The Almighty Martial Arts System 78

By | November 15, 2019

In order to recruit doctors with real skills, Jiang Fei has indeed offered very good conditions and treatment, which is only higher than the general hospitals, enough to make these newly graduated master’s students excited.

Moreover, Jiang Fei’s salary is not fixed. As long as he has real talent and practical through his interview, the higher the medical skill, the more appropriate the salary can be raised.

Looking for a doctor is not looking for other staff. Jiang Fei is not ready to be sloppy in this regard. Not to mention that as long as his doctor’s medical skills are better, then he will be more convenient, and later work will be easier. And more importantly, if the hospital has no good doctors besides him, it will have a great impact on the reputation of the hospital in the future!

Jiang Fei and Tian Shanshan walked out of the office together. The beautiful and quiet girl followed. Tian Shanshan smiled and said, “Yang Hui, I’ll introduce you to you. This is what I told you a few days ago, your senior student Jiang Fei. Now you, the senior, have started to open a hospital by himself. After you finish your studies, you can find a senior to help introduce the work. “

Yang Hui looks quite quiet and shy. However, it is estimated that when the counselor assistant, exercise a lot of courage, speaking and doing things will be very easy.

When hearing Tianshanshan said, she immediately smiled sweetly, nodded politely to Jiang Fei, and said, “I hope Jiang Xue will take care of me in the future!”

Be able to know the president of a hospital. This is the best thing for medical students.

Now graduates of Medical University are not so easy to find a job.

Jiang Fei also nodded his head, which was a promise. However, he said modestly, “Mr. Tian, don’t take me too seriously. I’m just going to open a small hospital now. It’s not big. I can’t make a difference. “

Tian Shanshan shook his head and said: “career is always one step at a time. Especially when we are a doctor, as long as we start, we will only get better and better when we come down. “

Jiang Fei has no more modesty. He is really confident in this respect. Now relying on his medical skills and the famous doctor Jiang Shenyi, the “king of traditional Chinese Acupuncture”, who spread in Jincheng and even Sichuan Province during this period, the hospital should never worry about no patients, and the future business will only get better and better. In the future, the scale of the hospital will certainly become larger and larger.

Now as long as we take a step, many things behind will become logical.

The meeting room is on the seventh floor of the top floor of the office building. Generally, there are units coming to the school to recruit people. They are all interviewing here. In a short time, Jiang Fei and his party came to the top floor meeting room.

However, the atmosphere in the conference room was not expected by Jiang Fei or by Tian Shanshan, the middle introducer.

At first, they all thought it was a simple application. There are about ten students applying in the College of traditional Chinese medicine, even if it’s good. But when they came to the meeting room, there were no less than twenty students sitting in it!

Moreover, the most important thing is that there is a middle-aged man in the conference room who is obviously not a student and is in his forties.

Jiang Fei didn’t know about the middle-aged man, but Tian Shanshan was stunned when he saw him. Then he hurried to him and said, “Secretary pan, why are you here in person?”

This middle-aged man is no stranger to Tian Shanshan.

Although we seldom deal with each other at ordinary times, we also know that he is Pan Shuangquan, the Secretary of the College of traditional Chinese medicine!

Pan Shuangquan, Secretary of the College of traditional Chinese medicine, is a famous teacher. He is a person who can speak in Jincheng Medical University. I don’t know how many times higher than his position as a third clinical counselor.

Tian Shanshan felt a little confused about this, and didn’t know what happened.

It is reasonable to say that even if Jiang Fei came to the school today to recruit people, he has provided good treatment and posts, but in terms of the “advanced” position of the College of traditional Chinese medicine in the school, it is not enough for the leaders of the college to come over!

This… Is it a bit of a fuss?

Yang Hui, assistant counselor, also didn’t know the specific situation. She was just informed that the people from the College of traditional Chinese medicine came, so she went to inform Tian Shanshan.

“Teacher Tian, you have brought out a wonderful student!” Pan Shuangquan looks at Tian Shanshan with a smile, which is meaningful.

