The Almighty Martial Arts System 171

By | February 28, 2020

Jiang Fei read the newspaper outside the ward for a while and exercised for a long time. When the nurse Jia Ling brought the breakfast, Jiang Fei returned to the ward with it.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Bai Ruoxi stretched out and opened his eyes in a daze. Seeing Jiang Fei coming in from the outside with the dinner plate, he was stunned, then got up quickly and asked nervously, “how did you get out of bed? Does your wound go away? Get up and get breakfast! “

Jiang Fei put the plate on the table and said with a smile: “although the wound is still painful, there is no big problem. You can do some simple exercises. Yesterday I asked them to apply my own secret recipe to me. It’s not a waste of effort. “

Bai Ruoxi got out of bed and carefully helped Jiang Fei to check the injury. He found that there was no obstacle to his action, so he felt relieved and began to wash his hair.

“Is your skill really so good? I used to remember that when you were studying medicine in University, you didn’t seem to pay much attention, and sometimes you would go to college? Entered a hospital, also be ophthalmic major, how still became a miracle doctor now? ” Bai Ruoxi looks at Jiang Fei curiously. Now she doesn’t think Jiang Fei’s so-called doctor’s name, or how powerful his medical skills are.

Jiang Fei glared at her and said, “don’t wait three days! Comrade Bai Ruoxi, don’t you understand that? I’ve been abroad for so long and seen so many markets. I think it’s a waste of time! “

Bai Ruoxi turned his mouth and said, “I know you are good at talking big when you are running a train with your mouth full. The third day of the Sabbath should be impressive, but you are not a soldier, you are a doctor. The doctor ‘s skill has improved so fast. “

Jiang Fei couldn’t stand the woman’s disbelief and deliberately contemptuous tone. He handed Bai Ruoxi the newspaper he didn’t return to Jia Ling, and hem said proudly, “look at this morning’s newspaper. You dare not look down on your own man!”

After Bai Ruoxi finished washing, he thought Jiang Fei was in the news again because of his relationship with Qiao Yiyi, so he said, “why. Today, with the help of that big star, I went to the newspaper again? I don’t think you should be a doctor after all, just hang out in the entertainment circle! Why… West China Metropolis Daily. This kind of newspaper will cover your kind of frivolous news? “

“After reading it!” Jiang Fei said angrily. This time, the Huaxi Metropolis Daily wrote for Jiang Fei. It was also the female reporter Li Fei who had previously reported Jiang Fei twice and interviewed Jiang Fei.

So in this report, Li Fei briefly mentioned the contents of the last two interviews with Jiang Fei and told about Jiang Fei’s previous deeds.

A few minutes later, Bai Ruoxi finished reading the article and looked at Jiang Fei with wide eyes. She has always had an excellent psychological quality and a strong ability to accept. She was also shocked.

After waiting for a long time, Jiang Fei, who was eating breakfast, asked, “it’s reported in this newspaper Are they all true?! “

Looking at Bai Ruoxi’s shocked expression, Jiang Fei was in a good mood, eating breakfast and saying: “five come true?”

“Only 50%? These newspapers are really exaggerating. I said that you used to only play guitar, and the technology is not very good, how can you suddenly become a piano master, can go to the world to win honor for your country. This newspaper is not reliable! ” After Bai Ruoxi put down the newspaper, he was ready to have breakfast.

In fact, Bai Ruoxi has already admired his boyfriend. Even if the newspaper exaggerates. But Jiang Fei was very powerful at Qiao Yiyi’s concert. He conquered more than 40,000 fans with a piece of piano performance. Even if he could not be called a great master, he should have some real skills. Otherwise, he would not be accepted by more than 40000 fans.

And his boyfriend has become so skilled, more attractive, as long as women will be happy.

But Bai Ruoxi never thought of it. Jiang Fei said with a smile, “Hey, hey, what’s a newspaper exaggeration? I mean. The report in this newspaper is far from covering all my abilities, OK? Medical skill and piano art. It’s just part of my ability. Your husband and I have more abilities. You will know later. “

For a woman who wants to get along with herself day and night. Many things need to be explained clearly sooner or later, such as Jiang Fei’s cooking skills. If you want to hide them, you can’t hide them.

Hearing this, Bai Ruoxi did not need to elaborate on it, just like the moth eyebrows in the distant mountains, and asked, “are you really talking about it? It’s reported in this newspaper that your medical skills have defeated the famous doctors in Jincheng, and your piano playing skills are comparable to those of international musicians”

“Better than gold!” Jiang Fei nodded with a smile.

Bai Ruoxi is silent.

She knows Jiang Fei very well. From Jiang Fei’s look and behavior, she can see that Jiang Fei’s words are joking and boasting. Jiang Fei is smiling now, but it’s the way he was when he told the truth.

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Because of this guy, it’s obviously waiting for her to worship him!

If all the reports in this newspaper are true, Bai Ruoxi also understands why there are so many beautiful women around Jiang Fei during this period.

This guy, how did it get so bad?

Although Bai Ruoxi didn’t understand what kind of experience Jiang Fei had during this period, he almost changed. But the problem she has to worry about now is not this, but a headache. How can she hide such a man with a lot of money!

