The Almighty Martial Arts System 63

By | September 19, 2019

Looking at the two physically fit soldiers with their assault rifle.

Jiang Fei was angry at heart but on the surface….he quite didn’t have his usual unyielding character. It was clear that he had admitted defeat.

To fight this bunch of bastards? You’ve got to be kidding me!

No matter how good his reflexes were, no matter how accurate his acupuncture was; there was no f*cking way he could beat two assault rifles!

Although he had good Martial Arts skills, he was still afraid of knives. He was holding a small needle while the other side was holding assault rifles. He wasn’t looking for a way to die!

In addition to that; even if Jiang Fei was able to take on and win against the two soldiers, since they were allowed to be armed with live ammunition at any time, wouldn’t that mean that they had a good backing?

Jiang Fei weighed his options for a bit and the conclusion he had come to was…..Today, he really wanted to go visit the patient himself!

Just a moment ago, he had a principle of not going. Reluctantly, he looked at the big-eyed sister and said: “I have something good to say! Don’t use the gun, we’re in the city. If you use that there may be some casualties. Plus, if I die, no one will help treat your grandfather!”

Originally, this kind of feeling was really hard to tolerate! (TL: being threatened)

“So, are you going?” Ye Yuanyuan walked in front of Jiang Fei, not acting aggressively this time, as she sarcastically said.

Jiang Fei really wanted to scold her but he restrained himself. He stared at the poor flat chested woman and said resentfully: “You took out two assault rifles, what else can I do?”

Inside he really wanted to say out loud that he couldn’t be corrupted by wealth and honors, that no power can make him bend, then afterwards he would ridicule the woman and say ‘see if you have the ability to kill me’. His brows creased, he knew that he wasn’t a hero!

A pity that he could only bury this idea deep inside his heart.

He wasn’t sure what kind of flat chested woman he had encountered. For her to really be a ruthless woman who wanted to demand something from this benevolent man who can’t become rich, and even resort to threatening him with their assault rifles, just what kind of joke is this?!

But…who are these people?!

Obviously if you seek for others’ help, normally you’d sincerely ask them and say something nice or even send them something. But for them to directly threaten him with a gun, that was simply too unreasonable!

What’s the identity of this woman! It’s absolutely impossible that Gao Hengyuan ordered her to mess with me. He wouldn’t have such authoritative power to be able to move two soldiers with assault rifles in their hand and not worry about being discovered.

If she’s coercing me for treatment, then what is her grandfather’s identity? Such a great person should be able to easily ask for famous doctors and have them personally treat him, so why does he need to invite me? If my treatment isn’t good enough, these people wouldn’t get angry right? Jiang Fei speculated in his heart.

Looking at the situation, it was obvious that the woman wasn’t scared of the police one bit. If they were to do something, Jiang Fei felt that he didn’t have much room to struggle.

But from how the woman acted just now, she shouldn’t have come here just to bully him. At least a moment ago, she wanted to achieve her goal without using force but in the end, she reluctantly called her guards for support. Thus Jiang Fei felt that if he doesn’t struggle and just obediently followed them, then his life shouldn’t be in danger.

“Such bad luck!” Jiang Fei sighed at heart. He and Jasmine Lin were worried a while ago thinking why they haven’t received a patient who had power yet. As a result, God answered their wish and quickly sent one to him.

However, it seems like the power they had was too much of what they asked for!

Ye Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Fei and seeing that he understood what situation he was in, she didn’t need to continue trying to capture him. She then turned around saying: “Let’s go!”

Jiang Fei nodded and prepared to follow them.

Except Jasmine Lin didn’t allow it!

There was no fatigue, anger, nor dissatisfaction on Jasmine Lin’s face. Her face was full of worry. Even knowing that the two men were carrying assault rifles, she took a decisive step forward and pulled Jiang Fei’s arm. She fixedly stared at Ye Yuanyuan and just like a raging lioness, she questioned her: “Where are you going to take him?”

Ye Yuanyuan frowned: “What are you going to do? Do you also know medicine?”

