The Almighty Martial Arts System 44

By | September 17, 2019

An old man about sixty years old with white hair and glasses, was standing in front of a clinic. As he went inside, the old man revealed an expression that looked like someone owes him 5 million yuan and hadn’t returned it to him for a very long time now.

And at the same time as that Jiang Fei saw him, and thinking that he was a patient, he greeted him with a smile: “Elder, have you come to see a doctor? Come here and have a sit, I’ll go and take your pulse.”

The old man looked like he was deaf, and as if he hadn’t heard Jiang Fei speak, he placed both of his hands behind his back, bearing an appearance of a high-ranking inspector. After looking around Jiang Fei’s clinic, his gaze finally fell on the plaque hanging on the wall of the clinic.

This plaque was naturally the plaque given to him by the individuals that he had treated despite their chronic illnesses. On it was the words– [中医王] Acupuncture King was written in gold gilt.

And although this may be of no worth to some people, but in his eyes the plaque was very precious and something very important as it signified his recognition as a doctor.

Seeing the old man staring at the plaque non-stop, Jiang Fei couldn’t help but smile. In any case, every patient who noticed this plaque, for him was a silent praise, so how could he not be satisfied of himself.

Noticing that the old man was still looking at the piece of plaque for a very long time without even uttering a single word, he thought that the old man didn’t like it or that he didn’t understand what it meant.

So out of kindness, he said: “Elder, those words just mean ‘Acupuncture King’, the words ‘中医‘ mean Traditional Chinese, while ‘‘ means needle and ‘ ‘ means KingIt just means that I’m a highly skilled doctor. You may not know, but all the patients that I’ve treated so far have shown signs of recovery no matter how severe their sickness was, so out of admiration of my medical skills they made me this plaque….”

After explaining so, he said: “Elder, if you’re sick I’ll go take your pulse. Since they call me ‘Acupuncture King, naturally my medical skill is also be good….”

He didn’t notice it, but when he said those words, the old man’s ugly complexion became even uglier. It no longer looked like someone owed him 5 million yuan, but instead looked like someone owed him 10 million yuan!

“Enough!” The old man suddenly turned his head, his old eyes stared brightly at Jiang Fei, he let out a low cry as if Jiang Fei had just said something that insulted him.

Not knowing what had happened, Jiang Fei looked at the old man, surprised. He didn’t know what he had done that had caused him to react like this. And right as this was happening, Jasmine Lin somewhat worriedly stood up, and walked towards them ready to help out the old man sit down and talk.

But just as she walked towards them, her complexion immediately changed, replaced with a look of surprise, she said: “Dr. Qin? Why did you come here?”

“You know me?” The old man frowned as he looked at Jasmine Lin.

Jiang Fei asked at the same time: “You know him?”
Jasmine Lin nodded and somewhat happily turned around to look at Jiang Fei: “This is Jincheng Hospital’s Acupuncture expert Qin Zhengming, Doctor Qin! When I was still a nurse in Jincheng hospital, I was fortunate enough to see Doctor Qin just once!”

“Dr. Qing Zhengming?” Hearing this, Jiang Fei was surprised.

Jincheng Hospital was founded in 2004, under the government’s management, the hospital merged with the Jincheng Chinese Medicine group, thus making the Chinese medical department of Jincheng Hospital to be really special.

Moreover, in the Chinese medical department, the acupuncture department was considered the fiercest. If asked who was the most respected and the best doctor in that department, although outsiders they may not know the answer, but, if workers in Jincheng hospital were instead asked, almost 80% of them will definitely utter the name, Qin Zhengming!

Qin Zhengming came from a family with a medical background, even his parents were well known in the Chinese Medicine field, compared to them Jiang Fei’s family was mediocre.

Although Qin Zhengming hadn’t retired yet, he rarely comes to Jincheng Hospital, after all, he wasn’t young anymore, and was at the age where he could retire at any time. Thus, he only comes to Jincheng Hospital whenever he’s in a good mood.

Jiang Fei on the other hand had already graduated and had even worked in Jincheng Hospital for three years, but he wasn’t in the Chinese Medicine department, so even though he had heard of the old doctor Qin Zhengming, he never really had any opportunity to see or even meet him.

