The Almighty Martial Arts System 75

By | September 19, 2019

Ye Zhennan was finally able to feel both of his legs! This revelation left everyone in the ward dumbfounded. While Jiang Fei, who had made this scene possible, didn’t immediately stop his acupuncture; only after another few minutes did he remove the needles on Ye Zhennan’s back. And then again, from head to toe, he punctured the other points in Ye Zhennan’s body, to either stimulate or nourish Ye Zhennan’s paralyzed legs

And only after half an hour did Jiang Fei pull out all the needles on Ye Zhennan’s body, finishing the treatment completely exhausted. At this time, Ye Zhennan’s shock was even more than the people who had witness the event. As Jiang Fei continued the treatment, the feeling he got from his legs became clearer. Although it was still far away from its original state, such a change was good. No doubt it had given him high hopes of his recovery.

Jiang Fei had indeed possessed the ability to treat his legs!

Even now, being able to walk was still a long way to go but he believed that so long as Jiang Fei regularly comes and treats him with his acupuncture, it wasn’t long until his legs fully recover.

Didn’t Jiang Fei say last time that he would treat his legs twice a week? That after a month the treatment would be completed?

“Good, you can go back to bed and rest now.” Jiang Fei handed the silver needle to the nearby nurse, holding a clean white towel in the washbasin, and told Ye Yuanyuan: “There should be someone who’s good in Tradition Chinese Medical Massage in this sanitarium, right? Call for one. In a while, I’ll teach him a set of massage techniques. Make him massage General Ye’s legs every morning, this will be helpful with regard to his condition.”

Ye Yuanyuan was pleasantly surprised. She had never thought that this Jiang Fei would have the ability to cure both her grandfather’s legs!

This was really too inconceivable. Now her admiration towards Jiang Fei was genuinely real.

The young man, who was no older than her, already had such skills! Not only could his cooking force someone to indulge in eating, even his medical skills were superb. He truly was a monster!

Ye Yuanyuan felt that Jiang Fei was different from those antiques in the Chinese Medicine Association, and that his title as the ‘Acupuncture King’ really was no joke!

Hearing Jiang Fei remark, she originally wanted to have Jiang Fei personally massage her grandfather daily. Or at least, that’s what she previously would have wanted.

But now, she held a feeling towards Jiang Fei similar to a sense of ‘respect’. She at least saw Jiang Fei as someone equal to her, a peer.

Jiang Fei wasn’t a doctor in the sanitarium, nor was he a member of the Chinese Medicine Association who enjoyed preferential benefits provided by the nation. He didn’t even work in a state-run hospital but rather, in a small clinic that he himself had opened. Thus, it was no surprise that he had no obligation to visit her grandfather every single day.

He would only come to her grandfather twice a week for the treatment, which was already extra work for him, having him massage her grandfather as well was only a trivial matter. Since other doctors can do it, then Jiang Fei doesn’t have to come in person to do it.

Soon, Ye Yuanyuan informed a senior in Chinese Medicine to come to the ward. And under the guidance of Jiang Fei, he began to try to use the special massage techniques he had just learnt on Ye Zhennan’s legs to improve blood flow and circulation.

The doctors who work in this nursing home weren’t idle. Even if they couldn’t compare to people like Qin Zhengming or Yu Qingsong but in any large hospital outside, they could serve as the physician-in-charge. Thus, after a few minutes of receiving Jiang Fei’s instruction , the doctor was able to do it according to Jiang Fei’s requirements, and massaged both of Ye Zhennan’s legs.

Jiang Fei sighed in relief. At this point, his work today has been completed.

Everyone was driven out of the ward so that Ye Zhennan could have a good rest, leaving only him and the masseur to massage him behind.

Jiang Fei glanced at the side, only to see Yu Qingsong and Qin Zhengming. The two old men revealed a face of embarrassment, shock, and defeat. Tired, a smile couldn’t help but emerge on Jiang Fei’s face.

He didn’t need to guess, it was obvious that these two proud and old men were very upset. Otherwise, why would they make a face as if they were on the verge of crying?

The blow that they received today was obviously not light, even their self-esteem might have been hurt. It was possible that they’d even be too depressed for a short period of time, not wanting to see other people out of embarrassment.

Especially after seeing Jiang Fei in action, the only option they had left was to yield towards him!

