The Almighty Martial Arts System 8

By | August 9, 2019

Intracranial aneurysm is a kind of disease that suddenly appears on people, with a high mortality and morbidity rate.

Some patients suffering from intracranial aneurysm, in the evening just before going to bed would be just fine, but the next morning may have already died.  In the case of the old lady, both cases are almost the same, the only difference being that she hadn’t died yet.

If it was the previous Jiang Fei, he surely wouldn’t have the ability to treat this disease.

Let alone him, even the public hospital didn’t dare take them in, thinking that trying to save the old lady was useless? And perhaps only a few genuine traditional Chinese medicine doctor with a master degree have the confidence to treat such a disease.

But now Jiang Fei has the game system, although he only has the [Six Levels of Acupuncture] skill, the system had said that he could awaken the patient with the acupuncture skill, so it shouldn’t be false.

In the past several days, he had only been familiarizing himself with the secondary skills he possessed, and the acupuncture skill was one of them. When he had used the acupuncture needle, regardless whether it’s trying to find the acupuncture point, using the needle accurately, or having a stable hand, all of it is impeccable, daring and careful, he had the three conditions to accomplish the task, as well as the complete understanding of the 361 acupuncture points in a human body.

To Jiang Fei, even though he was still low leveled, and only have a level 6 medical skill, but he felt that his medical, in reality, is top ranked, it’s not an exaggeration, but he felt that he could already be considered as a highly skilled doctor!

Jiang Fei couldn’t imagine, if in the future he were to raise his medical skill to the 9th level, and how powerful it would become.

I’m afraid that I could even raise a dead person’s bones back to life, and even claim to have surpassed Hua Tuo.

“You can wake her up?” At that moment, everyone sneered, and look at Jiang Fei as if they were looking at a fool.

The puclic hospital didn’t dare take her in, and had even noted that the patient was going to die. Even all the doctor in the clinical business in the city had said that they couldn’t wake her up, but in spite of everything everyone had said, you still say that you’re capable of rousing her, and even said it as if it was a matter of fact!

Su Nan had also stopped sobbing, and somewhat slowly called Jiang Fei’s name: “Jiang…..Fei, thank you. However, since you’ve already reported this to the police, this matter you don’t have to get yourself involve any longer.”

Su Nan was a doctor, even if she was a doctor practicing Western Medicine, and just by looking at the patient’s complexion, she could see more or less that the patient was at the death’s door. The patient on the stretcher that even the public hospital didn’t dare to take in, was indeed incurable.

Jiang Fei made a beckoning motion with his hand, he doesn’t need to help anymore?

Now that he had come this far, he would certainly continue to help!

Not because he was compelled to do, not to help Su Nan and the little girl nor was it for the poor old lady.

His goal was: to be in the limelight, saving a patient at death’s door, and later his reputation would definitely erupt!

Su Nan, the beautiful young woman with black legging, high heals and her two magical weapons, was still unable to completely rob his business, so he could still bring his clinic back to life.

Otherwise, today if he were to help out with the matter, he would completely be seen as a person who would sacrifice his own interests to help others.

But Jiang Fei wasn’t Lei Feng, he wasn’t such noble to do something like that. When he had stood up to help before, he had already thought of a plan.

So long as he could help and rouse the patient, he would have already helped Su Nan, and also bring his clinic back to life just like it was in the past, two birds with one stone.

“Do you have a needle used for acupuncture?” Jiang Fei didn’t pay attention to the people’s ridicules, and had instead looked at Su Nan to ask about something.

“I don’t practice Chinese medicine, so I don’t have any neelde….Do you want to save the patient using acupuncture?” Su Nan asked in surprise.

“En. I had taken the pulse of the patient a moment ago. She should have a stroke, also called as intracerebral hemorrhage caused by the rupture of the vein in the brain, if not rescued, the patient can only live for two hours. Since using medicine is now useless, the only way left to save the patient it through the use of acupuncture.” Jiang Fei broadly said the cause of the disease, making the surrounding people understand the situation.

By illustrating how severe the patient’s condition is, when he revives the patient, he could show how superb his medical skill is!

Without quibbling with the patient’s family any longer, Jiang Fei said: “You wait for me here, I’ll go back to my clinic and get it.”

Not before long, Jiang Fei ran back with a needle box in his hand. Jiang Fei had his own set of acupuncture needles when he was still in University. However, the set that he brought out, was actually something he had specially bought for these days.

Jiang Fei was serious, and said to the patient’s family member: “Support the old lady, and lean her against the chair, I’ll then apply my needle.”

“Brat, can you really save my mother-in-law with acupuncture?” The middle-aged woman instead of getting extremely angry, she stood up and smiled.

The crowd saw Jiang Fei solemnly take out a needle without saying anything, as a result the sound of the crowd’s ridicules reached the peak.

Jiang Fei had already opened his clinic for three months, so these people had already understood how skilled Jiang Fei was with regards to medicine.

He wasn’t an inferior doctor, but his medical skill also couldn’t be considered high. Even the beautiful young married woman Su Nan was above the young fellow, and now he believed that he had learnt medical acupuncture that only highly skilled doctors can do, and treat a patient that’s about to die, isn’t he just playing around?!

“Is this guy out of his mind? What is he doing this for?”

“Dr. Su is his competitor. And since Dr. Su cam, his clinic had lost business. So why would he help her?”

“Why? He probably took a fancy with Dr. Su’s beauty, so he wants to help her and become Su Nan’s hero, right? Ha Ha Ha!”

