The Almighty Martial Arts System 199

By | June 1, 2020

Jincheng Shuangliu Airport. Equal to or equal to

One plane landed, another took off, and there was a constant roar, and the noise was transmitted to all sides near the airport.

What seems to have happened in Jincheng recently is not only the airport, but also the elder brother crossing station of the expressway. The police system issued the highest level of wanted notice, aiming at an old man with thin body, haggard face and long hair.

The wanted crime hasn’t been released, but there is a saying among some people that the old man is more serious than the murderer. His charge is treason!

Anyway, the recent Jincheng is in a state of martial law. All kinds of ways have been investigated very well.

However, this time, the airport is not an ordinary passenger plane, but a private plane. The origin of the plane is very complicated. First of all, it is a large-scale plane, which is not comparable to tens of millions of private planes of ordinary people. In particular, the orbit of the plane and the landing position of the airport are all official energy. So even the inspectors dare not inspect such a plane too strictly.

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