The Almighty Martial Arts System 43

By | September 17, 2019

A summoned beast at the spirit rank, a beast that could very well understand people, possessing a very high IQ, making it an existence that are just like people, and very spiritual.

As for summoned beast at the Mythological rank, in accordance to the game ‘Knight-Line’ they were an existence that ascended past their summoned beast rank, moreover they were just like people able to cultivate and make break throughs, and even speak words just like people, the two being no different from one another.

Thus, it was impossible to have such a bright beast in real life. But now Jiang Fei was able to obtain one, and although it was just a coincidence that he was able to obtain one in real life, he should still be thankful to be able to receive a bright beast such as this.

The bright beast, the Tibetan Mastiff, Small Yellow….

No, the small Tibetan Mastiff Simba.

The small Tibetan Mastiff Simba had just recovered from its injury, in the past it didn’t want to eat resulting in it becoming much thinner, so now it was necessary for it to get some nourishment.

Fortunately, in the afternoon, when Jiang Fei was still in the city he was able to buy a lot of ingredients as well as lots of meat. And coupled with Jiang Fei’s Guru-level Cooking skill, the two month old small Simba was able to eat till it was filled for the very first time since it was born.

In fact, the two month old Simba was supposed to have this kind of figure, it was supposed to have a figure of an adult rabbit and be more than 20 cm in length which would also not be too small for a standard Tibetan Mastiffs. Moreover, most Tibetan Mastiff, in two months’ time, no matter how good they eat would still not be able to achieve this kind of growth. So, it could be seen just from this point, that there was a very big difference between Simba and other Tibetan Mastiffs.

If Simba had no injuries, nor serious illnesses, and ate a lot of things every day, perhaps something different would have happened allowing to display how extraordinary it was. If that had happened, Simba would absolutely have been the most precious pet in the shop, and no matter what it would have not been able to meet Jiang Fei.

After dinner, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin sat on the sofa watching TV in the hall. Right now in the entire villa, there were only a few household appliances available, moreover there was only one TV, so there was none available in any of the bedrooms in the villa.

As for the computers, Jiang Fei didn’t have any in the villa. The road to Rice Village was not at all convenient, so the houses in rice village run on natural gas, the only problem was that no internet cables installed, so even if they were to install a computer in the villa, there would be no internet connection, making it equivalent to something that’s useless.

In addition to that Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin wasn’t an internet geek, they weren’t like otakus that were unable to live without any internet access, plus they originally came to Rice Village to take a vacation and relax, so long as they have TV, no internet network wasn’t any of their concern. Moreover, mobile phones have now been upgraded, and it was now 4G LTE, so they urgently need to access the net, they could just do so through their phone.

“Don’t you think our present situation is a little odd?”

Jasmine Lin’s focus wasn’t actually on the television, rather her head was looking at the side as she continued to ogle at Jiang Fei, her face then reddened as she asked him.

The two had just taken a bath and had both changed in their pajamas. Jiang Fei wore a short-sleeved loose fit T-shirt, and long beach pants, his legs rested comfortably on the table; while Jasmine Lin at this time wore something special.

Jasmine Lin came here today without any thoughts of bringing clean clothes and pajamas. Moreover, this morning she had been busy helping out with things in the villa, while in the afternoon she was busy climbing trees and picking cherries making her accumulate a lot of sweat, so after she had taken a bath, she didn’t change back into her clothes and had instead temporarily borrowed Jiang Fei’s clothes to wear.

Although Jasmine Lin’s figure was very good, she was quite tall, she was more than 1.7m tall while Jiang Fei on the other hand was 1.8m tall, so there wasn’t much difference between the two’s height. Currently, she was wearing a white long-sleeved pajama shirt, moreover it looked as if it was too long for her as even her white shorts were completely covered by the hems of the shirt, making it seem like she wasn’t wearing any pants!

This kind of scene was very appealing to the eyes.

