The Almighty Martial Arts System 154

By | February 11, 2020

“Do you think Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend is real this time?” Said a pretty girl with a well-developed figure wearing a pink tight t-shirt.

“I guess not. These media are the most unscrupulous. They like to make up the gossip of stars. How many gossip boyfriends has Yiyi passed on in the past year? Every time is passed on for a while and then disappeared, finally proved to be nothing. Or the man wants to hype with the help of Yiyi. ” A girl with black glasses and light freckles on both sides of her nose shook her head. A resentful look, very upset for Qiao Yiyi, looks like Qiao Yiyi’s fans.

“I hope so. I think the most suitable person for us is the leader of the “Big Bang” group, the Asia rap king! He is a natural couple with us. Both of them are all-around singers with strong strength. However, I feel that this scandal is not the same as before, maybe it is true. “

Both were holding a Hong Kong Island Entertainment newspaper.

Qiao Yiyi is not only well-known in the mainland, but also has a very high influence in the whole Asian Chinese region and even other non Chinese regions. Therefore, after the mainland news media began to report this morning, the entertainment newspapers in Hong Kong Island followed closely.

“Who is this guy Jiang Fei? I’ve never heard of it before. How could I suddenly be with Yiyi? “

Bai Ruoxi, sitting next to the two girls, was not interested in their low-level talk. She was going to take an eye mask and close her eyes for a rest. In order to return home as soon as possible, she has been working overtime these days, trying to finish the work in hand, so she is a little tired.

But she’s a little sensitive now, and when she hears the name Jiang Fei, she’s shocked. Although I know the star idols the two girls are talking about. She and her boyfriend Jiang Fei may not be together, but they are also curious.

Whatever the real situation, after hearing the name. Bai Ruoxi’s sleepiness disappeared a lot, and she didn’t plan to go to sleep. Listen to the conversation between the two girls with your ears on your side.

“The newspaper says a second generation of officials in Jincheng. Yiyi is a singer who rarely pursues art in the entertainment circle. He should not like this kind of person, or be captured by a second generation official, right

“But Jiang Fei is very handsome. You see, he looks like a star in sunglasses. At first glance, it’s a good match for Yiyi. “

“Forget it. Don’t think about it. We’re going to a concert tonight anyway. Today, such a big thing happened. I believe Yiyi will explain it to us at the concert. What’s the matter? I’ll know then. “

Bai Ruoxi listened to the conversation. One frown, one stretch.

This “Jiang Fei” is in Jincheng, but it’s the second generation of officials. If he has a relationship with a big star, he should have nothing to do with his boyfriend.

But Bai Ruoxi didn’t know why. There was always a kind of feeling. This may be a woman’s sixth sense, or a woman’s inborn amazing acuteness of perception, would not let go of any clues.

So Bai Ruoxi smiled and leaned over, politely asked the two girls, “I hear you talking about Qiao Yiyi’s news. Can you lend me your newspaper?”

Now that they were talking about Jiang Fei’s appearance. So it means that there must be a picture in the newspaper. In the end, whether this Jiang Fei is her Jiang Fei or not is clear only by reading the newspaper.

“Wow. How are you, sister! ” Wearing a pink T-shirt, she was already a beautiful girl. When she saw Qiao Yiyi’s face, she immediately exclaimed. Then he said, “of course. Sister, are you also a fan of Qiao Yiyi? “

“Not really. Just a little curious. ” Bai Ruoxi said with a smile. Took the newspaper and said thank you.

“No thanks.” The girl said with a smile. “Did your sister tell you that you look like a Korean star named Han Gaa In, especially the nice little mole on your nose?”

Bai Ruoxi nodded.

Of course someone said that. Jiang Fei said that he didn’t know how many times.

Open the newspaper with a smile, eyes slowly transferred from the two girls to the newspaper, and then————

Bai Ruoxi’s smile suddenly solidified. The photos in this newspaper are just the scenes of Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi outside the sports center yesterday. Jiang Fei still has big sunglasses.

But as lovers for several years, Bai Ruoxi is familiar with every tiny part of each other. How can you not recognize each other because of a pair of sunglasses?

The expression on her face solidified. I can’t believe it.

“The new woman around this bastard is the hottest female star at the moment?”

“How is it possible!”


