The Almighty Martial Arts System 46

By | September 18, 2019

In the small clinic, the atmosphere seemed to stand still as a sense of seriousness filled the place. Qin Zhengming had never expected that the swindler of a doctor in front of him would dare to reprimand him much less challenge him and test his skills as a doctor!

Who gave him such confidence and courage?

As a respected and venerable Chinese doctor, it was natural that he wasn’t afraid of anyone challenging him. But still, he thought that Jiang Fei wasn’t qualified to do so! He was a famous old-timer, if he were to compete with a brat whose hair hasn’t even fully grown yet, even if he were to win, he wouldn’t obtain anything from it!

If he win can he take the ‘Acupuncture King’ plaque away for himself? At first, He thought that he was only doing this to serve justice on behalf of Heaven. But what he didn’t know was that he coveted this inscribed horizontal tablet, that he wanted to possess and claim this inscribed horizontal tablet for himself!

But of course, Qin Zhengming didn’t dare to carry out such an idea. Although his knowledge in Chinese medicine wasn’t shallow, his skills in acupuncture was superb. Still, the title of Acupuncture King was something he could never claim for himself.

He had even told Jiang Fei that he was arrogant for claiming the title of Acupuncture King, that he didn’t know how high the sky was. And if he himself were to also claim the title of Acupuncture King, someone would certainly come to ridicule him.

Practicing for decades now, he had seen a lot of real Chinese Medicine master who were better than him, it was something that he himself knew. Moreover, in Jincheng there weren’t many people who could compare with him in terms of his medical skills.

Qin Zhengming was angry, unable to utter a single word, filling the air with silence, when all of a sudden Jiang Fei let out a laugh and said: “You don’t dare? It seems like Dr. Qin’s character isn’t as good as the legends make it out. To not even dare to compare notes with me?”

“Bastard!” Qin Zhengming was furious. He didn’t think that Jiang Fei viewed him as a timid person, a person who didn’t dare compete with him. So even though he didn’t want to make a big deal out of this, he wanted to teach this boy a lesson and let him know how high and vast the sky was, and that he wasn’t worthy of having the title of ‘Acupuncture king’.

“Let’s compete then! I’ll even let you choose what to compete in, whether it be in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, smell, inquires (observations) or slicing! So long as you can win against this old man, this old man will immediately apologize to you! And will also not take down the ‘Acupuncture King’ plaque in your clinic!” Qin Zhengming’s eyebrow furrowed.

He didn’t want to bully Jiang Fei. After all, he was still an elder in Jincheng Hospital’s acupuncture department, who had numerous accomplishments in the hospital. So if he were to win in acupuncture against Jiang Fei, he would be suspected of bullying the young doctor. Thus he had told Jiang Fei that he could picked any subject he wanted, so that he would appear more generous towards the brat.

However, Jiang Fei didn’t buy his tactic, and said: “We don’t need to compare in anything else, we can just compare notes in acupuncture! If we competed in anything else….I’m afraid that you’d think that I’m a bully.”

If they were to compete in a diagnosis, Jiang Fei who possess the system, can be said to be invincible, since he only needs a second to determine the cause of the patient’s suffering!

But if he doesn’t win against the old man in the aspect that he excels in, with the old man’s violent temper, how can he be convinced of his skills? Jiang Fei had to do it, he had to thoroughly subdue him, to the point that the old man won’t be able to say anything!

Qin Zhengming was aghast, he then laughed and said: “Good! Let’s compete in acupuncture then! Let’s see how thick skinned you are, to even dare hang up the [Acupuncture King] plaque on the wall!”

Jiang Fei shook his head, feeling as if he had already won the competition.

Although he himself knew that he didn’t have a master’s degree in medicine, and wasn’t even considered a real doctor, much less considered as one of the top doctors in Chinese Medicine.

However, this old man’s medical skill can’t be any higher than his.

As the saying goes: At the age of 50 you gain wisdom, at the age of 60 one becomes pleasing to the ear. This old man will soon be buried, although he possesses a strong will, but he loses his temper quite easily. A clear evidence that he had already started to wither. In Chinese Medicine, mentality was of great significance.

Thus, in Jiang Fei’s eyes he was nothing but a pest.

