The Almighty Martial Arts System 173

By | March 1, 2020

Bai Ruoxi really needs to go to the capital, or she will need to work in the capital in the future.

She quit her job abroad for Jiang Fei. She didn’t want to go abroad any more, and she was ready to give up her dream of becoming a war reporter.

However, this is the biggest compromise she has made. After this step, I can’t continue to step back. I don’t want to work as a journalist. I’m going to quit my job and become a full-time wife at home, right?

If she wants to keep her job in guozitou newspaper, she can’t stay in Jincheng. She has to go to the capital.

In this way, she works in China. Although she and Jiang Fei are still not in the same city, they are at least close to each other. It’s easy to meet each other. She will arrive in two or three hours by air.

Bai Ruoxi hasn’t finished her holiday yet. After two days, she has to go to the capital to go through some handover procedures. So when he heard the conversation between Jiang Fei and Cui Xiuping, he came and interjected.

“When does your meeting begin?” Asked Bai Ruoxi.

Cui Xiuping was surprised to see Bai Ruoxi. He knew that the only way he wanted to talk about Jiang Fei, a guy who didn’t go into oil and salt, was the beautiful woman, so he quickly replied, “the meeting will be held three days later!”

Bai Ruoxi nodded, took Jiang Fei’s arm and said with a smile, “just right. I’m also going to go to the capital the day after tomorrow to handle the work procedures. Would you like to accompany me to the capital the day after tomorrow? “

Jiang Fei was helpless. He didn’t expect to fly to the capital just after he came out of the hospital. To be honest, he really didn’t want to fly around like this. But now that Bai Ruoxi has asked him for this, he has to agree.

After all, Bai Ruoxi came back to work for him. He is expected to be in the capital in the future. If he has time, he will have to accompany her to help with care.

Looking at Cui Xiuping, the robed man, sincerely hand over the invitation again, Jiang Fei has no choice but to smile bitterly. “Well then,” he said. “I’ll go to your Chinese medicine society. “

Cui Xiuping is relieved. This guy is finally relieved. If he didn’t ask Jiang Fei to move, he didn’t do it well. He not only has no face, but also does not know how to explain it to his grandfather.

His grandfather, the great doctor Cui. However, he attached great importance to the lost “eight methods of Magic Needle”. He wrote an invitation to Jiang Fei himself, which was enough to show how much he valued them.

“Give me your phone number. When you arrive in the capital the day after tomorrow, I will send someone to pick you up in person.” Cui Xiuping said.

Jiang Fei nodded, told him his phone number, and took down Cui Xiuping’s phone number for easy contact. The day after tomorrow will rush to Beijing. If someone is unfamiliar with him, he will certainly not refuse if someone can answer it.


There are more and more rich people in China, and there are more and more people with petty bourgeoisie complex.

In this case, a kind of place — coffee house — has been popular in China for a long time.

Whether it’s the literary and art youth or the second generation of the local rich, they all like this kind of place. Even many successful people like to have a party and chat in the coffee shop.

Compared with Starbucks and left bank, Shangdao coffee shop has a less long history and less profound information, but its business is just as good.

Today was a sunny sky. Just in the afternoon, it suddenly began to rain, and pedestrians in the street were in a hurry. Sitting on the street window of the cafe, listening to the soft and wonderful music from the stereo, and drinking a cup of coffee, it’s really a very good enjoyment.

If this kind of scene is a beautiful woman, or a handsome man to play the leading role, it can certainly attract the eyes of many heterosexuals, just like an advertisement saying: I heard that the charm of the opposite sex, secreted more vigorously in rainy days!

However, some people exist. It is to destroy the petty bourgeoisie and the sense of beauty.

If you do!

One is over 1.9 meters tall. Even in a loose hooded sweater, you can see strong men coming in from outside the coffee shop. The body weighing more than 200 Jin sits heavily on the stool, and the stool makes some miserable groans.

Someone has ordered twice as much mocha coffee for him, with beautiful colors on it, but he doesn’t look at it. After blowing the air conditioner, it’s like he’s thirsty —


A cup of coffee was directly drunk. The man opened his mouth wide and said in a hoarse voice: “this coffee is really not good to drink.”

