The Almighty Martial Arts System 155

By | February 12, 2020

There were many guests at Qiao Yiyi’s concert. First of all, Liang Jingru, a love song Diva from Chinese music circle of Maya nationality, came to the stage. She and Qiao Yiyi sang a popular classic love song “courage” together, and then they interacted with the following fans on the stage for a while, singing a few songs to each other, causing the following fans to scream.

Although Qiao Yiyi’s fans are younger, there are still many who like this love song diva. After all, there are too many classic songs for her to sing for a long time.

It was a surprise that the mysterious big brand guest appeared at the concert. Even Jiang Fei, who was watching backstage at this time, was quite surprised.

After Liang Jingru stepped down from the stage, another guest came on the stage. There are five guests on the stage.

These five people are not Chinese, but South Korea’s very famous men’s group “Big Bang”. They are very popular. They are very famous in Asia and have the reputation of “Asian Sky Mission”.

This group and Qiao Yiyi are the same agency, so they are Qiao Yiyi’s senior brothers.

Jiang Fei didn’t know this group at all, and he didn’t hear the songs they sang. He even turned his back on the colorful dances and shapes of these five people. He doesn’t care what these people are. They just don’t have a cold.

But he didn’t catch a cold. More than 40,000 fans in the stadium became more excited after the group appeared. It was much more exciting than when Liang Jingru, the love singer, just appeared!

“It seems that these people are very popular. These days, the attack of Korean current in China has not abated, and young people probably prefer these men dressed in “glamorous” clothes. ” Jiang Fei murmured in his heart.

Listening to these songs, which are totally incomprehensible, just like bird’s songs, he doesn’t know what these fans have to celebrate.

This group of people first sang and danced a song, and said a lot of words with high speed. As the host, Qiao Yiyi naturally came to appear on the stage again.

Here we are. The fans were just like the stimulants. They kept shouting and finally formed a unified slogan: “still together! Still together! Still together! “

Jiang Fei heard the neat slogan. I was in a daze and didn’t understand what was going on.

Still together? What kind of slogan is that? What does it mean?

Just as Jiang Fei was about to ask the team behind the scenes. Qiao Yiyi smiled and said, “thank you so much for coming to the platform for me!”

“Oh,~~~ together! Together! ” The following fans screamed and roared.

Qiao Yiyi had a wry smile on his face.

Standing next to her is a man in a Vest Jacket, the buttons in the front row are not buttoned, showing the perfect eight pieces of bronze ABS on the chest, showing the male figure. Just now, several of them danced very intensely. At this time, there was still sweat running on their bodies. If some women who were a little bit fanatical came up to see this scene, they would be drunk.

He is the king of power. The leader of the “Big Bang” band, known as the first rap master in Asia, is a representative of both dance and singing skills, and also an idol male star.

The so-called “still together” needs to be explained by separating the words “still”, which respectively represent “Qiao Yiyi” and “Quan Yingran”.

So, the meaning of this slogan is that Qiao Yiyi and Quan Yingran are together

In Qiao Yiyi’s more than a year since his debut, the gossip has been spreading for the longest time. Also by fans think most likely, think most match, is right Yingran!

Now there are many ‘still’ fans on the Internet, most of them like Qiao Yiyi. At the same time, I also like Quan Yingran, so I really hope that they can go together and become a pair.

Now there are many fans standing in this position in the concert. This is no, after the emergence of the imperial power, there are many LED lights in the middle of the ocean composed of the fluorescent rods below, including the words “still”, plus a heart-shaped symbol!

These fans, in order to support idols. give it one’s best shot.

But this “still” combination is no longer possible. It has long been declared disillusioned. Because Qiao Yiyi seriously clarified in front of the media that she and Quan Yingran are just artists of the same company. It’s a relationship between senior brother and junior sister, not a couple.

“Thank you!” Different from Qiao Yiyi’s wry smile, Quan Yingran, the idol and leader of the powerful idol group, is smiling. He seems to understand what the following fans say in Chinese, and he is also very happy, so a very awkward Chinese comes out of his mouth.

As he said, he had to reach out to Qiao Yiyi’s hand very intimately. As a result, Qiao Yiyi escaped without trace

Qiao Yiyi’s face is normal. He says to more than 40,000 fans: “you just like to make a fool of yourself. Every time I come to the concert, the guests will be so noisy by you. In the future, I dare not have male guests to my concert, and I dare not invite male guests… “

Qiao Yiyi’s words are not offensive and give a sense of joking, so the fans below don’t think there is anything, but the slogan is louder.

