The Almighty Martial Arts System 16

By | August 11, 2019

Jiang Fei paid no attention to Xia Xiaozhi anxious mood, with a smile, he said: “I didn’t have my villa bought in the city, I don’t  even have enough money to build it here. I have a weekend villa being  made at a Rice village. So whenever I get off work I go there, I’ll certainly still come back and live here.”

However, after getting asked  such  question by Xia Xiaozhi, had made Jiang Fei suddenly think, even if he got off work every day, going back to Rice Village would in fact be quite difficult….but if he wants to go down the highway later on, the bumpy section of the highway that’s covered with stone needs to be flattened.

If the bumpy section covered by stones were to be covered by cement, going to Rice Village from Jincheng would be a lot more convenient. So long as the vehicle’s speed is a bit quick, he’d be able to get there in less than an hour time. In any case he now doesn’t work at the hospital anymore, so there was no one to tell him when he needed to work, nor would there be any one to tell him how much clockwork he needed to do. So he could close early every day, and go from the clinic to Rice Village.

In the future if I have the money, I can consider doing something about the paved road. Even if it’s not to help the villagers of Rice Village, and instead to help myself in the future, it’s important for me to do this much! In fact, the road doesn’t need to be repaired with cement, just filling it with a bit more stones should be fine, which shouldn’t cost me too much money. Jiang Fei thought to himself. Jiang Fei had always been in pursuit of his quality of life, if he has the opportunity to improve his quality of life, he’s willing to part with his hard-earned savings.

Xia Xiaozhi who was somewhat afraid, hit her chest and said: “You scared me to death, I thought uncle’s moving out of here.”

Jiang Fei raised his head, his face showing a nasty smile, and said: “What’s wrong, do you hate it if i leave?”

Although he knew that the young girl was still not an adult, and that she was still a high-school student, but the girl was already quite mature, which could still make a man to have bad thoughts. This was the reason why Jiang Fei sometimes couldn’t control his own thoughts.

Xia Xiaozhi was always extremely daring as she was at her rebellious age, but being asked by Jiang Fei in this way had still made her somewhat embarrassed. Clearly knowing right and wrong, her eyes flickered, pretending that she was uninterested, she said: “Of course I would hate it, if you leave, who will make me delicious food again?”

“Come on! I’m just an assistant cook.” Jiang Fei smiled, and continued to browse the web. He was already ensuring the first step of his plan, purchasing a newly hatched fish.

Newly hatched fishes sold online is the same as the ones sold in the city, so long as he accepts the one-time offer he would get  many of them with free shipping, which is also very convenient.

The pond which is under Jiang Fei contract, though isn’t too deep, and even deepest part of the pond was also less than two meters, but the pond was still two acres wide, allowing him to grow a lot of fishes. If Jiang Fei were to feed enough of the newly hatched fishes, possibly feedings thousands or even ten thousand of them, at that time how much will his exp go up?

Perhaps It can even instantaneously reach 500 exp?

After leveling up, he can assign two points freely to one of his basic stats, if he appoints two points to his physical strength, it would strengthen him multiple times!

Moreover, he’ll also get a level up gift box.

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei somewhat couldn’t sit still, and wanted to implement his plan as soon as possible.

“Uncle, where’s your resort? 3rd ring road?” Xia Xiaozhi asked curiously.

“It’s much further compared to 3rd ring road. Strictly speaking, it’s already not part of the scope of Jincheng, even if you go on the highway, you would still need an hour drive before you get there.” Jiang Fei said.

“Why did you choose such a faraway place. Isn’t near here good?” Xia Xiaozhi frowned.

“The village scenery near the suburbs isn’t very attractive, and is too mediocre.” Jiang Fei shook his head to say. Saying this, he turned on his own cell phone, and showed Xia Xiaozhi two pictures of Rice village, as he quite happily said: “Well, isn’t this place nice? This is the place I picked.”

Xia Xiaozhi took his cellphone and took a look at the two pictures staring at the phone with widened eyes, she exclaimed: “Oh, so beautiful. It’s like the views in resorts that they show on TV! Didn’t you just take this picture out of the computer to deceive me?”

“What’s up, What’s up…” Hearing Xia Xiaozhi surprised voice, Xu Jing and Tan Yuan also ran to the study, and grabbed the cellphone in order to have a look, while Xia Xiaozhi explained the situation to them.

As a result, the three girls looked at each other in silence, the three exchanged looks, then with similar thoughts, the three surrounded the seat which was in front of the computer and were thinking deeply, they quickly stuck close to Jiang Fei with their young and delicate body which were filled with a youthful flavor, the three then, all together acted like a spoiled child: “Uncle, when will you bring us to your villa to play?”(ED: way to negotiate)

Encircled by the three beautiful young girls, the three’s fragrant flavor drilled into his nose, making Jiang Fei couldn’t control himself a bit, as his mind was gently swaying away.

“I can certainly lead you there to play. However, my villa isn’t built yet, and the housing hasn’t been decorated yet. Wait until everything is done, then you’ll be able to go there and stay, but it will at least take a month for it to finish. At that time, if you’re done with your final exam, and have summer vacation, I can bring you there to play.” Jiang Fei laughed and agreed.

