The Almighty Martial Arts System 29

By | August 14, 2019

The power of the mass is strong; the public opinion of people is even more terrifying.

Together with 20 people, Jiang Fei left the clinic, arriving at Gao Xin district’s police station in an hour, the middle-aged officer was afraid that his relation with Gao Hengyuan would come to light, so even though he was somewhat sullen and in a somewhat bad mood, eventually he had no choice but to record Jiang Fei’s statement, and afterwards allowed him to leave.

He didn’t dare do anything. After all he had heard that these 20 people had really called the TV station, and after the TV station heard the news, they had prepared to send a reporter to come for an interview.

If he had done something good, the middle-aged officer wouldn’t mind to receive praise about the matter he had handled, and would even look forward for the reporter to come and interview him. However, this time’s matter was somewhat tricky, if he arouses a reporter who uses their head and cautiously examines him, he can’t say for certain that the reporter wouldn’t find out his relationship with Gao Hengyuan, and at that time a huge issue would arise.

Thus it only took Jiang Fei 5 or 6 minutes from entering and leaving the police station, and was even politely sent out by the police officers. As for the five men and woman that Gao Hengyuan had instructed to cause trouble for him, it goes without saying that the evidence given was a conclusively one, not only was Jiang Fei not detain, but instead they were the ones detained.

Even if they feign illness it would still be useless!

Because Jiang Fei and his party had angered the police officer, catching the sight of them feigning illness, the police officer did a complete 120 degrees, and had instead vented his anger towards them, immediately making the thugs to become completely honest.

Fortunately, these thugs were smart, and didn’t pull down Gao Hengyuan with them. Otherwise, their final results would have been even more miserable.

After coming out of Gaoxin district’s police station, Jiang Fei without saying anything, looked at the people that had accompanied him to the police station, and bowed solemnly towards them, giving his thanks.

To tell the truth, he was really moved. If it weren’t for these lovely people, today’s matter certainly wouldn’t have ended quite easily. It was obvious that the middle-aged officer had something to do with Gao Hengyuan. Thus if it weren’t for the help of these group of people, Jiang Fei would find it difficult to explain himself.

He had been in medical school for so many years, and had even been a doctor for three years. But Jiang Fei wasn’t like he was today, he felt so happy, and so proud of himself and the career he had chosen!

First, these people had sent him a written plaque [Acupuncture King], later on these people fully supported him, preventing others from bullying him. Before he was just doing his duty as a doctors, taking their money after helping them cure their incurable disease which had caused them pain for many years!

In fact, Jiang Fei wasn’t that kind towards them. But these people were still deeply grateful towards Jiang Fei, and even saw him as their benefactor.

Doctor and teacher, these two occupation were always used to discuss two disparate things together. In the past Jiang Fei felt that being a doctor was actually not as noble as being a teacher, and so welcomed. But today he found out that so long as he is a genuinely good doctor, he would become very popular!

Jiang Fei bowed, and accompanied by Jasmine Lin by his side, the two bowed and expressed their gratitude. She was now part of Jiang Fei’s clinic, the people who helped Jiang Fei, had helped the clinic, and had also helped her. So she ought to be thankful.

Seeing that, the beautiful young married woman Su Nan bowed her head, thinking that this matter was caused by her….

A group of men and women, young and old, seeing this, immediately shook their head, and said to Jiang Fei: “Dr. Jiang, you don’t have to do this. We had only helped a little to handle the matter today. Compared to the help you’ve given us; it is merely nothing.”

Jiang Fei showed a faint smile which was no longer artificial.

It goes without saying that he wasn’t being pretentious towards these people any longer, as he seriously said: “No matter what, today’s matter I must thank everybody. I thank you for sending me the plaque, I will keep it for a lifetime; I thank you for today’s help, I will remember it for a lifetime. Later, I Jiang Fei will help any of you in need, don’t be uncomfortable, and just come to me for help….it goes without saying that I want you people to be healthy, free from any disease!”

“No way, no way.” Laughter could be heard from all around.

“If I’m sick won’t have anything to worry about, we have a highly skilled doctor here, so later if one of us gets sick we won’t have anything to fear!”

“Dr. Jiang, I have relatives that are sick, I’ve told them to come see you, hopefully you have time to help and take a look….”

One by one they responded, and at this time it was already 7pm, and was already not morning, so the people around Jiang Fei slowly dispersed, and went back to their houses.