Jiang Fei quickly shook off Jasmine Lin’s hand. He reluctantly smiled and said: “She doesn’t know anything about medicine. The only thing she does in my clinic is grabbing the prescribed medicine I make so we don’t have to take her!”

He was just joking. He himself didn’t know what he was getting himself into so how can he bring Jasmine Lin with him?

However, Jasmine Lin was unexpectedly stubborn. The moment that Jiang Fei released his hand from hers, she quickly and tightly grabbed his arm. With her body leaning onto his and no matter how much strength Jiang Fei put in, he unexpectedly couldn’t break off of her.

“Let go! Are you crazy?” Jiang Fei shouted softly.

Looking at Ye Yuanyuan and the two soldiers beside him both armed with assault rifles, although Jasmine Lin was somewhat scared, she became even more stubborn. Her eyes were somewhat red. She didn’t speak and desperately shook her head as she didn’t let go of Jiang Fei.

Jasmine Lin looked like she was crazy and as stubborn as she looked, Jiang Fei was moved, but also somewhat angry.

How stupid is this woman?!

“Hey, hey! What are you doing? There’s no need for you to act like this is a life and death incident!”

Ye Yuanyuan was really unable to continue watching, her big eyes stared at Jasmine Lin as she said: “I’m not pulling him into an execution ground. I’m just asking him to go and look at my grandfather. If he’s good, I’ll thank him. And if he’s no good, at most… most I’ll scold him and have him kowtow in front of me, and as soon as that’s done I’ll quickly return. So what are you doing?”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin was surprised.

“I just need to look after him? I won’t be in any danger?” Jiang Fei asked.

“What’s wrong, do you want danger?” Ye Yuanyuan said ill-humoredly.

Jiang Fei didn’t speak as he pointed at the two soldier both holding assault rifles, the meaning behind it was obvious.

How is this not dangerous? Are you making fun of me!

Ye Yuanyuan was dumbfounded, as she finally noticed that she was actually threatening him.

She waved her hand signaling for the two soldiers to withdraw from the clinic immediately. She then looked at Jiang Fei and said: “A moment ago, I politely invited you but you weren’t willing to go so I had them come inside.”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei immediately got angry. Seeing that the two soldiers had already drawn back, energy returned to his body. Having calmed down, he broke apart with Jasmine Lin and glared at her: “When did you ever politely ask me? You just said a few words and immediately tried to grab hold of me. When did your ‘politely ask’ occur?”

Ye Yuanyuan unwillingly glared back. Bigger than everyone else’s eyes, she didn’t back down!

“Did I start it? When you yourself didn’t listen and just spoke whatever you wanted without even trying to talk about it, you left me with no choice but to force you to go with me, right?”

“You came to ask for help, don’t know how to express yourself properly?! Don’t you know that if you wanted to ask a doctor, you could just give him a red envelope?…although I don’t take red envelopes. When Liu Bei invited Zhuge Lian, didn’t he repeatedly beg him? Didn’t your teacher teach you this?!” Jiang Fei was scared a moment ago. Thus, knowing that he wasn’t in any danger, he was relieved and was somewhat excited.

“To even compare yourself to Zhuge Liang, you really think highly of yourself!” Ye Yuanyuan sneered.

“I have nothing to be embarrassed about!” After a series of words, Jiang Fei had finally vented a lot of his anger.

Taking a long deep breath, he turned to Jasmine Lin and gave her his car key then said: “You go back first, I’ll go see her grandfather and check his condition.”

Jasmine Lin still appeared concerned so Ye Yuanyuan impatiently waved her hand and said: “Well I, Ye Yuanyuan, guarantee today that I won’t touch a hair of this man until I return him. You can be rest assured! Well, let’s go….”

Jiang Fei gently patted Jasmine Lin’s hand before turning around and followed them.

“By the way, do you have acupuncture needles in your home or do I need to bring my own?”

“No, my grandfather isn’t at home. He’s at the sanitarium. Whatever medical equipment you’ll need is there!”

*Source : Martial Dao

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