The Almighty Martial Arts System 160

By | February 17, 2020

“Pa –!”

A teacup was smashed to pieces and tiles were all over the floor.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Li?” A hot model, and also in this year’s hot film in which he played a small supporting role of the third-class star, carefully asked.

Li Jirong’s face was full of rage. He didn’t even look at the little star. He yelled at the mobile phone: “waste! A bunch of trash! You can’t do a thing at the concert. What else can you do? Eat shit! “

“Yes… I’m sorry. It’s really that guy’s piano playing is so good that he conquered all the audience around him in a moment. If we are standing up to make trouble, we will not only fail, but also be arrested …… ” A man on the phone said in a mournful voice.

“Great? Great next door! Grass! ” Li Jirong didn’t want to think about it either. He directly threw his mobile phone on the wall.


The phone was split and the screen burst.

This morning, almost all the headlines in the major media were about the scandal between Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei, which was naturally written by him. When Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord was damaged, the photos he lived with Jiang Fei were also the ones he asked people to pay a lot of money to take secretly.

The purpose of his doing this, of course, is to make Qiao Yiyi’s reputation stink.

The day before Qiao Yiyi’s concert, he released the sensational news, and he also slandered Jiang Fei as a second generation official with a very strong background. He created the image of Qiao Yiyi as a vain woman, which caused the dissatisfaction of fans.

This is just the first step.

The second step is to arrange a few people to guide the fans who are already in the mood of anger and agitation to create riots at the concert tonight. If this step is successful, it will have a great influence.

You know, at the concert tonight. However, there are more than 40,000 fans, which can be called the scene of crowds. If there’s a riot. No matter how strong the security force on site is, no matter how many security guards are, it will not help. It can’t be suppressed!

If something like stampede happened again, it would be more beautiful. I’m afraid Qiao Yiyi’s fate would be more tragic.

This is what he planned. But who knows, man is not God. How could Li Jirong think that Jiang Fei, a doctor who didn’t know where he came from, was a great master of piano art! With a piano performance, directly conquered more than 40,000 fans, let them collectively ‘mutiny’!

Once all the real fans rebel, they will not contradict Jiang Fei any more. How could it be possible to create another riot just with the help of the men Li arranged?

I’m afraid as soon as they get up, the security personnel at the scene will probably have to subdue them all.

Therefore, Li Jirong’s carefully prepared plan was completely broken by Jiang Fei’s piano show.

“Mom, yes! These two men and women” For a long time, Li Jilong couldn’t calm down. His face was a little ferocious. The hot little star carefully hid far away, and did not dare to ask about the situation again. He was afraid that Li Jirong would hurt her in a rage.

It took him three or four minutes to suppress his anger. Staring at the little star, he said, “go and find out the mobile card in my mobile phone! Then get on your phone! “

“Oh…” Little star dare not resist, can only obey. She did not dare to offend this childe. Whether she can make the second movie in her life, and she is the No. 2 actress, depends on the childe of the Chinese film company.

Take out the phone card from the broken cell phone, change it to your own cell phone, and hand it to Li Jirong respectfully. Li Jirong, still angry, dialed a phone and asked, “the concert is going to be over. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready. Please rest assured, Mr. Li. We’ve never failed in such a simple matter. ” There was a man’s voice on the phone. Confident.

“That’s good! When it’s done, you’ll be rewarded! ” Li Jirong said it coldly. Hung up.

There was a chilling ray of hatred in his eyes.

“Qiao Yiyi, you stinking bitch! Even if you are so proud. I will be angry with you! “

“Jiang Fei? Dare to beat me? Ye Yuanyuan that woman I dare not move, move you dare not? “


Qiao Yiyi’s concert was finally completed and achieved unprecedented success. In this era of extremely developed network, what happened one minute ago may have reached the point that everyone in the world knows about the next minute.

So, in the concert, Qiao Yiyi’s rumored boyfriend appeared as a guest, and also played a piano, conquering tens of thousands of fans, which has been spread to the Internet by the good guys.

Of course, in tonight’s concert, there are also many journalists from various media. Their purpose is to get the first-hand hot news, and to see how Qiao Yiyi explains today’s events at the concert.

So, at the end of the concert, things about the concert on the Internet have become so heated that even there are unclear versions of the video circulating on the Internet, and for a while, countless people reply with posts.

“The first piano master in China appears!”

“Tonight at Qiao Yiyi’s concert, I witnessed an unprecedented hearing feast!”

“It’s no wonder that the beauty is in love with her. it turned out to be a peerless talent!”

Did not come to the concert’s screen name, After seeing these news headlines again, I thought it was inexplicable, but after listening to the unclear version of the piano performance, I also understood.

