The Almighty Martial Arts System 153

By | February 10, 2020

“Break news! Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend has surfaced after a new day in the Chinese music scene!”

“Qiao Yiyi appeared in Jincheng Sports Center yesterday to rehearse for today’s concert. There was a mysterious man with him. This man is tall and handsome. He and Qiao Yi look at each other affectionately all the way. He has a very intimate manner! “

“The most beautiful female star in Asia, who finally owns the famous flower? It is said that the man is a young, golden and handsome rich second generation. It is said that his name is Jiang Fei. He has an official background and great energy in Jincheng. “

“Qiao Yiyi’s love was exposed and her boyfriend came to the surface. It’s said that the two have been living together. On the day when Qiao Yiyi’s vocal cord was damaged and rested a while ago, he was accompanied by his boyfriend! “


On the day of the concert on July 4, the concert at eight o’clock in the evening had not started. In the early morning when the major media news papers came out, Qiao Yiyi’s name appeared on the front page of the major news.

And almost every piece of news is about Qiao Yiyi’s new love!

Every report has its own style and is accompanied by photos.

Some of these photos were blocked by the media when Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei were outside the sports center yesterday. These reporters captured the moment when Qiao Yiyi looked back at Jiang Fei, and the scene when Qiao Yiyi pulled Jiang Fei into the field.

And it’s just these pictures.

Although these photos look like such a thing, their credibility is not enough.

But in addition to these photos, there are other photos about Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi!

Among them, Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei went out together when their vocal cords were damaged; two people came into Jiang Fei’s villa together when they were in the rice village to talk and laugh, and they were very happy; and at Bai Mangguo birthday party, they behaved intimately and drank together!

As for the photos of Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi performing together on the stage at the birthday party. No one reported. So Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi are just music partners, no one knows.

When these photos are exposed, all kinds of gossip are almost completely true.

Even Qiao Yiyi’s big fans. I thought it was a topic deliberately fabricated by the bad media, but after seeing these photos and reports. I can’t help but believe it.

The goddess in their hearts, the queen in their hearts, really has a boyfriend!

Moreover, the two have already developed the relationship with each other. They have already entered the right place!

This news makes countless fans sad, sacred and inviolable. The pure goddess is finally defiled by a man! Ruined by a man!

In a trance. They seem to see the image of a jade singer suddenly collapse, and some fans of glass heart start to shout “feel no more love”.

It seems that if Qiao Yiyi doesn’t fall in love, he will fall in love with them

On the first day of the concert, Qiao Yiyi’s fans were already active enough. Countless fans came to Jincheng from all over the country, even from other countries, just to watch tonight’s concert.

Now before the concert, I made another one. The atmosphere can be imagined. Jincheng Sports Center, this morning. It was occupied by numerous fans early, waiting for the arrival of Qiao Yiyi  in the evening.

“Slander! It’s stigma! “

“It’s definitely someone who plays tricks behind your back and intentionally splashes dirty water on Yiyi. To foul Yiyi’s reputation!” As always, Mei Yi, who looks very aggressive with her heavy makeup, is furious now.

Yesterday she explained clearly in front of the media, but this morning, looking at these newspapers, there was not a truthful article, which made her angry.

“We have a lawsuit! Tell these bad newspapers and media! It’s just a rumor! ” Aunt Mei continued in anger.

Jiang Fei, on one side, was not very happy to see that he had suddenly appeared on the page of the entertainment newspaper and had been scribbled.

These newspapers are just making up. There’s a real lie in saying something specious. There is truth in the fake. It’s not too much to say that it’s bad media.

The media said he was much younger. It’s handsome. It’s a talent with Qiao Yiyi ————

Well, he knows all that.

Because he felt that these words were true, not false, in the report of seeking truth from facts.

But it’s not true to say what he is, what kind of background he has in his family, and the hidden rules of Qiao Yiyi. It’s nothing.

However, although Jiang Fei was not happy, he was not too bad. Hearing Aunt Mei, a middle-aged woman, made him more angry. What is it called splashing dirty water on Qiao Yiyi’s body? How could Qiao Yiyi’s reputation be ruined?

It was as if he were so bad and unworthy of Qiao Yiyi.

He’s the victim, okay?

If it wasn’t for Qiao Yiyi to ask him to be a concert guest, how could he get into such a trouble? How can be Qiao Yiyi’s thousands of fans hate itchy teeth?