While Jiang Fei, Jasmine Lin and Su Nan returned to the clinic together.

“Dr. Jiang, I’m really sorry. Previously, you had helped me, and saved both me and my daughter’s life. But this time, I had only caused you more trouble….” Su Nan walked towards Jiang Fei’s left, and embarrassedly whispered in his ear.

Jiang Fei secretly looked at the beautiful young woman Su Nan, he had to admit that Su Nan was really charming, and was also quite a beauty. Especially at this time she was a little charming as she stroked her hair with her hand, making her even more attractive. Even if she couldn’t compare with Jasmine Lin, but there was only a bit of difference between the two of them.

Moreover, she was a woman who had a child, having a special smell that even Jasmine Lin doesn’t have.

“Si~~~” Jiang Fei who was delightfully stealing a glance, grinned, but immediately afterwards he gasped a mouthful of air. He then looked towards his back, only to find Jasmine Lin’s small hand pinching his waist, the power of the pinch was obviously not light.

Jiang Fei quickly reached out his hand trying to break off the girl’s hand, but he didn’t have the nerve to move. Su Nan had embarrassedly apologized to him just a moment ago, so she didn’t observe Jiang Fei carefully. But Jasmine Lin was different, she actually observed his face, and seeing him grin, she put out her hand and pinched him.

Although Jasmine Lin’s hand was pulled off, she didn’t feel guilty, and instead she extended her hand and pointed towards Jiang Fei’s eyes, as she viciously glared at him.

Indicating that if he looks again, she would dig out his eyeballs!

“This woman, didn’t hold back at all!” Jiang Fei complained.

“What did you say?” Su Nan didn’t hear it, and looked up to ask.

Jiang Fei smiled and said: “Today’s matter, you don’t have to be too much guilty, in fact, you didn’t instigate this matter. You saw the two who pooped and urinated their pants in public, right? They’re behind this matter….”

Thinking of Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi, Jasmine Lin and Su Nan couldn’t help but laugh, and was overjoyed.

The two had really lost face and was seriously humiliated, as they had not only urinated in public, but had also crapped themselves. And even if they returned home to plan their revenge, they would still be too embarrassed to talk about what had happened!

The two woman gave Jiang Fei a supercilious look, thinking that Jiang Fei was really somewhat bad, giving people a hard time.

However, after thinking what the two had done, they felt very refreshed. Those bastards, even if you talk to them reasonably, the would definitely not listen. So the only thing that they could do is to do something that will remain in their memories for a long time.

“Do both of them hold a grudge against you? Why would they cause trouble for you?” Su Nan asked.

Jiang Fei didn’t reply, taking this opportunity Jasmine Lin pulled Jiang Fei to his side not letting him walk next to Su Nan.

“Sister Su Nan, this matter I’ll tell you about it….that bastard called Gao Hengyuan, is the son of the director of the hospital we previously worked at…” She collected the thoughts in her head, and whispered in her ears as she thought that Su Nan seemed like a good sister.

Jiang Fei couldn’t help but curl his lip, Jasmine Lin was really a hypocrite, calling Su Nan sister so intimately.

It must be known that previously Jasmine Lin had called Su Nan aunt when the two of them were talking!

Not long after, Su Nan was outraged: “Bastards doing such a thing?! He should be imprisoned! Why didn’t you report it to the police?”

Jasmine Lin bitterly replied: “At that time that the bastard didn’t prevail, I had forgotten to take the evidence in my hand, so later even if I wanted to sue him, there is no way that he would admit his fault….”

“What a pity! What a scum to use such a method to get a woman. Those type of man are the most hateful! Dr. Jiang, when you had pierced him with your needle, you should not only have made him crap his pants, but you should have also left some internal injury on him!” Su Nan said to Jiang Fei.

Jasmine Lin agreed with her and nodded, she then said: “Right! Since that scum likes women so much, you should have used your needle and make it so that he could never use his thing again!”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei’s scalp felt somewhat tingly. The cruelest was the married woman, it seemed that the woman regarded Gao Hengyuan as a scoundrel, and truly detests him.

“I’d like to, but I’m a traditional Chinese doctor, not God. And even if I were able to do such a thing and stab him with my needle, he could still call other traditional Chinese doctors to help him cure it….” Jiang Fei said.

*Source : Martial Dao

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