(*You can read the translated at

Although it was 11 o’clock at the end of the concert, there were still countless reporters waiting outside the Jincheng sports center to interview Qiao Yiyi who had finished the concert. Generally speaking, the singers are tired after the concert, and the reporters will not come to interview without understanding, but today’s events are twists and turns, which is too sensational. These journalists are really anxious to wait, so how can they interview some news first today before they give up.

“It’s finally over! Oh, I’m so happy today, but I’m really tired. ” Qiao Yiyi sat in the chair, waiting for the staff to give her back the extra decoration and put on a normal dress.

“I’ll have to do an interview later. The fans have all gone, but the outside is still full of reporters. If I don’t interview you, I don’t think I’ll let you off easily. ” Mei Yi said after pouring a glass of water for Qiao Yiyi.

“Ah? There are interviews? ” Qiao Yiyi suddenly frowned at hearing the words and looked at Mei Yi pitifully and said, “Mei Yi. Can you help me with the reporters later? I really don’t want to be interviewed today. “

Aunt Mei looked at Qiao Yiyi, who was tired on her face, and also had some heartache. Nodding: “OK. I’ll deal with the reporters when you slip away. “

Jiang Fei did not leave after stepping down. Because he was originally with Qiao Yiyi and didn’t drive, he had to go with Qiao Yiyi.

Can’t he go ahead and take a ride?

If he is found by the reporters outside, he is sure to be stopped.

So in the end, Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi slipped away together. It’s a side door. In addition, the two changed clothes, and some people went for cover, which was very smooth.

Mei Yi is to go directly to the front door, directly and the reporter head-on walk past, take the initiative to let the reporter surround, accept the interview. Although many reporters did not see Qiao Yiyi, they were disappointed, but Qiao Yiyi’s agent appeared, which was barely able to cope, so they began to interview.

“Boss. What’s going on? Only this old woman came out. Qiao Yiyi didn’t come out! ” A white van, hiding a few men in black, looking at the reporter not far away surrounded by Mei said in a low voice.

At this time, the mobile phone of the eldest in the passenger seat rings. After he answered the phone quickly, he told the driver, “hurry up! Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei are going to leave from the northwest gate. Hurry up! “

The van started quickly and went straight to the northwest gate of the stadium.

There were six men in the van, all of whom were serious.

The ‘boss’ in the co driver’s seat is a fat middle-aged man. In the process of speeding up the van, he once again turned to the four people behind the van and said: “when Qiao Yiyi’s car is stopped later, give me some inspiration one by one. Don’t show me anything! “

“I see. Boss, don’t worry. It’s just acting. Who can’t! Is that the slogan? Qiao Yiyi. You are such a humble, vain woman who can’t change her mind. With the second generation of officials, we will abandon our authority and strive for justice for it! “

“Slogan your sister! Who * said it was a slogan? Just be able to express this meaning, and play it freely! “


“You should be careful when you start. I just want to maim the man named Jiang Fei. Qiao Yiyi, this woman, can only slap her face with five slaps when she grabs her hair twice! After all, this woman is a big star. If something really happens, she can’t clean it up. ” Said the little fat middle-aged man.

“It’s a small idea to maim this guy named Jiang Fei. But boss, I feel like I can’t beat women. Still such a beautiful star. How about we take advantage of it later and do something about it? To tell you the truth, Qiao Yiyi is so beautiful. It makes my heart itch. I’ve been looking at her pictures many times” Someone behind said with a smile.

“Roll! Don’t fucking brain me one by one. It must be done well today. After you get the money, you can go to the nightclub to find any kind of woman! ” Said the middle-aged man angrily. “Isn’t it just a pretty face? When you go back to work as your wife, turn off the light and cover her head with a quilt. So do you imagine her to be Qiao Yiyi! “

“How can it be the same. It’s not self deception… ” Someone muttered.

The van soon arrived at the northwest gate from the main gate, just the right time. As soon as their car stopped, they saw a man and a woman coming out of it. They looked forward and backward. They kept looking around. They were sure that no one was there. Then they got on a BMW quickly.

The eldest in the co driver’s seat had a poisonous look in his eyes. He recognized Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei at one glance, and ordered the minibus driver to catch up slowly.

They can’t do it outside the sports center. There are too many people here, and there are too many security personnel in it. They may not have started here, but they may have recruited people.

So, they have to follow patiently and find a suitable place to start.

In the van, five of the six people have some light in their eyes at this time. They are ready to work hard.

There is only one man sitting at the back of the van. He has a general appearance, a general figure, no expression on his face, and his eyes are cold

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