The Almighty Martial Arts System 26

By | August 13, 2019

Jiang Fei disposed of the three degenerates. The bums collapsed, moreover only a few seconds had passed, it was so fast that no one could even react. And when Jiang Fei finally came to a stop, only then did everyone realized what had happened.

Everyone was shocked. Regardless it be the ordinary mass that had carried the plaque, the vicious wife, Gao Hengyuan, or Jasmine Lin. They all didn’t expect this to happen, Jiang Fei in spite of everything was quite relaxed, and in just a few breath span, he had disposed three huge guys, it was basically a rapid dispatch of an opponent.

The vicious wife had originally rolled up her sleeves wanting to cause trouble for Jasmine Lin and tear her apart, but at this time even she was frightened, she quickly moved back, not daring move.

“Third child, fifth child, how are you?” A very big man with a tattoo of a python on his bald head, asked worriedly. Just a moment ago he was prepared to smash the clinic, when Jiang Fei all of a sudden shot out to get his plaque, but just now he was able to escape unscathed, moreover he didn’t even see Jiang Fei use his needles.

“Boss, we’ve been wasted! We’re completely finished!” The two couldn’t feel half of their body, they can’t even lift their neck completely collapsed on the ground, the two said with tears continuously falling down from their eyes.

“Boss, help get revenge for us!” Another one of them said, staring hatefully at Jiang Fei with red eyes.

The man with a python tattoo on his bald head stood up, his face covered with murderous look, he looked at Jiang Fei and said: “Bastard, what did you do? What did you do to my brothers’ hand and feet!”

Although he was very angry, furious, he wasn’t dumb. He was very cautious, maintaining several meters away from Jiang Fei, so that he could guard himself against Jiang Fei who could suddenly appear and disappear just like a moment ago when he had turned the three into wastes.

Jiang Fei, of course wouldn’t admit what he had done, and instead said angrily: “Is there something wrong with your eyes? When did you see my hands move? They wanted to hit me, so I chose to run away. But not long after a ran back, they suddenly fell down, who’s to be blamed?”

Since these people were asking for trouble, Gao Hengyuan and this group of scums surely had bad intention, so in a flash he had lifted his hand and advanced towards his enmity. Jiang Fei was angry, naturally he won’t be polite with hem, and had to teach them a lesson.

“Don’t think I don’t know, you had pierced third child, fifth child and second child with a needle a moment ago, so they had suddenly collapsed on the ground! Quickly treat them, otherwise….otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!” The bald guy fiercely said, but he didn’t find himself talking very confidently.

Jiang Fei’s mouth slightly raised, and said with disdain, “You impolite? I asked you just a moment ago if you came to see a doctor, but then you insulted me, and now you want me to heal them, do you think that’s possible now? A bunch of idiots!”

Another not so short and stout man walked to the bald person’s side, and angrily said: “Boss, don’t listen to this boy’s nonsense! Second, third and fifth brother have already been wasted, we have to dispose of this boy, and avenge them!”

The man who was restraining himself was also somewhat angry. What’s more they dirt of society? Jiang Fei without the slightest scruple, scolded them as if they were blockheads, completely angering the huge bald man.

“I’ll fight with you!” After determining himself, he and the short and stout man took up a stool from the side, and ran towards Jiang Fei wanting to pound on his head. They were very intelligent, and just from what they saw Jiang Fei demonstrated a moment ago, they immediately understood that he wasn’t so simple, they immediately recognize the lethality of the needle in his hand. If they go at him unarmed, it was basically them courting them, and the result would surely be the same as what had happened to the second, third and fifth child.

“Jiang Fei, be careful!” Jasmine Lin called out in alarm.

The chair they were holding wasn’t a plastic stool, but was instead made of iron, and if they were to pound it on his head, obviously it his head would be split apart.

But at this time, Jiang Fei moved. And just like a loach, he easily went in the gap between the two of them, and then his two hands moved like lightning…..


Everyone heard the two scream, the bald-headed man and the stout man found their hands that were holding the stool became soft.


And the stool in their hand fell on the ground. Jiang Fei stopped behind them, but seeing the two refusing to give up as they slightly bent over their body, Jiang Fei’s hand moved again, piercing through the two’s back like lightning.

And in an instant the two became indistinguishable from the three that Jiang Fei had disposed of a while ago, immediately falling on to the ground, unable to do anything but crying in grief and roaring in indignation.

Jiang Fei put away his two needle, and looked at the scene before him, as the resentment that had gathered inside his heart had finally been extinguished.

Not only was he’s heart quite reserve, but in his eyes revealed a color of excitement, as he looked at the several degenerates on the ground. Jiang Fei then said in his heart: What a pleasant surprise! I just thought of it, and came to try it out in a fight and see the damage my needles could bring about. But I didn’t think that my acupuncture skill combined with the Triassic cloud would be this strong!

