The Almighty Martial Arts System 2

By | August 8, 2019

Jiang Fei took a look and saw that there really was a patient, and simply couldn’t continue bickering with Jasmine Lin.

Turning around he threw the black screened laptop on the table, walking towards the counter.

The clinic’s business was already bad, if he neglects this customer, he’ll indeed go broke and have to close down.

“Elder, why have you come to see a doctor?” Jiang Fei sat on the stool at the counter, chuckled and smiled as he asked, giving off the feeling of the warm spring breeze.

The patient was approximately sixty years old, although his body looks pretty healthy, but his spirit wasn’t.

“Ahem coug….” The Oldman hadn’t answered yet, as he burst into cough, tears flowing out, waiting for quite a while before answering: “Doctor, I still have a cough. Previously after I picking up the medicine from you, I immediately went back and took one, the cough actually reduced. But not even one week has passed, and now it’s back….”

Hearing these words, Jiang Fei couldn’t help but somewhat be embarrassed, remembering that the old man indeed came here a week ago.

“Oh, it might just be a stubborn cough. Thus, I’ll first check your arteries.” Hearing Jiang Fei, the old man extended his hand, as the index finger, middle finger, and the ring finger took the pulse of the old man.

Jiang Fei studied western medicine in the time that he was in university, but when seeing a patient, he actually doesn’t like to listen to their heartbeat with the use of a stethoscope, but instead taking their pulse just like the Chinese traditional way.

That said, it was also related to Jiang Fei background.

Jiang Fei’s family was barely considered as a medical family, his grandfather was an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, who had also opened a Chinese medicine store for years. These years his body wasn’t too good, so he had to close the store, and wasn’t able to continue to examine people.

As a child Jiang Fei often spends his time with his grandparents, ‘Prescription Song’, ‘Typhoid’, ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’ these ancient Chinese medicine writings, he had already memorized. Under the influence of what one sees and hears, he had also become pretty good with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Just as he opened the clinic, one could see that it wasn’t purely a Western Medical clinic as the wall at the right side had a medicine-chest that was filled with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Doctor, my cough has been getting worse and worse. During the day, it would be in the morning and evening when my cough is the fiercest. Moreover, recently I feel that my body’s cold, you have to look and see if there’s any problem with me…” The old man asked aloud.

However, the old man didn’t notice, while doctor Jiang Fei was checking his pulse, he suddenly turned pale, eyes widened, and a stunned look, like he was in a fantasy!

Fortunately, he hadn’t paid attention. If he had noticed, he would have perhaps thought that he had an incurable disease.

In Jiang Fei’s mind, there was a very strange, but familiar scene. Because the scene was like the ‘Knight-Line’ that he played just a while ago, having not much of a difference!

Character: Jiang Fei

Level: 0

Experience: 0/500

Physical Strength: 0.9 (Mild Hunger)

Spirit: 1.1

Agility: 1

Power: 1.2

Unassigned Points: None

Martial Arts skill: None

Secondary Professions: Weapon Forgery (Level 9), Planting (Level 9), Cooking (Level 9), Gardening (Level 9), Playing Piano (Level 9), Wine-making (Level 9), Summoning beasts (Level 9), Medical skill (Level 6)….


“What’s going on? Illusion?” Although Jiang Fei was helping the old man take his pulse, but his mind was completely lost and in distraught, let alone earnestly taking the patient’s pulse, he also hadn’t heard the patient talking about his symptoms.

Some of the ‘Knight-Line’ character status appeared in the scene, it was obvious that it was the same as the game that he was playing just a moment ago.

The reason that he thought that it was only some of his character status, was because although he was hacked, and hadn’t even spent a lot of his time and money in leveling up, but he had still played for several months now, so his level should have been more than 20. He also hasn’t learned the martial skills ‘The Dragon’s 18 palms’, ‘9 Cloudy Daoist Scripture’, ‘Northern Profound Magic’ and other advanced martial skills of his, but even the ‘Hua Shan Sword-Play’, ‘Shaolin Fighting Technique’ and other ordinary martial skills that was nevertheless perfected also wasn’t there.

The Secondary Profession skill, actually hadn’t changed, which was more or less mastered at the 9th level.

As for his medical skill in the secondary professions, he seems to have always been at the sixth level.

Because in this game, medicine is simply useless, when players are injured they directly drink an elixir to restore their life, or specialized doctor to help heal them.

But genuine advanced medical skills, can help players heal a large amount of their life, and even bring back lives, it’s rank was not any lower than ‘The Dragon’s 18 Palms’ and others of these advanced martial arts skill, as well as their difficulty to learn the skill.

That’s why the medical skill in the secondary profession, was relatively low. Even the person who hacked Jiang Fei didn’t take fancy in this profession, after raising it to level 6, the person didn’t continue to raise it anymore.

Jiang Fei shook his head, wanting to expel these illusions in his mind.

Jiang Fei was surprised with the result as the next scene took place.

