The Almighty Martial Arts System 62

By | September 19, 2019

Ye Yuanyuan grew up in the army, thus her martial arts expertise wasn’t low and she was considered as a highly skilled martial artist. Although she had launched herself towards him subconsciously but it was still fast. Her speed was something that the average person simply couldn’t react to.

However, is Jiang Fei an average person?

With his 2.2 Agility plus the skill [Triassic Cloud], he gently took a step back and avoided Yuanyuan’s hand that was going for his shoulder. Expecting that she would catch him, Ye Yuanyuan’s originally cold face appeared surprised. She looked at Jiang Fei: “Hey, you know Kung Fu?”

Jiang Fei was somewhat angry at this time.

This woman had actually dared to put her hand on him. Even if she was a woman, the moment she had reached out for him, Jiang Fei welcomed the idea of fighting her!

Ignoring the woman’s question, Jiang Fei said lightly: “If your grandfather’s really sick and is unable to use his legs, then give him a ride and bring him to me; I will certainly treat him. I will not consider going unless I have free time. But unfortunately, I’ve been very busy recently and I probably won’t be free any time now!”

Ye Yuanyuan wasn’t really an unreasonable person. She didn’t like oppressing people using force. Although majority of the time she was a bit cold in front of strangers, but she was still fairly well-behaved and thoughtful. She would only hit someone, when someone offends her.

But today, after hearing that her grandfather’s condition was taking a turn for the worst, she became somewhat impatient. She didn’t have much patience to begin with. She was prepared to ‘request’ Jiang Fei to go into the car first and then explain the situation after.

“My grandfather’s legs are basically paralyzed now and he can’t move, so how can I bring him here? As long as you go with me and heal my grandfather’s legs, no matter what you request, I promise I’ll give it to you!” Ye Yuanyuan rather ‘sincerely’ said.

Anything I demand?

The woman’s tone was loud! It seems like her family background wasn’t so simple or else, how could she dare be arrogant to most people.

However, Jiang Fei was a really stubborn person. Since he didn’t want to go now, he wouldn’t go: “I also said that your grandfather has to come to me and as a doctor, I will certainly do my best to heal him. But right now, I really don’t have the time. Sorry.” Having said that, he no longer cared about Ye Yuanyuan presence. He looked at Jasmine Lin and said: “Let’s go home and eat.”

Jasmine Lin looked curiously at Ye Yuanyuan. Originally, she wanted to help Ye Yuanyuan when she was pleading. But looking at her cold and arrogant look and even trying to put her hands on Jiang Fei, she no longer had any good impression of Ye Yuanyuan.

Nodding her head, she took her bag and was prepared to leave with Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei looked at Ye Yuanyuan again and asked: “You’re not here to see a doctor? If you aren’t, I’ll be closing the door. I always open the door at two o’clock in the afternoon, if your grandfather is coming to see me, then come back later at 2pm.”

Ye Yuanyuan was enraged.

She had never seen a fellow who can’t see what’s good and bad for him!

Let her grandfather come to this small clinic? Who does he think he is, the Jade Emperor Tathagata Buddha?!

What was her grandfather’s identity? How could she even let him go to a place like this? Not even those doctors of the Chinese Medicine Association would treat him like this. They would even specially come to Jincheng themselves just to treat her grandfather. Yet this guy actually dared to be arrogant and have her grandfather personally come here himself!?

However, Ye Yuayuan still didn’t tell him about her grandfather’s identity. She really didn’t like to publicize her status outside. This would just make her feel that she was using his name and cause all sorts of trouble everywhere just like a playboy.

“So you’re really not coming?” Ye Yuanyuan’s originally big eyes widened even more as she looked at Jiang Fei, full of anger.

Jiang Fei’s reply was still the same: “Let your grandfather come to my clinic at 2pm, I’ll even prioritize him first.” Finished, Jiang Fei made a hand gesture and said: “Please leave, I’m going to close the door.”