Sitting opposite the big man, he was a refined man with opposite manners, just like a European aristocrat. He looked at the big man’s action of drinking coffee. He said angrily and funny, “you don’t drink coffee like this. Do you think it’s cold water?”

The appearance of a big man can definitely be described as full of flesh and blood, but it’s not cruel, but it makes people feel a little naive, just like a big fool.

He looked at the elegant man with a bitter face and said, “if you don’t want to spend less, don’t let me learn to drink these upper class things.. After learning how to drink tea for so long, I can barely adapt now. I guess I will never learn how to learn this coffee. “

The elegant man, known as “Hua Shao”, smiled, followed the rhythm of the coffee shop, and said: “the upper class are not born to drink these things. Besides, this coffee is not for the top. Everything is learned slowly. “

He smiled and was very respectful to the elegant man.

He scratched his head and said, “I’m a fool. Learning other things is sloppy, but learning these things is really not good

Hua Shao shook his head and said, “come on, let’s not talk about this. Let’s talk about the business. How is it going? “

When it comes to business, the simple smile on the simple and honest man’s face suddenly disappears and becomes very serious. He replies: “don’t worry about spending less, all traces have been completely cleaned by me. Even if some people really doubt it, they can’t find any evidence

“That’s good.” Hua Shao nodded. “But the guy named Jiang Fei is really so powerful? Medical skills can break the old man’s poison. What’s more, two killers are defeated, one dead and one wounded? “

There is a gleam of light in the eyes of simple and strong men. Some of the anger is also some unwilling, said in a voice: “this guy is really good, and I don’t know where it came from. I’ve checked his details. I don’t know if he’s here. He suddenly becomes so powerful. But don’t worry about spending less. If you give me your order, I’ll do it myself. One hundred percent of this boy! “

Hua Shao saw the anger in the strong man’s eyes and knew that he was more dissatisfied with the failure of the two actions than himself, so he shook his head with a smile and said, “it’s not the time for Tian Fei to take your hand. It’s not that I don’t trust your ability, it’s just that it’s not necessary now. For the first time, we failed to solve the old man of Ye’s family. I’m afraid there will be no more good opportunities in the future, and our plan will only be put on hold. Even if we get rid of Jiang Fei. It doesn’t help. At best, it’s just bad breath. Jiang Fei, if he can kill, he will kill. If he can’t kill, let him live for a while. A man with such superb medical skills, such a strong fighting capacity and a master of piano art. To be honest, I’m a little interested in him. “

“All right.” The strong man named Tian Fei was still a little reluctant, but he could not disobey the order of Hua Shao. Since Hua Shao said he would not clean up Jiang Fei for the time being. He won’t act rashly.

“Since we don’t need to pay attention to old Ye family for the moment, what about old Wu? Is it to send him away or directly… ” Tian Fei’s simple face is not simple at all. I did a neck wipe.

Hua Shao shook his head again and said, “No. The old wizard will give him another chance. Tomorrow, he will find a way to send him to the capital. Then I will have a new task for him. You also tell him directly that if he can’t get things done this time, he will surely die. “

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Tian Fei nodded in response.

They sat for a while, Hua Shao ordered a cup of coffee for Tian Fei again, and asked him to drink it again. As a result, the guy was a little gentle. But not too much gentleness, frowning and closing Qi like bitter Chinese medicine. One mouthful for more than half and the second mouthful for all. Just put the coffee cup down.

With a helpless face, Hua Shao sighed that the child could not be taught. He was enjoying the coffee in his cup. He estimated that the time was almost over, so he let Tian Fei go first.

The rain outside the window is more and more heavy, just like pouring. Just now, there are some new people holding umbrellas on the road. Now, only a few vehicles drive by occasionally.

Tian Fei just left the coffee shop when a couple of men and women came into the shop.

