The Almighty Martial Arts System 148

By | January 30, 2020

Since we have determined the elixir that can force out the poison gas in Ye Zhennan’s body, the next thing is to exchange the elixir from the system.

Fortunately, Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder are both single antidotes. They have no other effects. They are not as effective as Jiuhua Yulu pill or even Da huandan in treating internal injuries. The price is about the same as I love a stick of firewood, sad, crisp and fresh wind.

Otherwise, Jiang Fei’s weak gold coins, now a little over 1800, can only be used in a hurry and cannot be exchanged for two kinds of pills.

However, even if the two kinds of pills are cheaper, they need 500 gold coins each, and together they need 1000 gold coins!

“1000 gold coins!” Jiang Fei grinned a bit, with all his possessions now only a little over 1800 gold coins, which is equivalent to consuming half of his worth at once!

These gold coins are much more useful to him than RMB. 1000 gold coins, even if there is a “guild” like Jiang’s Medical Center, it needs to earn 500,000 yuan to make up!

That is to say, these two pills don’t cost 1000 gold coins, but 500,000 yuan!

“Even if you buy a little Li Throwing Knife, you only need 800 gold coins. You can buy two ice soul silver needles of Li Mochou! It’s really going to bleed a lot. ” Jiang Fei said with a wry smile.

Although he was reluctant to exchange, he still had to exchange what should be exchanged. He could not watch ye Zhennan’s father die slowly, because he was reluctant to give up gold coins, he would not sell.

Besides, it needs to be exchanged as soon as possible.

The stronger the fierce poison, the longer it is delayed, the more dangerous it will be.

Seeing Jiang Fei’s face changed several times, it finally became plain and normal. Ye Zhennan is very expected to ask, “do you think of a way?”

To be honest, Ye Zhennan certainly didn’t want to die, let alone be poisoned. A week is too short. I’m afraid he can’t even revenge.

“It should be possible to try.” Jiang Fei nodded.

By this time, he was already in the store system. Exchange Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder. In his goods column, there are two brown and red pills, while in his wallet, Jiang Feixin’s blood drops are reduced by a whole thousand gold coins. Now his balance is just over 800.

When Jiang Fei thought about it, immediately two pills were put in a small bottle and appeared in his hand. Even Ye Zhennan, who was lying on the bed beside him, didn’t notice it at all.

“OK. The system bought pills. It’s also packed automatically. It’s not bad. ” Jiang Fei looked at the small bottle in his hand quietly, and then put it into his trouser pocket silently.

He has long been used to this scene. The item bar is like a small storage space. You can take out the things in it and put in the little things outside. This is from his first character upgrade, out of the call on animal evolution agent found on the expertise.

“It’s not too late. I asked them to deliver acupuncture and other tools. I’ll make you poison the old man as soon as possible. The longer it’s delayed, the more difficult it will be. It’s good to be earlier. ” Jiang Fei said.

If in order to be logically more convincing, no doubt. Jiang Fei’s most correct way is to go home and come to treat Ye Zhennan the next day. In this way, it’s not surprising when he takes out Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder.

Now Jiang Fei came to the sanatorium unprepared, and suddenly took out these two pills for ye Zhennan to take. It’s kind of weird.

However, he was in a hurry to get into power and time was not waiting for him. Jiang Fei could not care so much about this life-threatening event. He was ready to force poison on the south of Ye Zhen right away.

If you want to cure the wound and force poison, you have to let people in and send silver needles to fight. Jiang Fei can’t help but ask, “master, do you need to hide the poisoning? Or directly? “

He did not know what Ye Zhennan thought. Is to continue to hide from the world. If he doesn’t announce this, the person who poisoned him will not know that he already knows the situation. To investigate in secret. I’m still going to talk about it directly.

Ye Zhennan’s eyes flash. His eyes narrowed and he said, “don’t hide! I’ll announce it later and let everyone who should knows know! There is no need to hide it. Since someone can come to this sanatorium to poison me, whether I know it or not, they must have wiped out all traces that should be wiped out. It is estimated that there is no evidence to be found by careful investigation in secret. Then I will publish this matter directly. I can’t die. It’s time for them to be in a mess! If the array is disordered, the fox’s tail should be exposed! “

Hearing this, Jiang Fei could not help but feel awe in his heart. He could hear the killing in the old man’s voice.

I’m afraid that in the next period of time, there will be great turbulence at some senior levels in Jincheng.

With Ye Zhennan’s reply, Jiang Fei soon opened the door of the ward and let Ye Yuanyuan, Hu Shu, the doctor and other people return to the ward.

When entering the ward, although Ye Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Fei angrily, her eyes were red with anxiety. But also very behave, honest did not continue to ask Jiang Fei about her grandfather’s illness.

As a child growing up in the army, she knows how to obey orders and advance and retreat better than the ordinary people. Since Jiang Fei drove all of them out before, there must be a reason. This illness cannot be revealed. So although she was so anxious, she did not ask again.

