The Almighty Martial Arts System 152

By | February 6, 2020

The problems of media reporters are becoming more and more direct, more and more naked. Jiang Fei blushed to hear these questions. He didn’t know how to answer them. I’m afraid if I say something I shouldn’t say, it’s not good to cause trouble for Qiao Yiyi.

Why did he become Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend?

Looking at the crowd chasing and blocking, the security guards on both sides hurriedly opened the way for Jiang Fei. Qiao Yiyi was even more concerned and disordered. He stopped to hold Jiang Fei, and asked Jiang Fei and her to stand side by side to get ready to leave.


This time, it was like a reporter smelling a fishy cat. I saw the fish directly! So one by one it seems more excited, to make sure that Qiao Yiyi and this strange handsome man have some secret!

Otherwise, how could she care so much about this strange man and directly pull him away?

I care about a person, but I can’t pretend it.

They had never seen Qiao Yiyi do this to the man in more than a year.

It’s like protecting food!

The stars in the entertainment circle are like this. Love is not sexual at all. As long as it is exposed, it will be a lot of trouble. All kinds of media harassment will often make these relationships die. Therefore, there is almost a common feature in the entertainment industry, that is, most of the artists are furtive when they fall in love, and they will be protected very tightly, even if they are found, they will not admit it.

What’s more, Qiao Yiyi is still a popular idol star. If it is revealed that she is in love, I don’t know how many fans will be sad.

But the more that happens, the more excited these journalists are, the more they want to dig out something of value.

Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi quickly entered the stadium, and many reporters were stopped outside to work hard. Mei Yi was sweating. It’s not good to cry out. If the scandal were to be carried out, it would be terrible.

So she didn’t enter with the two, but stayed to face the big media reporters. “You don’t want to speculate. The man and Qiao Yiyi are just friends.”

This sentence is for many multimedia journalists. Definitely not.

Every time a star has a scandal, does that admit that he or she is a boyfriend or girlfriend? They are just ordinary friends.

Then someone immediately asked, “what’s the name of this man? What does he come to the sports center today? “

“That man’s name is not open to us. But this man and Qiao Yiyi are just friends! ” Mei stressed again, “well This man also knows music and is a master of music. So he came to the sports center today, just as Qiao Yiyi’s friend, to stand for Qiao Yiyi. Tomorrow’s concert, he will also be one of the guests, I believe it will bring a wonderful performance for fans and friends. “

Now that this happens, Aunt Mei can’t care to play any mystery. Directly reveal the identity of Jiang Fei’s guest. Only in this way can we be persuasive and let these journalists who always like to report casually stop for a while.

“Distinguished guests? Music guy? Why haven’t you seen him before? If it’s people in the music industry, it should have been in the media before, right? “

These journalists are not easy to fool. Many people immediately expressed their doubts and disbelief.


In the face of multi-media questions, Mei Yi is full of black lines. She has always been very strong. At this time, she doesn’t know how to explain. “This man is not an entertainer. So few people know him, and he didn’t show up in the media. This time, I’d like to invite him to the concert. It took Qiao Yiyi a lot of effort to get to him. All of this, we are all for the sake of fans and friends, all for tomorrow’s fans to feel a feast on hearing. That’s why I put in so much effort. Please believe that the first concert after Qiao Yiyi’s comeback will be wonderful and live up to the ardent expectations of all fans… “

Mei has a hand in the media. Mingming is about the relationship between Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi. Unconsciously, she transferred the topic to tomorrow’s concert.

It is a pity that these reporters are so confused.

Someone immediately grasped the key of the problem and asked qualitatively, “not the musicians in the entertainment circle? But since it’s a master. That’s the traditional singer, or the piano master. These masters in China. Isn’t it true that no one knows you? “

“Here…” Mei’s words were poor, so she had to put down a sentence angrily: “wait. At tomorrow’s concert. Everything will be clear. That’s it for today! “

With that, she entered the court. Ignore these journalists.

Not far from the reporters’ flocking, a red Ferrari car is parked quietly.

Inside the sports car sat a young man with an air of vanity. He was looking at the situation here maliciously with hatred in his eyes.

This man, of course, was the son of Li Jirong, the largest entertainment company in China, who was severely punished by Jiang Fei and Ye Yuanyuan last time.

He really did, as Ye Yuanyuan expected, he would not give up because of her warning. He would not give up the hatred in his heart, and would not give up until he wanted revenge.

