The Almighty Martial Arts System 32

By | August 15, 2019

After buying ingredients, they finally left the market. And under the guidance of Su Nan, Jiang Fei drove to the place where she lived.

Su Nan didn’t rent an apartment when she and her husband divorced, her husband took almost all their savings, while she and her daughter took custody of the house.

The house wasn’t too small, it had three-bedroom, and had an area of 100m2. According to the house prices in this area, even if the house was second-hand, it should still be worth at least ¥1,000,000. As for the matter between Su Nan and her husband, about why they divorced, Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin had only become familiar with Su Nan, so it was natural for them not to ask her such a personal matter.

“Come in.” Su Nan opened the front door and greeted both Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin with a smile.

At the time the door opened, they heard immediately heard a childish tone: “Mom, why are you so late? 《Bear’s Buni》is over already….”

Not long after, the little girl noticed Jiang Fei and quickly ran towards them. She didn’t expect that her mother would bring some people to her house, so when the kid saw Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin, she was in somewhat of a daze, no words could come out of her mouth while her eyes were wide open as she looked at Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin.

Jiang Fei quite liked children. Initially, both Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi’s parents urged them to get married, wanting them to have a child as soon as possible, he too was not at all opposed to this. Today, many youngsters look like they haven’t grown up yet, and that they were incapable of being parents to other people, but Jiang Fei regarding this opinion didn’t agree.

Bending over, Jiang Fei touched the little girl’s face, and said with a smile: “Tong Tong, remember me?”

The little girl was the same as her mother and seemed like she had a very deep impression of Jiang Fei, and with eyes wide open, she adorably nodded: “Your uncle Jiang who previously helped mother. How come you came to my house….”

Looking at such a lovely girl, Jiang Fei was in quite a happy mood, he then brought forth the ingredients in his hand, he then bent down again, and said: “I’ve come to eat at Tong Tong’s home, aren’t you happy that uncle came?”

Tong Tong smiled and nodded her head.

At this time Jasmine Lin leaned over to touch the little girl, she smiled and said: “Sister Su Nan, your daughter’s so cute ah! Let aunt hug….”

In the end, Jasmine Lin who has always been an uncompromising beauty, requested to hug the lovely girl, only to find that she was ruthlessly rejected. When Tong Tong saw Jasmine trying to hold her, she quickly ran into Jiang Fei’s arms, she tightly held Jiang Fei’s neck, indicating that she didn’t want to be held by Jasmine Lin.

Su Nan seeing this, explained: “Tong Tong, this child is somewhat shy to stranger that she had seen for the first time. Jasmine don’t mind it, wait a while and she’ll get used to you, all right.

Jasmine Lin pulled back her stretched arm, and somewhat depressed said: “But Jiang Fei and her aren’t familiar with each other, why is she willing to let Jiang Fei touch her?”

Jiang Fei laughed, and looked at the little girl’s young, tender and adorable small face, he then said: “Naturally it’s because I and Tong Tong have been brought together by fate. Wouldn’t you say so, Tong Tong?”

The little girl bit her finger, and with a very clear sound asked, “What is fate, uncle Jiang?” However, without waiting for Jiang Fei’s explanation, she quickly used her baby voice and said: “Let uncle Jiang hold, because Uncle Jiang is a good person, Tong Tong like uncle Jiang.”

Hearing Tong Tong’s explanation, Jasmine Lin was even more depressed, she then asked: “Does aunt look like a bad guy?”

“You do look like a bad guy very much!” Jiang Fei naturally said. Jasmine Lin is more popular than him in some aspects, so making Jasmine Lin slightly admit defeat made Jiang Fei very happy. Saying as such, he took a quick glance at Jasmine Lin.

Su Nan left the ingredients in the kitchen and immediately came out. She then came over to ask: “After watching the cartoon show, did you do your homework?”

Jiang Fei who was holding Tong Tong in his arms, brilliantly heard ‘Yeah’, he turned around and clearly saw that it wasn’t done yet. Jiang Fei smiled and then put her down, she ran to do her homework.

Jiang Fei curiously asked: “Sister Su, isn’t Tong Tong only five years old? Is she already in the first grade?”

Su Nan shook her head and said: “No, she’ll be in the first grade in half a year. Right now she’s still in kindergarten. Nevertheless, she still has homework every day.”

Next, Jiang Fei entered the kitchen unwilling to pass his responsibility on to others. Jasmine Lin’s cooking skills were much worse than the past Jiang Fei, she was very knowledgeable to not show off her skills, and after continually washing each ingredient, after which she was driven out of the kitchen by Su Nan, so she went to the sofa to accompany Tong Tong do her homework.

“Jiang Fei, you do the steak, I’ll take care of the rest. I’m master of the house, making you enter the kitchen is already bad enough, I can’t possibly trouble you more than this.” Su Nan said.