“My clinic has good business, so several patients should come in a bit, we select a few of them and display our acupuncture skills. Whoever’s treatment is better, wins, how about it?” Jiang Fei smiled and asked.

“Good!” Qin Zhengming only said a single word.

No longer paying attention to Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin, sitting on a chair directly opposite of the two, as he closed his eyes.

Seeing this, Jiang Fei had a better impression of the old man. The old man knew, as he was now, his acupuncture would be very bad, and something can easily go wrong.

One must know that in acupuncture, the most important things is to be calm, as well as having a stable hand. If one’s heart isn’t calm, one’s hand would be unstable.

The old man closed his eyes, revealing his medical ethics, he would do his best to treat every one of his patients, rather than treating them in contempt.

Jasmine Lin didn’t understand this, puzzled, she asked: “What is he doing?”

Jiang Fei’s lips curled, as he said: “Pretending to be a cunt…..”

“…..!” After just closing his eyes, Qin Zhengming was ready to calm his state of mind, but after hearing Jiang Fei speak, his body trembled, his eyelids moving ever so slightly, and had almost opened.

However, his restraint was stronger, and eventually in his struggle, he took a deep breath and controlled his anger down without opening his eyes.

If he had opened his eyes just now, he would have had to closed them again, and would have been unable to ease his mind. This was very bad for the needle.

Jiang Fei seeing this, was somewhat regretful. He had deliberately talked to the old man in order to destroy his state of mind so that he wouldn’t be able to calm down. If he had done so, then his victory would have been absolute.

Unfortunately, this old man was also clever and didn’t let Jiang Fei have his way.

Looks like I’ll have to wait and see the old man’s skills. If the old man’s acupuncture is too good, I’ll let Jasmine Lin have her way, and irritate the old man.” Jiang Fei said to himself.

He couldn’t let this old man win today, much less allow him to take down his plaque.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t bear to take it down, but because he didn’t want to allow Gao Hengyuan’s plan to succeed!

Gao Hengyuan had sent this old man to beat him, so that his reputation as a doctor would plummet, and cut off his financial sources. With Jiang Fei’s source of nature, he naturally wouldn’t let him succeed.

So Jiang Fei had to win today.

If Jiang Fei had upgraded his [Medical] skill to level 7, he wouldn’t need to go through other means to win against this old man. But right now, his [Medical] skill was still at Level 6, with a 90% proficiency, thus he needed to be a bit more secure.

About half an hour later, Jiang Fei’s clinic opened, in addition to several patients with minor illnesses, there was also 2 patients who had booked an appointment with Jiang Fei, patients who had come for an acupuncture treatment.

These two patients were what Jiang Fei and Mr. Qin will use to compete against each other!

At this moment, Qin Zhengming had adjusted his mind completely, his expression didn’t have the same anger he had on his face a while back, instead it looked gentle, calm.

When Jiang Fei said he could start, he nodded his head in agreement.

At first only a few people had heard about Jiang Fei’s competition against the old man, but not long after, the news had spread around reaching the ears of many people.

And in that short amount of time, Jiang Fei’s clinic was quickly surrounded by a lively audience.

Jiang Fei looked at the two middle-aged man sitting on the stool, he gestured at Mr. Qin, and said: “You’re an elder, as well as my guest, you choose first. Otherwise when I choose first, you wouldn’t be convinced…..”

If Qin Zhengming had heard these words a while ago, he would have certainly lost his temper. However, now he responded was somewhat lightly, as he said: “Rest assured, you can choose first. No matter who wins or loses later, I will not complain.”

Seeing the old man’s current expression, Jiang Fei said to himself: “The old man had closed his eyes for a while, it seems like its effect isn’t that simple.”

At this time, the two patients who were waiting for treatment weren’t willing to be treated by the old man. The middle-aged man with a beer belly said: “Dr. Jiang, who is this old man? Let him heal him. I’m here today to see Dr. Jiang. Dr. Jiang choose me!”

Seeing this scene, the other patient also made a fuss: Dr. Jiang, pick me, pick me, quickly pick me!”


Qin Zhengming who had finally stabilized his state of mind, had almost lost his mind again. Without any hesitation, the old man waved his hand, as he looked at the middle-aged man with a beer belly, he said decisively: “Don’t fight. I’ll choose first. I choose you!”

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