The Almighty Martial Arts System 72

By | September 19, 2019

After Ye Yuanyuan joined, the dishes that Jiang Fei made immediately disappeared. Whatever the case was, Ye Yuanyuan was still the general’s granddaughter. Having been born into a wealthy family, the big-eyed flat-chested woman’s appetite was big thus she was not satisfied yet. It even seemed like she would lick the plates clean if there had been no one there with her.

But as a proper woman, she couldn’t do such shameless actions—–and with an idea coming in mind, she filled her bowl with rice once again and poured the soup in. Mixing it with the rice, she ate the food in her bowl clean…..

After having eaten lunch, Ye Yuanyuan didn’t feel the slightest embarrassed. Putting the tableware down, she leaned on the chair filled with joy. But after discovering Jiang Fei smiling at her, Ye Yuanyuan couldn’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed.

Looking at the way Jiang Fei was smiling at her, Ye Yuanyuan just couldn’t sit still. She was itching to let her fist come flying at his face while letting him know just how powerful she was. The man that she had met before wasn’t a gentleman, so how come the person in front of her now seemed like one? But who would like such a petty minded, self-centered man like him?

This kind of man didn’t have a heart!

She couldn’t help blaming herself: How could you submit so easily? To allow such a bastard get revenge, he must be laughing at me right now, right?

Although she resented him very much and was quite discontented, Ye Yuanyuan thought that even if she had to choose again, she would, without the slightest bit of hesitation, admit defeat once more just so she could sit down and eat such delicacies again.

The reason was simple, the dishes that Jiang Fei made were simply too delicious. Even a woman born in a wealthy family such as her, couldn’t help but admit that she had never tasted such a delicious meal in her entire life! Just remembering the secret sauce that Jiang Fei mentioned, a lingering taste of the meat that she had eaten filled her mouth, as if it wouldn’t dissipate for a long amount of time.

Now that she had eaten lunch at Jiang Fei home and after experiencing such indulgence, her appreciation towards food had reached a new level. Even the chef at her home needs to improve, otherwise she would no longer be satisfied with the food her chef makes.

“Jiang Fei, the secret sauce, how did you make eat? Can you tell me? I would like to go back home and…..” Ye Yuanyuan tried to put on a smile on her face.

But before she could even finish, Jiang Fei shook his head in refusal: “Since it’s a secret sauce, how can I just tell you the secret of the recipe? You should know that with such a wonderful recipe, if I tried selling it, I’d at least earn hundreds– no even millions of yuan. Do you think I can just casually tell anyone the recipe?”

She knew that Jiang Fei really wasn’t lying.

She knew that the secret recipe that he had made would be regarded highly by countless businesses, businesses who would all be willing to spend a large sum of money just to buy the recipe that he had made.

After all, if a business can make such a delicacy, they wouldn’t have to worry about selling the product. And even if the price set was outrageously high, there would certainly still be a large number of wealthy people around the world willing to spend money just to eat such a delicacy. Its price simply could not be estimated.

In fact, not just the recipe but with Jiang Fei’s culinary skills and a little thinking, he could definitely bring in money extremely quickly.

With his unique recipe and amazing culinary skills, creating a huge dining empire in the future was definitely no problem at all!

But Jiang Fei had other ambitions. Furthermore, making a food related business was not that easy. Being a good chef doesn’t mean that he would become the boss of his own hotel. If that really were the case, then many chefs would have already made quite a fortune in such an industry.

The simplest that Jiang Fei could do was to sell his secret recipe. But even then, he couldn’t be sure whether or not others could follow the recipe and prepare something on the same level as the food he makes. After all, whether it be cooking or medicine, knowing the theory or knowledge behind it was not enough. The most important thing was still whether or not they could do it in the practical sense.

It was the same with him. If he didn’t have the secondary profession Cooking (Level 9), even if the recipe were to magically fall into his hands, it was almost close to impossible for him to make such a miraculous dish with his very own hands without any cheats whatsoever.

