The Almighty Martial Arts System 17

By | August 11, 2019

The fourth day was when the seller would start delivering the newly hatched fishes. On that day, Jiang Fei had closed his clinic early, and personally went to Rice Village, waiting for the delivery car to come.

The pond was only two acres big, so he can’t buy many newly hatched fishes, otherwise it would ultimately come down to which one survives. The newly hatched fishes that Jiang Fei had just bought, each one were smaller than an inch, he could probably only put about ten thousand in an acre.

If 5% of the newly hatched fishes ultimately grows, it can be considered pretty good. However, in reality, probably only 3% would be left.

Regarding breeding fishes, Jiang Fei was a great master, it was also impossible for other people to have some sort of superiority over him in this aspect. After all, the survival of the newly hatched fishes in itself can’t be relied upon a person. And the only thing that could possibly help in growing the fishes was machinery.

For instance, in a pond after summer, one must use an automatic aerator. Because of the hot weather in Tianshu, the oxygen there would likely decrease, so if there was no oxygen machine used, regardless whether it’s a grown fish or not, it would still result in many of the fish’s death.

Arriving at the Rice Village, since the car delivering the newly hatched fishes hadn’t come yet.

After Jiang Fei got out of his car, he first visited his own weekend villa that was being constructed. The engineering team had been constructing it for over half a month now, so half of the villa have already been built, and were now starting with the second floor, the villa’s appearance could be more or less  faintly made out.

The area that Jiang Fei’s small villa covers wasn’t large, but was planned to be built as a three-story building. At the bottom layer, there was a hall, kitchen, utility room, and a toilet; the middle layer was mostly bedrooms, there was a large master bedroom, and four smaller rooms.

While the top layer had an area half of that of the two layers, it still had two small attics, one of which will be used to act as Jiang Fei’s study.  Jiang Fei liked his study to be located at a high place, so when he is tired of reading, he can stand and look out of the window, looking into the distance. And since the scenery of the village was magnificent, as well as no tall buildings blocking his line of sight, observing high up at a three story building, will allow him to get a panoramic view of all the beautiful sceneries in the village.

The position that the villa was constructed wasn’t at the four corner positions of the land contracted to him, but was constructed at the middle, and was about forty meters away from the pond. Jiang Fei thought about his future plans, and was able to roughly imagine the picture of his villa.

A bamboo fence around the white walls surrounding the villa, while the scarlet bricked villa stood in the center most. At the left, there would be the shining vegetable crops; and on the right were all kinds of fruit trees, as well as the area covered by the not so small pond; and the back was covered with pine trees and the mountain a distant away. And a straight road extending into courtyard from outside the villa, and was covered by maple trees at both sides of the road. When autumn comes, the leaves of the maple tree would turn red, covering the whole road red, it just can’t be imagine how beautiful the scenery will become.

Jiang Fei just stood next to the pond, thinking. He felt a little drunk, and couldn’t help but want to laugh foolishly.

It was certain, to realize the picture Jiang Fei had in mind, he would need to spend a lot of time and energy, before he would be able to complete it. Right now it was still a wasteland, and was a bit messy, while dozens of workers were working hard.

Without making Jiang Fei wait for too long, the delivery car arrived. Those who were responsible for delivering the newly hatched fishes were two middle-aged guys, one fat and one thin.

They got out of the car, and started to complain at Jiang Fei: “Buddy, the scenery here is indeed very good, but the road sucks! If I knew the road would be so rotten, I wouldn’t have agreed to send the package here!”

Jiang Fei touched his nose, and embarrassingly smiled. When he had bought the fishes, he really didn’t talk about the road on the way here. He was afraid that if the seller were to hear about this, they wouldn’t want to send the package, and would make him try to find a solution himself.

Opening the delivery car, inside was a giant water tanks, altogether there were five, representing five different types of newly hatched fishes.

At this time, the villagers in Rice Village who had heard that Jiang Fei would put the newly hatched fishes in the pond, had already encircled the place to watch the fun. These villagers were very warm, without Jiang Fei needing to tell them, they had extended both of their hands to help, helping him get down the large water tanks inside the car.

This was the good point of the village, the neighborhood was like a whole family, and was very friendly to each other. Unlike how it was in the city, the people living together in the building, except for the aunts of the community, no one talked to each other, and quite oppositely were not at all acquainted, let alone being friends with each other.

The thin and fat delivery men walked forward, and introduced to Jiang Fei: “This are newly hatched carps that’s a mixed bred with a carp and crucian carp, and according to your request, there are 8000 of them; these are the 4000 grass carps; these are the 4000 carps mix bred with bighead carps and silver carps; These are silver carps with whiskers, as well as the gray mullet, 4000 of each.”

Jiang Fei nodded.

Although these fishes were less than an inch, but with his [Summoning Beasts (level 9)], he was able to clearly distinguish each type of fishes.

Inside the game there were various kinds of [spiritual beasts] types that resembled those of the real world, while there were also things that didn’t exist such as a [Mythological Beasts]. However, chicken, duck, fish, goose, and other kinds of poultries, as well as puppies and cats, belong to the [Summoned Beast] ranks. This was something that Jiang Fei had already tested at an earlier time, and was very clear on.

“These fishes, I’ll personally put in the pond. This kind of experience is meaningful.” Jiang Fei hurriedly stopped the villagers from throwing all the fishes into the pond, and answered with a smile.

These fishes should absolutely not be put in the pond by other people. If someone else had put it in themselves, then these fishes couldn’t be considered to be his to raise.

