The Almighty Martial Arts System 67

By | September 19, 2019

In three days, there will be results!

At Jiang Fei’s sudden words, the people inside the ward became dazed.

“What result? You mean in three days, you’ll be able to cure both of my grandfather’s legs?” Ye Yuanyuan impatiently inquired.

Jiang Fei shook his head: “Both of General Ye’s legs, no matter who tries to cure it, would not be able to do so in just one go. The treatment would require acupuncture plus massage therapy. Even then, it would require at least a month to completely cure his health.  However, in three days, I can make General Ye be able to feel his legs!”

“In three days, you can make my grandfather be able to feel his legs? And in a month you’ll be able to completely cure both of my grandfather’s legs?” Ye Yuanyuan’s big eyes glanced at Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei nodded and said: “If nothing unexpected occurs, then theoretically, yes!”


If Jiang Fei’s words a while ago was not understandable, then Jiang Fei’s reply just now, was incomparably clear, resolute, and decisive!

A moment ago, the famous doctor from Beijing, Yu Qingsong, tried half a day to cure the old man but in the end, he could only sigh and give up. Up to now, there had been many masters who came from the Chinese Medicine Association, all of which had diagnosed Ye Zhenna but none have been able to come up with a solution to his illness. In the end, all of them could only apologize and embarrassingly leave.

But now Jiang Fei, who had only taken a moment to take a look at him, dared to say that he can cure him?

“Jiang Fei, I hope you know what you’re saying!” Ye Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Fei. It was clear that she was very excited.

“Of course, I know what I’m talking about.” Jiang Fei said.

How can this woman stare at someone with those big eyes of hers? It’s as if she wants to eat someone up. Her eyes were originally big, but being stared at like that, it wasn’t the same as someone who was looking at a handsome man but one that wants to beat someone up to survive!

“What a bragger!”

The old man, Yu Qingsong sneered as he interrupted the two: “Do you really think you’re the Acupuncture King? You even dare to talk big. In three days you can make general Ye be able to feel both of his legs and in a month, you’ll be able to cure both of his legs completely?! If you really have the ability, why don’t you have us take a look now? Why do we have to wait for three days? Do you mean to say that after three days, your acupuncture will be even more profound? You’re simply joking!”

The corner of Jiang Fei’s mouth twitched. These so-called famous doctors really were raging at him!

Previously, Qin Zhengming took advantage of his seniority to make Jiang Fei take down his plaque. Now this old man is also taking advantage of his own seniority to bully him!

Originally, Jiang Fei was interested in this so-called ‘Chinese Medicine Association’. However, after these two incidents, his interest immediately plummeted. It was obvious that most people in the association were old. The young are apparently not revered and the old disrespects the young. He wanted a place where he could feel good about himself, not a place where he would be displeasing to the eye.

Jiang Fei felt that if he joined the so-called Chinese Medicine Association, the moment he works with them, he would either die from irritation or…..the old men would infuriate him to death!

Jiang Fei was completely disappointed with the Chinese Medicine Association. He no longer had any feelings of goodwill toward the organization.

Hearing Yu Qingsong’s words, Ye Yuanyuan felt that what he said was very reasonable. If Jiang Fei really had the ability, why doesn’t he cure her grandfather now? Why not let her grandfather feel his legs again today rather than waiting for three more days to do it?”

He was obviously making excuses to delay the matter!

“Jiang Fei, in the end, can you cure my grandfather’s legs or not? If not, I’ll send you back now and I won’t even blame you. But if you lie and still tell me that you can’t cure my grandfather after 3 days have passed, then don’t blame me for being impolite!” Ye Yuanyuan’s face darkened, clearly disgusted with him.

What she hated the most wasn’t a man that didn’t have any capability, but one that put on airs (ED: To appear as if he knows more than the other party) and lies.

Such people, it was better for them to admit that they don’t have the ability rather than not!

Jiang Fei was thoroughly angry at the two. Originally, he wanted to wait for two or three days then after he levels up his medical skill to level 7, he planned to come back and cure the old commander’s legs.

But now it doesn’t seem like it was unnecessary.

He was a doctor and the other was a patient. He didn’t need their permission to let him be a doctor, but the other needs to come seek him for medical attention.

Since they don’t have any relationship and were unwilling to believe him, then he didn’t have to do anything for them anymore!

So what if the old man was a general? So what if he had power? So long as he didn’t have any relations with him, he wouldn’t care about the other party.

He shrugged and a look of innocence appeared on Jiang Fei’s face: “Well, just like you’ve thought, I really can’t heal him. Well then….you can just send me back now.”

“You…..” Ye Yuanyuan’s eyes widened as she pointed at Jiang Fei.

Hearing Jiang Fei lie made her feel very unhappy. However, Jiang Fei really was an ass to just straightforwardly say that there was nothing to be done. At this time, Jiang Fei really looked like a scoundrel, making Ye Yuanyuan’s heart even more sullen.