Ye Yuanyuan could no longer suppress her anger. Forgetting her grandfather’s instructions of approaching with a better attitude, her hand reached out once more as she tried to grab Jiang Fei again.

“If you won’t go then I’ll drag you there with me!”

Ye Yuanyuan used the capturing technique she learned in the army. When Jiang Fei asked her to leave, he had stretched out his hand. The moment he did, Ye Yuanyuan’s right leg moved forward, positioned between Jiang Fei’s legs and her hand reaching out for Jiang Fei’s wrist. As long as she could grab his wrist, she would immediately be able to control Jiang Fei. If he tries to break free, she only needed to sink into his chest and abdomen and Jiang Fei’s wrist would be broken.

Unfortunately for her, Jiang Fei had long known that the big-eyed woman was not only stubborn but also had quite the temper on her. And after rejecting her, he had already expected that she wouldn’t give up so even before she had moved, he was already prepared.

With a few steps, Jiang Fei suddenly turned around and used [Triassic Cloud]. His body was just like a leaf floating in the wind as his back flitted a good distance away from her.

The expert tried to catch him but he had apparently escaped. When Jiang Fei escaped from her grasp the first time, Ye Yuanyuan didn’t think too much of it. After all, she wasn’t serious when she had made her move back then. But now, even though she was serious, she still wasn’t able to catch Jiang Fei. At this time, she knew that this doctor’s ability with regards to martial arts was not simple at all.

Right away, she made a martial arts stance, as if saying that she wasn’t done yet!

“Hey, you’re being unreasonable again, I might hit back you know!” Jiang Fei’s brows knitted.

“You’re pretty good!” Ye Yuanyuan waved her hand somewhat angrily. It seemed like she wasn’t going to leave willingly. However, she quickly stared at Jiang Fei and said: “But even if you’re this good, you’ll still have to go with me today! Otherwise, you won’t be able to go anywhere today!”

Jiang Fie’s eyes narrowed. As he had thought of something, he asked: “You, who ordered you to mess with me today?”

At this time, Jiang Fei remembered Gao Hengyuan, who had already disappeared for quite some time now.

Last time, Qin Zhengming didn’t have the ability to tear down his plaque. The scum Gao Hengyuan, shouldn’t have given up yet and would certainly come to find trouble for him again.

If this big-eyed woman was hired by Gao Hengyuan, then Jiang Fei wouldn’t be polite with her anymore.

“Who’s making trouble?! I said that I want you to come with me to help treat my grandfather!” Ye Yuanyuan was surprised for a moment. She then viciously said: “I’m telling you, it’s impossible for my grandfather to come to this small clinic of yours. So you have to personally go with me!”

“It’s not good to make trouble.” When Jiang Fei saw Ye Yuanyuan’s reaction, he knew that he was just being paranoid. He waved his hand once more: “As for your grandfather’s illness, I’ve already told you many times and I don’t want to say it again. That’s it for today! If you still refuse to go, I won’t be polite anymore….”

Ye Yuanyuan knew that she wouldn’t be able to bring Jiang Fei back by herself, but she couldn’t just go back empty-handed. Thus, she would do anything just to bring Jiang Fei back to the Military Special Sanitorium.

So, she turned around and shouted towards the van with a military license plate which was in front of the clinic: “Come in and bring this man away!”

“She has helpers?” Hearing this, Jiang Fei frowned. Not afraid of reinforcements, Jiang Fei immediately readied his acupuncture needles to once again demonstrate his skills.

After his first two encounters, Jiang Fei was quite confident in combat so he didn’t have to be afraid of most people!

However, this situation was obviously different from the ones he had encountered in the past.

Seeing two men wearing military uniforms expressionlessly walking towards his clinic with submachine guns in their hands, Jiang Fei’s body trembled, he almost couldn’t hold himself back and scream.

“Fu….dge!” (TL: He’s trying to swear while trying to not offend someone)

“Are you making a movie?!”

*Source : Martial Dao

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