Jiang Fei feels aggrieved.

It was Qiao Yiyi who didn’t feel anything about it, and didn’t get angry about it. Instead, he smiled and patted Mei on the shoulder, persuading her, “Aunt Mei, this is all the means and style of these media. How can you sue them if you want to? Let’s forget it. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this kind of scandal. As long as time goes by, everything will be cleared up. “

Aunt Mei gave Qiao Yiyi  a disgruntled look.

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If there was any scandal in the past, she would not care about it or be angry. But this time it’s different!

It used to be because she knew that Qiao Yiyi didn’t like the so-called gossip hero at all, and couldn’t have any trouble with him.

But this time————

To tell you the truth, Aunt Mei is not sure at all. She can even see that Qiao Yiyi must have a certain liking for Jiang Fei, and she adores him very much. She did not know what she was thinking.

So this scandal is extraordinary. If it becomes a catalyst to make things worse, it will be troublesome.

Jiang Fei put down the newspaper and asked helplessly, “today’s concert. Do I have to be a guest? “

Qiao Yiyi opened his eyes and said, “of course! Why not? “

Jiang Fei pointed to the newspaper and said, “this is happening now. It’s not clear. If I were to appear at your concert again tonight, wouldn’t it be more downright. Let these unscrupulous media more wantonly scribble? “

Qiao Yiyi shook his head with a smile and said, “the more it is like this, the more you want to go to my concert. When Jiang Fei shows your piano skills, many problems will be solved naturally. Facts speak louder than words. Since they don’t believe that you are a master of piano art, it’s better to speak with your strength! “

“And again. Even if those media continue to scribble, I don’t care. Anyway, we should have a clear conscience. “

Jiang Fei did not worry about Qiao Yiyi at all. I don’t worry at all, but I still smile. I can’t help but feel speechless.

Is this woman nervous or not? These reports just fit her heart?

with a clear conscience? How do I feel that you have a guilty conscience?

Since Qiao Yiyi doesn’t care as a big star who takes the route of jade girl, Jiang Fei naturally has no reason to refuse any more, and the concert at night can only be on his head.

But after this incident, if the scandal between him and Qiao Yiyi can’t be clarified, and he is so widely reported by various entertainment sections, will he be recognized when he goes on the street? Will it be attacked by Qiao Yiyi’s fans?

Jiang Fei was worried. If he did anything. Taking advantage of Qiao Yiyi’s advantage, she should be envied by her fans. But he clearly and Qiao Yiyi is pure and innocent, if there is no reason to be retaliated. That’s a big loss.

“In fact, I don’t think it’s normal.” Jiang Fei frowned and said positively.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Qiao Yiyi.

Jiang Fei picked up a few newspapers again, pointed to the above photos and said: “if only we published yesterday’s photos in the sports center, it would be enough. But look at these photos. We have scenes in Daocun and club 26! It’s obvious that we’ve been photographed on purpose before. I feel that this should be a long premeditated plot. “

Aunt Mei’s eyes brightened when she heard the words and nodded, “yes! this is it! I said just now that the problem is not right, but I didn’t respond for a while. Now, with your warning, we can find the problem. It’s the son of a bitch. Deliberately rumor behind his back, deliberately want to slander Yiyi! “

Qiao Yiyi frowned, too. “Can it be Li Jirong?” he asked

Aunt Mei stared again and said angrily, “it must be him! Let so many media report the news at the same time. Even with these photos, it’s not easy. What we can do is to have a deep background in the entertainment circle! “


Twelve noon.

The plane from Hong Kong Island to Jincheng.

On this flight, there are many young boys and girls. They are all fans from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong Island, treasure island and other places who come to see Qiao Yiyi’s concert.

Because flights in many places need to transfer from Hong Kong Island.

Bai Ruoxi has not been back for several months, and I happened to be on this flight. Next to her, there are two young and fashionable high school girls who are estimated to be 17 or 18 years old.

Bai Ruoxi learned from their conversation that they had just graduated from senior high school, so he made an appointment to listen to Qiao Yiyi’s concert and have a tour in the mainland by the way.

As for who Qiao Yiyi is, Bai Ruoxi, like Jiang Fei before him, is not clear at all.

Although she is also a journalist, she is not an entertainment reporter. She knows very little about the stars in the entertainment circle.

However, when she heard the words “gossip boyfriend” and “Jiang Fei” coming out of their mouths, she immediately had a new idea

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