The Almighty Martial Arts System 166

By | February 23, 2020

Jiang Fei didn’t know how long he slept. Anyway, he was woken up by a pee.

As soon as he woke up and opened his eyes, he heard a chirping surprise voice: “uncle, you finally wake up!”

“Uncle, how do you feel? Is the wound still painful? “

Looking at Xia Xiaozhi and Xu Jing, two pretty faces full of young girls’ elasticity, coming together and looking at themselves with concern, some of them are not sensible, some rebellious, some of them are fooling around. They have matured a lot and learned to care about people.

“Nothing. I feel better.” Jiang Fei’s heart is warm.

At this time, he didn’t feel much pain in his left arm. It was just a bit numb, wrapped and inconvenient.

“Why are you here?” Jiang Fei asked again.

“Last night, we just bought a good dish and went home. When you come back, we will cook delicious food for me. As a result, after a while, sister Yuanyuan received your call, saying that you met a gangster on the road and got shot. Sister Yuanyuan rushed to save you at the first time. Today, she told us the address of the hospital, and we rushed to see you. ” Xia Xiaozhi said anxiously.

Xu Jing’s round face was also full of worries. She nodded and said, “yes. Uncle. I heard last night that you were shot by the bandits. I didn’t sleep well all night. You see, I have dark circles in my eyes. “

These two styles are very different, but they are all bright and cute young and beautiful faces in front of themselves. The smell of the girl fragrance from them makes the smell of the disinfectant in the ward diluted a lot.

Young people are always full of vitality. Young girls can make men feel young. Seeing Xia Xiaozhi and Xu Jing, Jiang Fei feels that his mood has improved a lot and his injuries seem to have recovered.

“I’m afraid you were the only one who slept soundly last night.” Lin Moli, sitting next to her, said angrily, but the worry in her eyes could not be hidden. She blamed it. It is Jiang Fei who will cause these troubles and make people worried to death.

After hearing that Jiang Fei was shot yesterday, Lin Moli was definitely the most worried of the women present. At that time, his eyes were red, like an enraged lioness.

Ye Yuanyuan wanted her to be like Xia Xiaozhi and Xu Jing. Also go home to sleep first, wait for her to deal with the matter and then inform them, but Lin Moli refuses to step back. She is always unreasonable. She is the only one who threatens others, and no one threatens her, Miss ye, to compromise. At that time, she took Lin Moli to the scene of the incident.

So Jiang Fei also remembered that Lin Moli accompanied her to the hospital. She was taking care of herself last night after the operation took the bullet out.

Jiang Fei looked at Lin Moli, who was really wearing an obvious dark eye ring, clapped her hand, and said with some heartache, “I’m ok. Did you stay up all night last night? Or go home and get some sleep. “

This woman is usually very sleepy. Before Qiao Yiyi lived in the rice village villa, she had lazy bed disease in the morning. It’s hard for her to stay up all night.

“I can’t sleep.” Lin Moli didn’t know what she was thinking of. She was dazed and worried in her eyes. She said faintly.

Jiang Fei thought she was worried about her injury. I didn’t think too much, smiled and said, “I’m really OK. The gunshot wound is not serious. Just take out the bullet. I can go home and rest myself now. I’m a doctor. Don’t you know my situation? “

Lin Moli gives Jiang Fei a complex look in her eyes. She wants to say something, but finally she closes her mouth and stops talking.

Suddenly, the door of the ward was pushed open. A tall woman with simple and plain black sleeveless middle skirt came in, but she had a good figure with a little waist.

Women’s black hair is partial. A wisp of hair fell from the ears on both sides, and the long hair was tied in a bun which was not cumbersome but exquisite and beautiful. The gas field is particularly powerful, even if it is put on the stage, it is no less than half a point than the star Qiao Yiyi.

The woman still has the thermos in her hand. It should be packed with breakfast. There are three beauties in the ward, Xu Jing, Xia Xiaozhi and Lin Moli, big and small, with different styles. She doesn’t care at all. It’s like walking to her home turf for a look and calmly walking in.

“If… Ruoxi, why are you back? ” Jiang Fei immediately opened his eyes wide, and drew at the corner of his mouth. After waiting for a long time, all the women went to the bedside and put the heat preservation box on the bedside table, he asked.

This face is exquisite, and Han Jiaren, the star of Bonzi country, is at least eight points like a woman full of noble spirit. It’s not Jiang Fei’s girlfriend Bai Ruoxi, but who can it be!

Jiang Fei was really shocked at this time, as if he had been shot by a killer on the road last night. He had no idea that Bai Ruoxi would appear at this time. Even if she knew that she had been shot, she did not hesitate to put off her work and come back from abroad so soon!

