The Almighty Martial Arts System 150

By | February 2, 2020

The location of Shu Wangfu hotel used to be a king city. However, this imperial city was not built by Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms period, but the most magnificent one built by the vassals in the Ming Dynasty, facing south and almost comparable to the real Imperial City in the capital.

At that time, the buildings here were very delicate and gorgeous, the gardens were exquisite and beautiful, the bridges were flowing with water, the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant, which was a fairyland on earth. But later, it was captured by the uprising army at the end of Ming Dynasty. With the well jumping of the king of Shu, most of the buildings in the city were destroyed by a raging fire. Later, after more than a century of ups and downs in modern times, the warlords of Jincheng fought incessantly, which made it completely abandoned and become a common people’s living market.

At last, the royal city was completely wiped out by the years. It was in the ten years of turmoil of the last century. It was smashed by the guards directly with explosives. There was no trace. The guards built the so-called science and Technology Museum on the ruins.

Therefore, in addition to those places, there is no trace of the former Shu Wang Fu. It will forever and completely withdraw from the historical stage.

However, ordinary people don’t know that there is such a hotel in shuwangfu.

Although the hotel is not large, it is not a popular star hotel But the interior decoration facilities are extremely luxurious. Only a small part of them know and can enter here.

At present, the internal facilities of this hotel are no less than that of the imperial city.

In the most superior suite, there are all kinds of the most luxurious products of today’s era. On the wall, there is a master level landscape painting. On the table, there are also some precious porcelain, which is of great value, ancient color and fragrance, and is absolutely enjoyed by the emperor. But the guests in this suite. It’s not a successful person dressed neatly, but a slovenly man with long and thin hair. A thin old man left on his head.

The old man is less than one meter six and still very thin. Not just sloppy. The clothes on the body are also old and shabby. Although there is no patch, the style, style and cloth give people a very old feeling. I’m afraid they are the old clothes left over from the last century after wearing for a decade or two.

Such an old man, if put on the roadside, I’m afraid most of them see him. All subconsciously think that he is an old beggar, or a rag collector. However, he now lives in the most luxurious and luxurious suite of shuwangfu Hotel, which is different from all kinds of costumes in it, just like a beggar entering the palace.

At this time, the old man was busy working in front of a large table. There were ten different kinds of herbs on the table. What was the old man elaborately preparing.


All of a sudden, there were just two knocks on the door of the suite. The old man with long hair and sparse hair, who was absorbed in the research of drugs, was shocked. He looked up and frowned. His eyes narrowed. He didn’t open the door immediately. But in the side of the needle box, I felt two seven inch silver needles, and then walked to the door.

For a wise Chinese doctor, the silver needle in his hand is not only a tool to save people. It can cure the disease. In some special cases, silver needles are also tools for doctors to kill people.

It’s like a gun in the hand of a gunman, a sword in the hand of a swordsman!

When the dirty looking old man walked past with a silver needle, his momentum suddenly changed and he became fierce. He really looked like a hermit.

“Who?” The old man asked. His voice is very strange, hoarse to the extreme, just like a man who has walked in the desert for several days without drinking water.

“Me.” Outside the door a voice thick crazy man answers.

“Who are you?” The old man continued with a frown.

“A doctor.” The loud man continued to answer.

Here we are. The little old man finally put the silver needle in his long sleeve.

Although he almost never sees a doctor, he only poisons people. But he likes it when people say he’s coming to see a doctor.

He opened the door with a frown. But the body is blocked at the door of the room, looking at the outside one is two or more heads higher than him. “Why come to me at this time?” asked the man, who looked full of explosive muscles

“I’m looking for you.” Said the tall man with a grin. “Why, don’t you want to invite me in for a while, and you’re going to talk to me here?”

The thin old man with long gray hair hesitated for a moment, but finally he let the tall man go into the suite.

When the door was closed again, the skinny old man asked, “I didn’t say that. Come to me after seven days of death? Then you can pay off the balance. I don’t like to be disturbed. “

“I’m sorry. I’m afraid the balance can’t be paid to you. ” The tall man grinned again, though his words were not funny, and his mood was not happy.

But he just smiled, just like a mentally retarded child with dementia. He had a lot of fun.

“What do you mean?” The thin old man raised his eyebrows and his eyes suddenly became sharp. The silver needle, which had been hidden in the sleeve, suddenly appeared in the hand again. As long as the tall man dares to make any change, he can guarantee that the silver needle in his hand will be inserted into the center of the forehead, or the eyeball and other fatal places.

