The Almighty Martial Arts System 151

By | February 4, 2020

Jiang Fei forces the toxins out of the body for Ye Zhennan, and the task is finished.

As for what will happen next, and what kind of power struggle there will be, it doesn’t matter what happens to him.

He is not interested in intervening in these matters, nor can he. His only concern is when Ye Yuanyuan promised to give him a million yuan as compensation.

Anyway, Jiang Fei can give her a week at most. Once the time comes, if she doesn’t pay and wants to default, Jiang Fei will definitely fulfill her promise — call for debt!

However, on his way home, Jiang Fei was thinking happily that he would make a million with such ease. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind, which made him a little eager to try.

If Ye Yuanyuan compensates him by one million yuan, she will not directly call his bank card, but directly call the bill of the “Guild” of Jiang’s medical center.

So, does it mean that Jiang’s medical center makes a profit of one million yuan?

If that’s how it works, that’s fine. It’s equivalent to that he can earn not only one million, but also 2000 gold coins! In this way, he made up all the cost of forcing Ye Zhennan to poison, and earned 1000 gold coins and one million soft girls

The more you think about it, the more you think about it, the more you think about it.

In doing so, although there are some suspects, it’s not a fraud. It’s not that he asked others to lend money to Jiang’s medical center and return it to others in a twinkling of an eye.

This money is really the medical fee he collected after treating people!

He is also a member of the Jiang’s medical center. As long as he is willing to transfer the money earned to the Jiang’s Medical Center, it must be the money earned by the Jiang’s medical center. This statement makes sense.

And the money. As long as you enter the Jiangshi medical center, you will never return it!

“It should work!” Jiang Fei was very happy and in a good mood. When Ye Yuanyuan wants to pay back her money, she is going to have a try in the account number of Jiang’s medical center!


Qiao Yiyi’s concert in Jincheng was finally timed.

July 4th.

The location has long been determined. Jincheng sports center can accommodate more than 40,000 people. It is the best place for almost all stars to come to Jincheng for concerts.

Of course, if every star who comes to Jincheng to hold a concert can make fans fill the 40,000 people’s gymnasium, they have to play a question mark. At least most of the stars can’t make the gymnasium full. 70% of them are good.

Qiao Yiyi’s concert is full!

Whether it’s in or out. No matter what kind of ticket price, it has been sold out for a long time. Now it’s not easy to buy tickets from scalpers. Rumor has it that the price of the front row in the infield has been raised to more than 5,000 yuan on the Internet from the regular way price of more than 1,000 yuan!

And there are still no tickets. It’s hard to buy.

This kind of precious concert tickets, Jiang Fei got a little more, almost free to get nearly ten tickets. And it’s all the best in the infield. Qiao Yiyi gives Jiang Fei these tickets and asks Jiang Fei to give them to Lin Moli, Ye Yuanyuan and her best friend mangguo. There are also three little sisters, Xia Xiaozhi, Xu Jing and Tan yuan, who had recently been informed of the summer vacation.

July. The students all over the country have started their summer holidays. Those who have been locked up for half a year in school naturally need to relax.

Xia Xiaozhi is three high school girls. It’s the age of Star chaser. Qiao Yiyi, who is returning from Korea, is naturally one of their favorite stars. So when She got the news by chance, She was so excited that She immediately pestered Jiang Fei to get three concert tickets for them. The three of them were too late to go to Jiang Fei Villa for a holiday, and they were going to listen to the concert first.

July 3rd. two o’clock in the afternoon.

The day before the concert, Jiang Fei was picked up by Qiao Yiyi.

The concert is not like the original improvisation in the No. 26 club, it is impossible to start without rehearsal. At that time, I would have to face tens of thousands of audiences on the stage, and the singing time would take several hours. Such a strong battle cannot be fought without rehearsal.

Jiang Fei and Qiao Yiyi are in a white Mercedes Benz nanny car with large interior space. Qiao Yiyi’s agent, Mei Yi, and some behind the scenes teams. There are also many make-up artists, stylists and so on in the car.

The purpose of their trip is to go to Jincheng sports center and start rehearsing.

“Thank you for not standing me up and agreeing to be a guest at my concert. You don’t know. I’ve been worried for a few days that you won’t agree with me, or temporarily make excuses for not coming. ” Qiao Yiyi said with a smile, while a young woman with glasses helped her with her hair.

Although it’s just a rehearsal, but when I went to the stadium later, there must be many media reporters squatting in the class to interview when I got off the bus, so as a big star, she should always pay attention to her dress.

“I’m like the kind of person who is on the run and doesn’t talk at all? As long as there is nothing special, since I promised you, I will definitely come. ” Jiang Fei said of course.

