The Almighty Martial Arts System 21

By | August 12, 2019

Yicheng real estate broker corporation, is a company that deals with the sales of second hand real estates in Jincheng, it’s extremely famous, and is one of the best with regards to the investment of stocks, moreover the customer that the company handles are also many. Employees that make sales in this company are considered the elite of elite in this profession, making the demand very high.

And Jasmine Lin was now one of the people that make sales in this real estate company.

To sell real estates managed by this company, educational background of the employees is not at all important, whether you are a university graduate, or an elementary school graduate, does not matter. Only, this company has two inflexible rules, first, the person must be very clever, and must be capable of persuading or making the customer think of buying the house; second, they have to look beautiful, even if they can’t be considered very beautiful, they at least couldn’t be below the standard level.

If the person’s look isn’t too good, the customer who is thinking of buying the house, is highly likely not going to buy it and apologize to the person. This is the power of looking beautiful….

Eloquence is quite good, moreover Jasmine Lin’s figure and temperament is also quite good, although she doesn’t have any prior experience in this line of business, but after only one month in the company, she came from behind, caught up, and completely exceeded her own performance from the first month by a huge margin, and even became the company’s employee with the highest sales performance.

Employees who work in the real estate company, fight and scheme against each other, and can be said to be the best workplace in the city. That’s because the employees of this company are competing against each other, and whoever grabs the most customers, gets the highest wage. So, although Jasmine had only been here for a month, she could already earn 20000 yuan per month, she’s quite attractive, but she’s still very unpopular in the company. Especially among several female co-workers of her, as there were only a few who have as good of complexion as her.

The reason was very simple, after Jasmine Lin joined the company, although the male employees in the company were still doing quite good, but many of her female colleague in the sales branch, suddenly had a very significant decline in their sales performance. Many male customers in the company, after just having one look at Jasmine Lin, already didn’t have to look at the other employees.

But this real estate brokerage firm’s branch manager, was a man, who also had a clear impression on Jasmine Lin. So even if her female colleagues couldn’t get used to seeing her, it was still impossible for them to drive out Jasmine Lin from the company.

However, today the situation was a little different.

The 30-year-old branch store manager’s face was somewhat ugly as he called the attractive Jasmine Lin into his office, asking to talk with her alone.

Seeing his face, Jasmine Lin’s complexion changed and couldn’t help but be somewhat disturbed. In her heart she guessed that this branch store manager was going to start openly pursuing her, and play tricks with her?

If so, she definitely without hesitation reject him.

Although most of the time having an attractive appearance makes her superior. But sometimes, it would also absolutely bring her a very troublesome matter, making her wish that she could be ugly. Initially, when she was harassed by the director of the hospital’s son in Jincheng, she also had the same idea when she saw the branch manager pursue her.

But today, Jasmine Lin guessed wrong.

Going into the office, she caught a sight of the branch manager’s face that was somewhat embarrassed, guilty, and apologetic, finding it hard to open his own mouth, so Jasmine Lin tried to find out what he was going to talk about with her, but she was certain that it wasn’t in order to pursue her.

“Manager, why did you look for me?” Wondering about it, she had an ominous feeling, but Jasmine Lin still smile and politely asked.

With Jasmine Lin’s skill, it wasn’t difficult to find a job, but to find such a high pay job, it was difficult. If Jiang Fei agreed to let her go and help at his clinic, she would absolutely resign her job and very happily go help at his clinic. But Jiang Fei didn’t approve of her resignation just to help out at his clinic, and instead persuaded her to continue working here, naturally it was the best choice.

That’s why, Jasmine Lin quite treasure this work. Otherwise, if the branch store manager pursues her who she doesn’t like, she would have already resigned, and quit her job.

The branch store manager placed both of his hands on the desk, his ten fingers kept on moving and intersecting, expressing his puzzled mood which revealed his innermost feeling. His complexion wasn’t like what Jasmine Lin was used to before, fiery and bold. Waiting for quite a while, the manager heaved out heavily, as he smiled bitterly, saying: “Xiao Lin, I have a very bad news for you. I hope that you….can prepare your heart for this.”

This really wasn’t good news!

Jasmine Lin’s eyebrows slightly pressed, but she still had a smile on her face, after a pause, it soon became a natural smile, as she said: “Manager just like you said. My mental capacity is quite strong.”

“You….can’t continue staying in this company!” The store manager said aloud.