And later no matter how he feeds the fishes, it will not let his experience rise, losing most meaning of him buying the fishes.

Hearing Jiang Fei, the villagers immediately stopped. The Rice Villager’s female secretary, Li Guiying said with a smile: “Jiang Fei you’re still young, in fact, no matter who put the newly hatched fishes into the pond would still end up the same, you putting the fishes personally wouldn’t increase the survival rate of these newly hatched fishes, and would still later grow larger.”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei laughed involuntarily. He didn’t expect that his action in other people’s eyes would be seen as feudalistic. However, it just so happens that he didn’t need to explain anything to them.

He took a deep breath, and looked at the more than 20000 newly hatched fishes. Jiang Fei at this time was calm again, but he still couldn’t bear for his mood to surge up.

In his eyes, he didn’t want the newly hatched fishes, but the experience point!

Even if these newly hatched fishes only gives me a few experience individually, but with more than 20000 of them, shouldn’t I get 1000-2000 exp?

1000-2000 exp, in Jiang Fei’s opinion, he may be able to even level up twice! He would then be able to assign four points to his basic stats! As well as Two unknown level up package!

Only after he level ups, will Jiang Fei’s life fundamentally change, and exceed that of the average person.


Jiang Fei was a bit emotional, his eyes were shining, he secretly clenched his teeth, while the village watching him didn’t understand why he was excited, when the white tank filled with fishes, was poured into the pond!

Whish! Whish! Whish!

One after another the sound of newly hatched fishes entering the pond resounded.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Immediately after, the sound of his character gaining experience resounded in his mind.

At this time, Jiang Fei couldn’t think about the villagers, and impatiently made the image of his character stats appear in his mind, to have a look at how much exp he had gained.

Shouldn’t my level continuously rise to the 3rd level? Jiang Fei couldn’t help but be excited, and secretly thought in his heart.

Only, it was just an ample imagination, while reality….was nevertheless quite cruel.

When he saw how much his own exp had rise, the fire of hope in Jiang Fei’s heart was poured with water, and was instantly extinguished.

This father is being cheated! There’s more than 20000 fishes, how can my exp only increase by more than 130?! Jiang Fei couldn’t help but cursed at the system in his heart.

Before he had put it in the fishes into the pond, his experience was 119/500. After releasing the newly hatched fishes, it had now become 251/500!

In other words, the more than 20000 newly hatched fishes, had only raised his exp by 132 points!

On average, a single fish didn’t even give 0.01 exp.

Before, Jiang Fei had thought that raising fish was simple, and would definitely not give much exp, but he didn’t think that it would be to this point!

Jiang Fei felt angry, as he indignantly opened the long exp notice.

He didn’t look at each of the details, and only had a look at the final sum, the above was written like this:

Total fish bred today, 20704, theoretically only 1320 fishes will ultimately survive. Every time a fish survive, you’ll obtain 0.5 exp points, in total you’ll obtain 660 exp points. However, the fishes hadn’t grown up yet. Temporarily giving only 1/10 of the exp value per fish. After taking care of the fishes, if in 8 months the fishes grow up, the rest of the exp will be given in 4 separate occasions. (If all the fishes eventually die. The experience that the person taking care of the fishes had obtained would be deducted completely!)

Seeing this, Jiang Fei was immediately hurt.

He didn’t think that this move would be waiting for him here!

This time he was going to breed more than 20000 fishes, then calculating it with the survival rate, altogether he can get 660 exp points, although it was somewhat lower to what Jiang Fei had expected. But it was still acceptable.

But the system was excessive, these 660 exp value would be given in 5 separate occasions! Jiang Fei was very discontented, and thought that the system was too stingy.

However, thinking carefully, the system was actually not cheating him, and had instead made it possible for him to be unable to take advantage of the system.

For instance, if the system hadn’t calculated the exp with regards to the survival rate (and how much fishes survive), when Jiang Fei directly pours several hundred thousand of fishes into the pond, wouldn’t he get a sea of experience? If he was given all the exp point all at once, regardless whether the fish was alive or not, Jiang Fei would just put down more fishes again, and wouldn’t he earn more exp again?

So, now the rules of the system, had gave restrictions on Jiang Fei.

Otherwise, in just matters of minutes, Jiang Fei would level up, making the earning of exp be as simple as eating.

“I’ve obtained 132 exp. At least, it wasn’t laborious to gain this amount of exp. I for half a month, like mad, would see patients and prepare food everyday, but I’ve only gained 119 exp. Now, in only one try, I’ve earned more exp than the exp I’ve earned for working hard for half a month, moreover, so long as I occasionally take care of those fishes, I’ll be able to earn 132 exp every two months, which is not bad!”

“Now I have a total of 251 exp points, and now i only need half more to gain a level. When I plant fruit trees, it shouldn’t be far for me to level up, right?”

Jiang Fei pondered at heart.

Now after raising fishes, he had been given a lesson about exp. Jiang Fei reckoned that after he grows a fruit tree and vegetable crops, the system would make this sort of move again. However, planting fruit trees and vegetable crops are much more troublesome than raising newly hatched fishes, which should give him a little more exp.

He never knew that leveling up was more difficult than he had imagined, but this hadn’t decreased Jiang Fei’s enthusiasm, and had instead increased the desire of him levelling up.

He wanted to see the item inside the level up package he would receive when he levels up. As well as the increase in the basic attributes that he’ll receive afterwards, which will bring a big change to himself!

*Source : Martial Dao

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