The Almighty Martial Arts System 40

By | September 17, 2019

The small young lady looked at the ten-red 100-yuan bill on her hands, she was dazed after listening to Jiang Fei’s words. And to be honest, she was also somewhat touched….<TL: Yeh, my bad the little girl was actually a small young lady at the age of 18-19, the site I took it off of was missing the no.s 8 and 9 and instead of those numbers it put **>

At this current era, where could you even find such a loving person in this world? To see such a worthless Tibetan Mastiff that was about to be euthanized, and still show such an anxious appearance after knowing such a thing, how can this lovely person not be good!

This sort of man is the best candidate to be a girl’s boyfriend. If you can be his girlfriend, you would certainly be very happy.

After all her mother told her that being with a loving man would certainly be not bad!

“Mr. what’s your name?” The small young lady looked at Jiang Fei in a new light.

“To ask for my name, what do you want to do?” Jiang Fei as if he was still angry, asked.

“I’m called Bai Yun (White Clouds).” The small young lady grinned.

Jiang Fei unexpectedly replied back: “I’m called Hei Tu (Black Earth)!” Jiang Fei secretly took a deep breath to pacify is excitement, he then smiled and said: “My name is Jiang Fei. Is there no problem selling me this Tibetan Mastiff?”

The small young lady Bai Yun thought silently in her heart: Not only is he a loving person, but he also has a sense of humor!

She nodded: “Selling it to you is no problem. Only, Mr. Jiang are you sure you want to buy this one? We also had this Tibetan Mastiff see many veterinarians, but all of it was for naught. This little Tibetan Mastiff was born not too long ago, we don’t know what happened after it was born, but what we do know is that its left hind leg is broken, so even if you cure its illness, later when it grows up, it will continue to be a cripple.”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei was somewhat angered, and with a voice filled with righteousness, he said: “I am definitely sure! Today so long as I am alive, I will definitely let you euthanize this Tibetan Mastiff!”

The small young lady sucked her tongue after hearing him speak, this man really is too lovely~~~

But even after Jiang Fei showed how kind he was, she still wasn’t convinced, so she soon called her boss, and let him settle this matter.

With a thousand yuan, Jiang Fei received a small Tibetan Mastiff that had a serious illness and a broken hind leg that looked as if it was about to die at any moment.

Jiang Fei carefully held the Tibetan Mastiff in his arms, but just when he was about to leave the small young lady Bai Yun shyly gave him a note.

“What is this? 1850******?” Jiang Fei spotted a series of numbers on the note, he was surprised: “This, is this a phone number?”

The small young lady Bai Yun blushed, not daring to look at Jiang Fei in the eyes, she nodded: “This is my phone number. I gave you my phone number, because….because you bought this Tibetan Mastiff, if you don’t understand anything, or don’t know how to feed it, you can call me. I’m very good with Tibetan Mastiffs~~~”

At the last part of her words, Bai Yun shyly looked at Jiang Fei while Jiang Fei looked back at her with a smile. She felt that if Jiang Fei was even a little bit clever, he would have been able to understand what she was talking about.

Naturally she didn’t give her phone number just for this reason alone. She felt that Jiang Fei was rather interesting, so she wanted to become friends with Jiang Fei and play with him, thus she gave him her phone number!

Jiang Fei was not stupid, just from the small young lady’s eyes and expression he could tell what the girl was trying to do.

But he didn’t have enough time to deal with the small young lady right now, so he just nodded, and smiled: “I’ll call you.” He then quickly left carrying a rabbit sized yellow Tibetan Mastiff in his arms.

To tell you the truth, Jiang Fei was a little bit worried right now. He was afraid that the pet store owner would suddenly change his mind, and call back, not intending to sell the Tibetan Mastiff to him, at that time Jiang Fei wouldn’t have any place to cry.

Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best.

Only by leaving this place can he find a peace of mind.

In less than a minute time, Jiang Fei left the pet market and returned to his car.

At this time, he was breathing heavily, he was just unable to suppress the joy in his heart, he almost couldn’t stop himself from letting out a roar from all of this excitement. Looking at the side of the driver’s seat he saw the suffering Tibetan Mastiff, he felt like dancing.

A purebred Tibetan Mastiff! An excellent growth level at that! If I raise this kind of Tibetan Mastiff, I’m afraid that it would soon become a mythical beast in the legends, it would even be worth more than 10 million yuan if I auctioned it. The time when that arrives shouldn’t be far off, right? Jiang Fei couldn’t help but think about the Tibetan Mastiff in his possession.

