The Almighty Martial Arts System 4

By | August 9, 2019

The young girl’s name was Xia Xiaozhi, the daughter of the neighbor downstairs.

Now 16 years old, and would be in her first year in high school next term.

Three months ago, Jiang Fei was unemployed for a while, and by chance, he had become her tutor in physics, math and chemistry, up until now. The two had met each other for three months now, so they’re actually very familiar with each other.

However, this young girl was in her rebellious phase, somewhat detest studying, in regards to this Jiang Fei doesn’t have a very good impression of her, as she always like to oppose him.

For example, Jiang Fei didn’t like her calling him uncle, but she still chose to call him that.

Jiang Fei raise the corner of his mouth, after passing through the door, without closing it, he changed his shoes while he said: “Come in!”

Xia Xiaozi didn’t have a ponytail that most female student at her age likes, she thought that it was too old, and too plain….

Instead her hair looked like there’s a mushroom sprouting on her head.

Dark hair combed straight, bangs just over her eyebrows that didn’t affect her big eyes, the hair on the rear on either side was a little cruve, just enough to see her ear lobe.

This, couple with Xia Xiaozhi her school uniform made her look like a beautiful Lolita.

Unfortunately, the lolita’s look was quite not right, temperament was also not right. Although she was holding the books by supporting it with her bosom, she would still shake as she walks, resembling a delinquent of society.

She had very big attractive eyes, always brimming with a feel of unruliness. Contrary to what one might expect, her style of dress was not mainstream, just like the appearance of a small tomboy.

“Uncle, why did you buy these many food today, don’t tell me you want to personally cook it yourself? Is there something you can’t get over, ah, don’t poison yourself! Although I’m a bit uncomfortable with you, but I don’w want you to die….because if you die, my mother would definitely look for another tutor for me, when the time comes it would be more painful for me!” Xia Xiaozhi had also changed her shoes, walking between Jiang Fei and the refrigerator, with something in her mind, she cast a glance at him, persuading him with her ‘good intension’.

She has been together with Jiang Fei for three months, Xia Xiaozhi was also clear of Jiang Fei’s cooking, and knew that in Jiang Fei’s refrigerator, in the past there were only drinks and beer inside, never were there any food inside it.

“Do your homework! Yesterday, I gave you a few problems that I told you to finish! Jiang Fei said ill-humoredly.

These woman, what’s with their behavior!

His present mood can only be described with a few words: Right now you refuse to acknowledge me, but in a while I’ll you yield and make you think that you’re not higher than me.

“Certainly not finished!” Xia Xiaozhi confidently replied.

At will she threw the books at the nearby sofa, while at it she intended to take out a canned beer from the refrigerator, but in the end Jiang Fei, all of a sudden heavily slapped her hand, to say: “kid, you lack the capacity to drink, don’t pretend that you’re an expert in drinking beer!”

“Who said that my alcohol capacity is bad!” The arm that got hit was a little painful, Xia Xaiozhi also hit back Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei who came over to give her green tea was seething in rage, only to be pushed next to the sofa.

“You haven’t don’t your homework yet, quickly do it. I’ll prepare food now, if before I prepare the food, I find that you haven’t done it yet, don’t blame me for calling your mom. You know that I don’t want to do such a thing.” After Jiang Fei lightly flung threatening words, he no longer cared about the little girl, walking into the kitchen and began to get busy.

Although Xia Xiaozhi was in her rebellious phase, she still very much feared her mom. Otherwise she wouldn’t have obediently come to Jiang Fei’s lessons every day during dinner.

When Jiang Fei threatens her with her mother each time, she could only quietly do the task given to her.

Jiang Fei charged her mother 800 each month to reschedule a class, even though he values their friendship, but it was still important for him to fulfill his duty as her tutor.

Just as he did as a doctor, a doctor needs to see his patients to prescribe their medication, and doesn’t just deliberately say that they have a severe illness, and wouldn’t just conveniently give his patient any kind of medicine, but to give the patient the right medicine that he needs.

Jiang Fei, in some ways is a man of principle. Sometimes in this turbid world, one can’t avoid being contaminated. Nevertheless, he still only earns money by doing the right thing.

Entering the kitchen.

Before Jiang Fei’s cooking was very bad, but after he got his skills he became a grandmaster, he was indeed completely different. No matter if it was cutting the vegetables, using the pots and pans, he was incomparably skilled, looking like a master chef who had practice for dozens of years.

The potato’s skin was almost like a thread, and before he took half a day just to kill a fish, now he just needed one minute to completely clean the fish.

Sweet and sour spareribs, gong bao chicken, west lake vinegar fish, mapo bean curd, red-roated pork and julienned potatoes….

In a while, whether it was a difficult or easy dish to make, or a different cuisine, Jiang Fei handled it with ease. Moreover, the color, smell and tastes filled the kitchen, even in the living room, one can smell the sweet fragrance making anyone’s appetite to greatly grow.

Xia Xiaozhi who didn’t spare a glance at Jiang Fei a moment ago, didn’t know when she had followed the fragrance, entering the kitchen like a glutton, she looked at the delicious delicacies that were made.


Jiang Fei who was cutting suddenly slapped her hand, hitting Xia Xiaozhi who really wanted to steal the food on the table.

“Did you finish your homework? Wash your hands? Didn’t somebody say a moment ago to be careful or they might be poisoned to death?” There was a happy expression on Jiang Fei’s face, as he made a stir-fried dish and said.

Xia Xiaozhi angrily stamped her foot, struggling to take away her line of sight from the dish, saying stubbornly: “Homework done! Ah, what pretentiousness, only making the dish look good and nothing more, perhaps there isn’t even anything great about its taste.”