“Truly overestimating himself. Even if he wanted to help Su Nan and become her hero, it must be within his capabilities. This matter about the deceased patient, his unaware that his ultimately creating his own demise. This youngster is too impulsive.”

The surrounding people, naturally didn’t favor Jiang Fei. So long as the person is a little smart, they wouldn’t, even the slightest think that Jiang Fei can cure the already half dead old lady at death’s door.”

Su Nan with a swollen face, when hearing these words suddenly felt complex, and a little embarrassed.

Obviously, she also thought that what these people were saying was true. Jiang Fei was doing this, perhaps because he wanted to help Su Nan and become her hero, and make her admire him at heart.

Su Nan was confident with her own beautiful appearance, attracting a young man is not strange.

“Hurry up! What are you lingering for.” Jiang Fei actually ignored these people’s theories, and had urged the patient’s family members to quickly move. “The patient can at most live for two hours, if it’s any later, I won’t be sure that I can save her anymore.”

The several guys looked at each other, not knowing what to do, all their eyes were then directed at the pungent middle-aged woman. And seemed as if the woman was the head of the family.

The middle-aged woman furrowed her brow, but eventually nodded, so some of the family members lifted the old lady, and had put her on a unbroken chair.

However, she stopped Jiang Fei’s needle, and sneered: “Boy, I’ll first warn you. Pinning my mother-in-law, is not an issued. However, if you can’t save my mother-in-law, and my mother-in-law were to eventually die, don’t blame me for being impolite! When the time comes, you’ll be the same as the seductress, compensating us with 200000!”


The surrounding people exclaimed.

Thinking that this wicked woman’s appetite really is big, opening her mouth for another 200000!

Now everyone didn’t have a good impression of this woman, even if this old lady was really killed because of Su Nan medicine, her goal was just too obvious. With the aid of the old lady’s death, she obviously wanted to extort a huge amount of money from them!

Everyone thought that this time, jiang Fei didn’t have the guts to go back.

Helping Su Nan and becoming her hero was nothing, but in order to become a hero, he needed to take the 200000 bet, so long as it was an ordinary person he wouldn’t dare do such a thing.

Su Nan’s complexion changed, and said to him with a deep voice, “Jiang Fei, don’t act unreasonably. We’ll wait for the police and it would be all fine.”

Jiang Fei smiled at the middle-aged woman, and without hesitating said: “Fine, I accept.”

“What?” The middle-aged woman was stunned.

She had only said this to press Jiang Fei, and make him back off, but she didn’t think that Jiang Fei would really comply.

Moreover, he had complied very happily!

Is this boy really a highly skilled doctor?

Jiang Fei didn’t pay attention to her again.

Placing the needle box on the nearby counter, he took out two five-inch acupuncture needles, and another two seven-inch acupuncture needles, and after having made the disinfection process, he said to the two nearby man in a low voice: “Hold the patient’s head steadily! I’ll be injecting the needle!”

Jiang Fei took one deep breath, and then immediately sent out both of his hands, it was quick, so the people weren’t able to see clearly how his hand moved, Jiang Fei’s two seven-inch long needles, and was respectively inserted in the patient’s [Wind Pool] acupuncture point, while the other at the [Hundred Convergences]. The other two five-inch long needles were inserted in the two temples of the head.

After inserting the needle, he still didn’t relax, Jiang Fei had instead concentrated more, his eyes stared at the change in the patient’s skin color and complexion, moving the needles back and forth, adjusting the depth and angle of the needle.

Each time, Jiang Fei’s techniques was different. In an outsider’s perspective, it looked profound. Even the doctor Su Nan, at this moment was unable to make sense what she was looking at.

If Jiang Fei right now had a level 9 medical skill, he wouldn’t just cure the patient completely, it would only take him a moment to cure the patient. However, right now he was still at level 6, just saving the patient’s life would take him almost half an hour to do!

One minute passed…one second passed, but this time the people didn’t dare ridicule Jiang Fei.

In the beginning they scorned him, but gradually they looked more and more serious.

Because they saw, Jiang Fei who seemed relax move the needle back and effort, but saw that there were sweat on his forehead, looking tired!

Can an ordinary person be able to do this in this kind of situation?

Even if Jiang Fei couldn’t cure this half-dead patient and bring her back from the gates of hell, but after looking at his appearance, everyone could be assured of Jiang Fei acupuncture skill, nevertheless he had the ability.

Everyone who was at the scene was attracted to what they were seeing.

And finally, 26 minutes had passed.

Jiang Fei didn’t know how much sweat he had wiped, but when he finally saw the patient’s face muscle to move, as well as her eyebrow. Jiang Fei quickly raised both of his hand, and completely pulled out the four long needles.

“Good.” Jiang Fei let out a heavy sigh. He felt that if the patient was still not good, he would also be not good, and immediately faint at the place he was standing.

“A glass of water.” Jiang Fei collapsed on a chair next to the patient, and said.

Su Nan had actually personally get water.

When people had thought that Jiang Fei wanted to give the patient water to drink, Jiang Fei actually took the cup, and gulped it down instead, looking like he was satisfied.

“Brat, you’re done?” The middle-aged woman who was frightened that the old lady would wake up a moment ago, suddenly becoming arrogant.

There were no signs of the old lady waking up!

“It seems that, you had gotten yourself involved for no reason, and now owe me as much as 200000.” The middle-aged woman was secretly delighted.

But it didn’t last long, as she suddenly heard someone loudly exclaimed: “Moved, moved! She moved!”

*Source : Martial Dao

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