Patient’s symptoms: Nasal Congestion, Runny nose, Sore and itchy throat, and Mucopurulent Sputum. The patient with cold, after inhaling cold air or irritant gases, can exacerbate or induce cough. The patient during early morning or at night, would often cough more significantly. And often cause nausea, vomit as well as chest pain, abdominal pain and muscle pain while coughing.

General Cause: Acute Bronchitis caused by cough!

Recommended Treatment: Acupunture (Best), Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment (Secondary).

Then, Jiang Fei was finally completely senseless. In his mind, there appeared an acupuncture needle method, as well as those Traditional Chinese Medicine recipe…

This time, after a series of ‘supernatural’ events, Jiang Fei began to suspect that this wasn’t an illusion, but was indeed real!

Because he was a doctor, he was also quite insightful in regards to Chinese Medicine. In his own mind there appeared ways regarding the acupuncture techniques and important formulas.

This should indeed be an excellent method to treat bronchitis!

But, like the information that flowed in his mind, can he really help treat people with acupuncture in a skilled manner?

He had obviously never helped people cure any of their disease with acupuncture! But he felt that he had become a master of acupuncture, and that the techniques were very simple and easy to do!

Having mixed feelings, Jiang Fei placed his hand on the old man’s pulse, without moving for a long time, his face was dull, with an endless anxiety.

He wanted to know if this was an illusion or that his character in ‘Knight-Line’ was really attached to his body, in fact, there’s a simple way to find out, and it’s to treat the patient with the acupuncture displayed in his mind.

Real or Fake, it can be discovered with a test!

Swallowing his saliva, after a great idea emerged in his mind, he temporarily restrained himself.

Verifying if it’s real or fake, there’s plenty of time to do that and don’t need to rush to do so.

And he as a doctor who had no knowledge of acupuncture, rashly treating his patient, is irresponsible. If something went wrong, he’ll be unable to eat for the rest of his life.

“Old man, you have a stuffy and runny nose, sore and hoarse throat….” He pulled back his finger from the patient’s pulse, and said Jiang Fei as 11 symptoms came out in his mind.

“Yes! Doctor you’re right!” The old man replied by nodding.

However, the old man was thinking in his heart: This young doctor is really strange, didn’t I just tell you these symptoms of mine? What meaning do you have to repeat what I had just said? It seems to find a good doctor, you have to find someone a little order, a doctor with a little more experience with the job. These young people are still too young, and don’t handle matters firmly….

Jiang Fei was almost certain now, his character was really attached to his body!

At the same time, he was also greatly confident with his ability in medicine.

“Old man, your current symptoms, should be acute bronchitis caused by cough. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a prescription medicine, this time it will be able to cure you.”

Then, Jiang Fei began to copy the prescription in his mind into a paper, then shouted at the back: “Jasmine Lin, help get the prescribed medicine!

Jasmine Lin was originally a nurse, so she wasn’t baffled while she went to get the medicine.

“Old man you must pay attention to this point, during these days you can’t smoke, if the surrounding air quality is bad, have smog and dust, have irritating gas, you must bring a mask, and avoid it as far as possible….”

“Ah, traditional Chinese Medicine?” The old man seems like he doesn’t want it, said: “Does traditional Chinese Medicine work well?”

Now, this was the general view of people, most of them thought that Traditional Chinese medicine doesn’t work, effect was also slow, when compared to the effectiveness of Western medicine.

At this time, Jiang Fei had a great deal of confidence with his ‘own’ prescription, where one is unable to make it any better, smiled and said: “Old man, rest assured, this time what I gave you is absolutely very effective. Go back and take to the two medicine. If it doesn’t work, you come to me.”

Jasmine Lin paid special attention to the two medicine, the old man helplessly sighed and said, “If it doesn’t work, I really will come to get you Doctor!”

Taking the money, they sent the old man back.

Jiang Fei sat on a stool, looking up at the ceiling, and once again character status appeared in his head, couldn’t bear to laugh foolishly: “Heaven really doesn’t seal of all exits! God gave me such good things. So many master-level skills, and is making me an omnipotent person ah…..”

“However, he gave me Secondary Profession skills, but why aren’t there any martial arts skill? I have a martial arts dream, becoming like those heroes!”

“Also, how do I level up?”

At that time, a ‘ding’ sound suddenly came in his head, then words floated in front of him: Completed the treatment of patient with a below average difficulty, experience +2, exp 2/500

Medicine (Level 6): proficiency+1%

Jiang Fei stared, and felt like it was the same as the game he had played, using a secondary profession skill, it’s possible to increase the skills experience by some amount.

“But, the upgrade speed is too slow!

Treating a patient with a bronchitis, only added 2 exp, will they then have to treat 250 patients just to level up once?

With his present business, he doesn’t know how long he’ll have to wait till he gets another patient.

Also, the level of his medicine is just six, and it was already very difficult to upgrade. Level six of medicine, wasn’t the limit, which shows that as of right now he can only treat some diseases, while the other serious diseases, he believes he still can’t cure.

“If I had known this, I would have leveled up the medical skill! When the time comes, I’ll be able to successfully treat patients with incurable disease, and amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, wouldn’t I be able to roll in more business then?”

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