He spent only 1000 yuan to buy such a treasure!

Thinking back, instead of giving 2000 yuan, he had actually gave them 1000 yuan. Jiang Fei blushed a little after thinking about his stingy attitude.

In fact, he wasn’t reluctant to let go of the other 1000 yuan, but only by pulling back the other half of the 2000 yuan would make his acting even more realistic and more logical.

If not for this, the small young lady bai Yun would have probably doubted him, and wouldn’t have sold him the Tibetan Mastiff at that price. When that time comes, buying the purebred Tibetan Mastiff would definitely not be easy.

Of course, only Jiang Fei thought like this. He had no idea at all that he had actually given the small young lady a good impression. He could have never guessed that his malicious actions had moved the girl’s heart.

Jiang Fei took out the note, and looked at it in wonder: “This little girl finally gave me her phone number, but why though? No, did she by any chance get attracted by me? But I don’t have millions of dollars, just like that foreigner that bought the Tibetan Mastiff in the shop. I also didn’t reveal any of my special abilities to her. Could it be that my charm has unknowingly increased to the point that its able to attract a woman just with a single glance?”

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei touched his chin as he revealed a strange smile, a narcissistic kind of look.

He didn’t have any intention of touching the small young lady. Although she was not particularly beautiful, but she still had good looks, it also looked like she was nice, when he thought about buying the million yuan Tibetan Mastiff, she didn’t ridicule him and was even polite towards him.

The little girl simply gave off a little sister feeling to him.

Shaking his head, Jiang Fei left all these messy thoughts behinds, unable to contain he held the yellow Tibetan Mastiff and hugged it, looking was just not enough for him. After a long time, he slowly put his right hand on top of his little head, his character interface immediately appeared inside his mind as his master level taming skill [Summoned Beast] activated, from now on the little Tibetan Mastiff would become his ‘Summoned Beast’ who will only be loyal to him alone.

As for the purebred Tibetan Mastiff’s disease, since Jiang Fei has the level 9 [Summoned Beast] skill, he himself could be considered a very good veterinarian, he might even be better than any traditional Chinese medicine out there!

It may be difficult for other veterinarians to cure this illness, but to him, it was no problem at all.

The Tibetan Mastiff’s hind leg was broken, which should have occurred a little after it was born. And since the broken leg had been there for far too long now, it should have missed the early healing period, so no matter how good the current veterinary technology was, it was just unlikely for its leg to recover.

However, Jiang Fei has the [Summoned Beast Evolution Medicine]

The [Summoned Beast Evolution Medicine] can enhance the summoned beast’s basic stats, as well as increase its growth level. But it wasn’t restricted to just that, the medicine could also recover any injuries that the summoned beast received in the past!

As long as the summoned beast isn’t dead, after using the [Summoned Beast Evolution Medicine], it will not only enhance its stats, but also allow it to recover from all its injuries.

This additional effect alone showed the huge difference between human medicine and this pill.

So now even if Jiang Fei veterinary skill were of no use to it, just by feeding the medicine to the little Tibetan Mastiff, everything would turn out fine.

About ten minutes later, Jiang Fei separated his hand from the purebred Tibetan Mastiff’s small head. And at the same time as that, the small Tibetan Mastiff looked at him, although it was still suffering, it looked as if it was depending on Jiang Fei as its small head was rubbed against Jiang Fei’s arms, expressing how close it was to him.

“Success!” Jiang Fei let out a satisfied smile.

He couldn’t wait to return to Rice Village anymore, so inside the car, he quickly took out the small bottle [Summoned Beast Evolution Medicine] from his storage, and opened the cap: “Xiao Huang (Small Yellow), later I’ll call you Xiao Huang. Come, drink this bottle, and sleep. After you sleep, you won’t feel anymore pain!”

One was purebred, the other was an excellent growth level, after taking this evolution medicine, what will become of the Tibetan Mastiff?

“Will it really be comparable to a lion?” Jiang Fei couldn’t help but laugh.

After feeding the Evolution Medicine to the small Tibetan Mastiff, he placed it back inside the box, and went to a nearby food market to buy ingredients for tonight’s and tomorrow’s meal. Jiang Fei finally drove back to the village……

*Source : Martial Dao

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