The Almighty Martial Arts System 162

By | February 19, 2020

After smashing the car glass, all the bricks in the hands of several men were discarded. They also didn’t think that they need to use bricks to clean up Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi.

Therefore, the two unarmed men were killed by Jiang Fei’s two moves before they could shake their fists.

Jiang Fei’s speed is too fast. Triple cloud and Taijiquan almost make the fat middle-aged eldest brother and another man not react. They don’t see what happened, and their two companions are solved.

They were shocked, but also frightened.

There are only two explanations for the almost miraculous scene just now.

Either it’s a ghost just now, or it’s the object they want to maim today. In fact, it’s a master of explosive combat effectiveness!

Damn it, just analyze it with your head, you know it’s not possible. So the only explanation is that the man named Jiang Fei, Qiao Yiyi’s gossip boyfriend, is actually a martial arts expert!

Thinking of this possibility, the little fat eldest brother and another man suddenly felt terrible, and their eyes became scared and frightened. They are professional fighters. It’s no big deal to deal with ordinary people, but they want to deal with martial arts experts or something. They want to die!

“Paralyzed! When taking the task, He didn’t say that this man was a master! ” The eldest brother thought of mourning in his heart and regretted it. The two men that Jiang Fei killed easily just now are the two most powerful men in their group. They have been cleaned up. Is there any suspense?

Today, I’m afraid it’s not because they slap people and maim them, but because they are going to be turned by others!

“What to do, boss? Shall I turn around at once? ” The man who coveted Qiao Yiyi asked in a low voice, his legs trembling.

“Run? The speed of this guy just now, do you think we can run well? ” The chubby man stared at Jiang Fei. I’m afraid that Jiang Fei will come to clean them up and shout.

“Then what? This guy is so horrible, even if we have ten more helpers. It’s not his match! ” The man was afraid.

The little fat man’s head quickly turned, and soon he said in a deep voice, “go and drag this kid. I’m going to hijack Qiao Yiyi! As long as we hijack Qiao Yiyi, this kid will have to be arrested! “

“Don’t -!” When the man heard the words, he immediately cried and said: “boss, don’t! I’m sure I can’t hold this boy! Boss, you’re better, or you’d better stop him. I’m going to hijack Qiao Yiyi. I’m good at hijacking women. “

Just now Jiang Fei’s performance is so amazing. Now who will hold him back. Don’t you just make yourself uncomfortable?

“Grass Mud Horse! You coward! Didn’t you just say in the car that you’re sorry to start with women? ” The boss scolded and slapped the man on the head.

“Boss, ancestor! Don’t fight! This boy is coming to us! ” The man shivered with fear and backed away.

“Grass!” The little fat man said angrily. Although he was afraid at this time, he also knew that since things had reached this stage, there was no room for turning back.

There is no turning back.

He can’t kneel down and beg for mercy now, can he ask Jiang Fei to let them go?

He can’t do it. And I don’t think Jiang Fei will really let them go after he makes it.

With courage, the boss bit his teeth. He clenched his fist and was ready to fight with Jiang Fei. When he was young, he was also a famous fighter. The existence of a local bully and slashing thirteen streets is also considered as a veteran of the battlefield. He still has some Kung Fu in his hand.

“Move faster for me. Hurry up and hijack Qiao Yiyi. I’ll hold him!” The little fat boss roared and rolled up his sleeve to start.

“Yes, yes!” When the man saw this, he was ready to catch Qiao Yiyi.

But at this time, Jiang Fei, who had been walking towards them, suddenly changed his face. Ignore two people, turn around quickly. Step on three clouds backward, the body is like smoke, leaning away towards the side.


Jiang Fei just dodged. He had just fought in a position where a fist came, and the strong wind driven by the fist even shook his sleeves to hunt.

This fist, of course, is the ruthless man walking in the back of the five people who got off the van. After this guy’s fist failed, he never stopped fighting. As soon as the fist turned, he went towards Jiang Fei on the left, just like a shell with a bore. His momentum reached the extreme. Although the moves are simple and common, the lethality is not underestimated, and the speed is even faster!

This speed, single round straight-line attack, I’m afraid it’s no less than 3.6 agility, and Jiang Fei, who can use triple cloud lightness skill, is much worse!

In real life, Jiang Fei saw for the first time that someone’s speed could be so fast, much faster than those so-called sprinters in the Olympic Games!

Of course, it’s just the explosive power of a few meters in a short distance. If you want to run a hundred meters, the explosive power will not last that long, and the guy’s speed will surely slow down.

But in the process of fighting with people, this kind of explosive power is enough!

Jiang Fei’s face was grim, his hands were raised, and he put out the blocking style of Taijiquan, which blocked the expressionless and cold man’s fist.


“What a powerful force!” Jiang Fei was shocked at the moment.

Under the impact of this boxing, he almost trembled, almost stumbled and didn’t stand firm. Fortunately, although the Taijiquan of Zhang Sanfeng is castrated and doesn’t have internal power, its moves are really exquisite. Jiang Fei’s feet slightly twisted, and he immediately removed the impact force, so he was not bombarded by this guy’s fist.

