The Almighty Martial Arts System 36

By | August 17, 2019

In the entire morning, the furniture company carried all the items in the truck inside the villa, and with the help of the warm-hearted villagers in rice village, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin finally finished decorating the place.

In addition to the furniture, household appliances such as computers, TV and refrigerators were all set up. As for the kitchen appliances, it had all been organized already before the house was even finished being built.

Since Jiang Fei was tight in funds as of now, he had no choice but to save money, as a result the stuffs he bought weren’t luxurious, just average. However, these furniture were stylish enough, and with the way he had arranged it around his place, the furnishing could be considered an ‘elegant’ one.

Jiang Fei had a good deal of secondary skills, a large amount of which were at the mastery level, thus his insight is naturally greater than an average person’s.

Making Jasmine Lin silently thought: The taste of this man is really crafty!

“Ah! First, we need to come to an agreement, in the future this is going to be my room. Even if it’s your family or a guest, you can’t have them go inside my roof. You know that I’ve become slightly overweight!” Jasmine Lin wore a white shirt, pink suspender dress, and a yellow jacket. At this time she threw her jacket off to the side, and comfortably laid on the bed, waving her hands in the air just like a little girl.

“You really are bossy, aren’t you? Why do you need to be in my home, don’t you have a house just for yourself?” Jiang fei stood at the door, a smile was on his face, as he looked once more at Jasmine Lin who was inside his house.

Almost the whole lay out of the villa were based on his ideas. Only this small bedroom, completely matched Jasmine Lin’s ideas.

The girly pink color in the room wasn’t small, in addition to that there was also a brown color mixed in, revealing an elegant scholar like flavor. The room wasn’t too luxurious, besides the bed, there were only a desk and a chest of drawers. There was also a small bookshelf on the wall, where she could later place her books and notebooks in, it was all based Jasmine Lin’s small thoughts. As for the TV and the refrigerator, she didn’t have on in the room. Of course, even if Jasmine Lin had asked Jiang Fei to install one inside her room, he still wouldn’t have installed one inside. He was already tight on funds, if Jasmine Lin hadn’t withdrawn cash to buy these…..

The bedroom wasn’t that big, it was roughly 20m2, it also had a bathroom which only had a shower, and no bathtub. In addition to that the location of this bedroom was very good, and if she opened the curtains on the right side of her bedroom, she would be able to see a French window, as well as the lake outside that wasn’t far away from the villa, it gave off a seascape theme inside the room. And if the fruit trees that Jiang Fei planted, grew up, the scenery would become even more beautiful.

“Because I’m your employee, that makes you my boss! You earn a lot of money, but you only pay me ¥5000 per month, you just too stingy. So you’ll also have to feed me, and give me a house package!” Jasmine Lin didn’t hesitate to lie on her bed as she said so.

Jasmine Lin didn’t realize that when she waved her hands in the air, she had also lifted her legs a little bit. Jiang Fei’s eyes suddenly became sharp, as he unconsciously looked at her skirt as well as her pair of slender white legs.

“Purple, and red flower buds. And a silk pattern? This girl’s taste really is good…” Jiang Fei’s eyes flashed, as he quickly shifted his sight to something else, while his heart secretly skipped a beat.

Men confronted with this kind of beautiful scene would instinctively take a look, so it was quite understandable for him to react that way. However, if he continued stare in place, he would only be viewed as a pervert….

“¥5000 per month is something you agreed yourself. Moreover, how can ¥5000 per month be not much. It’s at least better than the pay you get when you were working at the hospital as a nurse, right? Moreover, the work I give you is so easy, plus you only have to work 5 or 6 hours a day. Do you think I can’t find anyone else? Even if I offer them only ¥3000, I think there would still be a lot of people who would apply, right?” Jiang Fei said, smiling.

“In the job market, where can you find another beautiful girl?” Jasmine Lin sat up on her bed, as she stared Jiang Fei.

