The Almighty Martial Arts System 28

By | August 14, 2019

The police came quickly.

After roughly 56 minutes, several police vehicles arrived, stopping just outside of Jiang Fei’s clinic.

However, these police officers didn’t actually come after receiving Su Nan’s report, as it could clearly be seen that they’ve rushed over Jiang Fei’s clinic.

If it were only Su Nan that reported to the police, perhaps the police wouldn’t have come, and treated it as if they haven’t heard anything. Long before, they and Gao Hengyuan were already in cahoots, thus so long as the report came from this street, they wouldn’t pay attention to it at all, and delay, coming only after half an hour pass.

The reason that they’ve come so quickly, was because of Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi who had crapped and urinated their pants, had angrily and crazily gone back to their BMW, immediately calling the police to inform them.

Also if it weren’t for Gao Hengyuan personally calling them, these police officers wouldn’t have come here in a hurry because of their agreement with Gao Hengyuan.

However, the police came quickly, but Jiang Fei’s hands and feet were still faster!

When these police officers came, the five men and the woman who were laying on the ground were already all right. They still felt somewhat numb on many parts of their body, but aside from this uncomfortableness, they could already stand, and were no longer as they were before, where they weren’t able to move as if they were disabled.

“Make way, make way. What’s the matter?” A middle aged police officer with a mole on his mouth went towards the clinic, and asked with a straight face.

The five men and the woman who were waiting for the police to come, who as if they were waiting until their savior to arrive, went towards the police officer’s side, and miserably complained: “Police officer, you have to stand in for me! This scouring doctor attacked me, I nearly died because of the needle he used! Quickly….catch him and put him to jail!”

The vicious woman performed her specialty again, feigning illness to blackmail him, “Ouch…I’m dying, I’m dying, my body is asleep… must be because of this scum doctor’s needle, leaving behind after effects!”

She wore clothes that bare her chest, and just by looking at her whole face it could be seen that she was ferocious and ugly, not at all a good person, but now she unexpectedly cried with a snot nosed face, complaining to the police, the scene looked incredibly funny.

The police officer coughed, his face didn’t show any expression, he then instructed several police to support the middle-aged woman, he then walked over Jiang Fei’s side, and asked seriously: “Their appearance, was it your doing?”

In fact, before they came here, the police officers already had a rough understanding of the situation. In addition to that, Gao Hengyuan had also entrusted him something, and obviously it was to cause more trouble for Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei didn’t have much to fear, he straightened his body and nodded: “it was my doing, but…they were the ones that caused trouble first, I was just forced to defend myself.”

Hearing this, the police officer with the mole below his mouth grinned, he didn’t think that Jiang Fei would admit it so easily, making it much easier to handle for him!

“Whether it be legitimate defense or not, it will have to wait until after we’ve investigated. For now, you come back with us to the police station!” The police officer said with a straight face. If Jiang Fei enters the police station, the matter would become easier to manage. Even if Jiang Fei claims that it was because of self defense, he wasn’t the one deciding the outcome, the final decision would come from them!

He then told his police officers to detain Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei didn’t rebel because he had nothing to worry about, because some of the people here didn’t agree with their decision.

They didn’t agree, it was natural because they received treatment from Jiang Fei, they had even gave him a plaque as their thanks.

Seeing the police arresting Jiang Fei with their own eyes, one by one they stood up and shouted: “What are you doing? Dr. Jiang is innocent; these people are in the wrong! You police should be able tell right from wrong instead of thoughtlessly grabbing a good person!”

Jasmine Lin and Su Nan took the lead and went in front of Jiang Fei, they stopped the police not wanting them to arrest Jiang Fei!

The middle-aged police officer who was in the police line for more than ten years, had already experienced this kind of thing in the past, he then used a megaphone and shouted: “What are you doing? Do you want to rebel? Whoever dares to cause trouble, I’ll bring them to the police station together with him!”

If it was in a foreign country, the police would certainly not be so tough in this kind of situation. But in China, this was nothing. If anyone dared to not listen, they’re merely asking for death. Since ancient times, ordinary people didn’t have guts, and were subconsciously afraid.

But there some exception.

For example, now, even with the police officers imposing vigor, Jiang Fei has the backing of numerous elderly people.

There is a law not to punish numerous offenders, even if these police officers dared to arrest a person, they didn’t dare to arrest a whole crowd.

When the time comes, if the matter becomes too big, the police wouldn’t be able to handle the matter in the same way as in the past. After all, now the society was completely different from before, the network is very developed, and if the matter were to spread in the internet, it would likely cause an uproar.

Thus, the middle-aged police officer threatened them, but in the face of these people seeking justice for Jiang Fei, it didn’t work. They were all united, not one of them stepped back, and abruptly stopped the police.

“If you dare to thoughtlessly grab this person, we’ll send this matter to the Party committee secretary, and make a joint petition!”

“I will post this matter online! I must expose this!”

“Police officer don’t arrest him, arresting a good person, we refuse comply!”

A sound louder than the sound waves from a while ago could be heard, making these police officers muddled. Whether It was an old police officer or a young police officer, at this time their face didn’t look so good, their eyes showing a somewhat timid expression.

Everything these people say made them very uncomfortable. If they were to really do as they were told, they were afraid that each of them would be exposed and would have to take responsibility for their actions.

At this time the middle-aged police officer also wanted to go back. His and Gao Hengyuan were friend, and even have a good relationship, as a result he used his ‘power’ to the limits, and hurriedly assisted Gao Hengyuan. However, asking him to risk his own life was absolutely impossible.

If he were to lose his position because of this matter, that wouldn’t be a good joke.

However, admitting his mistake was not his style. He was the deputy director of the police station, if he were to get intimidate by a few obstinate residents, where can he possibly live in?

It could clearly be seen on the middle-aged officer’s face that he was restraining his anger as much as possible, not daring to oppress them just like a while ago. He raised both of his hand, indicating them to remain quiet, and then said: “Everybody, please calm down first and listen to what I have to say. If what you say is really true, that Doctor Jiang is really innocent, us police will certainly treat him fairly and punish these people who came to trouble him! We police serve the people, and would absolutely not wrongly arrest a good person, let alone let go of a bad person!”

Saying that, the middle-aged police officer wickedly looked at the bald guy and the vicious middle-aged woman.

Seeing that they were being targeted by the police, several of the thugs shrank back, becoming a little timid, not daring to speak up. Even the vicious woman who wanted to continue pretending to be ill, didn’t dare continue to pretend to be sick, and stood straight up.

Looking at this scene, Jiang Fei found it somewhat funny.

The middle-aged police officer quickly turned around, and looked at the crown, saying: “However, even if Dr. Jiang is innocent, he must still follow us back to the police station, and after recording his statement, only then can we let him go! If there is no statement, how can we deal with the bad guys?”

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

“Yes, the police officer is right.”

“It’s time to go to the police station to record a statement.”

“That…all of us along with Dr. Jiang will go to the police station, and make a statement!”

“Yes, we all go together! Anyway, what happened today, we have to see it through, what happened was clear enough, we don’t want anyone to slander Dr. Jiang!”

Hearing this the middle-aged officer couldn’t help but smoke.

What a group of trouble-makers!

He had originally intended to trick these people, and have Jiang Fei go to the police station and put off the discussion until later. When the moment comes, in the same manner he would deliberately distort the truth, deciding who is right or wrong.

But now this group of people wanted to go to the police station together, shattering his plan completely.

If he doesn’t bring these people to the police station, he reckoned that this group of people will overturn his police station….

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