Bai Ruoxi gave Jiang Fei a look, which was the real “all kinds of Customs”. There are grievances, anger, coolness, and hidden worries.

Bai Ruoxi got Jiang Fei’s news from two fans of Qiao Yiyi on the plane from Hong Kong Island to Jincheng yesterday. He knew that Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend was her boyfriend. So she was furious.

However, she did not immediately go to Jiang Fei, and did not know that Jiang Fei would run to Qiao Yiyi’s concert to be a guest. Although she has returned to China, she has not finished her work. After returning to China, she has to go to the branch newspaper office of Jincheng immediately to deal with some work.

So she wants to call Jiang Fei after she has finished her work, and then she will show up in front of Jiang Fei to surprise Jiang Fei, and at the same time, she will take care of Jiang Fei.

Unfortunately, when she finished her work this morning and called Jiang Fei, it was Lin Moli who got the call.

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In the early morning, the boyfriend’s phone was in a woman’s hand. Bai Ruoxi’s anger could be imagined. He resisted the impulse to hang up the phone at once, but revealed his identity and asked Jiang Fei’s whereabouts directly.

And then She came to the hospital.

“I came back yesterday. There has just been a transfer of work recently, so I will go back to China to do something. ” Bai Ruoxi tried not to let his face show too different emotions, nor to tell Jiang Fei that she was in fact, after listening to the phone, she put down her countless work, especially for Jiang Fei to return home.

From the beginning of primary school has been a monitor, to the university is also the elite student union. Bai Ruoxi, who has a strong sense of career, has always been so stubborn.

She is different from Lin Moli’s stubbornness.

As long as Lin Moli has identified one thing in her heart, she will be desperate to pursue it. Give up everything at all costs, no matter what anyone thinks. Some go their own way, but never cover up their own weak woman side.

Bai Ruoxi is stubborn and has a strong self-esteem. He likes to wrap his heart with layers of copper walls and iron walls, and will never be soft in front of anyone. Just like she clearly cares about someone, she doesn’t want to show her love for her children.

“How did you know I was in the hospital?” Jiang Fei asked with a wry smile. This woman is really, since she returned to China yesterday. I didn’t call myself all the time. I didn’t give out any news!

“I called you this morning. Miss Lin told me that you were injured on the phone, so I came here.” Bai Ruoxi looks at Lin Moli. Both of them are extremely beautiful. In a sense, they have something in common, but they are different from each other. There is a brief collision in the eyes of the powerful women, and then they move away.

Bai Ruoxi was really angry and wanted to cry. The bastard not only had a relationship with a female star, but also got shot with the female star. One of them stayed up all night for him. As long as a person can see the cat tired beautiful woman!

This bastard How many hearts have been spent in these months!

As for Xu Jing and Xia Xiaozhi, Bai Ruoxi, like Lin Moli, automatically ignored them.

After all. As long as you are a normal adult woman, you should not regard female high school students as lovers.

If it wasn’t for Jiang Fei who was still in bed and shot, Bai Ruoxi could not stand this situation. Her strong self-esteem would make her turn around and leave immediately.

Jiang Fei looked at the appearance of the two girls, and the expression on his face was worse than crying.

He now feels like he has a room with his lover and is caught by his wife and raped in bed.

This feeling is really too hard!

Jiang Fei suddenly felt lucky. Fortunately, I was shot and hurt. If he is safe today, Bai Ruoxi stops him and Lin Moli after returning home————

That picture is too beautiful for Jiang Fei to think.

Now he’s the wounded. No matter what these two women think, at least they won’t make a scene.

The ward suddenly became silent. No one spoke. Jiang Fei didn’t know how to open his mouth even if he was holding his urine.

Xia Xiaozhi and Xu Jing are the first girls who can’t help this kind of atmosphere. Although they are young, they all know what they should know. They also know that Bai Ruoxi is Jiang Fei’s decent girlfriend, the relationship between Lin moli and Jiang Fei.

Although they had already thought about climbing into Jiang Fei’s bed in the middle of the night, now they feel that they are too weak compared with Bai Ruoxi and Lin Moli. They are going to retreat first.

These two elder sisters are so powerful!

They were in the ward, feeling almost out of breath!

“Uncle, Xiao Jing and I are going first. Come and see you tomorrow. ” Said Xia Xiaozhi. Jiang Fei nodded, and they left the ward hand in hand.

Then, after waiting for a while, Lin Moli stood up from the corner of the hospital bed and said with a smile, “I’ll go first. There are many things waiting for me to deal with in the hospital.”

“Er…” Jiang Fei opens his mouth, but before she can say it, Lin Moli gives him a complex look in her eyes and leaves quickly.

Now, Jiang Fei and Bai Ruoxi are left in the ward.

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