Other people are basically in the same mind. If Jiang Fei and ye Zhennan don’t take the initiative to announce their illness, they dare not ask.

Just when everyone was worried and worried, ye Zhennan suddenly said, “just now Dr. Jiang has treated me. I’m not sick, but … Poisoned! “


A stone stirs waves!

Hearing this news, these people were more shocked and surprised than when Ye Zhennan listened to Jiang Fei. One of the oldest generals in the Republic, once the leader of the Jincheng military region and a national treasure, was poisoned!

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Moreover, it was poisoned in the special sanatorium of Jincheng military region!

You know, in this special sanatorium, the security force can be said to have reached the highest level. It is stricter than many important organs and units in the capital. It is impossible for outsiders to enter the sanatorium without regular channels.

And now someone’s here. What does it mean to poison Ye Zhennan, a Taishan and Beidou like figure?

Behind this. What kind of all-in-one means did someone use to do this?

“Under … Poison? This… It’s impossible, isn’t it? ” The middle-aged doctor, sweating like rain, said uneasily. He is not only an attending doctor, but also a doctor specially in charge of Ye Zhennan’s condition.

Just now, he was worried that there was something wrong with the food for Ye Zhennan. If this was caused by food poisoning, he could not blame it.

Now, it’s not food poisoning, it’s really being poisoned!

This is the case. It’s even worse!

The leaders of other sanatoriums nearby also turned pale and speechless at the news. When such a thing happens, no one of them can escape if they are investigated.

“How could it be poisoning? We’ve done so many tests and found no sign of poisoning! ” The leaders of other sanatoriums could not help but say.

The leaders of these sanatoriums are not ordinary people either. Their positions are no lower than those of the top three leaders in Jincheng, at least at the department level and above. In the eyes of ordinary people, they are also regarded as a big man.

But in front of Ye Zhennan. It’s not worth mentioning. If the poisoning is implemented, it is true, whether Ye Zhennan pursues or not. They’re all going to be investigated. There’s no good fruit to eat.

“When you can check it out, I’m afraid that the old man won’t be able to save the stone even if the immortal comes!” Jiang Fei glanced at the doctors who didn’t know how to admit their mistakes and wanted to be sophisticated.

If these doctors could find out Ye Zhennan’s body was not right in advance, they would call him yesterday and ask him to come here. Today, Jiang Fei would not have to exchange Niuhuang Xuejie pill and Yulong Suhe powder, or waste 1000 gold coins.

“This…” The doctor’s leaders were even paler and wanted to say more.

Jiang Fei waved. Decisively said: “in the future, let me use all the tools for acupuncture first. I will force the poison out for the old man immediately. I can’t help it if it takes longer. “

Everyone nodded in a hurry. I just told people to get things.

Anyway, the most important thing now is to cure the old general Ye Zhennan and force the poisonous gas out of his body. As long as Ye Zhennan is not in serious trouble and can’t die, then everything is fine.

If Ye Zhennan is poisoned, but also die! Well…

Everyone’s scalp is numb and their spine is cold. They can’t imagine the consequences.

Soon, the silver needle came. Jiang Fei also took out a small bottle from his pocket, poured a brown and red Niuhuang blood dragon pill and Yulong Su together into his hand, and said, “old man, take these two pills first.”

Although these two antidotes have strange shapes, they are not magic pills in the traditional sense, so they will not emit fragrance like the nine flower jade dew pill in Taohua island.

Seeing this, several doctors in the ward could not help but look tight and hurriedly asked, “what kind of medicine is this, Dr. Jiang?”

Ye Zhennan has just been poisoned. The poison in his body hasn’t been forced out yet. Now Jiang Fei is going to give ye Zhennan two pills with strange shapes. They are not nervous.

At this time, Ye Yuanyuan’s eyes were red and her big eyes were widened. She looked at the crowd angrily and said in an angry voice, “what kind of medicine do you care! You can’t even check the toxicity of my grandfather’s body. Now that Jiang Fei is rescuing you, you are going to be twittering around! “

After getting along this month, Ye Yuanyuan admired Jiang Fei’s medical skills and believed in his conduct. Therefore, she is completely at ease with Jiang Fei. Naturally, she will not worry that Jiang Fei will do harm to her grandfather.

Being scolded by Ye Yuanyuan, the leaders of several doctors in the sanatorium were immediately honest. When the young lady of the Ye family was angry, the gas field was not covered.

Ye Zhennan took two pills and asked, “is this pill chewed or swallowed?”

Jiang Fei was speechless. Unexpectedly, the old man would ask such a question, saying, “just swallow your stomach.”

Ye Zhennan nodded, without any hesitation, and soon swallowed two pills.

“With the appearance of the store system, I haven’t enjoyed the taste of the things in it, but let the old man enjoy it first.” Jiang Fei’s stomach Fei said, quickly took the silver needle and prepared to use the medicinal power to moxibustion the South needle of Ye Zhen to force poison.

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