A wise doctor knows acupoints accurately, and can find the acupoints of patients almost with his eyes closed.

In the same way, he can also find the deadly acupoints on people!

“Don’t panic. It’s not that we need to cross rivers and demolish bridges, let alone kill people. If I really want to do this, I dare not see Mr. Wu alone, who claims to be the first person to use poison. ” The tall man continued to grin and said, really like a fool.

However, as long as he is careful, he can find that his eyes are not really so stupid. For example, when his eyes are light, he inadvertently looks at the right hand of Mr. Wu, who is called the first person to use poison.

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That is to say, the skinny old man is hiding in his long sleeves and has already grasped the hand of the silver needle!

As long as the silver needle in the hand of the skinny old man moves, he thinks it can hit the tall man 100%. However, a tall man is 100% sure that he can avoid the attack.

The thin old man stared at the tall man without blinking, and did not let go of any subtle expression on the other man’s face. At last, the silver needle in the long sleeve did not come out, and the hoarse voice like the dead asked: “what do you mean?”

“Our plan. It failed today. Or your poison … It’s been unraveled! ” Said the tall man. This time, the simple smile on his face converged a lot.

“My magic seven grass has been unraveled?” The little old man was stunned when he heard the words. Then he immediately opened his eyes to refute: “impossible! Today, the toxicity of “magic Seven Herbs” has spread to the viscera. No one in the world can solve it! “

The tall man shrugged. “But it’s true,” he said with a flat smile. “Your poison was unraveledjust an hour ago. “

The little old man looked sullen, his eyes fixed on the tall man again.

Silence for a while, then shift their eyes.

It seems that the tall man is not lying, and should not lie. “Who did it?” he asked, frowning? “Guimen Cui” of the Chinese medicine society, or the immortal ones of the big Chinese medicine families? “

“Not at all.” “It’s a young man named Jiang Fei,” Gao added

“Young people?” The little old man was even more surprised and asked, “how young you are.”

“Under thirty!”

“How could it be!” The thin old man’s face was full of sullen and shocked again. He had believed in it. “You came here today to deceive me?” he asked again

As he said, the old man even clenched the silver needle in his hand and was ready to make a move at any time, because he felt that he had been tricked.

In his opinion, as long as the toxicity of his “magic Seven Herbs” spreads and invades the human organs, no one in the world can solve it. Later, he thought conservatively, maybe there are some real doctors with superb skills, maybe they have this ability.

However, it is absolutely impossible for a young man under 30 to do it!

This is absolutely impossible!

If someone told him that. He not only felt that it was teasing him, but also insulting his poison and intelligence!

“Enough!” The tall man suddenly whispered, and the muscles and eyebrows on his face were exaggerated and distorted at this moment. Buddha can change your face. Originally silly imagination suddenly changed, a pair of tiger eyes some seeping people stare at the thin old man, said: “this thing you want to do is not do not believe, but should find a way to remedy! The people to be killed are not dead. They are angry. If it wasn’t for you, I hope you can make up for it. Do you think you will have life to stand here and talk to me today? “

The thin old man will not be intimidated by the tall man’s momentum naturally. He asked with a grim face, “are you threatening me?”

The tall man didn’t answer, but grinned again, “you think. Can the thin silver needle in your hand kill me? “

“You can try…”

Try two words. The tall man’s eyes suddenly moved.

He is so strong. It seems to be clumsy, but the speed is amazing, with a kind of invisible triangle attack curve to the tall and thin old man.

The old man’s hand speed is really very fast, two silver needles were almost stabbed out by him in the blink of an eye at the same time.

Shua! Shua!

Two silver needles cut through the air and nailed them to the wall.

At the next moment, a big hand of a tall man has already grabbed the neck of the skinny old man. With a little effort, the old man’s neck will be broken immediately, and he will surely die.

However, the skinny old man is not so defeated.

He stabbed out two silver needles, though they all failed. But on his left hand, he held a small jade bottle at this time. He could crush the bottle at any time to release the contents.

The old man looked at the tall man with fierce eyes and asked fearlessly, “you should have heard of the nine insect poison gas powder?”

The tall man’s eyes flickered a few times, and finally put down the thin old man.

Without any more nonsense, he strode away without looking back. “Think about remedial measures! Or your poison will not save you! “

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