Tian Shanshan felt that some monk Zhang Er was confused and didn’t know what happened. After a while, he asked: “Secretary pan, you said What do you mean? “

Secretary pan laughs and doesn’t explain. He focuses on Jiang Fei. However, his eyes were not normal. A secretary of the Medical University, looking at a graduate student, was not pleased or happy, but respected!

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Yes, that’s right! Respect!

This is not normal. We need to know that even if the students who graduated from the school get out of their heads and do great things in the society, they will return to their alma mater and the leaders of the college will feel proud and gratified at most. How can they feel respected?

“Today, I heard that a doctor named Jiang Fei came back to our school to recruit people. At first, I had a little doubt whether this man was Dr. Jiang. Now it seems that it really is! Unexpectedly, Dr. Jiang is a graduate of our Jincheng Medical University. This is the honor of our Jincheng Medical University! ” Pan Shuangquan looks at Jiang Fei with respect and admiration.

Jiang Fei touched his nose. He didn’t expect to come to the hospital to recruit people. He would make such a big noise. The Secretary of the college came in person. “Secretary pan knows me?” he asked tentatively

Pan Shuangquan nodded hurriedly and said, “I read the report about Dr. Jiang in the Sichuan metropolitan newspaper a few days ago. But at that time, I just sighed and didn’t pay much attention to it. It was not until yesterday when I visited my master that I heard about your deeds and skills of Dr. Jiang from his old man’s home that I really admired your skills of Dr. Jiang! “

Jiang Fei was even more puzzled.

It’s normal for secretary pan to hear about his deeds in the newspaper. But what’s the matter with his master?

“Who is secretary pan’s master?” Jiang Fei blurted out.

Although Tian Shanshan next to him is still confused, I don’t know what happened. Jiang flew to Sichuan Metropolis Daily? I don’t know if he is sick!

But after hearing Jiang Fei’s question, he quickly explained: “Secretary Pan’s master is Ge Fangping, the most senior professor of Sichuan Medical University. Professor Ge and Qin Zhengming of the second people’s hospital are the two most famous doctors in Jincheng medical circle! “

After hearing this, Jiang Fei suddenly understood.

Although he is still not sure who Professor Ge Fangping is But when he heard Qin Zhengming, his mind was clear.

It’s estimated that Professor Ge Fangping was one of the four people in the sanatorium last time, right?

I just don’t know who it is.

Of course, it doesn’t matter

“It turned out that Secretary pan was an old Professor Ge Fangping, disrespectful.” Jiang Fei didn’t know, but he pretended to be enlightened, echoing Tian Shanshan.

In this case, face work still needs to be done. He thinks it’s better to give this secretary pan some face. After all, he’s going to recruit people under others.

Pan Shuangquan hears Jiang Fei’s saying that. He really thinks Jiang Fei admires his master!

After all, when his master told him about what happened in the sanatorium, it was a castration version, not a complete version. Ge Fangping was also embarrassed to say that their four old men were severely beaten in the face by a hairy boy that day, wasn’t he?

Otherwise, if pan Shuangquan knew what happened in the sanatorium, how Jiang Fei ridiculed his master. I don’t think he will admire Jiang Fei so much today. Maybe he will directly refuse Jiang Fei to come to school to recruit people!

Pan Shuangquan said with a smile, “my master also has a great respect for Dr. Jiang…”

Tian Shanshan is more and more shocked.

Secretary Pan’s teacher, Dr. Ge Fangping, admired his student’s medical skills?

How is this possible?

Ge Fangping is the best famous doctor in Jincheng. How can he admire Jiang Fei’s medical skills?

Tian Shanshan wants to ask the reason, but pan Shuangquan stops him, takes his hand and says with a smile: “Mr. Tian, let’s go and talk slowly, don’t delay Dr. Jiang, let Dr. Jiang recruit people first! After reading the Sichuan Metropolis Daily, the students of our college of traditional Chinese medicine heard that Dr. Jiang was going to recruit people, but they couldn’t wait to go to Dr. Jiang’s staff to gain some insight… “

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