The Almighty Martial Arts System 149

By | February 1, 2020

In the end, It’s the antidote that is exchanged from the system. It’s very effective. It’s instant in the mouth. And it’s amazing that ye Zhennan fell into a deep sleep immediately after taking two pills. Jiang Fei didn’t need to wait. After he took the silver needle, he used eight magic needles and began to moxibustion for Ye Zhen.

It must be a very difficult thing if Jiang Fei completely relies on his own acupuncture to force poison for Ye Zhennan to the poison. Even if he does his best, it will end up in vain, with little effect.

When Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder were swallowed by Ye Zhennan, the drug was released and immediately began to play a role, and the toxicity that had gradually spread to the viscera of the body was directly forced out!

All Jiang Fei has to do is to extract the gas that has been forced to concentrate and then guide Ye Zhennan’s body.

This is no longer difficult for Jiang Fei, who has reached level 7 in medical skills. As long as there are two kinds of antidotes, Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder, not to mention Jiang Fei, even the more powerful traditional Chinese medicine can do it.

Ye Zhennan lies on his back in the hospital bed, the sick clothes are untied, Jiang Fei’s speed of silver needles is very fast, continuously inserting needles into Yongquan, Jiuwei and other acupoints in Ye Zhennan. Soon, everyone in the ward can almost smell a not so good smell, very light gas diffuses from ye Zhennan’s body.

This is the poisonous gas in Ye Zhennan’s body.

However, this kind of gas has stayed in Ye Zhennan for two days. With the effect of Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder, it is now forced out by Jiang Fei and diluted in the air as a gas. Even if it is partially inhaled, it’s OK.

So Jiang Fei didn’t let them hold their breath or cover their noses.

Acupuncture is not long. About five or six minutes later, Jiang Fei took up the needle. Ye Zhennan was lying in bed with his eyes closed. Sweat began to flow on the forehead, just like a sauna. He haven’t opened his eyes yet.

When Jiang Fei handed the silver needle to the nurse and washed his hands with the symbolic ending action, Ye Yuanyuan asked anxiously, “Jiang Fei, has my grandfather’s poison been eliminated?”

Jiang Fei nodded and said, “almost. But the two pills I fed the old man are still working. I’m afraid he won’t wake up in an hour. “

Hearing Jiang Fei’s words, ye Yuanyuan immediately felt relieved. No one in the ward dared to doubt Jiang Fei’s words.

After all, Jiang Fei’s medical skills are obvious to all. Even the old antiques of the traditional Chinese medicine society were won over by Jiang Fei. Now most people in the sanatorium of the whole military region know the name “Jiang Fei”. They know that there is such a miracle doctor. Even Ye Zhennan’s paralyzed legs have been cured.

Now that Jiang Fei says it’s OK, it’s really OK.

Moreover, people also found that after Jiang Fei received the needle, Ye Zhennan, who had been lying on his back in the hospital bed, looked pale and recovered a lot. The morbid is gradually disappearing.

Seeing this, it’s not only Ye Yuanyuan’s relief, but also the leaders of many doctors in the sanatorium. As long as ye Zhennan, the old general, is in danger. Life without worry is the best result.

“What a miracle doctor! We can’t do anything about it. The toxicity that can’t be detected by the instrument can be easily solved by acupuncture several times. Is TCM really so magical? ” Several experts of sanatorium level western medicine murmured.

“This poison is so powerful. It must not be a common poison. It shouldn’t be so easy to force out the poisonous gas. I think the two pills just played a great role. ” Another Western medicine analyst said.

“Whether it’s acupuncture or pills, it’s the skill of this young doctor. We can’t catch up. ” Another said. But then he shook his head again, wondering: “since traditional Chinese medicine has such a magical effect. Why is TCM losing its market in China in recent years and almost completely occupied by western medicine? “

“You are still a doctor! The market of ordinary people in our country. It’s true that most of them are occupied by western medicine, but they are really high-level. there are still many people who find it difficult to find Chinese medicine! Traditional Chinese medicine is either a miracle doctor or a quack doctor. There is no big market for traditional Chinese medicine of ordinary level, so it will be eliminated. “

The mood has relaxed a lot, and the doctor leaders who have seen Jiang Fei’s treatment and rescue have become more cheerful and have time to talk and talk.

Ye Yuanyuan glared at the doctors who could not help. After seeing Jiang Fei’s ability, she became more and more unhappy with these “dry food” doctors.

If it wasn’t for Jiang Fei, her grandfather’s life would have been long gone!

She frowned at first and drove them out of the ward, and immediately asked Uncle Hu, a special guard in Ye Zhennan, to personally arrange people to thoroughly investigate the poisoning incident!

First of all, it is a large group of leaders of the sanatorium who must find out the black sheep!

In this incident, most of the people in the sanatorium were also bought. Otherwise, in this poisoning event, it’s impossible to put the poison into the food secretly and let Ye Zhennan eat it.

At the same time, Ye Yuanyuan also called to tell her parents about it.

It’s impossible for the Ye family to give up after such a big incident. Ye Yuanyuan’s identity is not simple, but her energy and voice are still too weak in this matter. What really needs to be done is the talents of her father’s generation.