Yu Qingsong on the other hand felt a little at ease.

He arrogantly looked at Jiang Fei, as if he was giving a student proper guidance, then he said: “The young know that they’re wrong, but they just don’t admit it. You acknowledging your mistake means that you can still be saved! Later, don’t make excuses and deceive people anymore! Acupuncture King? What nerve! As a doctor, you must never lie to your patients. You must have your own feet firmly planted on the ground! (TL: To remain calm, stable, sensible, and retain a pragmatic state or condition; to not be subject to extreme emotional reactions or affected by exceptional changes in one’s situation) If you even say the slightest bit of lie, tell a half-lie or a half-truth, the patient isn’t the one who needs to take responsibility, you do! As a doctor, you must say the truth! I don’t know what schemes and tricks you used to win against Dr. Qin Zhengming, but you have to go back and apologize…..”

Jiang Fei felt the corner of his eyes convulsed, he looked at him and laughed: “Apologize? Since you know Qin Zhengming, you can personally meet him and ask if he needs me to apologize to him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t mean anything. Since you said that one should always keep one’s feet on the ground, first you must understand the situation. I think you should personally ask Dr. Qin Zhengming about the situation. Don’t rely on your own personal imagination and make things up.”

At this time Ye Zhennan, who was lying on the bed, found the matter intriguing. With interest, he looked at Jiang Fei and said: “Dr. Jiang, are you really sure that you’ll be able to make me feel my legs in three days?”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment but he quickly recovered and indifferently said: “Since they don’t believe, then let’s just say I was just making excuses.”

“I believe you!” Ye Zhennan’s words was beyond everyone’s expectations. He then looked at Jiang Fei and sincerely said: “Please Dr. Jiang. In three days, come back again for my diagnosis and treatment!”

The commander sincerely pleaded hence, the anger in Jiang Fei heart quickly dissipated.

In fact, he wasn’t angry at the commander at all. This old man, from start to finish, did not once neglect nor despise him. Instead, after reading the newspaper, the old man decided to invite him over without hesitation.

As for Ye Yuanyuan and Yu Qingsong, he didn’t think much of them.

However, Jiang Fei didn’t willingly agree so easily. Referring to Ye Yuanyuan and Yu Qingsong’s behavior towards him, he contemptuously said: “However, they don’t believe……”

Ye Yuanyuan didn’t wait for Jiang Fei to finish as she said angrily: “Jiang Fei, what did you mean by that? My grandfather allowed you to help cure him in three days. That means my grandfather thinks highly of you!”

“Sorry but, about this ‘think highly of’ that you said. For a doctor, it is something unneeded.” Jiang Fei stubbornly answered.

“Are you really going to keep on refusing?” Ye Yuanyuan was furious, as she said with a threatening tone.

“Yuanyuan! Apologize!” The originally kind old man suddenly became serious. A low solemn voice came out of his mouth, appearing majestic to the people around him.

Ye Yuanyuan didn’t dare to move heedlessly again. Her originally angry face, became one as if she had been wronged. After a few seconds, as she tightly clenched her fist and suppressed the anger in her, she pitifully looked at Jiang Fei: “I’m sorry….Dr. Jiang!”

Seeing the very arrogant woman finally lower her head to apologize to him, the anger within Jiang Fei’s heart cooled down and simply forgetting that she had just threatened him.

For the very first time, the flat chested woman had pulled back so his resentment towards her disappeared.

Of course, Jiang Fei didn’t show how happy he was as he said: “It doesn’t matter. Just don’t do it again.”

“Later on, don’t be rude towards Dr. Jiang again! Otherwise, when grandfather finds out, grandfather will not forgive you!” Ye Zhennan unquestionably continued.

“Oh…..” Ye Yuanyuan was discontented.

Ye Zhennan looked at Jiang Fei, his eyes were somewhat shining as if he had finally found hope: “As for Dr. Yu’s view, that I can’t change but my own matter, I can decide for myself. In three days, I wish to invite Dr. Jiang again to diagnose and treat my legs!”

“Since General Ye is sincerely pleading me, I will definitely come back in three days.” Finally, Jiang Fei no longer refused as he ‘reluctantly’ agreed to come back.

He could no longer refuse.

He can be arrogant in these kinds of situations, but he also needed to know when to stop. If not, he would be courting disaster upon himself. Jiang Fei wasn’t an idiot. He knew how to handle himself well while he was still alive.

After complying, Jiang Fei turned his head. He looked at the dumbfounded Yu Qingsong and said: “I can’t change how you look at me. However, you can stay in Jincheng for three more days, and observe how I treat General Ye. When the time comes, hopefully you won’t be too ashamed of yourself after thinking back to this day……”

*Source : Martial Dao

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