The Almighty Martial Arts System 60

By | September 19, 2019

In Jincheng Military Special Sanitarium; the old man, having read the newspaper, quickly called the guard. He pointed to the newspaper and asked: “This doctor, Qin Zhengming, wasn’t he the one who came here the last time? What medical field did he specialized in?”

The middle-aged guard calmly read the newspaper and confirmed it.

“If I remember correctly, Doctor Qin Zhengming’s expertise in Chinese Medicine should be very high, especially with regards to acupuncture. Moreover, his position in the ‘Chinese Medicine Association is very good. I would have never thought that such a young man could beat someone like him. Is it really true that he’s the successor of a certain highly skilled doctor?” The old man read the newspaper once more and thoughtfully said.

The middle-aged guard looked like he was more than 30 years old. He had a country face and his clothing was meticulously neat wearing the standard military clothing. But even with his position, he didn’t dare answer the old man’s question.

At this time, in the heavily guarded ward, a woman in her early 20s with short hair and a slim body suddenly came in. The woman was simply very attractive. No matter where you look at, you would simply exclaim out in praise. Although her pair of watery eyes were too big and excessively attractive, one could still see the sharp look in her eyes.

And though the woman had the makings of a soldier, she was both nimble and resourceful, unlike the stereotypical ordinary soldier.

“Grandfather! I came to see you!” After the young woman entered the hospital ward, a smile appeared on her face as she agilely ran towards him. Right now she wasn’t like an old-fashioned soldier but more like a young girl who came to visit her grandfather.

“Does Yuanyuan have the free time today to see this old man here?” The old man looked at his granddaughter, pleasantly surprised. He put aside the newspaper in his hand, wanting to sit down.

But it seems like only his upper body was working. The lower part of his body, particularly the legs, were completely paralyzed making it quite difficult for him to move. The guard at the side quickly bent down to help the old man lean on the bed.

“I wanted to come see Grandfather. Besides, father said that they were all going to be busy today. If this granddaughter of yours doesn’t come visit you, then grandfather would be bored.” The young girl called Yuanyuan also helped the old man sit, before she then sat on the stool at the side of the bed with a grin on her face.

The old man kindly smiled as he spoiled Yuanyuan and touched the bridge of her nose.

“That’s right. Grandfather, just now I heard you talk about a miracle doctor. Has grandfather yet to find someone that is able to cure him?” The woman asked, her eyes wide opened.

There wasn’t any hint of sadness or any such emotion could be seen on the old man’s face. He handed her the newspaper and pointed at the report about Jiang Fei as he let her read it.

The girl was quite curious. After reading it, she read it once more and soon, the newspaper was thrown away. Disdain could be seen on her face: “What miracle doctor, that’s obviously a lie! Even if a miracle doctor were to appear, it’s highly unlikely that he would open a clinic like this person. In my opinion, this is just the media’s way to promote him!”

Then the young girl somewhat worriedly asked: “Has anyone of those old fogies with exquisite medical expertise in the Chinese Medicine Association been found yet?”

The old man shook his head. A wry smile appeared on his face as he said: “There are quite a few people who can be found. There will be one more coming out of Beijing this afternoon. However, it is still hard to say whether or not they would be able to heal an illness such as mine. There were also several others from the Chinese Medicine Association who had diagnosed my illness, but not one of them could help out. And I’m sure the older guys who can cure my legs are much bigger than me, and are even more difficult to find, much less catch them.”

“These old fogeys are really outrageous! Every day they would enjoy treatment given by the nation, but they seldom do anything good and are even hiding themselves from others!”

The girl curled her mouth, she was very unsatisfied but immediately she asked: “What about that ‘Demon Hand’, Veteran Doctor Cui? Why hasn’t he come to treat grandfather yet? Grandfather, you already know that your illness can’t be dragged on for much longer. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to heal it.”

“Old Cui was supposed to personally come to Jincheng to treat grandfather but some time ago, he had suddenly accepted a request for help from a European country. One of their country’s leaders has a rare disease, which could perhaps only be treated with Chinese Medicine. Thus Old Cui, urgently went overseas…..” The old man said with a sigh.

“How can they do that?” The woman was even more angry than she was before: “Don’t they understand what first come first serve means? And what’s wrong with those foreigners, do they not know how to treat themselves? Is their life even more important than the life of grandfather who’s the old general of this country?!”

The woman wanted to become even more angry and soon, naivete could be seen on her face as she coldly said: “Grandfather, you’ve only retired from Jincheng Military District a few years ago, these people are bullying our Ye family. Do they really think that our Ye family are some no bodies?!”

The old man didn’t feel anything, he wasn’t angry at all. He gently patted his granddaughter Yuanyuan’s hand and earnestly advised: “They aren’t bullying our Ye family, they’ve already greeted me before making such an arrangement. Your grandfather’s disease, even old Cui fear that he would need a month’s worth of continuous treatment, it’s just impossible to treat it right away. Thus I agreed to first let Doctor Cui go overseas and cure the foreign president. Although our country is strong, but after a lot of things that had happened, we need to pay special attention to peacefully coexisting with other countries, and not easily offend people….”

Ye Yuanyuan’s eyes turned red, as if injustice had fell upon them. She said: “Who knows for how long he would need to treat that foreign president? If it were to get dragged on for too long, what would happen when grandfather’s condition deteriorates even more?”

The old man smiled and pointed at the newspaper, as if he was joking: “Look, isn’t there a miraculous doctor here in Jincheng? Maybe he can cure your grandfather’s legs.”

“Him?” Ye Yuanyuan stared at his face, surprised: “Grandfather, you should stop believing everything you see on the newspaper! Although most of the time the reports made in Sichuan Metropolis Daily are true, but some of their reports aren’t. If most doctors of the Chinese Medicine Association can’t treat grandfather’s legs, how can a person like this be able to?!”

The old man chuckled: “Don’t lose hope, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. Since this young doctor can beat Jincheng hospital’s Qin Zhengming, then his medical skills must be very good. Perhaps he may really be a highly skilled doctor.”

Ye Yuanyuan knitted her brows.

It seemed like they had no other option. Although some people from Beijing will come in the afternoon, but looking after looking at her grandfather’s face, she knew they didn’t have such high medical expertise. It might even be impossible for them to heal her grandfather’s legs.

In that case, the only option she had was to specifically ask for the so-called young doctor to try his treatment. It’s not like they would lose anything by giving it a try.

“Grandfather, I’ll personally help you call this person. I’ll have a look and see if he’s as good as they say in the newspaper….” Ye Yuanyuan thought for a moment, and said while holding the newspaper in her hand tightly.

The old man nodded and said with a smile: “Um. However, your manners may have the opposite result….”

He knew that his granddaughter treasures him. Although his granddaughter had common sense but growing up in the army and being spoiled since she was young, her temperament is quite poor.

Although she was good towards her family and friends, but to strangers, it was difficult for them to have a good impression of her.

“I know!” Ye Yuanyuan said somewhat frustrated.

But in her heart she was thinking; If this guy named Jiang Fei turns out to be fake, a swindler like him needs to be disciplined. I will not let him off lightly.

*Source : Martial Dao

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