The Almighty Martial Arts System 169

By | February 26, 2020

For Bai Ruoxi, Jiang Fei naturally didn’t need to hide anything. Even if we don’t let her know these things now, Jiang Fei will tell her everything he can.

Otherwise, how can Bai Ruoxi, as a girlfriend, be at ease.

Bai Ruoxi was seized by Jiang Fei and did not leave. He sat back again.

Ye Yuanyuan looks at Jiang Fei in surprise, and suddenly understands that Bai Ruoxi is not only Jiang Fei’s real girlfriend, but also his estimated position in her heart. She has been able to tell each other all about him without reservation. So she no longer hesitated and said: “although the gunman you killed can’t find any clues on the Internet, I found out the identity of this man from the special system of the army. This man is a professional killer, and there are many homicides on his body. As for the one you’ve dealt with, we also found his appearance from the surveillance video of the road, just like him. “

Jiang Fei’s eyes brightened and said, “then you can find the main messenger behind these two people, and know who wants to kill me this time?”

The special system of the army may not be as magical as many novels depict, but it must be powerful as ordinary people can’t imagine. In many ways, it’s amazing.

“No.” Ye Yuanyuan shook her head and said: “these two people are not active in China most of the time, only recently they have used their fake identities to return home. It’s hard for us to find out who is behind them and who can contact them. It will take time. “

“In that case. Then we can only find the killer who escaped last night, and then we can find out the main messenger behind it? ” Jiang Fei said with a wry smile that he was not reconciled.

If he hadn’t been shot in advance last night, the cold man would never have escaped his palm. If I had killed the gunman last night and subdued the cold man, it would have been easier.

“It is. But according to our investigation. The actions of the Lord’s messengers behind are so watertight and traceless. Even if we blockade Jincheng, we will strictly hold a checkpoint. It’s almost impossible to catch a runaway killer. ” Ye Yuanyuan said a little discouraged.


“If it’s not a mistake. Last night’s runaway killer. It’s probably dead by this time. “


“That’s right.” Ye Yuanyuan nodded.

“All right. These people are tougher than I thought” Jiang Fei smiled bitterly and shook his head. After a pause, she raised her head and looked at Ye Yuanyuan seriously, saying, “now, let’s talk about your guess or you have found those clues in the poisoning incident of the master last time!”

Ye Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Fei in surprise and asked, “you have guessed about the assassination, which is related to my grandfather’s last poisoning?”

Jiang Fei gives Ye Yuanyuan a look. Said: “I’m not a fool. These days, although I have offended many people, I have many enemies. But no one has the courage to hire a killer to kill me in the street. No one has the ability to hire killers. I think about it carefully. If there is only one possibility, it is that I helped the old man to force poison last time, which attracted the attention of some forces. They regarded him as the enemy and the eyesore, so they wanted to solve me. “

Ye Yuanyuan, who has always been very strong, is a little guilty when she hears her face. “I’m sorry. It’s our Ye’s family that has tied you up. If I had not asked you to help my grandfather, you would not have been involved in this whirlpool. “

Jiang Fei, who was a little depressed, saw Ye Yuanyuan with an apologetic face. In a much better mood, he joked: “it’s really not easy to hear your sincere apology. However, some things are predestined. You don’t have to apologize for that. “

Ye Yuanyuan didn’t answer, but she still felt guilty in her eyes.

This time, in her opinion, the Ye family really owes Jiang Fei a great favor. Originally, Jiang Fei helped her grandfather treat his legs and forced out the poisonous gas in his body, which saved her grandfather’s life twice. This kind of kindness is almost impossible to repay.

However, Jiang Fei saved her grandfather without any substantial subsidy. On the contrary, he suffered such a great disaster that he almost lost his life! So. Even Ye Yuanyuan, who is always cold, feels guilty and sorry for Jiang Fei.

“After finding out the main messenger behind you, I will surely avenge you! Now we have a general goal. ” Ye Yuanyuan promised Jiang Fei as if she had made a military order.

“Have a general goal?” Jiang Fei. Gnashing his teeth, he said: “can you talk about it? This time, I got shot and a lot of anger in my heart. You let me know who the target is. Even if I can’t kill him now, I can at least have fun when I curse in my heart. It won’t be so awkward. “

“The real emissary is not sure. However, the source of the poison that I poisoned my grandfather last time has been found out who made it. ” Said Ye Yuanyuan.

“Who?” Jiang Fei was curious.

Last time, the poison in Ye Zhennan’s body was very important. Once the poison spread, even the one who reached the seventh level of medical skill had no choice but to look at it. If he didn’t exchange Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder from the pill system, ye would be dead.

