The Almighty Martial Arts System 156

By | February 13, 2020

Jiang Fei’s words made the little girl translator a little bit difficult. She is thinking about how to translate the classic sentence of “it’s none of your business” in Smecta language.

After thinking for a while, she finally chose a more civilized translation and politely said to Quan Yingran, “he doesn’t want to tell you.”.


However, Quan Yingran refused to give up, and said to Jiang Fei angrily.

“He said…” The translation younger sister looked at Jiang Fei and hesitated for a moment. Finally, she said honestly, “he said you are not worthy of Miss Qiao Yiyi. Please take the initiative to stay away from Miss Qiao Yiyi.”

Jiang Fei can’t help but have no words when he hears the words. What kind of rap king is he dressed up in a garish way? He also regards him as a rival in love. This guy is really a toad who wants to eat swan meat. He’s not only gossip, but also really interested in Qiao Yiyi?

Although Jiang Fei has no idea about Qiao Yiyi now————

Well, only a little thought at most!

It’s just a man’s appreciation of beautiful women. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Jiang Fei can’t stand the arrogance of the goods. Our domestic cabbage, the top ten beauties in Asia, you want to arch even with a stick? Jiang Fei, of course, would not like it. He was upset.

“I don’t deserve you to say no, Qiao Yiyi said no. But I know you certainly don’t deserve it, because Qiao Yiyi has said no to your pursuit! ” Jiang Fei said with a smile.

“Who said I was rejected by Qiao Yiyi!” Quan Yingran blushed angrily.

Although it is true that Qiao Yiyi not only clarified the scandal in front of the media, but also was directly rejected when he finally got up the courage to express her love to Qiao Yiyi in private

But he didn’t give up! Like most of his fans, he thinks that only he and Qiao Yiyi are the best match. They are a perfect match!

You know, in pursuit of Qiao Yiyi. But he has not hesitated to lose two girlfriends, and they draw a clear line! This time, in order to be a guest for Qiao Yiyi’s concert, he also asked the company for it.

This sincerity. Isn’t it enough to move people? He felt that he was moved by his determination and courage!

“You see, your face is red. Should it be anger? ” Jiang Fei points to Quan Yingran’s face. Asked curiously.

Quan Yingran: “% ¥ * * * *!”

This female translator didn’t give a translator. I don’t need to guess that these words are not good words.

So Jiang Fei waved his hand and said, “I don’t need to translate this sentence. I don’t think it’s a good one. But I don’t understand, so I don’t know what to do with him. “

He didn’t understand the swearing words. He didn’t have any killing power. He couldn’t hold the hatred. On the contrary, Jiang Fei thought this guy’s expression was funny. It’s like teasing a pet. The goods dare to greet Jiang Fei with the national scolding that Jiang Fei understands. Jiang Fei will certainly not be polite to him.

Fortunately, several other teammates of the big bang band came up in time to hold their angry captain, and didn’t let the situation develop further and escalate to action.

Otherwise Now their angry captain must be lying on the ground!

Many backstage staff have seen this scene, can’t help but have their eyes shining, whispering and talking.

This scene is too hot. If there are entertainment journalists who are wandering here and taking two photos, the front page headlines will be even hotter tomorrow. It’s estimated that the titles of “the two gods are torn by Qiao Yiyi” and “the new and old boyfriend of Qiao Yiyi are not in line with each other in a word” will come out.

Fortunately, the concert security is very strict. It’s impossible to sneak in the reporters backstage. But even so, the image of the Asia rap king has declined a lot in people’s eyes.

What quality is it? It’s the king of heaven. It’s almost like a little man. It’s the man who was revealed in the newspaper to be the second generation of officials. It seems that there is a bit of elegance in it. Although the mouth is a little poisonous, it has a sense of humor, which makes people laugh.


Qiao Yiyi sang three songs in a row at the front desk. Although more than 40,000 fans are still enthusiastic and sometimes sing with her, they are not as shocked as before.

At this time, most of the fans are still holding their breath. They are looking forward to the appearance of the gossip boyfriend and are anxiously waiting to see what the guest is going to do.

The relationship between Qiao Yiyi and the second generation of the official. Is it true or not!

The last one is Qiao Yiyi playing the piano and singing by herself. After that, she stands up with the microphone. “I played the piano just now, shouldn’t I make any mistakes?” she asked with a smile

“No!” Tens of thousands of fans answered in unison.

“That’s good. Actually, I’m a little nervous today. It’s really hard for me to play the piano. Why? Because I’m making a fool of myself in front of a master of piano art. it’s really a big sword in front of Guan Gong. ” Qiao Yiyi said seriously.