“Ten thousand riders stink. Bitch! Dare to slap me in the face. If I don’t make you live or die, I won’t believe Li! “

After swearing, Li Qirong fumbled for his cell phone, dialed a number and asked, “hello. Did someone contact me? Just get in touch. In addition to this, help me to contact several media, I will tell you a message later, you help me spread it out! Yeah, it’s about Qiao Yiyi too! You don’t care if the news is true or false. Anyway, you can help me spread it! “


In the sports center.

All the stages and facilities for tomorrow’s concert have been arranged, and various safety measures have been taken.

Jiang Fei’s rehearsal is not too much. There are only three songs in his repertoire with Qiao Yiyi, including the like you performed by the two at the mango birthday party. The two will reappear again.

Jiang Fei doesn’t have the energy to accompany Qiao Yiyi all the way. Qiao Yiyi’s concert will last three hours. Jiang Fei doesn’t have such great energy. If he accompanies all the way, even if he is superhuman in physical quality, he will be tired into a dog.

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But after three songs. At Qiao Yiyi’s urging, this time it’s no longer just a song adaptation. She is also going to ask Jiang Fei to come to the piano for praise and play a piece of piano music about 12 minutes long!

In addition, in the second half of the stage, the live Orchestra violin, cello, trombone, Gong and other orchestras will be invited to assist Jiang Fei to play a symphony together!

The symphony of the piano show performed at the concert, or such a master level, is it a concert or a concert?

On the stage of the rehearsal, the lights flickered continuously. Become quiet, prefer warm colors.

After her return from Korea, Qiao Yiyi has always been positioned as an all-around singer rather than a singer who sings quietly. So no matter it’s a commercial performance or a concert, it’s rare to see Qiao Yiyi singing quietly, singing and dancing at the same time.

But now, the atmosphere is not as hot as Qiao Yiyi and her partner’s singing and dancing just now, and Qiao Yiyi doesn’t wear sexy clothes such as sexy navel clothes. She changed into a plain white shirt and wore a pair of blue jeans. Just as she had been in the rice village and Jiang Fei’s villa for a week.

She sat on a high stool next to the black piano. When Jiang Fei played the piano, she began to sing slowly and affectionately. The two occasionally looked at each other.

Where else is that all-around singing and dancing look like? It’s just a quiet female singer full of artistic style!

When she is going to cooperate with Jiang Fei tomorrow, it’s the same dress.

After the three consecutive songs, Qiao Yiyi seems to have not been separated from the state of love songs, just like singing just now, a pair of beautiful eyes, still affectionately looking at Jiang Fei. It looks like a love song describing the state of a girl who is in love with a lover.

Is this woman too involved in the drama?

Jiang Fei coughed. Ask: “tomorrow I will perform the piano show alone in your concert, is it really good?”? What if I, as a guest, completely stole the limelight of your concert host? “

This point. The last birthday party at white mango has been proved.

Qiao Yiyi’s singing skill is really good. He can conquer the audience as soon as he opens his voice.

But Jiang Fei’s piano is more powerful, which can directly change the hearts of the audience conquered by Qiao Yiyi!

“I’m not afraid! You know you’re a guest. You’ve played well, which means you’ve upgraded my concert! ” Qiao Yiyi said with a smile.

“Well then.” Jiang Fei nodded. Since the woman doesn’t worry, he doesn’t have to worry.

“By the way, didn’t you say that there are other guests besides me at your concert tomorrow? Why don’t you see them rehearsing? “

“They are all stars, too, and their work schedule is full every day. It would be nice to be able to help me tomorrow. How could they come for rehearsal today. Moreover, they have more stage experience than I do, just being a guest, easy and easy to deal with, without rehearsal. ” Said Qiao Yiyi.

The same is true. It’s just a simple thing for ordinary stars to be guests.

Only Jiang Fei, who had no stage experience before, and was still facing tens of thousands of people, Qiao Yiyi would bring him to familiarize himself today.

In the end, the rehearsal of the concert was successful and Qiao Yiyi’s voice was competent. I have sung nearly 30 songs. Apart from drinking some water and moistening my voice, there is no problem. I can even sing high notes easily without breaking the sound.

Everything is ready, the people watching the rehearsal are confident, waiting for tomorrow’s concert to officially start, shocking fans.

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