Even in Jiang Fei’s eyes, this was one of the sexiest dresses that a woman could wear. It was like one of those shows, showcasing women wearing sexy underwear, which would make it difficult for any men to hold themselves back!

It was the same when he was together with Bai Ruoxi. Whenever Bai Ruoxi gets up in the morning, most of the time she would wear his clothes while making breakfast. And whenever he saw such a scene, eight out of ten times he would be unable to bear it, and would sneakily get behind her back to launch an attack, and do bad things.

And although Jiang Fei’s head was in a mess, his face didn’t reveal any strange expression that would lead to his demise, his eyes focused on the TV screen while his legs moved away from the table, he then placed one of his leg on top of the other as if he were hiding something beneath it, and so as to avoid any troubles to from occurring and not be discovered by a certain someone.

“What’s strange?”  Jiang Fei pretended to be calm, trying to prevent himself from looking to the side and see Jasmine Lin’s sexy appearance.

Luckily, the two of them weren’t sitting together, in the middle of the two was Simba, the little Tibetan Mastiff. Simba had also taken a bath all thanks to Jasmine Lin, she used a lot of shampoo on Simba making its body quite fragrant.

Seeing that Jiang Fei’s eyes didn’t move away from the TV, it looked as if he didn’t care about other’s appearance, Jasmine Lin’s idea was immediately shattered, and after secretly looking at Jiang Fei bitterly, she became a bit depressed: “Nothing, it was just a thought.”

Although she said that, in her heart she was actually thinking about something else: “A lone male and female together at night, living under the same roof while sitting and watching TV together, how can you think there’s nothing strange here? This is clearly something only couples do together! You blockhead!”

Panting with rage, Jasmine Lin looked back at the TV as she said loudly “I’m going to bed” after which she stood up and went upstairs.

Her shirt fluttered, revealing her pair of jade white legs. Jiang Fei secretly turned his head, having a difficult time removing his eyes from the scene while a look of regret appeared on his face.

And after Jasmine Lin went upstairs, Jiang Fei’s eyes moved towards the small Simba, he then raised it up with both of his arms trying to see whether or not Simba could understand him, he then said with a smile: “Pretending to be a gentleman really is difficult! Women are tigers, it’s really exhausting just trying to not make a move. Of course it would feel nice to touch her for even a moment, but what do you do afterwards?”
“Wang~~~roar!” Simba stuck out his tongue and licked Jiang Fei’s lips, it gently roared twice while it closed its small eyes, looking as if it wanted to sleep.

“How can you sound so different from other ordinary dogs?” Hearing Simba’s cry, Jiang Fei gawked. After this Tibetan Mastiff evolved into a Spirit Beast, its cry was no longer like a dog, but was more like a lion’s!

Although it was still very immature, but listening closely, a faint trace of domineering aura could be felt from within.

Since Simba wanted to sleep, Jiang Fei didn’t continue watching TV and put Simba back to its temporary nest, after which he turned off the TV and went to his bed to sleep.

It was a silent night.

The next day Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin didn’t return to Jincheng, and had instead stayed all day in the unparalleled town, Rice Village.

Jiang Fei planted all the vegetable seeds in the morning. And then in the afternoon, he built a simple rack for the planted cowpeas and cucumber, the vines of which will climb up it and continue to grow. After which he put different proportions of fertilizer in accordance to the different kinds of vegetables on the vegetables that he had planted. He continued until six o’clock in the afternoon, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin then went back to the villa and ate dinner before they drive back to Jincheng.

Of course, they couldn’t leave Simba in the Rice Village alone, so they brought him back with them.

At that time Jiang Fei’s exp rose by more than 100 points, finally reaching an exp value of 801, leveling up again was just around the corner, and was not far away from the present!

And just when Jiang Fei thought that would finally be able to live a carefree and comfortable life from now on, a frustrated looking person suddenly came into his clinic…..

*Source : Martial Dao

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