“Why? Not down? “

This time, the cold man’s face changed a little. It seemed that he was surprised that Jiang Fei was safe. He even took the punch without moving his body.


His attack is even more fierce!

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This guy seems to be very good at attacking. His fist is like a storm. He attacks Jiang Fei head to head. Every move is not only fierce to the extreme, but also tricky to the extreme. The most terrifying thing is that this guy’s power is as terrifying as his speed, far surpassing that of ordinary people, sometimes driving in a straight line. Sometimes it’s like a snake bending attack, which makes Jiang Fei, who has learned Taijiquan and triple clouds, tired of coping. The feeling of self-care!

This time, Jiang Fei got the system. After learning countless, the real sense of the first battle!

In the past, whether it was fighting with Gao HengYuan, the families of the troublemakers, or Su Nan’s husband, it was just a small idea. Jiang Fei didn’t take it seriously at all.

The first battle in the true sense met such a powerful enemy, which made Jiang Fei feel awe inspiring. If it wasn’t for the excellent defensive moves of Taijiquan, Jiang Fei’s physical quality had been strengthened several times, I’m afraid that he would have been beaten to the ground by this cold man!

Jiang Fei’s eyes were faint. Staring at the ordinary face of the cold man, I felt a real killer.

Yes, it’s murder!

This kind of killer can be clearly realized in the battle.

This cold man is not even an ordinary person. It’s impossible for ordinary people to have such momentum.

So in Jiang Fei’s mind, he naturally thought of a word that only appeared in novels and movies — killer!

Jiang Fei has no doubt that if he is defeated by this guy, he can’t just beat himself, or even make himself disabled.

He’s going to kill himself!

Moreover, Jiang Fei was almost certain in his mind. This guy is definitely not with those punks.

His purpose. It’s not a trouble for Qiao Yiyi either. It’s a big possibility to kill him! The reason why he followed these little gangsters. But to cover up, the drunk does not want to drink. On the surface, he comes to see Qiao Yiyi for trouble. Secretly, he wants to take his life!

Jiang Fei’s heart was cold, and his head turned quickly. But after thinking for a long time, I don’t know what this guy really is. I don’t know who he offended. He should let the other side kill him!

He has offended many people during this period, but Jiang Fei doesn’t think that among these enemies. Who dare to send a killer to kill him so blatantly!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jiang Fei felt that his arms were completely numb. Under the continuous attack of the change state killer. It’s not easy for him to survive. But it doesn’t matter if we keep defending passively. As the saying goes, attack is the best defense. He must take the initiative in his own hands!

However, Taijiquan was originally inclined to soft Kung Fu, and this is still a incomplete version of Taijiquan, only learning the first level! Jiang Fei is biting his teeth, thinking hard about whether to upgrade Taijiquan to the second level at this critical moment, so it should not be a problem to deal with this killer.

In the days after the character’s level was upgraded to level 3, Jiang Fei has gained a lot of experience points. There are 201 available skill points. It’s just right to upgrade Taijiquan.

Jiang Fei’s fight with the ruthless man stunned the little fat boss and the surviving man, who were preparing for the action. Some of them didn’t respond.

“Old… Boss. What’s the matter? ” Asked the man.

The little fat boss scolded: “you still ask me, I should ask you! Who is this kid? How come I’ve never seen it before? Who set him up for this mission? “

The man was stunned and then replied, “I’m not familiar with him either! He was introduced by hammer yesterday. His nickname is xiaoliuzi. He’s very down-to-earth and willing to work. Take him out to see the scene today… “

The little fat boss’s eyes flickered, watching Jiang Fei and the cold man’s fight, his eyelids also jumped wildly, swearing: “paralyzed! This matter is becoming more and more mysterious. It’s definitely beyond the scope of the ordinary thugs seeking revenge! If you look at the battle between these two guys, I’m afraid they’ve won or lost. It’s life and death! This is the enemy of life and death! Grass, we’re in big trouble this time. I’m afraid we’ll be used as guns! “

Hearing the word “life and death”, the timid man shivered with fear, shrunk his head, and asked, “boss, did Li Jirong trick us?”

The little fat man shook his head and said gloomily, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s him. But I think it’s probably not him, maybe this guy has become a fool. Forced, also used by others, to be a gunner! “

“Then… What shall we do? ” Asked the man in fear.

“What else can I do! Hurry up! Today’s event should not have happened, none of us have been here! ” The little fat old man said with red eyes.

They hurriedly went to help the other two who were knocked unconscious by Jiang Fei and prepared to escape secretly.

At this time, the battle between Jiang Fei and the cold man changed. Jiang Fei found that the man’s attack at the beginning did not make him feel able to carry it. But when he bit his teeth to resist the first storm, the cold man’s attack was significantly weaker.

Just when he was about to upgrade Taijiquan, he found that this guy’s stamina seemed to be insufficient!

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