“What millions of yuan? That’s basically robbing them of their money!” Ye Yuanyuan stared at Jiang Fei, discontented. She thought that everything would be fine even if she weren’t given the secret recipe. Worst case scenario, she could just go back to her chef and carefully explain the flavor of the marinated meat that Jiang Fei had created. So long as it was a master chef, they should be able to create the same flavor that she had just tasted which wouldn’t be the slightest bit inferior to the original!

Jiang Fei clapped his hands and stood up: “Well, now that we’re done eating, let’s go. Your grandfather’s sanitarium is so far away that it takes 3 to 4 hours to go back and forth. If we go any later, I might come back when it’s already dark out!”

Remembering about the serious matter that she had come for, Ye Yuanyuan’s face quickly turned serious. And without delay, the two walked downstairs.

The moment they arrived, the car that they had used beforehand appeared in front of them. And just like last time, there were two soldiers armed with assault rifles standing on both sides of the car. It even seemed like it was the two that had come to escort him in the past.

After getting in the car and seeing the absurd scene in front of him once more, a smile plastered on Jiang Fei’s face: “Why did you bring guards again? Were you that afraid that I’d run away from you? Were you intending to have them take me away once again?”

“Of course!” Ye Yuanyuan sounded as if what she said was natural. She then looked at Jiang Fei and threatened: “I told you, if you still can’t treat my grandfather’s legs after three days, I won’t be polite to you.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. The only thing you need to think about is how you should thank me after I cure your grandfather’s legs!” Jiang Fei confidently said as he comfortably leaned on the car seat.

This military all-terrain vehicle was larger and more comfortable than the Jeep that he owns. Unfortunately, this kind of military vehicle was outrageously expensive. Its price was several times more expensive than most sports cars and ordinary people simply had no way to get vehicles like this.

Only a military family like Ye Yuanyuan’s, a family of the 2nd or 3rd military generation, would be capable of obtaining a vehicle such as this.

Although Ye Yuanyuan didn’t have any reason to believe Jiang Fei would be able to cure her grandfather’s legs, but after looking at Jiang Fei’s calm demeanor, she couldn’t help but bear a slight hope in her heart.

If this world’s most unruly man’s cooking skills was already this amazing, then wouldn’t it also be possible for his medical skills to have reach such an unexpected level?

After all, the young man’s profession was in medicine, yet the his culinary expertise had already reach that of a master chef’s. Thinking of this, Ye Yuanyuan started to doubt Jiang Fei a bit, that he hadn’t actually been the one that had made the dishes which were too good for words.

“Ah right, the man, what’s his name? Yu Qingsong? Didn’t he say that he wanted to see me make a fool of myself? Is that guy also coming to the sanitarium?” Jiang Fei grudgingly asked.

Previously, the old man had wanted to make trouble as he was unable to believe that Jiang Fei had defeated the doctor, Qin Zhengming. And taking advantage of the situation, not only did he insult Jiang Fei in front of the general, he was also providing pretense that he had done it out of modesty.

Since these old-timers from the Chinese Medicine Association didn’t want to give him the title Acupuncture King, Jiang Fei wanted to use his strength to forcefully show them the difference between their abilities.

He wasn’t doing this out of disrespect to his elders, but doing it to fight for his honor!

Hearing this, Ye Yuanyuan actually took pleasure in other’s misfortune and said: “Not only him, even the one you defeated in acupuncture, Qin Zhengming is also there! Right now, there are also several doctors who specializes in Chinese Medicine that are waiting for you to demonstrate your ability. If you can’t cure my grandfather’s legs today, even if I don’t give you any trouble, these old men will definitely not let you go….”

Jiang Fei smiled. He was too lazy to explain anymore. Continuing to lean on the car seat, he closed his eyes and a scene appeared in his mind. A while ago, he had diagnosed both of Ye Zhennan’s legs so he knew that he would need to spend a lot of his energy. He wanted to ensure that his [spirit] was at its peak so that no unforeseen accidents occur.

And just like that, time quietly passed by.

After two hours instantly went by.

They arrived at Jincheng’s special sanitarium…..

*Source : Martial Dao

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