The Almighty Martial Arts System 42

By | September 17, 2019

He had known long ago that after the purebred Tibetan Mastiff took the Evolution potion, sooner or later it will wake up, having all its injuries recovered, as if it weren’t there to begin with. But Jiang Fei wasn’t surprised because of this, but because of the two words that flashed in his mind, ‘Spirit Beast’!

In Knight-Line, summoned beasts are divided into 4 ranks: ‘Common’, ‘Vicious Beast’, ‘Spirit Beast’, and ‘Mythical Beast’. And as you go up a rank the summoned beasts combat power would be higher than those that had a lower rank than it.

In Jiang Fei’s eyes, an ordinary dog with little striking power, would definitely be classified as a common rank summoned beast. But even so, in real life, most animals would still be classified as a common rank summoned beast.

And perhaps, only a few wild animals such as a lion, tiger or a cheetah, could be ranked as a ‘Vicious Beast’.

However, summoned beast of such rank is definitely something that Jiang Fei couldn’t tame. It wasn’t because he didn’t have any means to tame these types of ferocious wild animals. But because in many places in the country, the possession of such strong animals was extremely prohibited by the government.

When Jiang Fei bought this purebred Tibetan Mastiff, he thought that even after the Tibetan Mastiff were to take the evolution medicine, at most it would reach the ‘Vicious Beast’ rank. But never in his wildest dreams did Jiang Fei think that the small Tibetan Mastiff would actually enter the ‘Spirit Beast’ rank!

One must know that a spirit beast ranked summoned beast, not only has high combat power and ferocious. But it also manifests the word ‘spirit.

In other words, a summoned beast in the spirit rank, is actually very intelligent. Moreover, it has a very high IQ, and could basically understand the words of its master, it could even pass as a human!

A summoned beast in the ‘Spirit’ rank, in fact has an IQ that separates it from primitive life-forms.

“I know that this Tibetan Mastiff took the evolution medicine, but even so, how was it able to reach the ‘spirit beast’ rank! And now this Tibetan Mastiff will have an IQ that’s on top of this world!” Jiang Fei could feel his heart beating ferociously, he felt incredible.

He just never expected that this purebred Tibetan Mastiff would evolve and reach the ranks of spiritual beast.

With Jiang Fei’s speed, in less than a minutes’ time he placed the hoe and vegetable seeds back outside the log cabin, after which he quickly entered the villa, his eyes fell on the place where the Tibetan Mastiff was at before. But instead he found a Jasmine Lin who had unknowingly returned, and sat on the sofa, holding a rabbit sized Tibetan Mastiff in her arms, feeding it with some cherries.

Jiang Fei calmed down, he knew that if he mustn’t be too excited, otherwise if Jasmine Lin noticed this anomaly, when that time comes she would definitely grab him by the scalp unable to give any excuses.

“When did you come back?” Jiang Fei stubbornly stared at Small Yellow, but the tone in his voice was both pale and light.

Jasmine Lin seemed to be fond of small yellow, as she continually teased small yellow in her arms nonstop, not noticing that the face Jiang Fei was making was not normal, “I just came back a moment ago, when I saw your car and didn’t see you, I thought you went out again, and just when I was about to call you, I suddenly saw this little guy. Is this the dog that you bought today? What breed is it?”

Jiang Fei slowly walked over, when all of a sudden information about small yellow popped up in his mind once again.


Breed: Evolved Tibetan Mastiff

Gender: Male

Growth Level: Excellent

Rank: Spirit

Loyalty: 100%

Status Malnourished


“It really has evolved!” Jiang Fei couldn’t help but excitedly roar in his heart. Spirit ranked summoned beast were among the most rare in ‘knight-line’, and could even be sold for hundreds of yuan. Now that he had received one himself, moreover one that’s in real life, how could something like this not make him happy?

“I bought Small Yellow this afternoon. After I bought vegetable seeds I went around the pet market and found this Tibetan Mastiff.” Jiang Fei’s eyes shined, revealing an uncontainable joy in it.