“What?” Even after Jasmine Lin had prepared herself, she was still slightly shocked as she heard this news, she never would have expected, that the bad news was about her being dismissed!

Jasmine Lin was naturally not convinced, and asked: “Why? I’ve been in this company for three months, and my performance had always been the best, and had always accepted the minimum wage.

Moreover, I’ve introduced many customers into investing in this company, hadn’t complained, and had also never involve my personal life with work….why would I be fired!”

The store manager spread out his hand, and reluctantly said: “I don’t know why. It wasn’t me the branch store manager’s idea to dismiss you, rather the decision came from the Yicheng real estate broker company’s headquarter. The director had just recently called me to let me know about this, and mentioned to fire you. I have also asked him for you, but the director didn’t say anything to me, and had said that if I didn’t dismiss you, my position as branch store manager will be replaced….so even if I don’t want to do this, I can do nothing but to comply.”

Jasmine Lin’s face was full of anger, and tightly gripped her fist. If she had made a mistake, and was dismissed because of this, she wouldn’t have complained. However, she was doing such a splendid job, so why was she dismissed?

At this time the branch store manager, wistfully looked at Jasmine Lin, and asked: “Xiao Lin, did you offend anyone? There’s a rumor that came from the director. That the person that wanted to dismiss you, was our company’s board of director’s major stockholder’s son…”

In his opinion, Jasmine Lin had definitely offended someone she shouldn’t have offended, so the person had retaliated at her like this.

“Board of director’s son? I haven’t offended anybody!” Jasmine Lin angrily shouted. Although she rejected many people who pursued her, but it was rare for the opposite party that she had rejected to be angry at her.

But at this time, a ‘wretched face’ suddenly appeared in Jasmine Lin’s mind-Jingcheng hospital’s director’s son, Gao Hengyuan.

Could it be him? If she had offended anyone, it would only be this man.

She had been rescued by Jiang Fei who had mercilessly slapped Gao Hengyuan in the face. Later, Jiang Fei was laid off, after she resigned, and publicly embarrassed Gao Hengyuan in public.

But it’s already been three months, which had been uneventful, how did this happen all of a sudden?

Moreover, Gao Hengyuan isn’t the son of one of the board of director of Yicheng!

So in Jasmine Lin’s opinion, this matter shouldn’t have any relation with Gao Hengyuan.

“Who can it be?” Although Jasmine Lin was very unwilling, she didn’t do anything about it out of anger. There were so many things in the world that were impossible to resist, and was bound to happen.

After leaving the office of the branch store manager, she threw the tag on her chest, and began to pack her things, ready to leave. Of course, before she had left, she took the commission she was supposed to get this month.

It was the end of the month, and in two days the month would end, even if they fired her, she should still receive a percentage of the house she had sold which was about 20000 yuan. If the company doesn’t pay her, she can hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit!

Fortunately, the district manager merely told the branch store manager to fire Jasmine Lin, and didn’t tell him to not give her pay, as a result the branch store manager helped Jasmine Lin one time. Not only did he not deduct the percentage of pay she was supposed to get, but had paid her the calculated amount that she was supposed to get for the full month.

“Good. You give it a try; your cervical vertebrae should not hurt anymore.”

Jiang Fei took out the acupuncture needle on the back of the 30-year-old middle aged man’s head, and said with a smile.

The middle-aged man stood up from the stool, and cautiously tried to turn his head. Perhaps it was because he didn’t feel any more pain, as he felt relieved when he made huge actions to assure of his condition.

And at this time, his face revealed a pleasant surprised, as he yelled: “Really is a God! I had heard them say how superb Dr. Jiang’s acupuncture is, I didn’t quite believe it. Now that I’ve personally tried it, I’m convinced that you really are a highly skilled doctor! I have this pain in my cervical vertebrae for many years now, and now it’s really not painful anymore, I’ve never felt so good! My wife said that having an acupuncture for more than 800 yuan, was just too expensive. But if you ask me, how is it expensive? Instead, I think it’s too cheap, and should be worth more!”

Jiang Fei nodded to Jasmine Lin to allow her to receive the money, he then said with a smile: “Later, don’t often sit in front of the computer, and must pay attention to rest, also frequently move your body. Otherwise, now it’s good, but later your cervical vertebrae may become painful again just like before.”

The middle-aged man wore his coat, and quickly replied back.

After the patient left, Jiang Fei then asked Jasmine Lin: “You were doing well, how did you suddenly get fired by the company? What’s the matter?”

*Source : Martial Dao

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