To be able to configure such a poison, this man’s knowledge in pharmacology has definitely reached a very frightening level.

“Wu Xuelian who is known as the ‘poison king’!” Ye Yuanyuan also gnashed her teeth and said that there was a sense of killing in her eyes.

She hates the guy who dares to poison her grandfather. If this guy falls into her hands, she would like to pick his skin!

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“Wuxuelian? Or a woman? ” Jiang Fei said in surprise.

Ye Yuanyuan shook her head and said, “it’s a short, bad old man! The spy who poisoned my grandfather in the sanatorium last time was killed before we found out. However, according to some surveillance videos of this man some time ago, we also found some clues. We found out the poison king by following the lead. The poison king lived in the palace of Shu hotel a while ago. When we went to find him, he was gone. But it’s certain that the poison King hasn’t left Jincheng yet. “

“Then pay attention. The poison that this guy made is really terrible. A mediocre doctor. It’s impossible to solve it. ” Jiang Fei said.

“Don’t worry. I wish he could do it again. As long as he dare to fight again, I will catch him! ” Ye Yuanyuan said in a cold voice. “You should take good care of your injuries in the hospital now and keep your health. Break the case. I’ll take care of the bandits. My grandfather has asked me to take part in it. There are several city police officers outside the ward. To ask what happened to you last night, would you like to see if you would like to receive them? If not, I’ll tell them to leave. “

Jiang Fei looked at Bai Ruoxi, clapped her hand and said, “go and invite them in.”

Bai Ruoxi nodded and stood up and walked out of the ward.

She frowned all the time just now, but the conversation between Jiang Fei and Ye Yuanyuan made her understand and still confused. Later, she has to ask Jiang Fei about the cause and process of the incident.

Looking at Bai Ruoxi’s departure, Jiang Fei suddenly lowered his voice and asked, “you said last time that you gave me a million yuan. When in the world? I can’t apologize. I want to wipe out a million yuan of diagnosis money, right? “

Ye Yuanyuan was shocked when she heard the words, and then she said, “are you really short of money? At this time, she even thought about the problem of consulting gold.”

“You don’t understand! Now I have an urgent need for money. You get the money out of the sanatorium as soon as possible. But you don’t need to call my bank account. Go to find Lin Moli and call the one million yuan to Jiang’s hospital! ” Jiang Fei said quickly.

Ye Yuanyuan frowned, looked at Jiang Fei suspiciously, looked back at Bai Ruoxi, who left, and said in surprise, “your girlfriend is back, so you want to save your private house money?”

“I said you don’t understand. Anyway, you can do what I say! Remember as soon as possible! I’m really in a hurry to get the money. ” Jiang Fei said.

Look at Jiang Fei in a hurry. Ye Yuanyuan didn’t ask any more, nodded and said, “OK. This afternoon I’ll have the money typed into the account number of Jiang’s medical center. In fact, I forgot about this period of time, or I would have given you the money earlier… “

“That’s good.” Jiang Fei nodded contentedly.

The Guild made a million. He should have got two thousand gold coins if there was no accident. At that time, he would exchange a pill from the pill store to take it, and he would not have to stay in the hospital to suffer.

What’s more, with gold coins in his wallet, Jiang Fei now has some confidence in himself.

After the assassination, Jiang Fei not only held a fire in his heart, but also was afraid. If he had been careless last night, he would have died.

With the spare gold coins, he would not have to worry too much in case of such an assassination.

“Yes. There’s another thing that has nothing to do with the progress of this case, but I wonder if I want to ask you. ” Ye Yuanyuan stared at Jiang Fei. Asked thoughtfully.

“What is it?”

“Last night, I heard Qiao Yiyi say you killed the gunman with a throwing knife? How did you do it. The gunman is a famous sharpshooter. And why did you finally pull out the throwing knife? ” Asked Ye Yuanyuan curiously.

“Throwing knives is my only secret. You can’t tell the secret of life, so you’d better not ask. ” Jiang Fei said.

I can’t tell you I know Xiaoli Throwing Knife, can I?

Soon, Bai Ruoxi led three city police in and began to ask Jiang Fei about last night.

Although Qiao Yiyi was also on the scene last night, and several professional thugs on the van had been arrested, they did not hand in hand with the two killers. They were not clear about many specific things, and had to be answered by Jiang Fei, so they could find out the clues.

Two hours after Ye Yuanyuan and the police of the Municipal Bureau left, before noon, Jiang Fei suddenly made a “Ding Dong” sound in his brain, and then there was a pleasant sound of gold coins.

Jiang Fei looked at the system interface in his mind and smiled.

“Congratulations. Your guild “Jiang’s Hospital” just recorded 4000 gold coins! “

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