At the gate of Jincheng Sports Center, countless people are waiting. Thousands of fans and friends, major media, security guards and soldiers are among them.

Qiao Yiyi’s first concert after her comeback was already noisy enough. In addition, this morning’s big news broke out, which made countless people feel excited and want to find out.

Originally, the person who broke the news wanted to wipe out Qiao Yiyi and bring her trouble, but now the scene is so hot, which makes countless people feel more expectant. It is estimated that the person who broke the news never thought of it before. If she  saw this picture now, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Of course, this is just the current situation. If Qiao Yiyi’s team doesn’t deal with the matter in time, the atmosphere is hot now, but for Qiao Yiyi’s long-term development, it’s definitely harmful.

After a long wait, the concert finally kicked off in the eyes of countless people.

The concert officially starts at eight o’clock. At seven o’clock, a long line has been formed at several entrances of the sports center. The staff have begun to check in, ready to enjoy an auditory feast, and have a close contact and interaction with their idols.

Of course, listen to their idols deny their love, or – exposure of their love!

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For the vast majority of fans, it is natural to hope that Qiao Yiyi denies their love.

At eight o’clock, almost all the fans have been seated. Fans from all over the country, even from all over the world, are waiting.

Finally, all the lights in the huge gymnasium went out, and the stage was also dark. There were only a lot of fluorescent sticks and lights on the mobile screen in the whole place with more than 40,000 people.

This moment is like the kindest heart in the night sky.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

At the same time, most of the fans who come to listen to Qiao Yiyi’s concert are young people. They are in their teens and twenties, so they are full of energy and can’t vent.

Knowing that the concert was about to start and Qiao Yiyi was about to come out, everyone began to shout and scream, almost overturning the stadium. The noise could be heard from far away around the stadium.


That’s true for fans. At this time, Jiang Fei, who is in the background, can see the outside situation through the screen, the sea of fluorescent rods, and the sound of ear shaking. He is also a little excited.

Of course, he was not alarmed.

He is looking forward to the scene when he conquers more than 40,000 people with his piano skill later!

After today’s newspaper came out, he also read a lot of comments on the Internet. 99% of people felt that the guy who suddenly came out and robbed the goddess Qiao Yiyi didn’t have a cold. They all thought that he didn’t deserve Qiao Yiyi.

After listening to his piano music, many of these people will change their minds, right? At least I don’t think he’s a talented and incompetent dandy.

Jiang Fei grinned and thought with a smile.

It’s not a general scene. It’s a bit shocking. You can imagine how it will feel when you stand on the stage later. At this time, it’s still early for him to come to the stage. He’s the last guest to appear. It’s two hours later.

In Qiao Yiyi’s words, he’s the biggest wrist of the night, for the town!

Finally, a light lit up the dark stage.

3, 2, 1

“Qiao Yiyi! Qiao Yiyi! Qiao Yiyi! “

With the numbers appearing on the huge screen, when the crowd screamed to the top, Qiao Yiyi in full dress dropped to the stage in the way of hanging out from Airborne to the stage in mid-air, and the excited music immediately sounded, the happy rhythm opened, many dance partners appeared, singing and dancing. The opening song is “The Goddess of Change”, one of Qiao Yiyi’s representative songs.

Oh ~ ~ ~

The atmosphere was suddenly ignited. Countless people waved their fluorescent sticks and mobile phones, and danced with the rhythm to listen to the fans of the concert. Naturally, they could sing Qiao Yiyi’s songs. At the beginning, they were chorus.

In the front row of the infield, there is a line of women of the same color, old and young, all of them are above the standard line, and some of them are far beyond the standard line.

These people are Bai Mangguo, Ye Yuanyuan, Lin Moli, Xia Xiaozhi, Xu Jing, etc.

Ye Yuanyuan didn’t have the heart to listen to any concerts. She was not interested in it. Besides, her grandfather was poisoned by others. Recently, Jincheng is in a bloodbath.

However, she was asked by her parents not to interfere in this matter, plus her girlfriend Bai Mangguo’s entanglement, she was pulled.

Xia Xiaozhi, Xu Jing and Tan yuan, as well as mango, are all shouting like other fans. Ye Yuanyuan is calm. Lin Moli just smiles and looks at the stage.

They did not expect much from Qiao Yiyi’s performance, but they both expected Jiang Fei’s appearance.

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