The Almighty Martial Arts System 15

By | August 11, 2019

The time that it took Jiang Fei to finish preparing the meal was a bit long, when he had placed the dishes on the table, nearly an hour had already passed since he had started.

At this time the three beautiful young girls were already unable to wait any longer, making the gluttons immediately come out. They looked at the table full of delicacies, it smelled good, it looked good and tasted good, even though the three were just glancing at it, it had made them look somewhat intoxicated.

“It looks so good, but at the same time has such a good smell! Uncle, you’re too amazing.” Tan Yuan and Xu Jing said, but both of their eyes actually fell on the dish, their line of sight wasn’t moving from the dish.

Even Xia Xiaozhi who had already leeched Jiang Fei off of food in multiples occasion, but even after all that, every time she was served such  food, her greedy appearance was still like it was before, and still had the appearance of a starving ghost.

“Uncle, why did you take so long this time? Before, it wouldn’t even take you an hour to finish to prepare the food.” Xia Xiaozhi didn’t pay attention to her own image, and since Jiang Fei wasn’t at the table, she was like the mistress here, she distributed the chopsticks to her two friends, and was already beginning to nip the dish and was unable to stop herself and wanted to eat until she was full.

Jiang Fei served a slightly big ceramic plate, there was an abundant chicken on the plate, it was sparking all over the body, making anyone who looked at it unable to bear their mouth from drooling at the sight of the whole chicken. Under the chicken, there were green vegetable leafs as well as a red flower as decoration, and like a gourmet cuisine, it completely looked like a work of art.

“What is this dish ah! Oh dear, this chicken, could it be the so called beggar’s chicken?” Tan Yuan asked curiously.

Jiang Fei smiled, said: “A beggar’s is first wrapped and then buried under soil and is roasted on fire, where do you think I can get soil at home? This whole chicken was steamed, but the whole chicken wasn’t cut into pieces, nor was it boiled, doing so the chicken meat’s nourishment is best retained. Not only is it delicious, but also recuperates the body after eating, the qi and blood would also be repaired, and is also good for cold limbs….Em, Xu Jing you can eat more.”

“Wow!” Hearing this, Tan Yuan immediately shouted exaggeratedly, she then winked at Xu Jing, making her blush red all across her face, looking at her Xia Xiaozhi once again pouted somewhat angrily.

Xu Jing happened to sit next to Jiang Fei, her big chest wasn’t shy, and with a blossoming look in her eyes, she raised her head and looked at Jiang Fei, said: “Uncle, you’re so good to me!”

Xia Xiaozhi coldly groaned, as she cleverly and eloquently stated: “This is called being a parent. Zhuangzhuang, uncle knows your irregular period, so he had intentionally made this type of dish for you, he put himself in a parent’s position for you, so don’t misunderstand and get infatuated by him!” Xu Jing stared at her, and counter-attacked.

Finally, when she lowered her head, she actually discovered that Xia Xiaozhi and Tan Yuan, had already started making quick chewing motions, and didn’t at all cared about their image as they ate.

Xu Jing didn’t move and was somewhat anxious, as she was unable to fight back. She had first wanted to pull the entire chicken to one side, this was her good food, so she had wanted to preserve it and put off all discussion until later, as well as getting rid of the two who were forcibly taking the other delicacies on the table.

“Uncle, what food is this? It looks very fat, greasy, the pork looked like it was cooked twice. If I eat it, I should gain weight, right? However, this dish looks so beautiful, its fragrance is especially good.” Xu Jing pointed at one of the dish that looked like a fresh flower, and asked.

At this time, Xia Xiaozhi and Tan Yuan also looked at Jiang Fei.

This dish seemed very delicious, not only did it have the sweet fragrant of the meat, but there was also a special smell, that they just couldn’t tell.

They wanted to eat it very much, but there was a little obstacle, after all, every woman  wanted to look beautiful. They wanted to eat good food, but at the same time they didn’t want to gain weight, get fat, as well as avoid  their thigh from thickening, so they were at a loss.

Jiang Fei smiled and introduced the dish: “This dish has a little history. This dish was rumored to be circulating inside the Palace of the Qing dynasty, when empress Dowager Cixi’s 60th birthday, the top chef of the imperial kitchen who had studied culinary for a long time, had come up with this dish. This dish doesn’t add any pigment and monosodium glutamate, but uses star anise, cinnamon, sweet bean paste, soy sauce, and other spices, as a result the fragrance is not the same as that of a common meat gives off. Moreover, in the process of making this dish, the grease of the streaky pork is completely extracted, making the slice of meat fat but not greasy, giving off the same color of the flower and an aromatic meat, even if they eat heartily it’s unlikely that they’ll get tired of it, in addition to that the fragrance of the dish is appetizing. Even if people frequently eat it, it’s unlikely that they’ll get fat. At that time, his dish was deeply liked by Empress Cixi and fellow imperial concubines, and was known as ‘riches of ten thousand meats’, so you can be rest assured of the test, as well as not needing to be worry about putting on weight….”

Without even letting Jiang Fei finish, the three women already couldn’t wait and started to move their chopsticks.

Indeed, this dish was really fat but not at all greasy, the meat melts in your mouth, and the juices of the meat were somewhat spicy, but not at all oily, and had a variety of spices mixed in it, after just taking a bit, one is said to be carried away!

When the whole dish was gone, the three girls looked at Jiang Fei, looking at him as if he wasn’t different to that of a deity.

It was such a delicacy, that they reached the sky, and had tasted something rare on Earth!

