their humiliation and loss! Today, he is the bullied party and the rational party. When the police come, it’s time for him to be bullied!

So now when Gao Hengyuan saw the police, he was very moved and felt like crying. How eager he is for these police uncles to come early!

What’s more, to Gao Hengyuan’s surprise, he even knew the police officer who came here. It’s his old friend, Li Dong, deputy director of the high tech Zone Branch. That is, when he went to Jiang Fei clinic to make trouble last time, the police officer who was angry with him.

This time, Gao Hengyuan’s gas is more abundant.

It’s not surprising to think about it carefully. After all, Jiang Fei’s private hospital is not far from the original clinic, which is also within the scope of the high-tech zone. After the alarm, the police should send someone to come here. It must be the police of the High-tech Zone Branch first.

“Lao Li, you’re here!” Gao Hengyuan almost cried with joy, and hurriedly welcomed several police officers to Lidong.

Gao Hengyuan’s face was bruised due to the traffic accident. Now it’s red and swollen. The white suit is dirty after being kicked to the ground by Ye Yuanyuan. The hair style fixed with mousse is also messy.

He pointed to Jiang Fei and Ye Yuanyuan on one side and said, “it’s them! These two men and women joined forces to bully me, They not only crashed my car, but also beat me! You catch them quickly! ” He also pointed to the scrapped BMW Z4 sports car beside him. “You see, I only bought a two-month sports car, and it has been knocked into a pile of scrap iron by them! Today, if they don’t compensate me for my property loss and spiritual loss, I will let them sit in prison for a lifetime! “

Just when Gao Hengyuan thought that Li Dong would order his men to take Jiang Fei and ye Yuanyuan to the police station, how could he know that Li Dong angrily pushed him away and said with a straight face: “Gao HengYuan, why do you say that your car was hit by Miss ye? Do you have evidence? Who knows if you’ve had a traffic accident yourself! “

Gao Hengyuan was stunned and looked at Li Dong with complete dumbfounded eyes.

Did I have a traffic accident myself?

Are you blind? Can’t you see that my car was forcibly hit from the side by someone, and it was just like that?!

You’re kidding me!

This is not quite so I saw a dead man. Mingming’s hands were tied and his body was cut more than ten times. Did you say he committed suicide!

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