The Almighty Martial Arts System 77

By | November 14, 2019

Jiang Fei is tired and lazy, but he doesn’t have the habit of being lazy in bed. He usually gets up early in the morning. This is the habit that Jiang Fei was trained by his strict grandfather when he lived with his grandparents.

When he was in college, Jiang Fei was the only six person in the dormitory who could get up at 7:30 every morning, then go to the playground to run and exercise, and insist on breakfast. And the other animals in the dormitory, even the two school bullies at that time, as long as they have no classes in the morning, they can sleep until ten o’clock in one sleep before they get up.

First go to the wooden house beside the pond, turn on the three aerators in the pond, just like the water of a fountain blooming on the water surface. The fish fry that have grown up in a circle have risen out of the water to absorb oxygen, seeing someone come and not scared. This is a picture that can only be seen in the summer morning.

Jiang Fei took a deep breath of the fresh air from the rice village. After two laps of running on the side of the pond, he came back to the villa to make breakfast.

Breakfast is very simple, green vegetables and lean meat porridge, with several kinds of pickled vegetables and pickled meat. These delicious houses rented by Jiang Fei are also in stock in the villas of Rice Village.

When Jiang Fei cooked the gruel with vegetables and lean meat, Lin Moli (*T/N : Jasmine Lin) got up and went downstairs.

Long hair shawl, also wearing a light Pajama, with slippers. A very home-based, completely as the hostess of her home feeling, and did not mind wearing pajamas in front of Jiang Fei.

This is not that Lin Moli is not reserved. Instead, when Lin Moli is in front of outsiders, she pays attention to her own image. Whether she bends down or squats down, she will strictly protect her easy position.

A woman, only in the face of a man she like, will put down all the guards. When men think they don’t know and steal tofu with their eyes, in fact, smart women have seen it in their eyes for a lot of time, but they haven’t said it.

Lin Moli walked to the side of Jiang Fei, who was cutting vegetables, and smelled the strong fragrance of the steaming green vegetables and lean meat porridge in the pot. She was intoxicated and said: “Hmm ~ ~ ~ it’s so sweet! Jiang Fei, it’s so happy to live with you! “

Lin Moli is a slender woman with a tall figure but not looking strong. After all, how can a woman with a net height of 1.72 meters and a weight of less than 100 pound be strong?

But although Lin Moli has thin shoulders, her hips are very fat. According to Jiang Fei’s grandmother, such a woman is very good for birth. She will definitely have a son when she marries in the future.

“Why are you still in your pajamas? Don’t you come back to Jincheng with me later?” Jiang Fei took a look at Lin Moli ‘s dress. His eyes involuntarily stopped for a moment on Lin Moli ‘s buttocks and the two white and symmetrical legs under her pajamas.

“Today, the clinic is closed again. Why should I go back to your alma mater to recruit doctors? It’s better to have a rest here in rice village. ” Said Lin Moli with a stretch.

Now the weather is already hot. Back to Jincheng, there are heat waves everywhere. Even hiding in an air-conditioned room is not so comfortable. It’s better to stay in this rice village like a natural oxygen bar with a pleasant temperature.

“Well, whatever.” Jiang Fei shook his head and said. Several delicate dishes were brought to the table. Lin Moli also served two bowls of lean meat porridge, and they began to eat breakfast.

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Although Lin Moli did not use any makeup on her face at this time, she did not even describe the most basic eyebrows. Her face is still exquisite and incomparable. Her white cheek skin is no worse than the 16-year-old girl.

However, Jiang Fei sat next to her, but could smell a sweet smell from her. This flavor is different from any kind of perfume that Jiang Fei has smelled, nor is it the fragrance of shower gel after bathing. Though it is faint, it is fascinating.

As a famous chef, he must have a smart nose and a keen sense of taste, so Jiang Fei can smell the fragrance of Lin Moli very clearly now.

“Does this woman have the legendary body fragrance?” Jiang Fei could not help but groan in his heart.

He was embarrassed to ask directly. Asking a woman if she has body fragrance seems too obscene.