“This dish is a home version of Buddha jumps over the wall, I can’t afford various kinds of exotic delicacies and make it for you, but this Buddha Jumps over the wall uses ingredients that are although common, but the flavor is unlikely to have much difference to that of shark fin and abalone that master chefs make. As it happens I was able to make it, and had even raised my cooking skills to a higher level.”

“The name of this dish is ‘sorrow at parting’, which wasn’t combined with spare ribs and scrambled eggs….”

“It was a few days ago that I marinated these crabs. Preferably Golden October is the best time for steamed crabs, because at this time crabs aren’t so fat, so they wouldn’t taste that good, but after my persistence, it can be considered a must…..Zhuangzhuang student, if you don’t want to get a stomach ache, then I suggest that you don’t eat this dish. Crab meat would indeed cause gas in the digestive tract and is also a very heavy food. Eating this would make you completely dry….”

The three beautiful young girls seemed delicate, but on the table, their appetite was not at all small.

Just like the autumn gale sweeping away the fallen leaves, the plate was emptied, and not long after another tray would get emptied again.

It had took Jiang Fei a long time to make the dishes, but it had only taken them a bit of it to completely eat it, and to anyone’s surprise the three were still hungry, and wanted to eat more. Even the fresh seafood soup was emptied, there wasn’t even a drop of soup left in the bowl, and was eventually swallowed down to their stomachs.

The three of them were although mischievous and didn’t take part in class, and wasn’t the daily type of good students, but in many cases they would still take care of their image and beauty.

But today, they had completely broken their rule, and had completely thrown away their image.

“Uncle, we’re not full yet. Why did you only make this much?”

“Right. Uncle we also want to eat more. Not just this time, but we also want to come here next and eat together with Xiaozhi….”

The corner of Jiang Fei’s mouth twitched, he then said: “Are the three of you gluttons?”

“Who’s a glutton?”

“Gluttons are like those hungry wolves that wouldn’t stop eating until their full.” Jiang Fei ill-humoredly replied.

He then immediately beckoned with his hand, and said: “Stop eating, eating more would just harm you. Even if the thing you eat is delicious, you still mustn’t eat and drink unreasonably. Although in my opinion, I don’t support people eating 8 minutes until they find that they’re full, but I even more don’t support people eating for 12 minutes until they found out that they’re full. You three have eaten enough, eating more would only upset your stomach.”

Xia Xiaozhi didn’t care at all, and said: “Upsetting my stomach is nothing, uncle didn’t you say that you’re a highly skilled doctor, you can just heal us.”

Jiang Fei gave the girl a dirty look, and he didn’t pay them anymore attention. He then entered to his own study, and started to make the plans of his own resort.

The house that he rented only had two bedrooms. Jiang Fei lived alone, so he naturally only needed one bedroom, so he had transformed the other room to a study for him.

There wasn’t much on the book shelf, but it was also not too little. Half of it was filled with medical books while the rest were collection of world famous essays. He also once had <Yanshi Chronicles>, <Mei> this type of classic collections, which was a man’s most valuable treasure.

But ever since three months ago, when he started tutoring Xia Xiaozhi, he had once found her drilling into his study and had discovered these books that were inside a box with a lock, Jiang Fei didn’t dare take it out again.

Sitting in front his computer desk, Jiang Fei had a complicated look.

The matter of the construction of his villa, he had already ordered the construction team to start, even the ground was fixed, and the villa’s first floor was more or less complete. As for the design of the house, Jiang Fei had already made one.

What he had to do next was to design the housing decoration, Jiang Fei didn’t ask a designer to do it, and wanted to have the villa done following his own design. It wasn’t that Jiang Fei didn’t trust people, nor was it because he wanted to do everything by himself, merely that he thought that later on he would be living at this place for a long time, if it doesn’t meet his own standard, then it wouldn’t be such a good thing.

Then there was also the wasteland contracted under him, the construction teams had already used an excavator and cleared a wild are for cultivation, making the soil already loose, and can now be used to grow crops.

Vegetable was still a bit inconvenient, but he could already plant fruit trees, and could be grown without needing the house to be finished building. What Jiang Fei was considering now was the kind of trees he wanted to grow.

There was also the pond, where he could also release newly hatched fish….

As long as everything goes well and are all completed, Jiang Fei’s experience, will definitely soar!

These days, Jiang Fei’s experience, although it was rising every day, but its speed was as before and was still not fast. His present exp was 89/500, if not for him planting fruit trees, as well as feeding fishes, chickens, ducks, goose and other such poultries, perhaps even in two months his exp would have even rose to 1 level.

Actually, his recent clinic business had been very good, his medical skill had increased, and had reached <Level 6 (19/100)>. And if it goes according to his battle plan, it shouldn’t be long until his medical skill would rise to the 7thlevel.

When Jiang Fei was pondering about these things, the mushroom haired Xia Xiaozhi who was downstairs had actually not gone home and had instead infiltrated his studies together with her two girlfriends. When she saw the blue print on Jiang Fei’s table, she was surprised: “Uncle, are you going to quit being a doctor, and go in the construction industry?”

Jiang Fei glanced at her, and casually replied: “I’m not joining the construction industry. This is the design for my villa that’s being built. You have a look, it looks good, right?”

“Constructing a villa?” Xia Xiaozhi took a looked at the blueprint, and immediately her look slightly changed, she then somewhat anxiously asked: “Uncle, are you moving out?”

Xia Xiaozhi knew that Jiang Fei rented this house instead of buying it. If Jiang Fei moved away from this place, it was natural that it would be impossible for him to keep on being her tutor. And perhaps later it would become difficult for them to meet again.

As a result, Xia Xiaozhi who was smiling, stood still, and was subconsciously nervous.

*Source : Martial Dao

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