Jiang Fei wasn’t psychologically hit, he then let out a chuckle: “The taste isn’t that good. That’s why kid, you just watch me eat, I don’t want to inconvenience you to taste it!”

Somehow, all the dishes were finally made.

Jiang Fei carried the dishes to the dinner table, but this time Xia Xiaozhi actually tagalong with Jiang Fei back and forth,continuously staring at the food he had cooked, her eyeball seems like it would fall any moment, as she repeatedly swallowed her saliva.

No one could blame Xia Xiaozhi’s lack of prospects, as the food that Jiang Fei had made was too appetizing, even the so-called celebrity chef couldn’t do such a thing.

After letting her look, her sense of hunger enormously grew, and looked like she hadn’t eaten for half a month.

“Uncle….Today, I didn’t eat much, so I’m now hunger, I’ll eat a little, okay?” Xia Xiaozhi hugged Jiang Fei’s arm, and started acting like a spoiled brat.

Jiang Fei had a smile on his face, an indifferent smile.

Jiang Fei got himself a bowl of rice, and seemed like he didn’t plan to let Xia Xiaozhi eat, so she finally couldn’t hold it in and was furious. Not allowing her take control, Jiang Fei didn’t give her anything, but she herself took a bowl, then taking chopsticks, she impatiently sat beside Jiang Fei.

“Hisss~~~~~is hot!” Xia Xiaozhi opened her mouth while steam came out.

“~~~~Too delicious! This gong bao chicken is a dozen times more delicious compared to the one that mother makes!” Xia Xiaozhi was full of praise, and had completely forgotten that she had ridiculed Jiang Fei a moment ago, her face was beaming and cheerful, both her eyes shining bright.

This time her reserved ‘gang leader’ look disappeared, exposing a kind of blooming young lady, and it goes without saying that it was cute.

At the same as they were eating, this little girl hadn’t looked Jiang Fei, but from time to time she would lean her body, raising her thumb up in praise: “Uncle, you shouldn’t reveal the secrets that you’re deeply concealing! This level, is practically that of the God of kitchen! Delicious….really delicious!”

Feeling Xia Xiaozhi’s not so small chest, as well as when she would try to do something to make up for her missed classes, he would see a beautiful light in the deep gorge, this 16 or 17-year-old girl, who apparently wasn’t merely just adorable….

“Too evil! If this girl’s mother knew of my thoughts, she wouldn’t just kill me but….” Jiang Fei shook his head quickly dispelling the idea.

“Now we know it’s delicious? At first you say what was it?” Jiang Fei said in a teasing way. This girl is very interesting, 16-year-old, but mindless.

Xia Xiaozhi rolled her eyes, her mouth kept on moving, and just didn’t know what to say: “What did I say? Why don’t I remember it clearly?”

“You say my food is toxic, and is inedible, but also tried to persuade me not to eat it. You are now doing what?” Jiang Fei smiled.

“I told you not to eat, but I didn’t say I won’t. I was afraid that the dish might be poisonous, so I’m helping uncle try if it’s poisonous!” Xia Xiaozhi couldn’t be reasoned with, as she quibbled to say.

Jiang Fei couldn’t help but laugh, raising his hand he gently knocked on her mushroom head: “Kid, didn’t know you speak this unreasonably.”

“go talk with my mom….” Xia Xiaozhi felt prideful when she should have felt ashamed. This little girl really did get her unreasonableness from a certain mother, otherwise she wouldn’t have just easily given Jiang Fei several hundred dollars every month, and would have gotten her a private tutor.

But now private tutors are extremely expensive, otherwise where can someone find a cheap place like this.

Before long, the several dishes on the dinner table, there were only left overs left. Although Xia Xiaozhi roared fiercely in the beginning, but she only ate a little, as her stomach couldn’t continue supporting her, most of the dishes went into Jiang Fei’s stomach.

Xia Xiazhi finished eating her meal, she didn’t want to move and continued to sit on the chair, her eyes revealed that she was completely satisfied, said: “Too delicious, I’m so satisfied! I’ve never eaten such delicious food!” She looked at Jiang Fei, begging: “Uncle, later I’ll come eat a meal here in the evening, okay?”

“Why?” Jiang Fei remained unmoved. However, he sighed at heart “It seems like these secondary skills are also really very useful.”

He had already been together with this girl Xia Xiaozhi for three months, and during this time she rarely resign herself to him, now after one meal, she immediately yielded.

“Because the dishes you make are so delicious!” Xia Xiaozhi stupidly said as if it was natural.

Jiang Fei was deeply speechless.

But in fact, he felt very good when someone accompanied him as he ate, talking and laughing, it at least felt better than when he was eating all by himself. Moreover, Xia Xiaozhi was a little girl, even if she ate, how much can she only eat?

However Jiang Fei immediately didn’t reply, smiled, and said: “In the future, if I cook at home, you can eat. But….I have a condition!”

“Conditions?” Hearing these word, Xia Xiaozhi held her chest with both of her hands, with a widened eye she looked at Jiang Fei pitifully, and in a low voice said: “Uncle….you’re not…..I’m a child! While uncle’s very handsome, tall and meets my standards. But….I’m not an adult. If you do that to me, it would be against the law….”


Jiang Fie fiercely knocked on her head, furiously said: “Little girl what are you thinking! My conditions are that you don’t call me uncle, make up for the classes you’ve missed, as well as listening to me.”

Xia Xiaozhi rubbed her head, with lingering fear she patted her chest with her other hand, and then said with lingering fear: “Turns out to be like this. Uncle, you scared me!”

“You gave me a fright!” Jiang Fei ill-humoredly said.

He hadn’t noted it completely, but Xia Xiaozhi still continued to call him uncle.

Her habit, has already become natural.

Being called uncle, seems like it wouldn’t change in such a short time.

*Source : Martial Dao

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