Things are developing too fast. It’s only half an hour since Ye Zhennan was confirmed to be poisoned. This matter has not been exposed just now. Now Ye Yuanyuan goes out by phone, then there will be a big stir in Jincheng. In a short time, someone will come to the sanatorium in an endless stream.

This will be the center of the coming storm.

After Jiang Fei’s injection, he did not rush to leave. But after an hour, Ye Zhennan gradually woke up, and Jiang Fei pulse for him again to make sure that the poison gas in his body had been completely discharged, and there was no big problem, so he was completely relieved.

“Old man, you need to pay attention to it in the future. If there is another poisoning like this, I really can’t help it. ” Jiang Fei said with a wry smile. There is some pain in my heart.

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What he said is true. In order to save people, Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder are indispensable things. He bought these two pills for 1000 gold coins. Now there are more than 800 gold coins left in his wallet. If he does it again, he will give up the gold coin. It’s impossible to buy two pills at once.

Ye Zhennan recovered his spirit and his legs were good. Naturally, he did not wade in the hospital bed again, but sat on the chair. As a soldier for most of his life, he really doesn’t want to lie in the hospital bed if it’s not necessary.

“Rest assured. One dose is enough. If I don’t learn a lesson and get poisoned again, I have no face to ask you to help me again. ” Ye Zhennan said with a smile.

But he should have looked very kind smile. But can’t help but reveal a thrilling taste. This smile, with the meaning of killing!

Of course, this massacre was not aimed at Jiang Fei, but at the main messenger behind him who wanted to kill him.

Jiang Fei nodded, didn’t stay in the sanatorium much, and left soon.

Ye Yuanyuan has already called. This is a heavily guarded sanatorium. It is estimated that it will be more strict in the next period of time. The ordinary people living here must be careful even to breathe.

And it is estimated that there will soon be a large number of big people who can only be seen in the Jincheng news broadcast, who will come to the sanatorium to offer condolences and investigate the situation at the same time. Jiang Fei didn’t like the scene. I’m not interested in dealing with these people either, so it’s good to get out of work.

Ye Yuanyuan still sent Jiang Fei away from the building.

“Why can’t you save my grandfather if he is poisoned again?” Asked Ye Yuanyuan.

“Do you think it’s easy to save people?” Jiang fei said at a glance.

“I think it’s easy for you. It’s much easier than when I treated my grandfather’s legs. I didn’t feel that you were tired. ” Ye Yuanyuan said with her mouth curled.

“I’d rather be far and tired!” Jiang Fei is not very angry. “I’m not tired this time, but you didn’t see that I took two pills for the old man in advance? Do you know how precious these two pills are? Do you know how much it’s worth? “

“How much is it?” Ye Yuanyuan doesn’t care.

“Five hundred thousand! Moreover, for most people, it’s priceless. Five million can’t buy it! Not with money. ” Jiang Fei answered without hesitation.

The 500,000 yuan he said was calculated on the basis of the exchange of RMB and gold coins earned by the “Guild” Jiang’s medical center.

A thousand gold coins really need to be earned by Jiang’s medical center to make up for it. This number is not a small number for the current Jiang’s Medical Center, nor can it be earned in one month or two months.

“So expensive? And there’s no market for it? ” Ye Yuanyuan is really surprised. She was half silent. Said: “otherwise, I’ll find a way to supply you with the 500,000?”

Jiang Fei was stunned at the news. Looking at the woman suspiciously, he asked, “you have half a million?”

Although a thousand gold coins can’t be made up by half a million. But a thousand gold coins. It’s good to get back 500000 yuan!

At least I have a consolation in my heart. I don’t need that pain.

And the key is that Jiang Fei is really short of money and owes a lot of debt to the bank. He will not miss the chance to make money.

If Ye Yuanyuan’s hands are loose He didn’t mind charging her half a million.

If you don’t take advantage of it, heaven will kill you!

“I don’t have so many bank cards. But my grandfather was poisoned in the sanatorium. You helped the sanatorium and worked for it. There’s no problem in getting this sanatorium to supply you. ” Said Ye Yuanyuan.

“So good? Can I still claim it? ” Jiang Fei said with some surprise.

Without hesitation, Jiang Fei immediately changed his face and smiled.

He rubbed his hands and looked at Ye Yuanyuan with embarrassment. He said with a smile: “cough, what Actually, I didn’t finish what I said just now. When I say 500,000, I mean the price of a pill. Two pills are worth a million…… “

“Don’t stare at me like that! What I said is true! If you don’t believe me, you can go out to inquire. The price of my pill is absolutely fair. There is no fraud between the old and the young! I’m an acquaintance with you, so I’ll give you an internal price of one million. If anyone else, I’ll sell five million dollars without any problem! “

Ye Yuanyuan is too lazy to talk nonsense. After sending the cheeky guy to the car, she turns around and leaves.

Jiang Fei got on the bus and said loudly, “one million! Not half a million! By the way, you haven’t said when to give me the money. Don’t forget! “

“It doesn’t matter if I forget it. I will definitely remind you at any time…”

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