Qiao Yiyi continued: “you see, it’s because you love to make noise. How many boyfriends have I had in the past year? One, two, three Well, I don’t know myself. Anyway, there are too many newspapers and media now, and every day they will make up some strange news, which will surprise me when I read it. I often wonder in my heart, have I ever done these things? I don’t remember at all. Did I lose my memory? “

Jiang Fei looks at Qiao Yiyi, who is suspected of being cute, and smiles.

She is always knowledgeable and gentle. It’s rare for her to have such a side on the stage. What she said now is obviously referring to the untrue reports of the major media this morning.

The following fans heard Qiao Yiyi saying that and understood what Qiao Yiyi  was going to say. They all calmed down and waited for Qiao Yiyi to explain today.

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Almost all of them are looking forward to the false and untrue news in this morning’s newspaper. Most of them can’t accept it. The perfect goddess in their mind will fall in love with a second generation official, which is too cheap!

The five people in the “Big Bang” group on the stage can speak a little Chinese. But obviously they can’t understand the dialogue between Qiao Yiyi and the fans, so there is a translator behind them, who translates the shouts of Qiao Yiyi and the fans below.

Qiao Yiyi continued in a clear voice: “a wave is not flat, a wave is rising again. It really gives me a headache.” With that, Qiao Yiyi held his head. “I must have read the news report this morning. Believe you, have you seen it? “


Everyone did not hesitate to answer in order, the voice of the sky, almost overturned the stadium, the mood has been a little excited.

“But we don’t believe it!” A lot of people continued to clamor.

Qiao Yiyi smiled and didn’t explain. “Now that you’ve read the news,” she said sweetly. “Then I don’t have to say much now. Anyway, wait a minute. ‘My boyfriend’ will appear as a guest in the newspaper this morning”

Qiao Yiyi specially accentuated the pronunciation of the words “in the newspaper” and “boyfriend”. Obviously, it’s all fun, not to admit love.

However, many fans who didn’t know the situation and didn’t know the news in advance were completely shocked.


What is this for?

Not to refute rumors, but to open the rhythm?

And open or so thorough, directly in the concert show the rhythm of love?

Otherwise. Why did Jiang Fei, the second generation of officials, come to the concert to be a guest? It’s obviously not scientific. Even if you come to the audience, there is a silent position in the audience below. Just watch in silence.

Can the second generation of officials go up and sing and dance like the big bang band?

They can’t stand it!

How can a man with no talent and no mind have only a little relationship with his family? How can he match the perfect goddess in their mind?

This is defilement!

When Quan Yingran heard the news on stage, he didn’t look very good. But at this time, their performance is over. After Qiao Yiyi politely said thank you again and thanked their five senior brothers, the five of them will only step down.

But Qiao Yiyi looks like a soft, weak, gentle woman, no matter what others think. After the release of such a heavy bomb, it will be killed or buried. Laughing, he began to sing again: “the last guest will be on the stage later. Now I’ll bring you a song “love you the same”… “

At this time, Jiang Fei, who saw the situation clearly in the background, could not help but have no words. The mood of the fans. It seems more exciting than he thought.

Especially those who play the “still” sign, after hearing that he is going to be a guest later, almost didn’t go out on the spot and started smashing the sign.

Fortunately, there are security guards everywhere to patrol at any time. Even if the fans suddenly stand up, they must be stopped by the security guard to sit down, or they will block the audience behind.

“* * *%% ¥¥ Smecta!!”

Just thinking about how to play more and how to make these angry fans calm down, Jiang Fei suddenly heard a murmur of birds behind him.

Looking back, I found that Quan Yingran, the leader of the big bang band who just sang and danced on the stage, was standing not far behind himself, not looking at himself very friendly.

Eyes angry with pride, pride with disdain.

“Are you talking to me?” Jiang Fei tried to ask.

“¥*¥%!” Said Quan Yingran angrily.

Jiang Fei still didn’t understand. One side of the translator quickly said: “he asked you, are you the guest who will come to the stage later? What’s your relationship with Qiao Yiyi? “

“Oh.” Jiang Fei suddenly realized and nodded.


“You tell him it’s none of his business?”

This guy’s attitude is so bad, and he just wanted to pull Qiao Yiyi’s hand on the stage. Color. Wolf!

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