“Great!” Seeing that Jiang Fei agreed, the three girls were suddenly happy, singing and dancing excitedly. Jiang Fei took the phone and appreciated the beautiful scene in front of him, while the three were still incessantly exclaiming their admiration of Jiang Fei’s good taste.

Jiang Fei also had a cheerful smile as he rather enjoys their praise. It wasn’t his fault that he fell for their honey trap, even though the three young girls were still not of age, but they were still quite beautiful, making them able to entice Jiang Fei and defeat him.

But when his villa is built, he didn’t mind for friends to come and visit him. Jiang Fei liked the rural life, but it’s not like he wanted to seclude himself from the world, nor did he want a life where no one would know him.

If these three young beautiful girls can go to his villa to play, and add vigor to the beautiful view in his place, he would naturally welcome it with both hands.

The view at the village was beautiful, he even had a tall villa built there, so why must he not share it with someone?

If he was the only person at his place, having a night walk by himself, it would definitely be no fun.

Jiang Fei, is also an ordinary person!

Hours later, the three woman who played in Jiang Fei’s place for a while, soon went downstairs with Xia Xiaozhi, entering Xia Xiaozhi’s home to sleep for the night.

Xia Xiaozhi’s parents trusted this young doctor Jiang Fei, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll allow their daughter to sleep at Jiang Fei’s home. Xia Xiaozhi was after all a minor, although in other’s perspective she was already a grown up, but in their eyes was still a naïve child.

So even if Xia Xiaozhi came to Jiang Fei’s place for her make up class for the lessons she frequently missed, but every night before the clock had turned to 11:00 pm, she would need to go back to her place. Otherwise her mother would personally go upstairs to look for her.

At night.

In Xia Xiaozhi’s pink bedroom, there were many poster images on the wall, and various types of rag dolls. The entire bedroom was clean, and was filled with the savory flavor of a young lady.

The two of her friends, Tan Yuan and Xu Jing was with her on the bed, squeezed together on Xia Xiaozhi’s  bed, but the three weren’t sleeping yet.

“Xiaozhi, seriously, your uncle is really good. Mature. Charming. Is capable. Looks quite handsome. And has money.”

Tan Yuan raised her fingers one by one, slowly counting several advantages of Jiang Fei, she hadn’t been long since she had met Jiang Fei, but she had already understood his character: “your Uncle, compared to the kids in our school, is more attractive. No matter who pursues you, or students that pursue Xu Jing, I think they can’t compare with uncle. If you fall in love with him, we’re not going to laugh at you.”

The feelings between the two, previously, in the presence of Jiang Fei, the two had teased Jiang Fei and Xia Xiaozhi, it was merely out of the two’s wicked interest, and hadn’t actually taken it too seriously.

Xia Xiaozhi laid on the bed, she frowned, and seemed somewhat puzzled, “I also said honestly, that two month ago, I didn’t have any favorable impression of uncle, and had only went to his place for make-up classes because of my mother. If I wasn’t compelled, I wouldn’t have gone. Now, and I don’t know how, but I felt that uncle’s charm soared, no matter how you look at it, it’s just like those oppa’s in Korean drama, almighty.  Merely….He’s older than me by so many years.”

At this time, Xu Jing suddenly sat on the bed, looking at Xia Xiaozhi, her rough chest also chook. Wearing Xia Xiaozhi’s pajamas, it looked like Xia Xiaozhi was significantly less than hers, as it was somewhat tight on her chest.

She blushed, and looked at both of them, saying: “I don’t mind that uncle is older than me! Kids don’t interest me, uncle is my dream’s Prince charming, he has all the condition that a boyfriend has to have in my mind!”

Xia Xiaozhi gawked, and nastily sat up and said, “Good, Zhuangzhuang. You really  want to rob uncle away from me. It was out of my good intention that I lead you to see him , if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t have seen him, yet you still dare to take him away from me? Tan Yuan, you judge, whether or not Zhuangzhuang is moral.”

Tan Yuan was also compelled to sit on the bed, she then pondered for a while, and then nodded saying: “Among sisters, you indeed can’t snatch a man away from each other. However…..” A hint of cunningness flash in Tan Yuan’s eyes, with a lively expression, she grinned and said: “But Xiaozhi, the thing between you and uncle is only pure friendship, and no substantive progress at all. So, Zhuangzhuan, you can definitely go for it, but it will depend on your ability if you can get him!”

“Right, I also saw it. That between Xiaozhi and uncle, there’s only an ordinary relationship, so I’m not a third party.” Xu Jing nodded, followed by her pair of white rabbit breasts.

Xia Xiaozhi was concerned, she stretched out her hand and made Tan Yuan and Xu Jing yield by tickling them. She was now aware that asking the two to her house, was a bit like leading a wolf into the house.

As a result the three young girls had a war, and in the end they laid on the floor, their nightgowns were flipped over, exposing themselves in the room…..

*Source : Martial Dao

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