She knew that with Jiang Fei’s acupuncture, Jiang Fei would certainly earn a lot of money, but she just didn’t know how much. But now that she was working at Jiang Fei’s clinic, working as the cashier, she found out that Jiang Fei’s income was something beyond her expectations.

Of course, she wasn’t really jealous of how much Jiang Fei earns, and that her wage is less than his. Instead she was really happy for Jiang Fei. Moreover, the things she said were nothing more than a pretext.

Seeing Jasmine Lin sit up, there was no more tofu that he could eat (stare), Jiang Fei was now too lazy to argue with her, as he said: “Let’s go. Let’s go down and prepare something to eat. It’s almost 1:00pm now, you must be hungry, right?”

“I didn’t notice that I’m hungry up until you asked.” Jasmine Lin stood up, and rubbed her stomach: “We’ve been so busy since morning, so I didn’t really realize it until now. But now that you asked me I’ve suddenly become quite hungry~~”

With that, she jumped off her bed and walked towards Jiang Fei, she then put her hands on Jiang Fei’s shoulder and pushing him to go down stairs, as if she couldn’t wait any longer: “What’s for lunch today?”

“Beef with onion stir-fry, and Chinese leaf with vinegar sauce!” Jiang Fei answered.

In the morning, after Jiang Fei moved in, Li Guiying gave him a warm welcome, giving Jiang Fei a pack of rice, as well as vegetables such as green onions and cabbage, she had also given him a small streak of pork, free of charge.

Jiang Fei was surprised, usually in the city such a thing would never happen. There, everyone was only interested about themselves, anxiously earning money for them to use. He hastily gave Li Guiying money, but she didn’t take it. Eventually, Jiang Fei gave a ¥100 to Li Guiying’s grandson.

“Today we can’t eat anything else other than this, but later on even if we come here, we’ll still be able to eat something delicious.” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

Jasmine Lin who was behind Jiang Fei, asked puzzled: “How?”

“I asked the villagers, and apparently there are a lot of birds and hares at the mountain behind us, there are also a lot of wild mushrooms. Later on, we can go to that mountain and hunt, we can go pick some mushrooms, and hunt some poultries, the taste of it will be entirely than those sold in the market.” Jiang Fei said.

Jiang Fei also wanted to go on a hunt, he even had a desire to go to northeast and go to the Changbai Mountains to hunt bears. However, he didn’t have a chance to do such a thing because he wasn’t strong enough. He didn’t think that such a chance would happen at Rice Village, this was something that he never thought that he would never get a chance to do.

Jasmine Lin poured cold water all over him, saying: “You’re going hunting? Don’t you need a shotgun to hunt, how will you get one?”

Jiang Fei snorted, as he confidently said: “How can it be difficult. At that time, I’ll make some preparations, and raise a hunting dog, hunting is easier than buying things in the market!”

He was determined to become a hero, master all kinds of unique skills, if he was unable to do something as simple as hunting, how will he achieve the things he wanted to do?

But now Jiang Fei was now actually considering raising a Tibetan Mastiff, as it seems like in Rice Village, a pet dog, is something necessary.

A Tibetan Mastiff, no matter how fierce, no matter how much it resembles a lion, it still isn’t suitable for hunting. One might as well raise a native dog.

“But, if I raise a Tibetan Mastiff, I won’t have to raise a native dog. Perhaps, if I have time, I can also get an eagle. Raising such animals should make catching hares no problem at all….” Jiang Fei thought to himself.

Raising an eagle and walking a dog, a leash on the left and an ash-gray gauntlet on the right. Later on, after he raises a Tibetan Mastiff and an eagle, he believed that he would become someone awe-inspiring!

The dish was simple to make, so it was naturally quick to make.

After ten minutes, in Jiang Fei’s beautiful holiday villa, a sweet and flavorful smell filled the air, the sound of a man and a woman laughing could also be heard……

*Source : Martial Dao

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