The Almighty Martial Arts System 158

By | February 15, 2020

Music has no borders. That’s true.

Just like a person who doesn’t understand English, listening to English songs, as long as the rhythm of the songs is good and the emotions are strong, they can also be moved.

Piano performance has no borders. Because there are no words in it, only the feelings that are too strong to resist. As long as you can hear the sound, not the deaf, there is no way not to be moved by this performance.

No matter what kind of mindset and idea we had before, now all the distractions will be squeezed out of our heads and abandoned to one side!

Of course, the general piano player can not have such strength, can not play such strong feelings. Otherwise, everyone can be a performer.

Only if you are fascinated on the piano and can be called a master of the master, can this be the case!

To be honest, more than 40,000 fans who came to listen to Qiao Yiyi on the spot were not only young, but also most of them did not have any musical literacy. They don’t know anything about piano or guitar, and they don’t know what a chord is. What they can most intuitively feel is that a song is good or not, and a singer is beautiful or not.

So, they are crazy star chasers, like many idol male singers in Bangziguo, and like the captain of the “big bang” band, Quan Yingran. In their first view, no matter what talent Jiang Fei has, they will absolutely resist. Even if Jiang Fei is really a piano master, he is definitely not worthy of Qiao Yiyi in their view.

But now when Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, the first movement of Beethoven’s highest attainments in the field of symphony, is played, everyone is shocked.

These young fans still don’t understand the piano. There is still not a high level of appreciation. But they can feel whether the performance of the piano is moving. Whether the feelings are shocked!

This is something that anyone can feel.

This moment. The Black Sea continued, and the great sports center was still silent, more silent than before. The place of more than 40,000 people has become silent at this moment. The needle can be heard!

But these fans, no longer want to resist Jiang Fei, but involuntarily intoxicated in the piano sound, forget to wave the fluorescent rod.

The piano sounds like magic. Everyone has a dignified face. It seems to feel that Beethoven’s soul, which has passed for more than 200 years, has returned to the world at this moment, and attached itself to the man in Tuxedo on the stage. With his unyielding character, he uses life to fight against fate. A great breath only belonging to male creatures spreads out in all directions!

There are more than 40000 audiences under the stage. Men are so excited by this kind of breath that their blood is boiling inside. Women feel their hearts are shaking!

Everyone closed their eyes at this moment.

Darkness is no longer darkness, nor light. It’s like reversing their previous cognition and changing their definition of music.

In such a shocked mood, the second movement came quietly.

This movement is different from that just now. The theme is clear and exciting. It’s full of momentum. Next, the original dignified faces of more than 40,000 fans have become much easier. It seems to give active encouragement to the warriors who are fighting. It seems that people suddenly saw the warm sunshine and blue sky in the cloudy battlefield.

However, people can still experience the hardships of life. And at the end of the melody. In fact, it’s not hard to find that it suddenly becomes urgent. With Jiang Fei’s ten fingers rapid reaction, full of magic piano sound, even let everyone feel a kind of inexplicable restlessness.

Finally, the third movement comes.

The third movement is a double theme, just like the Adagio of the song. Compared with the previous two movements, it is quiet and serene. Although the melody is gentle, it does not lose its softness.

Although this movement faints the strong dreaminess and philosophy, it also contains the extreme romanticism, gentle and elegant. Almost all the fans, both men and women, are totally immersed in it, just like the piano sound is the most beautiful music in the world, which can move the heart most!

The fourth movement is the essence of the Ninth Symphony. The percussive sound of the huge waves grabbed everyone’s heart at once and caused the endless reverie of more than 40,000 fans.

Most of these fans are young and have no musical or literary quality. Many are high school students, even junior high school students.

They usually write hundreds of words of composition may be very difficult to write any beautiful text.

But now, this magical music is just like a panacea, which stimulates their thinking and makes their brain cells get the ultimate movement at this moment.

At this time, they can praise the world, praise the fate, and describe the sky, mountains and sea with extreme language!

This movement experienced the painful experience of playing the previous part for a long time, including the memories of the first three movements. This part is strong and heart stirring.

