The Almighty Martial Arts System 47

By | September 18, 2019

Even after practicing for a decade now, not once did Qin Zhengming encounter such a situation. He was quite famous in the medical industry, most people would ask for him, and even if they were able to have an appointment with him, they would still have to wait for a long time before they could see him.

But now? Now that he was available to treat people, he was unexpectedly ignored!

This was simply…..

Qin Zhengming didn’t think about it anymore. If he thought about it, he would lose his mind, and become angry. In acupuncture, such a thing would greatly enhance the chance of failure.

But even then, he felt like he’d still win, after all Jiang Fei was only a young doctor, an ophthalmologic doctor, it was simply impossible for him to lose against him. But Qin Zhengming was very strict with himself, what he strives for was perfection, failure was not an option.

“Which part of you is uncomfortable?” Qin Zhengming reluctantly asked.

“I often feel pain on my shoulder, it’s very sensitive to cold, and even during summer I can’t bare to get hit by the wind, so long as a gentle wind hit me, severe pain would run through me.” The expression on middle-aged man with a beer belly face, showed obvious signs of reluctance.

The old man looked like he was at least sixty years old, and even if he seemed like he was in high spirits, but who know what level of acupuncture he possessed. He might even be farsighted, and could even not see the needle clearly, much less use it properly!

Qin Zhengming didn’t care of how much the middle-aged man was unwilling, he pressed several points of the middle-aged man’s shoulders. Surprisingly, the middle-aged man didn’t feel any pain, as Qin Zhengming quickly distinguished: “Bursitis on the shoulder isn’t that difficult to treat. Take off your coat!” He then shouted at the side: “Get the needle!”

Generally speaking, acupuncture doctors have their own special set of needles. In order to treat people, a doctor had to be accustomed to their needle. But today, Qin Zhengming didn’t bring his own set, he didn’t even think that he’d need it, and that he’d compete with someone so unexpectedly. So it was natural that he didn’t have any needle on him, and could only use Jiang Fei’s set.

Jiang Fei nodded his head towards Jasmine Lin. Jasmine Lin somewhat reluctantly disinfected the silver needed, as she handed the old man who was taking advantage of his own seniority.

The middle-aged man’s beer belly trembled, he was somewhat afraid to take of his coat, looking weak, he gazed at Qin Zhengming and said: “Old man, don’t be reckless, and prick wherever you want!”

“Don’t speak, don’t move! Raise both of your hands, and put your shoulders up high, I promise you, you won’t feel anything at all!” Qin Zhengming couldn’t help but get angry. Enduring it, he said.

The middle-aged man with the beer belly finally gave up, he closed his eyes as he stretched out his hands, his expression looked as if he was about to die, extremely sorrowful.

Qin Zhengming took a deep breath, after taking a brief look at the needle box in front of him, he turned his head for a moment, his hands quickly taking out a short needle, and aimed at the beer belly of the middle-aged man, quickly and accurately, piercing “The Spleen channel of Foot Taiyin (足太阴经穴).

He first punctured the Yin Mound Spring, a moment after, he pierced the Cubit Marsh, then the Supreme Absyss, the Shoulder Bone, the Pool at the Crook, the Joining Valley, and repeatedly pierced the Heavenly Gathering acupuncture point. The time and depth of each acupuncture point was different, twisting in different ways, like he was performing in the circus, performing acrobatics, he was incomparably proficient.

Jiang Fei silently looked at the side, he nodded his head as a look of admiration appeared on his face. The old man was indeed quite accomplished in the aspect of acupuncture, and was worthy of being called a master of medicine.

His hand technique was quite strong, but also quite fast and accurate, it was no wonder he was treasured in Jincheng Hospital, and was worshipped by many people.

Although the old man is quite silly, small-minded, bad tempered, and unable to tolerate other people…..but, he’s still a good old man.” Jiang Fei thought in his mind.

From the beginning until the end, the middle-aged man with a beer belly didn’t feel any pain from Qin Zhengming’s needle, unable to bear it anymore, he slowly opened his eyes. He was surprised to find out that the old man was quite skilled.

After taking off the needle, the people who were watching just for fun, didn’t dare underestimate the old man any longer. It was obvious that the old man was quite skilled, his acupuncture was fierce, and was no less than Dr. Jiang’s.