Jiang Fei was fast, it was only natural because of his agility added with his skill [Triassic Cloud]. As for his quick attack, it was because of his medical profession which had entrusted him the skill that he had just performed. When he uses the acupuncture skill, the piercing motion would naturally be fast as acupuncture focuses on its speed, stability and accuracy, almost the same as Kung Fu.

Did I just Create my own martial arts? Jiang Fei complacently thought in his mind, as he simply ignored the several men on the ground in pain.

However, even though almost of all the resentment in his heart has been extinguished, but not all of it were gone. That’s why he didn’t forget that there were still things left that were not done, he then naturally looked at the middle-aged vicious wife.

This woman was really hateful! He had saved her mother-in-law, yet she dared to actually assemble her troop to ask trouble for him, it was obvious that this woman’s heart was dirty. Jiang Fei usually never hit a woman, but today he was prepared to make an exception, and give this vicious woman a good lesson.

The middle-aged vicious woman was now frightened up to her soul, as she now didn’t dare to be so arrogant, and looked at Jiang Fei as if she was watching a monster.

Shivering lips, and trembling body, she quickly turned around to run hastily out of Jiang Fei’s clinic. Jiang Fei easily kept up with her, he then lifted his wrist, and without a trace he pierced his fine needle on the woman’s body, and quickly it was as if she was on the point of death, her body immediately became soft as she fell down onto the ground.

Jiang Fei knew that this woman’s voice was rather loud, so he certainly had to keep her from howling, as a result he had pricked her again making her unable to make a sound. After having done all these, Jiang Fei hurriedly went outside the clinic, and like an arrow, he shot himself towards Gao Hengyuan stopping him from escaping, his eyes then slightly squinted, as he sneered at the two: “Where are you going?”

Gao Hengyuan was slightly stunned, as he stopped his steps.

He didn’t know how Jiang Fei had suddenly change so much after only three months, having superb acupuncture skills, and was politely being called ‘The Acupuncture King’ by everyone. Moreover, he can even move so quickly! He looked for trouble today, but it turned out that he was the one getting into trouble.

But he didn’t make any noise, his face turned extremely gloomy, as he asked: “Mr. Jiang, what are you doing? If you lay a finger on me today, I’ll make everyone in your family die!”

“Are you threatening me? I’m not afraid!” Jiang Fei suddenly thought of an old film <<Kung Fu>>, and he blurted out the script of the barber wearing a suspending trouser. He then looked at the man nearby, and asked: “Who is he?”

Gao Hengyuan sneered, as he said: “Liu Zhi. The son of the major stockholder of Yicheng real estate brokerage corporation, what about it? The two of us are people you can’t afford to mess with!”

When he said that, Liu Zhi’s face changed color, he wanted to block Gao Hengyuan’s mouth, but he was too late, so he could only curse him in his heart: Gao Hengyuan, you idiot! Bastard! Don’t drag me into your mess! Jiang Fei was now so different, nobody can even block him now, if Jiang Fei knew of his status, wasn’t he finished?

Certainly, after Jiang Fei heard his words, he suddenly realized something, as he nodded and issued an ‘oh’ sound. He then turned around and loudly shouted towards Jasmine Lin: “You being dismissed by the company; it was these two’s doing! I’ll help you vent out your anger now.”

Looking at Jiang Fei’s charming as well as alluring look, everyone at the place was swept away. Jasmine Lin was moved, her delicate oval face was filled with excitement, she then gripped her fist tightly and maliciously nodded towards Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei showed a faint smile, he then turned his head and looked at Gao Hengyuan and said: “I’ve calculated our old and new grudges together. I won’t touch a single hair on you, because…..I’m tolerant and forgiving!”

Finished, without seeing Jiang Fei move, Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi waited for the pain and discomfort that didn’t come, and instead they saw Jiang Fei walk away from them.

Jasmine Lin was surprised, Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi were also surprised that the thunderstorm Jiang Fei didn’t dare touch them.

Suddenly the people’s complexion change, at first they were surprised, but afterwards they couldn’t help but smile, and soon everyone laughed at the two.

They saw Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi’s crotch, it was now clearly wet, and before long the sound of a water current fell.

And soon ‘rumbling’ fart sounds could be heard, accompanied by a strong stench.

The two men had unexpectedly pooped and urinated on the spot.

Regarding this, Gao Hengyuan and Liu Zhi didn’t feel anything, not knowing what had happened, they lowered their head to look —-

“Ah~~~” The two immediately shouted like a pig, and wished that they could dig a hole and bury themselves in the ground, and die there.

It was ruthless beyond words, immediately the two covered their crotch with both of their hands while their eyes looked as if it was breaking open, and with eyes that had turned red, they run away from the place…

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