Hearing Jasmine Lin’s words, Qin Zhengming frowned more deeply, an unhappy expression appeared on his face that was showing no signs of it disappearing any time soon: “Were you two once a doctor or a nurse in Jincheng Hospital?”

Jiang Fei hurriedly stood up to show respect for the old man. After all, even though he was so old, he was still his predecessor in the medical field who was even highly respected in Jincheng Hospital.

After coming out of the counter, Jiang Fei very politely reached out his hand to shake the old man’s hand, and with a smile he said: “Yes. I was a doctor in Jincheng Hospital several months ago. But I was in the ophthalmology department, so I didn’t have any opportunities to see you and was unable to recognize you a moment ago, I hope you don’t mind it Dr. Qin.”

Jiang Fei didn’t mention it, but at this time he was very happy.

After all, Dr. Qin Zhengming wasn’t an ordinary doctor, he was also a highly skilled doctor with regards to Chinese medicine, he was even one of the best acupuncture experts in the world. But even with all of this, he had still taken the initiative to come to his clinic and see a doctor. He couldn’t help but think that his reputation had spread all over Jincheng, and that no one wouldn’t be able to recognize him in all of Jincheng because of this incident.

Seeing that even this kind of doctor thought that his medical skill had reached the peak, that he can now be called a ‘highly skilled doctor’ in every meaning of the word. Jiang Fei’s heart beat harder, he had an unbearable feeling as if he was flying high in the sky.

This life was indeed as silent as snow…. (Life is full of wonders that come and go without any prior notice)

As for the other purpose of the old man, Jiang Fei simply didn’t think about it. To him if he wasn’t here to see a doctor, why was he here then? To find fault of him as a doctor?!

This old man was obviously sixty to seventy years old, he was already old, so why would he come here just to find fault in someone? That’s something obviously impossible.

But there are many things in life that are always unexpected.

The old man had quite a stubborn temper, so when he saw Jiang Fei reach out his hand, and with a cold *hum*, he brushed Jiang Fei’s hand off with his sleeves, completely ignoring Jiang Fei’s stretched out hand. He found that there was no meaning in shaking Jiang Fei’s hand.

The old man let out another cold *hum*, and once more stared at him: “Acupuncture King?”

Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment, his hands were still in the air, so it was natural for him to take it back. However, even after all of this he wasn’t angry, nor did he shout at him, his face didn’t even show an ounce of embarrassment, his eyes squinted as he once again said: “Ah this? This was something my patients gave to me, it’s something given to me affirming my medical skills.”

But at this time there was still a smile on his face.

Qin Zhengming sneered thinking that Jiang Fei had such a thick face: “What a joke! No one had even recognize your ability as an ophthalmologist, and now after just leaving the hospital to open a clinic you dare to give yourself the title of Acupuncture King, what a big joke! Whether you’re a good or bad doctor, to go as far as this, you’re simply a doctor without any morals. To dare to even deceive your patients! No wonder some people couldn’t tolerate you in the past, and make even an old lady go here just to destroy the plaque you’ve put up!”

Hearing this, the warm smile on Jiang Fei’s face finally disappeared.

He finally found out that this old man wasn’t here to see him as a doctor, but came here to find fault!

No, it seems like he came here to kick down his clinic.

Jiang Fei didn’t say anything yet, when all of a sudden, Jasmine Lin who was very respectful towards the old man just a moment ago finally snapped. Her eyebrows slowly went downwards, her circle eyes narrowed as she glared at the old man: “Dr. Qin, what do you mean by that? Saying that he has no medical ethics? That he’s deceiving people? Even if you’re our predecessor, you can’t just open your mouth and indiscriminately insult someone. Knowing someone by their reputation can’t compare to meeting them in person!”

Seeing that Jasmine Lin was angry for him, a smile once again appeared on Jiang Fei’s face as he looked at her defend him, he stretched out his hand and grab her, so as to stop her from going too far.

“First of all, I didn’t give myself the title of Acupuncture King, it was my patients that gave it to me. Although this can be easily proven, but I don’t need to prove it to you. Secondly, whether I have medical ethics or not, my patients are clear of this, even if Dr. Qin is a predecessor, you’re still not qualified to evaluate me. And…..: Jiang Fei stopped for a bit, he then glared at the old man and said: “I am very curious, who are you to dare spit on my plaque?”

*Source : Martial Dao

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