There was also a makeup artist who wanted to help Jiang Fei with his hair and powder. Jiang Fei refused even though he didn’t want to. Although his hair is not an inch head, it’s only a long one. He seldom uses hair dryer after taking a bath. Just wipe it with a towel. He never uses mousse hair gel, so he will never let others do his hair.

Naturally. Jiang Fei felt that he had passed the age of killing Matt to wash, cut and blow.

As for makeup? Joking, an old man is playing with his face. Jiang Fei thinks he can’t afford to lose his face.

(*You can read the translated at

So Jiang Fei didn’t hesitate to follow the makeup artist and say that his element Yan was on stage! For Jiang Fei to say that the natural beauty of the foundation is good, can be so willful!

As for clothes, we should pay attention to them. After going on stage, you must change your clothes. In concert, you can’t wear a casual suit. Just go on stage with a loose T-shirt, half shorts and slippers.

But to be honest, when the real concert came, Jiang Fei was still a bit tangled and didn’t want to be a guest for Qiao Yiyi. I feel like it’s a bit of a hassle. The battle was too big and a bit too turbulent.

But he can’t take back what he said, which is like water. Now the words have been said. Lin Moli, ye Yuanyuan, Xia Xiaozhi and Xu Jing have all got tickets for the concert. I’m going to see him on stage at the concert. Now if he steps back. It’s a shame.

In a short time, the nanny car stopped.

Jincheng Sports Center, here we are.


As soon as the door opened, Mei Yi, Qiao Yiyi’s agent, got off first, followed by Qiao Yiyi and Jiang Fei. At this time, Qiao Yiyi had big sunglasses on his face. Even Jiang Fei was very well dressed. He forced him to wear big sunglasses.

Click, click, click!

Just got off the bus. Jiang Fei heard the sound of countless shutter presses and the flash of countless flash lights. If he had not been wearing sunglasses, he would have been blinded.

“Miss Qiao Yiyi, how is your voice recovering. Does the concert last three hours in accordance with your tradition? “

“My voice is quite well. Tomorrow’s concert time is also set for three hours. “

“Miss Qiao Yiyi, do you invite any guests for this concert? Who will be invited? “

“There will be guests. The company has arranged guests for my concert, and several senior brothers will come to the platform for me. I invited mysterious guests myself. However, please allow me to keep the list of guests confidential for the time being. “


There are a lot of media problems. Qiao Yiyi replied politely with a smile. Under the protection of Mei Yi and the security guards on both sides, they gradually pushed out the crowded and crazy media group. Drive to the sports center.

These media are really crazy and enthusiastic. This is Qiao Yiyi’s first concert after her voice was damaged. So many people interviewed want to know something.

After all, many people have said that Qiao Yiyi’s voice injury is too serious, and she is expected to quit singing. Now come back again, naturally there are enough topics and Shhh.

The scene is crowded, noisy, and the shutter sound is incessant.

This scene made Jiang Fei, who was hiding behind two women, feel deeply. It’s really brilliant and glorious to be a star. But when you feel it, you find it’s not only glorious. It’s really troublesome.

About to enter the tunnel, Qiao Yiyi subconsciously looked back. Found that Jiang Fei was not crowded by the media to leave, just rest assured. Seeing Jiang Fei’s helpless face with sunglasses, she felt quite interesting and could not help but smile quietly.

Qiao Yiyi’s move was suddenly seen in the eyes of many reporters with delicate thoughts. His thoughts quickly turned, and his eyes lit up. Some people turned around to interview Jiang Fei.

“Who are you, sir?” A reporter handed the microphone to Jiang Fei in a crowd.

“Er…” Unprepared Jiang Fei was stunned by the sudden scene, and did not know how to answer.

He just came to the rehearsal. Why did he have an interview?

“What’s your relationship with Miss Qiao Yiyi, sir? Today, I accompanied Miss Qiao Yiyi to the sports center. Is it for escort? “

“Are you and Miss Qiao Yiyi good friends, sir?”

“Sir, are you Miss Qiao Yiyi’s boyfriend?”

When a reporter found out about Jiang Fei, the unknown man, other reporters quickly turned the microphone around and handed it to Jiang Fei, just like they asked about the fishy cat.

At first, they thought Jiang Fei was just a bodyguard, but later on, it seemed that Jiang Fei didn’t look like a bodyguard. And also and Qiao Yiyi walked so close, Qiao Yiyi also specially looked back at him.

Such a scene is too easy to imagine.

After more than a year of Qiao Yiyi’s career, although the media have added a lot of gossip for Qiao Yiyi, it is not clear that Qiao Yiyi has no boyfriend at all.

Now a strange, tall, handsome and intimate man suddenly appears around Qiao Yiyi. These media will not let it go easily.

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