Not long after breakfast, Lin Moli cleaned up the dishes, and Jiang Fei drove back to Jincheng and went straight to Jincheng Medical University.

Although Jincheng medical university can’t compare with famous universities such as 985 and 211, it is definitely the best of the two. In particular, there are some seven-year majors in the University, and the annual admission score line is more than one, not less than that of the University.

Among them, acupuncture and massage, Chinese and Western medicine clinical two majors, is the seven-year professional school. Students from these two majors, as long as they have completed their studies normally, generally speaking, their level is not bad. They are certainly not quacks.

This is also one of the reasons why Jiang Fei wanted to find a doctor to come to Jincheng Medical University. It’s not just because of his alma mater complex.

When Jiang Fei arrived at Medical University, he was less than ten o’clock. Jiang Fei didn’t park outside the school, and drove directly into the parking lot in front of the school office building.

Ten o’clock in the morning, for a university, is just the time to get back to life. Many students have just got up, and even some people are still lying in bed to make up for playing games all night last night.

It’s not the time to finish class, but Jiang Fei can still see many men and women on the campus road holding books are rushing to the classroom, running like the wind. Jiang Fei is very familiar with this situation. He used to do the same. Most of these students are not too late for class, but they are sent a text message by their classmates to inform the teacher of the key points, so they hurry from the dormitory to the classroom.

Of course, there are also many men and women flirting out of the teaching building. This is a student who skips classes early without class.

Looking at such a picture, Jiang Fei couldn’t help but smile and let Buddha go back to the time when he didn’t graduate three years ago. When he was in college, he didn’t miss class like this, and asked several brothers in the dormitory to help him answer.

“It’s a time to remember!” Jiang Fei smiled and walked toward the office building.

Although I seldom go back to school after graduation, I came to school almost a year ago. However, he has lived here for four years. He is still very familiar with the office building.

Fourth floor of office building.

Office of the Third Clinical Medical College 403.

This is the office of Tian Shanshan, the counselor of Jiang Fei’s University. When Jiang Fei knocked on the door again after many years and walked in, Tian Shanshan, who was sitting in the office chair, immediately stood up and smiled to greet him.

Tian Shanshan is not tall. He is a middle-aged man who is over 50 years old and wears glasses. He is estimated to take two more students and he should retire.

“Jiang Fei, here you are! Come in and have a seat! ” Tian Shanshan said happily with a smile.

In this relatively large office, there is no one but Tian Shanshan. Unlike high school, the University Office has no office for teachers. Only the counselors or college leaders, the Department of Political Affairs and Education have offices.

These people, in general, do not come to the office. All the long-term staff in the office are counselor assistants. For example, today, if it wasn’t for Jiang Fei to say hello to Tian Shanshan in advance and come to school to recruit people, he would probably not be in the office at this time.

“Teacher Tian, I haven’t seen you for several years. You are still so young.” Jiang Fei also said with a smile that when he saw this counselor who had not been a counselor for many years, more college events would come to mind.

“No, I’m old. After taking this class, at most one more class will be retired. ” Tian Shanshan waved and asked Jiang Fei to sit on the sofa and said, “You do it first. I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Jiang Fei quickly stood up and stopped him, saying, “don’t bother! Teacher Tian, this time I come to school to recruit people. It’s just trouble you. Don’t be too polite to me. You still think of me as the student who was found by you to talk in the office because he was suspended from the University… “

“Ah, you boy…” Tian Shanshan smiled and shook his head. Jiang Fei’s words reduced the two’s long lost points. He sat down and chatted for a while.

Until five or six minutes later, an elegant girl with a pretty face came in and said, “Mr. Tian, all the students from the College of traditional Chinese medicine have come to the conference room.”

Tian Shanshan nodded and said to Jiang Fei, “let’s go. Let’s go to the conference room. The salary you offered is so high. After I informed you, even those students from the College of traditional Chinese medicine who have been studying for a master’s degree come to apply for a lot of jobs… “

“Good.” Jiang Fei followed and stood up.

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