The theme of the final Ode to joy is like a ray of sunlight breaking through thick clouds and sprinkling on the earth, like lightning in the dark breaking through the night sky. With its great penetrating power, through the dust of history, it is full of vitality everywhere, full of power galloping everywhere. The whole theme of joy, although there is no ending chorus of symphony of traditional significance, Jiang Fei uses his superb piano performance technique to show all the feelings and artistic conception that should be displayed incisively and exquisitely.

At this moment, the huge theme of joy and the great emotional impact have freed everyone’s mind, eliminated all previous prejudices and resentments, eliminated all narrow thoughts, and made everyone’s thoughts freely publicized.




Finally, the sudden release is magnificent. The perfect performance finally came to an end. The open stadium was shocked for a long time without sound.

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More than 40,000 fans, no one cares about Jiang Fei’s identity, no one will consider whether Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi match. Even before, he was the brain powder that liked the captain of the big bang most. It’s to say “still” not to live together is to go to the meaning, the sun will lose the temperature of the second youth. They were all dumbfounded and silently put down the “still” LED light.

The black ocean did not disappear. But at this time, the black ocean is no longer a black ocean.

Finally, when Jiang Fei got up from the stool and turned around under the waiting light, he made a slight bow to the bottom of the stage with a smile on his face. He didn’t know who was the first to react and screamed.

“Ow ~ ~ ~”

The roar of Jincheng stadium reached the maximum, tens of thousands of fans, even a little older. Before, I was able to keep my head, not so high, but now I can’t help it.

They just want to shout, they want to shout!

Otherwise, the excitement in their hearts can not be released. The boiling blood in their bodies will burst their blood vessels! If they don’t exert the huge energy in their body, they will be suffocated!

Even in a rational person, you can’t control your emotions at this time.

Everyone Crazy!

Men and women, young and old.

Whether it’s a white-collar president. Or the young students, whether they are goddesses or women, they have completely abandoned their identity at this time. Forget the reserve, break away from all the shackles, just like the last Ode to joy in Symphony No. 9.

At this point. They just want to shout!

Is this a piano that ordinary people can play?

What kind of master is this?

This is God!

Clapping and thundering, the black ocean is stormy. The fluorescent bar and the mobile screen are filled with light again, and become a sea of light.

The atmosphere of the previous concert was hot enough. It can scare people who don’t know. But now, it’s really peaking.

Now in everyone’s heart, there is only endless admiration and admiration for Jiang Fei.

Such a talented, charming and handsome man is a blockhouse!

Such a man, heaven and earth, I don’t think we can find another one!

As for the right Yingran of any club, it has long been thrown out of the sky. What a ghost! What is the king of rap and what is the powerful power? In front of the piano performance just now, it’s just a piece of shit. It’s not on a level!

Compared with Jiang Fei, it’s insulting!

In this world, the most shocking thing is the strong feelings in music.

And Jiang Fei, with this feeling, conquered more than 40,000 people at one stroke. Let these more than 40,000 people become Jiang Fei’s fans unconditionally and unreservedly!

Even the former loyal fans of Quan Yingran, at this time, most of them have to admit that the man on the stage is better than their first idol!

This man is so fucking handsome! Just now, how can I help these little girls and big girls playing the piano!

As for a small part of Quan Yingran’s fans, they directly threw the “still together” led and so on to the ground.

They, mutiny!

“Jiang Fei Jiang Fei Jiang Fei Jiang Fei…”

More than 40,000 people shouted out these two words at the same time, making people only think of one word “soaring into the sky”!

At this time, Qiao Yiyi also came back to his senses, took the microphone to Jiang Fei’s side, looked at the fans below, and asked, “do you like it?”




“That’s good.” Qiao Yiyi smiled. “As long as you think it’s nice, my efforts are not in vain. You know, in order to invite our great master, I have been asking for a long time. Our handsome Jiang is willing to let go… “

“Ow ~ ~ ~”

“Together! In harness! Together! “

“Take off! Take off! Take off! “

When Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi heard the slogan, they couldn’t help crying and laughing.

Take off? Why don’t we play together?

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