Hearing their praises, Qin Zhengming after such a long time, felt happy. Although, he had treated many patients in the past, and had thanked him for who know how many times, some people even knelt down to him, but even with all that he didn’t feel quite happy, and only thought that it was something natural.

But today, in this small clinic, he who was considered one of the most famous doctors, for the first time in after a long while was ignored, and now after revealing his excellent acupuncture technique, he had once again made a name for himself!

He who was already more than 60 years old, he who had made a name for himself early on, suddenly felt a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

He was so excited that it had almost brought him into tears!

He was in his thought, and was somewhat distracted, when suddenly the old middle-aged man with beer belly knitted his brows, and opened his mouth: “Ss! Elder doctor, I feel a little numb. Is this a normal reaction?”

Qin Zhengming quickly recovered, and just like the calm waves of water, he was neither angry, nor happy. After pulling out the needle, he once again stabbed out at lightning speed. However, the points that it pierced were different this time, this time the places he pierced was the “Gallbladder channel of Foot Shaoyang”, first he pierced the Yang Mound Spring, then the Shoulder Crevice, and finally the Outer Pass.

“All right, just wait for a bit.” Qin Zhengming said in a soft voice. “Listen to my words, raise both of your hands slowly, stretch your shoulder as far as possible….yes, that’s it.”

Seeing this, Jiang Fei finally revealed a brilliant smile!

The old man’s acupuncture was really not bad, although he was still worse than the current Jiang Fei by just a little, and it would have been difficult to distinguish the winner and the loser. Unfortunately, the old man’s mentality was too bad, in acupuncture, being distracted could lead to a major mistake.

Now it’s going to be a simple victory!

Qin Zhengming also knew his careless mistake, right after he made a mistake in his acupuncture, he subconsciously looked at the position where Jiang Fei was. He happened to see the corner of Jiang Fei’s mouth, revealing a bright smile on his face, as if he was ridiculing him.

Qing Zhengming was still calm, but in the end he still couldn’t help but think: “blame these people to not understand the rules! If today we were in Jincheng Hospital, how could I make this low-level mistakes? However, even if I have made a mistake, its one that most ordinary acupuncture doctors would mostly likely make a mistake on. As for you a small ophthalmologist, I’d like to see what you can do!”

About five or six minutes later, Qin Zhengming’s hand once again moved, suddenly removing the needle out of the middle-aged man’s beer belly.

“Good. See if your shoulder is still in pain.” Qin Zhengming put down the needle he had used, and spread out his hand, and just when he was about to put his hand on the water basin, and wash his face out of habit.

He suddenly remembered that this wasn’t his place, and was also not somewhere he could enjoy such a treatment. So he could only reluctantly pull back his hand, and ferociously look at Jiang Fei. He was angry at heart, and couldn’t wait to take down the plaque on the wall!

At this time the middle-aged man skeptically listened to Qin Zhengming’s words, and began to move his shoulder. After moving it for a bit, he felt no pain, and soon after, he moved his shoulder a bit more.

Without waiting, the middle-aged man loudly said, in surprise: “It really doesn’t hurt! It doesn’t hurt! Amazing. I never expected, that this old gentleman would be such a godly doctor!

“Ahem!” Although Qin Zhengming was very happy after hearing this, he pretended to be noble and glamorous, as he proudly let out a cry.

Jiang Fei walked over with a smile, and said: “Naturally. Don’t you know who this old man is? This is the Jincheng Hospital’s acupuncture division’s best doctor, Elder doctor Qin Zhengming. Usually you wouldn’t be able to see him if you don’t have any background or any relations with him.”

“Oh, so he’s Jincheng Hospital’s best doctor. No Wonder! Only such a person, can match Dr. Jiang in medicine…..”

“Now I’m really curious, Dr. Jiang or Jincheng Hospital’s best doctor, who is better?”

The audience commented.

But even so, they still didn’t forget to praise Jiang Fei. After all, Jiang Fei’s recent achievement was too great, and his image as a doctor was deeply etched into their mind.

Hearing this, Qin Zhengming sneered. “Don’t think that a few words of praise will get you off the hook. Today, you’ll still have to take down that plaque of yours!”

“I never expected you to let me off….” Jiang Fei chuckled, and went straight to another patient. “Because, you simply can’t beat me!”

*Source : Martial Dao

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