A dazzling star, even if a woman tries her best, she can’t make his brilliance complete! No matter what, there will be other women who will be attracted by this shining light, and then paste it like moths and fire


Jiang Fei stayed in the hospital for three days. On the fourth day, because the speed of recovery was too fast, the attending physician had to agree to let Jiang Fei prepare for discharge. As a result, many doctors in this hospital were convinced of Jiang Fei and knelt down for the legendary master of traditional Chinese medicine.

It’s said that doctors don’t cure themselves, but this master doctor Jiang broke the tradition and cured himself.

During the two days in hospital, Bai Ruoxi did not always accompany Jiang Fei in the hospital. Although she asked for leave to return home this time, she did not have any work to rest for a week. But now she has changed her mind. She doesn’t plan to work abroad any more and stays at home. Then we have to go through a lot of formalities and processes in this period of time. There are a lot of things to do.

During this period, Xia Xiaozhi, Xu Jing and Tan yuan, the three little sisters, also visited Jiang Fei once, and the three of them have already had their summer vacation. I don’t have much to do at home. I’m looking forward to Jiang Fei’s recovery. Don’t say play on Jiang Fei’s holiday. Qiao Yiyi and ye Yuanyuan have also been to the hospital, but the most difficult thing for Jiang Fei is Lin Moli.

Lin Moli, who has always been very straightforward in dealing with problems, gave Jiang Fei the greatest freedom in this matter. Every time before he came to the hospital, he would send a message to Jiang Fei to ask if Bai Ruoxi was there. If Bai Ruoxi is there, she will not come; only when Bai Ruoxi is no longer there. She will come.

So in Jiang Fei’s ward during this period of time, there has been no lack of beautiful women, completely surrounded by all kinds of incense, making Jiang Fei painful and happy, comfortable and tangled. These women’s good, let finally understand what is the meaning of an old saying – the most difficult to get rid of beauty!

Bai Ruoxi is willing to give up her dream of being a strong woman for her own sake. She is willing to go back to work and never go abroad again. Is it impossible for Jiang Fei to break up with others?

As for Lima. If it’s OK to hold back in the villa of Daocun one day, but I think that one day in the villa, I said that the skirt of others was almost completely pulled down, and I saw, touched and kissed all the breasts and thighs of others. It’s just that linmen didn’t go in at the last foot. Can we not be responsible?

Jiang Fei really has no way to say desperate words, and who cut off the relationship, can only temporarily so two do not respond, slowly dragging.

Facing Lin Moli and Bai Ruoxi, they are very entangled, but facing Su Nan, a rival who used to wear silk stockings, Jiang Fei will be much more relaxed. Su Nan learns the news that Jiang Fei is injured and hospitalized by accident from the chat with Lin Moli. So before Jiang Fei left the hospital, he also came to see Jiang Fei once, and he came with his daughter, Tong Tong.

The physical contact between Jiang Fei and Su Nan that night in Jiang Fei’s small clinic. It’s no lighter than jasmine. But Su Nan is totally different from Lin Moli.

Although she was a serious young woman, Jiang Fei even hit the third base. Su Nan won’t let him be in charge either. There is some tacit understanding between the two that they can have a friendly match. However, Jiang Fei missed the last chance. He has been busy for so long. He has never found the chance, and he doesn’t know if there is any chance in the future.

“Uncle Jiang, are you still in pain?” Tongtong is held in his arms by Jiang Fei. He raises his lovely head and asks earnestly.

“It’s long gone. Today, my uncle will be discharged from the hospital. ” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

“Oh. Hearing that uncle Jiang is ill and in hospital, Tong Tong has been worried. ” Tong Tong nodded, spit out his tongue and said: “recently, uncle Jiang hasn’t come to see Tong Tong for such a long time. I thought uncle Jiang didn’t like Tong anymore. It scared Tong Tong. “

Jiang Fei is ashamed.

In fact, recently he really forgot about Su Nan, a beautiful young woman, and Tong Tong, a lovely little girl.

Su Nan and Bai Ruoxi are helping Jiang Fei with the things he left the hospital. The two women have already known each other. Because Su Nan and Jiang Fei are relatively “innocent”, Su Nan cannot compete with Bai Ruoxi for anything, so there is no embarrassment for them to get along.

Guling’s strange Tongtong secretly glanced at the two men, then suddenly waved to Jiang Fei and asked him to lower his head. She leaned over Jiang Fei’s ear and whispered, “Uncle Jiang, why do you have two girlfriends?”. Sister Moli is, so is this Bai Ruoxi. Isn’t it possible for a boy to have only one girl as his girlfriend? “

Jiang Fei was even more ashamed when he heard the words, and all corners of his mouth drew.

Now little girl, how can she even know this? Is it true that the kindergarten children have begun to talk about love?

Gently shaved the little guy’s nose, said with a straight face: “adults, children do not ask!”

Finally, Bai Ruoxi and Su Nan were asked to pack Jiang Fei’s things and prepare to leave the hospital.

Results before Jiang Fei could go out, he met a man in the hospital hall who he didn’t want to see.

A man in robes and cloth shoes is like Cui Xiuping, the grandson of the old doctor Cui, the “ghost hand” of the intellectuals of the people’s Republic of China!

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