A woman’s appearance is ordinary, but her dress is not ordinary. The clothes and jewelry can’t be worn by ordinary girls at first sight. Just the red LV Global Limited Edition bag and the tens of thousands of Hermes scarves around her neck can show her identity.

And the men around the women, some attention. With a long hair and a pigtail full of personality, it’s just like a sensitive young man of literature and art. The key is that this guy’s face is so handsome that it’s not like words. A pair of peach blossom eyes are full of enchantment. They can’t only make a woman fall into a narcissism, but make a woman jealous. A man is so handsome, it’s simply a performance of not leaving life for his female compatriots!

This pair of men and women is exactly what Jiang Fei knows as “Niang Pao” handsome man Jing ran, and Ye Yuanyuan’s best friend Mangguo.

When the three passed each other, Tian Fei had a curious look at Tian Fei, who was too handsome and too calm. However, Jing ran also had a look at Tian Fei, who was too strong. His eyes met in the air.

Jing Ran’s face is still that charming smile of thousands of girls, and Tian Fei’s face is also that foolishness that can be extremely confusing.

Jing Ran and Mangguo walk into the coffee shop. Jing Ran looks at Hua Shao in the window and sees that Hua Shao is waving to him. He gives a little while and takes Mangguo.

Mangguo is very happy today. Jing ran not only asks her out for coffee, but also introduces his friends to her. Mango is a smart girl. She knows that a man is willing to introduce his friends to a woman. What does this mean and what signals it represents? She thinks it’s very clear.

So, her relationship with Jing Ran should go further, such as opening a room in a hotel tonight?

In fact, she has long felt that her relationship with Jingran can become more intimate. This looks like a man who makes her infatuated with flowers. She has long wanted to push back!

Jing Ran and Mangguo are sitting next to Hua Shao. The waiter comes up to tear down the coffee cup that tufei had just drunk and goes to grind coffee for Jing Ran and mango.

“Han Dong met other friends just now?” I sat down and asked with a smile.

Spend less, defend East, this can let Tian Fei respect incomparably, obedient man’s name, naturally also self-evident.

Hua Han Dong!

“Um. It’s the man who just passed you in front of the cafe. ” Hua Handong said without concealing anything.

Jing Ran nodded thoughtfully and said with a smile, “it turns out that the man is your friend. No wonder I don’t feel easy.”

Bai Mangguo sat down and didn’t speak. Seeing this handsome man named Handong, she couldn’t help but murmuring in her heart: “it’s really like birds of a feather that gather people together. A handsome man’s good friend can only be a handsome man. Defend east? Defend East! How is the name so familiar? Well, fortunately, Jing Ran’s name is not Lan Yu. “

Just when the Bai Mangguo thought was a little far away from the topic, Hua Hadong didn’t keep her silent for a long time, and soon asked with a graceful and polite smile, “is this beautiful lady Mangguo ? It’s better to be famous than to meet. Mangguo is so beautiful. No wonder you can worry about Jing Ran and often mention you in front of me. “

“Han Dong, you are also very handsome.” Bai Mangguo smells the speech dimple to say like the flower, even all a little complacent.

Women are hypocritical animals, they like to listen to others praise them, even if they clearly know that the credibility of these words is not high, and the ingredients of flattery account for the majority, but they just like to listen.

What’s more, the happiest thing about Bai Mangguo is not that Hua Handong praises her beauty, but that Jing ran often mentions herself in front of his good friends, which makes her overjoyed and more affirms that her relationship with Jing ran should go further.

“Who do you think is more handsome than Jingran?” Hua Handong looks at Bai Mangguo, which means fun in his eyes.

Bai Mangguo is not deceived at all, without hesitation and bluntly saying: “of course, it’s more handsome!”

Hua Handong shrugged his shoulders and said with a helpless face, “well, since I got to know Jing Ran, my title as a handsome man has been totally unstoppable.”

Bai Mangguo covered her mouth and sniggered. She was overjoyed.

Hua Handong also laughed, but his heart was sighing: it seems that this good card can be completely controlled.

Moreover, he and Jing ran looked at each other in the air with a tacit look, and each other had a meaningful smile on their faces

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