He didn’t tell Jasmine Lin about the matter that the Tibetan Mastiff was purebred, because he thought that Jasmine Lin was unrelated to this matter, and that she would even understand what it meant to have a purebred Tibetan Mastiff.

“Tibetan Mastiff? This is a Tibetan Mastiff?” Jasmine Lin was surprised, she then quickly grabbed a few cherries at the side, and let the Tibetan Mastiff continue eating. She laughed, “I thought it was a rabbit. Are Tibetan Mastiffs generally not very big and very imposing? Moreover, why is your Tibetan Mastiff very thin?”

“It’s just two months old, how can it be so big? Moreover, it was seriously ill and had almost died before I bought it, and had only recovered not long ago, so it’s natural for it to be very thin.” The Tibetan Mastiff jumped on Jiang Fei’s arms, burying its head on Jiang Fei’s chest as if it were trying to hide itself from Jasmine Lin. Jiang Fei continued: “Don’t feed it too much, there are somethings that it still can’t swallow. Although the cherry seed is small, but in its present condition, it’s a little bit troublesome for it to eat such a thing.”

After all, Jiang Fei had tamed the small Tibetan Mastiff who was even 100% loyal to him, so when Jiang Fei held it close to him, the small Tibetan Mastiff revealed a delighted look as it glanced at Jiang Fei, it was rubbing its small head on Jiang Fei’s chest and was even trying hard to stretch out its tongue to lick Jiang Fei’s face, expressing the warm feeling in its heart.

Jiang Fei carefully watched for a while, and it slowly became obvious to him that the small Tibetan Mastiff was showing a brilliance that of a human which was one of the characteristics of a ‘Spirit Beast!

Moreover, it was already revealing a not so low IQ, acting like a six-year-old child that was able to understand human words.

Jasmine Lin laughed seeing the Tibetan Mastiff being so cuddly: “It really is cute. Ah don’t worry, it can eat those properly. You see that….” She pointed at a bunch of cherry seeds on top of a toilet and exclaimed, “Those were the seeds that it spit out after eating cherries. Looks like this Tibetan Mastiff is very smart, I didn’t think that it would know how to spit the seeds of the cherry out of its mouth, it’s as if it’s no different from people. Are Tibetan Mastiff like gorillas? Very clever primates?”

“Of course not! According to scientists, Tibetan Mastiffs have middle to lower IQ compared to other dogs. Only this small yellow that I bought, is very clever!” Jiang Fei happily said.

He didn’t say the real reason as to how it had become smart, but he also couldn’t stop himself from expressing the pleasant feeling he had.

Although Jasmine Lin didn’t care about this, she still frowned and said: “Small Yellow? This small lovable fellow is called Small Yellow? Did you give it that name?”

Jiang Fei said with a smile: “What do you think? Isn’t its name refreshing and refined?”

“Nonsense! This name is simply too weak, I’ve never heard of such an ugly name in my life! Do you think that you’re raising a mole cricket!” Jasmine Lin couldn’t help but refute as she glared back at Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei: “…..”

In truth he had thought that the name he had given was certainly very good.

Jasmine Lin gently touched her lips with her right index finger, she pondered for half a breath, and then said: “I know! I remember that Tibetan Mastiffs are very ferocious dogs, it also looks a little like a lion. So the name of this Tibetan Mastiff shall be ‘Simba’!”

“Simba? The Lion King?” Jiang Fei gawked.

Jasmine Lin at this time gave the Tibetan Mastiff another hug, she rubbed her forehead on the small Tibetan Mastiffs head, and said with a smile: “Little fellow, do you think your name should be a mighty ‘Simba’ or do you think your name should be something rustic such as ‘Small Yellow’?”

The small Tibetan Mastiff looked ‘weakly’ at its Master Jiang Fei, and finally rubbed its head on Jasmine Lin’s bosom, it was obviously saying that it also thought that Simba was a better name for it than Small Yellow.

“See! It also thinks that its name should be Simba!” Jasmine Lin proudly glanced at Jiang Fei, she then lifted the small Tibetan Mastiff in her hands, as she happily said: “Simba, later you will be known as Simba! After I take you to the Africa, you will rule the kingdom and become a King!”

*Source : Martial Dao

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