If not for the fact that she didn’t know how to cook the steak as she had no prior experience in making one, she would have already kicked Jiang Fei out of the kitchen.

Perhaps it’s because she walked up the building, or perhaps it was because the house was warm, at this time Su Nan untied two buttons of her shirt, which no longer tightly covered her cleavage. In addition to that, she had taken off her high heels, so she was a head shorter than Jiang Fei now, so it looked like Jiang Fei had a domineering position. Moreover, it was very easy to her snow-white neck which causes men’s soul to stir, as well as a faint black bra.

White shirt, black bra. It’s a perfect match! She’s also good at matching her clothes. Jiang Fei secretly sighed in his heart and was a bit angry. However, his face remained the same as he said: “Sister Su, this pigeon stew, I’ll do it myself. Otherwise, I would have bought those spices for nothing since you don’t know how to use them.”

“This….” Su Nan was fiercely making the soup, but Jiang Fei all of a sudden said that he was going to do it himself, and was unable to refute him. So thinking as such, she said: “In a while, I’ll come take a look at it.”

She thought that if the moment that Jiang Fei does bad would really come, she would be right next to him to help him correct it. She wouldn’t let Jiang Fei make a mess of today’s dinner.

“Ok!” Jiang Fei nodded, holding up the kitchen knife, as his hand finally started to move.

In order to make the T-bone steak, he first had to remove the white layer on the steak, which is the same as the tendon of the cattle. Otherwise, if the cattle tendon is left alone, one would have to boil it first to soften it, and would even perhaps take several hours to finish.

Most people want to get rid this layer of tendon, but is very difficult, and some people even have to use a razor to slowly cut it off. But to Jiang Fei who was handling the kitchen knife only had to do a few *swish*, however one could only see a ray of white light as the knife continued to move, it was so fast that people practically can’t see his hand clearly. Even Su Nan who has been in the kitchen for years, was stunned. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at the scene, her jaw was wide open, and in roughly 2-3minutes, the three pound of steak was splendidly cut into multiple steaks, Jiang Fei had easily cleaned the steak.

The tendons were removed, next was ‘massaging’ the steak. One has to first loosen the beef, otherwise the beef would be very hard, and it would be hard to bite the beef off the bone.

Jiang Fei’s technique was special, his index finger went back and forth, it looked as if he was massaging something the same as a human. The ‘massage’ time wasn’t long, and in about 3-4 minutes he finished.

Many people found that pork chops were better to eat than beef steak, but it’s not true, as long as the chef’s skill is superb, one would be able to make an amazing steak that is absolutely much more fragrant than pig meat! The taste would also be much better!

Next, he washed the other ingredients for the steak, and started to cut, the ingredients he bought was neatly cut, but he didn’t even use ten minutes in the preparation.

Su Nan didn’t want to let Jiang Fei work too hard, and just as she was about to let Jiang Fei rest, she blushed as she didn’t have the nerve to say it!

Because just by looking at Jiang Fei’s actions, she was already certain that Jiang Fei was a lot better than her in cooking.

Looking at an expert move, would only reveal one’s own shortcomings!

Jiang Fei had then spread cumin powder on the steak, as well as some of Jiang Fei’s own secret recipe, after which he wrapped the steak in tin foil and began to roast it.  Su Nan couldn’t bear to finally ask once more: “Jiang Fei, did you really go to ‘New Oriental Cooking school’?”

Jiang Fei’s hands continued to operate, while he bragged: “I have ‘the New Oriental diploma for outstanding students’ at home, if I have time I’ll show it to you.”

While the steak was being roasted, Jiang Fei began to start making the pigeon soup.

Looking at the stunned appearance of the beautiful young woman Su Nan caused by his own cooking skill, Jiang Fei was quite proud of himself, he then continued to explain: “Making soup seems like it’s simple, but actually making genuine soup is harder than making stir-fried dishes. Stir-fried dishes are cooked under raging fire, but one can also add many seasoning to cover the food’s original deficiency. However, making soup is different, when one wants to put liquor in the soup to make it tasty, one must be fastidious and be precise. For example, this Gezitang, the pigeon meat itself has an unusual smell, so we must first fry it, before we can put it inside the pot, then you have to match it with the bamboo shoots to actually increase the soup’s sweetness. However, one needs to put the mushrooms first before the bamboo shoots, otherwise it will affect the good distribution between the bamboo shoot and the pigeon meat. Certainly, what’s the most important is the mixes of the various spices….”

Smelling the strong aroma that began to overflow from the pot, as well as the tempting taste of the grilled steak, Su Nan was thoroughly convinced, she heartfeltly praised: “Jiang Fei, I didn’t think that not only is your medical skill superb, but your cooking is also superb! The girl that marries you later on would certainly be happy!”

*Source : Martial Dao

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