“How! Yiyi, you are an instrument genius! The piano is playing well! ” Someone screamed.

“I used to think I was very talented in Piano Art – until I met him. I just understand what it means to have someone out of the world” Qiao Yiyi shook his head.

“Who? Who dares to be so powerful that Yiyi feels inferior to him? “

“Is there a piano master in today’s live band?”

“Not necessarily. In the accompaniment just now, although it’s all good, there’s nothing particularly brilliant! “

The following fans heard Qiao Yiyi suddenly so modest, so hard to praise others, it’s not normal for the discerning to see. Qiao Yiyi is good at singing, but he is also a famous all-round expert in musical instruments. He is not proficient in all kinds of weapons, but at least he can do all kinds of weapons.

Do you think there will be any musical talents in today’s concert?

For a while, many fans speculated that Qiao Yiyi was going to introduce today’s live band.

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As a result, Qiao Yiyi suddenly said in a loud voice, “let’s welcome Jiang Fei, my most adored master of piano art!”


With the lights on the stage suddenly completely dark down, the screams of many fans below suddenly stopped, and the atmosphere was a little strange. Apart from Ye Yuanyuan, Lin Moli, Xia Xiaozhi and others in the front row of the inner court, no one else expected to come here.

It’s a little … God turn!

Jiang Fei, the master of piano art? Isn’t it rich second generation, gossip boyfriend Jiang Fei?

It turns out that this is the case with the guests. A accompaniment was invited.

Is this rich second generation still a piano player? But even a player. I dare not say it’s a master of piano art, right? I don’t think the title is a little big. Is the hat a little high?

Most people are angry and have some disdainful thoughts.

It’s nothing to be able to play the piano. Anyway, the second generation of the rich in this society has become the object of hatred by the public, and has been labeled as “bad”. It’s not good enough for Qiao Yiyi anyway.

The stage lights are dark, and the fans under the stage are surprised and stunned. They are quiet for a short time. As a result, unconsciously, the darkness becomes a little longer. No one wants to speak at this time, or even know who is taking the lead. They hide the fluorescent stick and mobile phone in their hands and refuse to contribute any light!

Starlit ocean. Suddenly it becomes a black hole without light and sound.

People are all creatures of conformity. As long as there is a person with a head, all of them will follow suit habitually.

This principle is similar to the emperor’s new clothes.

These fans, with their own inspiration, thought of using this silent dark scene to express their inner dissatisfaction and express their firm disagreement that Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei are together!

So the stadium, which was screaming all day and was about to overturn the roof, was suddenly quiet and eerie, making people feel that their heart was almost still!

However. It is often dark before dawn, and calm before storm.

After these dark and calm, often will usher in an unprecedented spurt!


Not for a moment. Finally, the stage lights up. In the middle of the light, there is a black grand piano. Jiang Fei, wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt inside, sat in front of the piano.

Qiao Yiyi sat on the high stool next to her. If she had changed her white shirt and blue jeans, her long hair and a simple ponytail, she was no different from the female students in the University.

They just looked at each other, and neither spoke.

“Why? Although Yiyi’s dress is simple, it’s beautiful! “

“Yes. Amazing. Never seen Yiyi dressed like this! “

“However, this man looks good like this…”

“That’s good? Okay… Even if it’s a little good. But it is not worthy of dependence. I always support the “still” combination! “

However, under the stage, many fans who want to resist with silence can’t help talking about it.

Of course, this kind of talk is not loud, just whispering. Compared with the hot scene just now, it’s a thousand times weaker and quite silent. Below is still a dark one, almost invisible fluorescent rod and mobile phone screen light.

Front row.

Xia Xiaozhi’s three girlfriends are close together, with huge childlike appearance. Xu Jing’s head is more lovely with two shining horns. She doesn’t care what other people think. At this time, holding some red faces in her hands, she said excitedly: “Xiaozhi. Uncle is so handsome. But can uncle play the piano? I haven’t heard of you before. “

Although Xia Xiaozhi was also attracted by the handsome figure on the stage, he obviously had to be more rational and worried: “I don’t know. Uncle, even if he can play the piano, but you see the following people don’t support it and don’t give face at all. What should I do? Later, uncle will not be able to bear the pressure, just cry? “

“Should No? “

Tan Yuan muttered: “although uncle is very handsome, he is not as handsome as Quan Yingran.”

“Tan Yuan! What did you say? Do you want to go to uncle’s villa? Do you want to eat uncle’s food? “

“Ah?! I didn’t say anything… “

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