They all looked down on Jiang Fei before. In their minds, Jiang Fei absolutely didn’t have the ability to cure Ye Zhennan’s legs. But after witnessing the scene which was only made possible by Jiang Fei’s hands, not only did they find out that they were wrong, it was as if they had been mercilessly slapped in the face!

Their face felt hot, to the point that they wished that they could hide inside their own pockets!

If they had lost to a respected veteran, they wouldn’t have felt such a thing. But having lost to an unknown young fellow, a young fellow that obviously possessed skills that surpassed theirs’, how could it not make them feel sad?

Thus, although the two found it difficult to bear the shame but seeing the look that Jiang Fei was making, they couldn’t help but think that it had an unfriendly meaning behind it.

Indeed, in Literature, there was no first place. In Martial Arts, there was no second place. In Medicine, there was also no second place!

Competition between doctors is sort of similar to competition between martial artists. People like winning. A win is a win and a loss is a loss, the outcome was very easy to distinguish.

Yu Qinsong felt like he couldn’t stay in this sanitarium any longer. He wanted to leave immediately but he was stopped by Jiang Fei’s sudden laugh. Jiang Fei teased him and said: “So do you feel ashamed now?”

Three days ago, Jiang Fei had said that he would make him feel ashamed.

Now was the proper time to make the prediction come true.

Jiang Fei had always respected the elderly. It was the same to the veteran, Ye Zhennan. Even without his status, Jiang Fei would still respect him the same way as he respects him now.

However, towards people who make use of their seniority to their advantage, Jiang Fei wouldn’t be so polite towards them. To such people, he needed to give them a lesson and let them know why the future of the world belongs to the youths!

Jiang Fei could clearly remember how the famous doctor from Beijing treated him three days ago. Yu Qingsong’s face immediately flushed. Although victory and defeat has already been decided, he didn’t back down and glared at him: “What are you so proud of? Just now, General Ye only said that he felt his legs a little. It’s still far from his legs actually recovering! Who knows what will happen during a treatment?”

Jiang Fei didn’t even have enough time to reply when the nearby Ye Yuanyuan who had heard his words intercepted.

“Hey, what do you mean by that? Are you looking forward to my grandfather not recovering?!” She obviously didn’t have the means to treat and cure her grandfather. Even these old men could only watch from the side, unable to do anything for her grandfather.

But now these people dare to say something so discouraging!

Yu Qingsong’s eyelids jumped up. He didn’t dare offend someone of the Ye family.

He quickly shook his head and explained: “Miss Ye, I didn’t mean anything about it…’s just that…..I do admit that Dr. Jiang’s medical skill is quite good. But he is after all still too young, he lacks experience. To use acupuncture on General Ye’s central nervous system, is a very dangerous matter that even the slightest carelessness could lead to a disaster. He narrowly succeeded this time, but giving him control over General Ye’s treatment, is perhaps somewhat improper.”

Ye Yuanyuan face turned cold, it was the same look that she had when she had first met Jiang Fei: “Giving him control is improper? Does that mean giving you control is proper?” She then asked him in disdain: “I actually wanted you to take over but do you have the skills to take over the treatment?”

Hearing her speech, Yu Qingsong’s almost fainted on the spot!

This woman really doesn’t know how to give someone face.

What a disgrace!

In all his life, not once had he lost face in such a way!

Qin Zhengming was unbearably angry, he said: “But…..”

“No buts! This matter has already been decided. Did you not listen to my grandfather? He said that he’ll make Jiang Fei in charge!” Ye Yuanyuan quickly waved her hand, not even allowing him to finish his words.

Jiang Fei nodded at the side as he was satisfied with Ye Yuanyuan’s performance. He was extremely carefree as he watched the woman handle the matter herself.

Have the man do the face smacking. Leave the cursing to the woman.

Simply put?

I’ll be in charge of hitting people, while you take charge of annoying them.

Jiang Fei didn’t know if she wanted to make the matters worse, or wanted to persuade him: “No matter what, these people are still Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors. Can’t you give them a little bit of face?”

Ye Yuanyuan curled her lips, and spoke a classic: “Face is made by oneself, not given by others!”

A smile then appeared on her face as she looked at Jiang Fei. Both her eyes bent into a crescent moon as she asked: “You said that you’ll treat my grandfather twice a week, right? Next time also, I’ll be the one to come pick you up!”

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